[VRchat] Nagzz Patreon Hangout | Bagel Spear

– Chillin’ and chicken screamers.

I’m so happy I managed to participate in this hangout because I can now point out nice memorable moments from it. I was able to hang out with my friend Nighthawk while also recalling two awesome Nagzz21 moments for being an awesome host. Glad to be back in VR again the usual technical difficulties plauging my side. I was unable to VR from February 5th till the night of 13th (14th) with a second Nvidia update allowing me to play again. A recent Nvidia update (second one) allowed me to play again making me happy I”m back in VRchat allowing me to have these moments to recall again.  Even though I lagged horribly I still have nice noteworthy moments I can recall, some of which I didn’t even take images of with how “private” those situations were between Nagzz21 and his friends. Others were also hard to take because of how sudden they were and how laggy I was.  

Second half of my posting is also for Halcon with how we’re struggling to meet up in VRchat again. 

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– Proud Eagle sprouting their wings 🙂
– Cluck cluck!~
– People were happily cloning the chickens while waiting for the rest of the people to join up 🙂
– Now that’s quite chill! This person had a funky effect on their avatar, something you had to check out in person.
– Heh! Wolfbot Idling for the moment. 

It honestly seemed we were all tired, worn out, or something along those lines. Not in a bad way. Either that, or just unsure about things. Nighthawk, Wolfmarine, myself, Nagzz21…. We all seemed spent, yet happy to at least be there having fun because that’s what Fridays are. We’re supposed to hang, thus we hung out, and we’re happy about that. A shame I was on the laggy side, something I’m waiting on for March, or even April to finally mend that issue…. I’m trying to save up for parts so I can stop lagging as much as I have been. 

At one point I even saw people moving in slow motion forcing me to restart the game. Other people also noted the same thing with Egg and PJ, among others, telling people to reboot VRchat. It was a surreal experience seeing people moving in a slideshow manner. Trippy

– Hey!~ Looky who it is! Long time no see! My buddy, Nighthawk from when we first started playing VRchat, and long before. Glad to see him once every blue moon, or however that expression goes 🙂 Silly birb.
– That sure sprouted swiftly. Magical fertilizer eh? >Insert many pole jokes here<
– Missed a good shot, yet this works. PJ was dancing here. DJ Eagle ftw! Bump out those beats loud and high 🙂
– Vroom!~ Vroom!~ Vroom!~

I love these hangouts. MAD hiding in plant pots, toilets being ridden around, scooters being “vroomed” around. It’s awesome seeing the silliness people do. I’m simply happy I was able to meet up with Nighthawk again via this Patreon meet-up.

– Was amusing watching both the beer pong and the antics happening around.
– MAD goofing off by going all jaws on the ping table with amusing soundeffects heh.
– Neko Nights being robbed (turned Russian) with the help of plant-pot MAD heh.
– Idling Hawk ftw. Nice position. Reminds me of those Minecraft days where he kept idling away.
– Free money!~ We rich, bois!~
– Even tried to gain a shot of Reva kicking Nagzz in the back. I missed that shot REE!~ Lots of fun and jabs all around heh.
– Lots of idling by us all heh. Nice poses by the way. Z!
– Idlzhawk XD
– RIP (Crashed). Fun watching the silly antics happen with Hami, Nagzz, and etc. Lots of amusements heh. Reva also drew that RIP tombstone.

Once again needing to thank Nagzz21 for being awesome. Even though I was lagging I tried my best to play beer pong, to be a part of the hangout, and such. Constantly getting disrupted by loading screens, yet was fun hanging around because I can now happily recall a few special moments from this hang-out, something which I’ll note below. Always taking images of others, I need to note more “personal” happenings.

