[VRchat] A Look Back Into Past Memories – P3

Looking back into the semi-old yet new images while also being quite a jolly time of the year within the month of December of 2018. A LOT happening that month. Article shall be heavier with images than usual because of the festive time.

– Maiya & myself chill-exploring an unplayable area of Grand Theft Auto 5 in VRchat 🙂

Heyo! We’re back in another one of these article types because of my nasty game of catch-up thanks to how useless Tumblr is (and has made itself be) forcing me to share these all there. I guess this is what you would however call a “blessing in disguise” because I can now add as many images as I desire, thus making this article quite image heavy thanks to how festive the month of December was. Looking back at these images it appears we had a LOT of fun, most of which I couldn’t even capture either picture, nor video wise. We simply had fun, and that’s the best. 🙂

Note: If you see portrait images in landscape mode it’s because WordPress failed to rotate it back around. When you open the image in a new tab it should work.

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

– [VRchat Tag]:

– Trying for Renge’s ‘Humu!~’ pose.
– Selfie shot with Maiya and myself. 🙂
– Posing on top of the bear statue overlooking the gorgeous winter scenery from GTA.
– #Maiyabun – Bunny eared Maiya. Hawk, I thank you for nicknaming Maiya that.
– #Maiyabun~
– Lovely chill grassy world, if resources intensive. Bunny-eared Maiya again heh.
– Tried for some Christmas tree festive shots. *Poke poke*
– Glowy blueness
– The proud Isha with a lovely Christmas shot.
– Part 2 of the above. Classy.
– Isha proudly standing on the Iron Giant’s hand. Victory pose?
– A certain someone was laying down in bed looking up. Haha!~ Various ways to play VRchat by Isha’s buddies.
– Just chillin’ hanging around. A bit of a stareoff as the Giant noted being able to see underground with how the camera was placed in that model. 
– May need to crouch down a tad bit more to clear that archway. 
– Anything Mecha in VR and I’m game! Delta behind me controlling a mecha. Isha hiding on my right.
– Isha & Maiya lurking about. 🙂
– Isha ‘King of the Mountain’ moment on a mecha 🙂
– Char’s Zaku – Red Comet. Pew Pew! (Fire at WEW). Delta admiring the avatars heh.
– Sought out Gundam Epyon, and found one! Not what I was seeking, yet it works-ish. Would love a seriously made Gundam Epyon avatar 🙂
–  An amusing “random” image happening while I looked away so I had to snap quickly. Did a few retakes…. Amused by this one because of the context behind it. It’s a random ‘corner of the eye’ shot.
– Your Lie in April is an awesome anime with an awesome world dedicated to it. Maiya lurking behind, people were roaming about, I got freaked out by a girl saying “RIP” back at me…. Lots of memories behind this one. Happy seeing this in VRchat <3
– Cake is a lie
– Cake is a lie – Part 2.
– Funny part of this image is how I was spying on Maiya, Isha, and friends until I just randomly locked up. VRchat locked up forcing me to reboot the game. Love this image though. 
– Maiya Moth Princess in the Zelda world.
– Hawk’s “going to the computer” pose heh. Those floofy tails haha!
– Scuffed, yet amusing. Can’t waste this image because of how amusing it is. Kneeling hunt, Renge pointing up, Maiya hiding behind tails. Awesome 🙂
– And it’s off to you, Maiyamoth! Spotlight is on you 🙂
– Hawk making use of full body tracking by trying to ‘step’ on a log staying in that pose. 
– Feeling a bit tipsy there, Maiya? She flew away like a moth. She glitched out, spazzed out, and landed on her head. XD
– Loved this world. Reminded me heavily of Scanner Sombre to later see other worlds doing these styles. 
– Just teasing Maiya because she briefly went AFK, thus taking advantage of it.
– Shroom bells having a lovely ding to them.
– Maiya making a horror map more festive, something ironically scaring me more than the map itself thanks to the starting soundeffect. 
– I rarely see Scathach glare like that. This is one of those scary moments where I find her to be “spooky” heh. If her eyes lit up, I’d probably be more uneasy about it haha.
– Boop!~
– Was recording a video accidentally taking a picture of me mid-sentence. 
– [December 20th, 2018] – ‘A new Renge; A new You!’ – Notice anything different? 🙂
– Experimenting with various poses.
– Just be ‘YOU’, don’t be plastic. Be yourself, love what you love, and don’t make yourself unhappy trying to please other people. Play games YOU want to play. Be yourself.
– Scathach with Renge on top. I find this world fits Scathach better with how moody Scathach appears as a character. 
– At last! This mecha world finally released with me able to finally try it out. It’s awesomely detailed wishing there was more interaction with by slaying enemies and such. As a tech-demo world this is awesome. Gundam VR when?
– This is awesome! Love how you can see yourself, pilot the mecha in the cockpit, and see the leg joints moving below you. It’s the small details which you don’t see in this image.
– Not one, but two! And more. Maiya playing Godzilla noises in the background.
– Hunt having his fun with the mechas. I especially love how it kneels! This genuinely made me motion sick because of how the map maker handled the mechas. Still a learning curve with the usual ‘VR growing pains’ added onto it. 
– Hunt, what are you doing in that sink?! XD

