[VRchat] Nagzz21 Patreon Hangout | Bagel Spearing & Birthday Kobi

– Wolfmarine & myself chillin at the hangout. Focus was on the Clone helmet on the chest.

Was highly anticipating joining this meet-up just because of a ‘Wait till I see you‘ warning. Never happened, but I did enjoy myself at the hangout, if in a more “chill” manner than usual. One of those slow burns, yet awesome noteworthy ones. Had fun spamming bagels, had fun talking with Wolfmarine, Kortir, and CAPT, and others while also checking various happenings, and just lurking. 

Another happy moment is from the [Patreon chat itself when I was randomly posting emotes and such]. AWOOOOO!~

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[VRchat Tag]

As soon as I loaded into this hangout world I instantly spammed bagels into the world. As long as I gain no complaints I’ll keep spamming bagels 🙂 Seeing other people spam their various avatar effects though, that’s got my attention. No images of me with the bagel spear because bagels just don’t appear on my own camera. If someone has any I’d love to see those images though.

– Seeing Woopers barfing on other avatars, especially Akame heh.
– Well….. This is….. Unique…… Roblox kabooms. These avatars….. Highly explosive O_o
– Creepy Egg, explosive mini avatars, and PJ. 
– Had fun observing a few beer pong matches. Oil and Wiz was among the best, as was ColdInferno jumping onto the table 1:1 to reality onto a bed. My POV to seeing Cold jump onto the table was awesome. Shame no images as I was caught in the moment.
– Yop, what you do buddy? What you do to be threatened like this? XD
– Part 2 of this. I even came up to threaten Yop with my Bagel Spear hearing a funny amusement to the side “Ha!~ There’s Arctic with his spear” XD
– RIP Yop. It’s been nice knowing you. Put down & exterminated. 
– RIP Zen. Was wanting to talk to you so I guess maybe next time. It was however amusing seeing you idle, seeing you peak over on occasions, while occasionally swapping through your various articles I saw you in. That eye twitch though. 
– Who needs TV shows when you can now watch your action in 3D and live in front of you in VR. 
– If given an easy option I would watch media this way in VR an interactive field. Heard such a comment, and I’m echoing it here 🙂
– One thing I’m now proud of was having Oil (or someone similar) clone the Maril mouse I was in to squeak like a mouse. It was a mini-raid heh. Had about 5, or so, people doing so. Felt awesome 🙂 Squeak Squeak!~ 
– Icereaper looking confused at the whole Maril-mouse situation *laughs loudly*. I was genuinely chuckling during this haha!~  If you listened closely you could have heard me laughing. Reva also RIP’d in the group. RIP Reva. 

I idled a good chunk between the Maril Mouse mini-raid & the Bongo Birbs because I was checking up on a birthday boy (section below) while also just trying to keep up with various happenings. I wanted to note where my buddies were at in VRchat, was waiting for an invite (never came), among other things. I was floating about also at times using flying avatars to see what else was in the world.

On another note Wolfbot even noted there may have been a secret on the map (most likely taken out by now) allowing you to visit “something”. I tried finding it to no avail. Mission failure. Happy I could converse with certain people here and there. 

– Bongo Birbs!~ 
– This image is precious because of how cute those birbs are with that full body tracking sitting. It feels mostly natural, I love it. 

Flacko & Kortir, thank you guys for at least trying to clarify a situation to the group asking “who is Arctic?” when ‘something’ happened. I appreciate it highly. As small as that gesture was, it meant a lot. When they both pointed out who I was I instantly spammed bagels everywhere in slight confusion. Was fun talking with you guys while hearing that one music track to a certain dance in the background when trying to talk with Kortir. Even the special effects in the below image kept grabbing my attention.

If anybody was annoyed with me idling, again…. I was keeping tabs on my VRchat buddies while checking what the “birthday boy” was up to, among other side things. I was also favouriting worlds to check out later, something I slowly started exploring after the meet-up. Also, no complaints on the Oculus Rift technical difficulties until the very end once people started spamming resource intensive effects, and such. The effects people used made me behave awkwardly gaining awkward “good nights” in return from various, or so I heard them. Those “good nights” made me anxious though with the tone behind them. I’ll keep those anxieties on the downlow though. I do love how people wanted to talk when I was hopping off for the night, that part amused me.

“one more turn! One more turn!” *laughs*. VRchat is awesome this way. When you get the ride mood going in VRchat you just don’t want to leave.

– Summoned a sword in a very flashy & dramatic manner.
– Well, that’s sure a bright sight O_O

Thanks again! Shall try and get myself into the next Patreon meet-ups also. I’ll try my best in being more vocal, something I was trying to do in this meet-up because I genuinely do find these fun while also being able to experience things I normally don’t get to experience. I was bouncing all over the place trying to be vocal, idling at times to keep up with certain events, and I feel I did fairly well trying to be social with people. Was fun. Thanks for allowing me to hang out there. 🙂

There is a slight doubt/anxiety I may have done something “wrong” at the last final half of the meet-up, yet thankful you guys allowed me to chill in there on both sides of the fence (idling & interaction). I’ll try and suppress my anxiety. It’s a minor 1% thing with me having enjoyed the hangout though. Awesome stuff 🙂

Bonus Images – Happy Birthday Kobi! | Delta Firing Lasers:

One of my best buddies I befriended back in October 26th, 2018 had a birthday, thus paying my respects for having a cool friend. Cool things for cool friends. Happy birthday Kobi! In the [following tweet] he sure was genuinely surprised and thankful. If you want, feel free to follow him on Twitter. 🙂

– Happy Birthday Kobi! 🙂
– Happy Birthday Kobi! (#Maiyamoth)
– Happy Birthday Kobi! (From Hunt)

When people treat me kindly I do try my best to treat them kindly in return. 🙂 Hope you had a spider-free Happy Birthday heh.

Bonus Images – Delta’s Happy VR Moments:
After the hangout was done I also briefly hung out with Delta whom recently obtained a lovely Oculus Rift headset for his fun VR experience. His second or third day playing with his Oculus Rift warning him on how to treat it well by tubing the tangle-happy cables, and such. He was like a kid in a candy shop when testing out NeosVR with us laughing like a madman, and equally so in VRchat. Those moments are precious.  He loves VR, and I’m happy & proud he is having a blast playing VRchat 🙂

– Created a basic gif of Delta firing his lasers from Stylet (Frame Arms Girl)
– “Can we even get to the moon? I KNOW! Let’s fire the laser on the moon to bring it closer!” – Delta
– Pew! Pew! Fire at WEW!~
–  Tree of Life at the moon? Chill Tree? Cool chill place.
– Oh! A wild Kobi appeared. The birthday boy himself heh. How high could they stack? 6 at most.
– The struggle and focus is real.   (“Look at the bagels populating around the table”)
– Similar to having children, they both crashed me with the vending machine. They both lagged me out, mainly Kobi.

Well, I see that’s it for my nightly Friday session. Was going to world hop a few more worlds after both the hangout and the chill time with Delta. I was honestly waiting a good week to jump back into VRchat to hang with my buddies, and I finally had done so on my Discord, Patreon hangout, and after it. A perfect way to unwind is to just hang with your buddies and have fun. But yeah, thanks for crashing me with the vending machine 🙂

– Next day over I woke up to Nagzz21 just chillin to a chill hazy view. Printscreened the image in a belated manner loving the simple beauty similar to the beauty in VRchat. 

Hope you enjoyed the read and the images. Was a slow burn, yet enjoyed my time there. Hope to see you guys in the future Patreon meet-ups also. 🙂