  1. Meeting up with Nighthawk finally hearing him laugh again in a VRchat setting. It was awesome both meeting up with you and hearing you laugh when we met-up at the start of the hangout.
  2. Showing Halconfenix’s Bagel Spear to Nagzz21 in a very laggy manner. I was struggling to show him the spear, yet had fun with whatever I did catch on my end of him reacting to it. He assumed I was going to stab him, or so I heard. I had fun seeing & hearing Nagzz21 struggle to find the Little Nagzz flying out of the spear for a good solid minute or two while it was hidden by the bagels I was happily constantly spamming out. Spear was made by Halcon while added onto my Renge avatar by Kobi in reference to Nagzz’s DnD days of making countless spears. I’m happy Kobi knew what to do with the spear without me telling him. “KOBI!
  3. Being able to play Beer Pong with Nagzz21 and Nighthawk was a neat expeirence. Sure, I lagged, yet was awesome. I was lagging so much I failed to note who the other person was, but good game! Yup, Nighthawk was indeed on fire. Just being able to play beer pong at all was awesome, and I thank you for inviting Nighthawk and us to play. For getting us to try and drink up, and such. Awesome stuff 🙂 

It’s a shame I have no images of those moments, yet loving it. Loving recalling what I do remember.  To partially make up for it I had some images taken the next night over with my buddies in what “could” be considered an “after-party” the next night over heh.

– Ugandan Knuckles portal avatar tripped me out when it should have tripped Nagzz21 out more. Good placement 🙂
– Ugandan portal hidden behind Nagzz’s back to the point Nagzz threatened to block him. *Laughs*.
– I was laughing here with how Nagzz21 reacted. Brilliant 🙂 Was a fun “Nagzz, turn around… Please walk backwards, or at least turn around” moment…. Priceless! XD
– Mickey Chief suiting Nagzz up for battle eh?

I actually quite enjoyed the second half of the meet-up as well because it went on about Nagzz21’s DnD spear, something which Halcon’s Bagel Spear is based on. The spear was made in reaction to Nagzz21 making an insane amount of spears to the point Halcon made a spear of it. Kobi (my buddy) then rigged it onto my Renge, sent the Renge to me, and then I tried to get it uploaded in time for a Friday meet-up. Took a year to get it onto my model because I had to find the right person who was willing to do it, and Kobi knew exactly what was going on without me telling him. I just posted it on my Discord, and Kobi just ran with it. Awesome.

I wanted to chime in, just didn’t know when to insert the whole spear thing. They had a good conversation going I didn’t want to derail it at that point. Granted, I should have just noted it was from Nagzz21’s DnD spear fun.

Extra Images:

Just some extra images inspired by the Friday Hangout showing off the Bagel Spear, something which I had to wait until after the hangout to take pictures of. I couldn’t take pictures of the bagels myself so I was hoping someone would, and my friend Hunt has AFTER the hangout. It’s the way the particles were set up. It was a little tricky dealing with it I can’t see what other people see, and it doesn’t show up on my camera, thus needing other people’s POV.

To those that have watched Fate/Stay Night may also get the reference of ‘Unlimited Blade Works’, but Spears and bagels. Everytime I see spoons or hear of the spear I think of ‘Unlimited Blade Works’ :). I’m also showing the spear off this way because Halcon’s time doesn’t match up with mine.

– Halcon’s lovely Bagel Spear based on Nagzz21’s DnD run. “and as I pray, unlimited Spear Works!
– Bagel spear where I unleashed it to show Nagzz21. Lanfear got bagel’d quite hard when showing the spear off to Nagzz which nagzz commented. Image taken after the happening.
– Bagels! Bagels everywhere! Kon!~
– Bagels! I also love this image because Blue is seen peaking through a bagel <3 Adorable! <3
– Showing off Halcon’s Bagel Spear with Hunt on the left & Blue on the right 🙂 I also tried practicing some more beer pong with slight improvements.
– Spamming bagels happily while holding onto the beer pong balls. Bagels everywhere XD
– A lovely mini-hangout meeting Vile while hearing his various stories in VRC about SCP containment, Flirting gone wrong, and such. Hilarious stuff! Loved your stories 🙂
– D’awwww!~ This is why I love Blue because she’s so adorable <3
– Blue even using particles as solid objects to craft any object she desires, Emiya style from Fate/Stay Night. ‘Unlimited Blade Works’! XD

Thanks for the double hang-out! The Patreon side with Nagzz21 being an awesome host, and the mini one with my buddies and their buddies. It’s been fun both nights heh. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed the contents within 🙂

…. “and as I pray, Unlimited Spear Works!”