[VRchat] A Look Back Into Past Memories – P2

As before, time to take another look back into older events in VRchat to further admire them while we can. All the various happenings in both October & November allowing for fun moments to be had.

– We are VRchat | Maiya holding up the VRchat banner 🙂

When looking at these images it honestly amazes me how much I have either forgotten, what images I had taken, or how emotionally charged these images are full of emotions. Each one of these images holds various forms of weight, some more than others, making them awesome because of how much has happened leading up into it. Just small little screenshot taken from a whole entertaining moment. These images are also dated between October to December 2018 while also blaming Tumblr for being a crap site. I’m now having to play a nasty game of catch up trying to get it all on my blog so things may still be rough around the edges.

It also happens to be Valentines day, and my blog’s anniversary. Happy V-day to those able to celebrate it, and happy anniversary to my blog 🙂

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– [VRchat Tag]:

– While watching Youtube videos in the awesome Japanese apartment we had fun with one of Hawk/Hunt’s buddies pouring liquids everywhere.
– Watching various Youtube videos in this Japanese apartment was a blast heh. This stands out as the best night for how memorable it is, and how much fun it was.
– Slithering about so I “threatened” him. The video playing is [this one]
– Playing with the Switch’s controller, something I now own from December 2018 onward.
– Hunt’s usual wardrobe malfunction. 
– Just casually sitting in a chair. V V 😛
– Hawk in the mood to slash some beats. Beat Saber. 
– Hawk’s Beat Saber, Round 2! Hunt also putting a bowl on his head heh.
– Hawk’s Beat Saber, Round 3!
– Well, that’s an odd sleeping posture. Helicopter came in to add some awkward assistance.
– Einz (little Hoppu) has the right expression hahaha!
– Hawk finally getting into the Beat Saber grove in VRchat by watching a video playing. Einz watching.
– Wow! We had quite a party late at night from 12 am till roughly 5 am in the morning.Damn!
– Einz sharing off one of his other avatars while being amusingly observed by another.
– Lovely scenic night tree. Purposely took a far shot just to take the image of the tree.
– I love trains, and I especially love functioning trains in VRchat. I love how you can travel around to various other parts of the map in this world just by riding a train to various areas. Quite neat!
– Mini Renge for some Mini pumpkin posing fun. She’s supposed to be 1:1 scale 🙂
– Do not anger Renge, especially with her being that tiny. She WILL hurt you, even at that size. 
– Oooo!~ What do we have here. Renge is both surprised and on her guard. 
– Sparkly ceiling! Lovely! Renge celebrating the gorgeous find heh.
– Going for some digital ‘Fate/Extra’ and/or ‘Fate/Extella’ vibes here. Love the shot for it.
– What shall you make of your fate? Scathach, the Immortal sensai.
– Little Renge admiring the pumpkin, yet being her typical needing-praise self heh. She wanted me to pick her up so she could travel around easier.
– Assumed this beautiful world was a PSO2 map. Nope! It’s a Persona map. Still gorgeous.
– Tower Unite hub! Not quite because this is based on the Gmod version, not Tower Unite itself. Either way, I have connections to Tower Unite because I own it. Maiya joined me here, as had Hunt. This is also where I befriended Isha while going on some adventures hearing a girl moan while streaming in general.
– Admiring the lovely fireworks 🙂
– Image by Hunt capturing a lovely lit moment 🙂
– Hunt enjoying a nice cup of coffee/tea in a lovely fireworks map.
– Oh! it’s that special Safari hat from Kemono Friends! It even has two feathers, not just one. It appears we may be a bit late to the party. 
– Lookie what we found! Shards. Nice. Nice and sparkly 🙂
– And lookie here! We came across the lovely tour bus, something still in the middle of being repaired. 
– A tank came in to attack so I scared it off. It went running away! Only in VRchat XD
– Oh! A nice amount of shards! We happily mountain climbed this heh.
– JIiiiiiiiii~

It’s a shame to say that everything below the bottom image to the PSO2 images had me feeling at the worst. I felt handicapped/crippled with how fatigued I was both emotionally and physically that it felt my body wanted to murder me. I couldn’t really hang out with people (nor the Friday hangouts), yet still felt the desire to play VRchat for how chill it was. I did have fun hanging with people playing various mini-games (bomb game, murder, hide-and-seek, hunting game), among other amusements. I hid away in a PSO2 map because that’s where I felt the “safest” at the time, and I loved how I could take in the scenery. I loved the PSO2 scenery, and still do. I stood there just taking the scenery in because of how much it all changes in VR making you appear as if you’re actually there. Kobi came seeking me out to do a horror map, yet couldn’t because of work the next day. When he chimed in I had to leave shortly after to sleep to bed, or something along those lines.

I was feeling at my weakest with me feeling physical weakness (fatigue), as well as emotional weakness because of the fatigue. Why did I hop on? I still had a little bit in me to enjoy VRchat, and I have images now to admire because of that. I have images to admire, and I like that. I even have memories of the Bomb game, something I view back fondly. 