The above image led to many fun moments of me chasing a very skittish Maiya around the map. She was shy with others joining the world, of Delta & Isha. We tried chasing her to keep her welcomed in VRchat. It led to a nicely detailed conversation of Busou Shinki, Frame Arms Girl, an odd insert about my height trying to be a part of the group conversation….. Both good and awkwardness. Was a fun night, this one. 

– The above led to a very laggy world being this pool basement thing. 5 minutes loading in, casual fun to be had, and amusements.
– Delta just chillin’ while Kobi appears tobe fishing. 
– Delta in the Stylet avatar messing with Hunt about stink jokes heh. Just your usual VRchat night in group hangouts like these. 
– Some semi-negative vibes in this image because we over-teased Maiya. Led to some nice images though. Sorry, Maiya! It’s just….. you opened yourself up for those teases, and we mean it kindly.
– Groupshot attempt 1.
– Mini & Tall avatars co-existing 🙂
– Hunt wasn’t to impressed with what I was saying (Part 1)
– Hunt REALLY wasn’t impressed with what I said (Part 2) 
– Hopping into VRchat when avatar performance checks became a thing. A new buddy was befriended with silliness to be had. You can see us split into “groups” talking to randoms. Hawk in the back with two people, me and Hunt talking to two others, and Maiya just hiding in the far back being an highly shy moth.
– That’s an awesome sexy pose! I love it! I love it! I rate it 10/10, would space again! 😛 (Maiya also hiding in the back)
– Hawk crawling on the ground with weird full body tracking issues.
– Hunt & myself posing in a lovely Japanese world <3 (Image by Hunt)
– Holding the parasol sideways (Image by Hunt)
– V!
– An image to tease Hawk claiming we took a screenshot with him (white fox furthest right). We met cool people here.
– Found me a lovely foxy kitsune avatar 🙂
– Dango, dango, Daikazoku~
– AH!~ An armed Chibi Nero! Run!~ Padoru!~ Padoru!~
– Padoru seems quite puzzled about her situation. I wonder why? XD
– Padoru Hunt vs a Random. Fun times were had with random shooting Hunt. *dies laughing at flashbacks*
– Part 2 of that same said battle. Fun times! Fun times!
– We eventually took it to the PUG stirring up quite a commotion gaining a few more recruits on our side heh.
– Padoru!~ Padoru!~
– A war between Padoru, Knuckles, and a Police Penguine XD
– Fled to the new hub to catch our breath (or at least mine) to where we showed off the Padoru meme to a few folks requesting it. Awesome. We also had fun joking about the big bird in that image. We even had fun throwing around a flying ball which they had fun trying to grasp onto. 

My social anxiety took a hit here activating at the wrong time. You could easily read this from my tweet where I was genuinely happy, yet felt insanely guilty as if I just robbed a store, or something. I felt I’ve done a horrible crime, yet loved what I did. I’m happy I sparked the Padoru raid causing a scene in a few worlds. Many fun moments and images were to be had. 

If I had to pin my social anxiety source down I believe I have to blame Ottawa itself for constantly knocking me down locally to the point I was unable to do anything, unable to enjoy anything. Buddies in VRchat told me to not feel guilty about it. I thank them for their support, they’re awesome because of how much fun we had and the support we give one another. 