For the bad I do have nice fond memories of that night. 🙂

– A bit of a ‘Statue of Liberty’ pose. Trying for various other fun poses loving this one for the uniqueness.
– Anything Star Wars in VRchat and I jump in instantly! The Millennium Falcon ftw! Always a nice awesome ship. I even loved the Solo movie. 
– A beautiful Tie Fighter you can even fly! Awesome! Reminds me of the time SWG allowed you to fly various crafts. Wish we had something like Star Wars Galaxies again (Not SWTOR)
– Renge back in her natural Japanese habitat. Simplistic beauty here.
– This street goes one way! Reminded me of the abandoned city part of Nier: Automata.
– Now that’s a beautiful view from up here. 
– Hunt crawling under a truck trailer to see what’s up. Look what I found! A wild Hunt! XD
– Hunt and Myself both V’ing. V!
– A very shiny and icy world, something Hunt does not seem to be happy about. My Renge? She’s used to the snow, or should be, with how much it snows in my area.
– Threatened Hunt one day threatening to push him off. 
– Lotta worlds reminding me of Nier: Automata. The amount of influence that game has is surprising, and it’s no joke with how well received that game is.
– I used to play PSO2 until I could not keep up with the patching of the Japanese client to allow English translations. It became too much of a chore that I simply dropped out. Worlds were awesome though. 
– Seeing this in VR sure was impressive. Even now, in 2D, it’s still impressive, yet FAR better in VR seeing it almost up close. I would play PSO2 again if it had some neat VR implementations to it because I honestly do miss PSO2. 
– I miss the music, the room, my little Renge partner, the atmosphere, among other fun amusements. It was fun while it lasted. I also dropped out because I was also being judged on how to play which soured my enjoyment of PSO2. I had to be the “best”, or “screw off”, so I went to games actually wanting my attention.
– Wishing PSO2 had VR mode, or a standalone sandboxy world to have fun with.
– I jumped to another PSO2 world because it was nice and calming. I loved how the scenery appeared, even as simple as it was. It was honestly relaxing. Everything changes in VR.
– Loving the gorgeous PSO2 vibes. Beautiful! <3
– This part really got me in the PSO2 ruins. Just seeing the open tunnel horizontally, not from a hovering vertical POV changes everything. It’s as if I’m there, and I loved it. 
– Now THIS is a view! What a gorgeous view. Just add monsters here and I’d be here for a long while interacting with the map 🙂 Was asked to do a horror map, though with how late I couldn’t.
– So serene. So peaceful, so beautiful. 🙂 
Also called it a night for a new session at a later time.
– Star Wars map? I’m in! A special room in the Death Star. Shame it’s buggy in 2019’s version.
– Oh! Look who it is! A wild flying Einz appeared while I was recording a video for [Twitter].
– K/DA is an awesome music video that even I can get behind. Love how it’s even in VRchat, and even Beat Saber. Fun times with this highly popular music video.
– What do we have here? 
– Target spotted! Hunt also appears unamused.
– Poi!
– Hunt piloting a lovely aircraft.
– Ready for takeoff! Let me at ’em!
– Was very sad to hear Stan Lee passed away. You shall be missed, yet highly respected. Rest in Peace. Excelsior!
– I guess there’s a world for everything now, even one to make your own Japanese doujinshi.
– Someone taking an image with us working around them as to not erase their work. We tried to be friendly with them trying to go for groupshots, and etc.
– NANI?!
– Wsa awesome to see Hunt was even into Karaoke heh. Quite a lovely singer.
– Now, who do we have here fumbling about? Oh, it’s a wild Hunt! I say, as I stood on top of a lamp post. He was about to jump to a new world unaware of where I lurked for a nice 5-10 minutes so I shouted at him in a pranking manner.
– Showing Hunt the lovely Venator. So awesome, if highly laggy. 
– Hand on Hunt’s shoulder while seeing the bow of the gorgeous vessel <3
– Showing my buddy Hunt the Venator map. Still as laggy as I remembered it being, yet got a lovely shot out of it because it’s Star Wars from the Clone Wars era.
– Hanging out in a Star  Trek Holodeck getting drawn on. Muu~
– Getting drawn on – P2
– “Hmm…” – Bunny eared old-timey Hunt. 
– Oh! Lovely butterfly. Hunt & Kobi tried capturing it…. (after a missed opportunity by another avatar user)
– Kobi admiring the butterfly 🙂

Titanic Resparked Interest:

– On the Titanic near the bow, under the wheel house. That’s quite an awesome view. Amazing.

There’s something about the Titanic which nudged its way back into my zone of interest, and it may have something to do with it being in VR. Something about it in VR was calling out to me for it to have me check it out in VR, I partially had in VRchat. I have the demo to ‘Honor and Glory’ still sitting on my computer waiting to be playtested. I checked it out once again in VRchat, I watched lots of YouTube videos, as well as check out the Titanic game called ‘Titanic: Honor & Glory’ by downloading the demo. I still haven’t played it, just downloaded the demo. It’s amazing how much I’ve been fascinated that it also seems a bit forced onto me by “something”. 

I did not seek it out on my own, something within me is seeking it out because there’s this unrivaled beauty about these ocean liners back in the day pushing me further into the Titanic realm of VR. It’s a bit scary, yet I love the ship regardless. 

– Almost near the stern of the lovely vessel. Quite a beauty from all angles. 

Speaking of Titanic:

Three games you can check out dealing with the Titanic, if you so desire. I’ve been watching lots of documentaries again, and such, loving the whole history of her, Olympic, Britannic, and etc. Shame they had to perish, just that they’re lovely ships, something modern vessels just can’t command the respect of like they have, and had.

Transport Fever – Titanic Mod:

Titanic VR:

Titanic: Honor and Glory:

– December came around with us checking out the gorgeous VR worlds. Loving these styles. (December 10, 2018)
– A shot with Maiya. Cheese!~ 

Thanks for reading, and hope you’ve enjoyed the images. Lots of fun memories were had, and I loved  every moment of it. Happy Valentines day, and Happy blog anniversary on my end of when I started my blog. 🙂