I’m however frustrated with the social anxiety Ottawa itself has given me, something I’m still struggling to shake off. Basically hard-wired to “fear” things from kindergarten till about highschool making you wary about things. I thank my VRchat buddies & friends for allowing me to do what I’m able to do in VRchat. Because of you guys we’re able to have fun in VRchat, and anything else we play on my actual days off. 

Even with my high anxiety I thank my friends highly for being awesome and supportive. 

– I love this world with how photogenic it is. It’s also special because of the few times we came here for [New Years] and how we met Blue here (Images below). 
– Hi Blue! Looking highly adorable and cute there. I snuck an image of you because I wasn’t sure if I was going to be friend with you or not. Just loving how adorably innocent you appeared holding it while on that rooftop <3
– Interesting group gathering we had here from all our friend’s list side. One of the many groupings.
– Took this image because one guy (neutrally) commented about my laughing so I went to take images as my buddies would converse with their buddies. They had their moment I did not want to interrupt as they sped one another up with various happenings.
– Tried to pose among purple trees because of Scathach’s dark black & purple theme. Does she pull it off? Not so much, but this image does contain side memories of how people were looking for me in a semi unintentional ‘hide-and-seek’ manner. Still the same night with the Padoru raid with anxiety still kicking in. 
– Floaty Festive Hunt
– Hunt experimenting with flying avatars to lift us up onto the arches. It failed, though we have awesome images from it.  I also made this world my home because of how simple it is to load into it. We even hung out here at one point watching Kobi crash again and again.
– Blue appears scared of Hunt’s mighty elevator hands. Able to lift everybody onto the arch heh.
– Helpful Hunt & Adorable Blue heh
– What caught my interest here was how fuzzy, floofy, and unique the kitsune’s tail appeared. My eyes are on the black unique kitsune with unique effects both on her clothing & the tail.
– That tail is better seen in VR, yet it was highly special and unique. It was gassy, liquid, yet solid… Best seen in person.
– Found myself admiring their avatars highly with how much attention was put into it. 
– Nyaa!~
– Glowy fireworks heh.
– The struggle to time the picture taking with the fireworks haha!~ The struggle is real with fireworks.
– Hunt and I doodling in VR. 10/10, would draw again!
– We loved playing around with hug pillows and such. Randoms would join in messing about with these pillows.
– Getting buried in various anime themed pillows with only ears stickign out. 
– Lots of Prinz Eugens out there, one of them even being unique, yet none I feel speaks to me. People nabbed her from bowlroll and such devaluing what makes Prinz Eugen awsome, among other avatars. I love the avatar, just that if she was to be my avatar I would have to add Canadian elements onto her. Add Renge, Canadian flags, and such… Yeah. I want to be unique in VRchat. 
– I absolutely love this Ferris Wheel world! It, like the other one previous, has a very strong Scanner Sombre vibe to it. This is a world you MUST see with your own eyes to admire the beauty in full. When you’re at the top you see such a beautiful sight. <3
– MINECRAFT!~ The PUG turned into a Minecraft version. Loved it! 
– Hawk having fun with Battle Disc training. We had fun playing Battle Discs.
–  Hawk and Maiya make best combo with Hawk being Shaggy and #Maiyamoth being Scooby. They look natural here. Should even note the daily ritual on Discord with Hawk saying Hello while offering ritual benefits to Maiya. XD
– Lamp!~ (We cloned #Maiyamoth)
– Cloning Hawk in amusement XD 
– Hugs and floofy cuddles <3

The image count for this posting may indeed be higher than normal, but that’s only because we have Tumblr to blame for that. Again, a blessing in disguise because I have far more control here for my content able to do what I want with it. Tumblr only allows for 10 images; More, but in smaller size. It’s better here, and I should have kept posting.I probably should have placed these on this blog to begin with. I also want to focus on the more “present” moments, thus forcing this out as much as I can. The month of December has been mad-fun! Loved it! Even my anxiety got in the way once or twice, I still rate it among the best months. Christmas & New Years was fun, and I thank my VRchat buddies & friends for making it awesome. Thank you guys! 

Hope you enjoyed the content within! Thanks for reading, and let’s continue to have fun in VRchat! 🙂