[VRchat] A Look Back Into Past Memories

Heyo! Been looking back at my images recalling all the fun memories I’ve been having desiring to post more on my blog to share them with you guys. I want to show you guys even more fun images of makes VRchat so fun, and why I idolize it as much as I do, have, and will. All those fun memories “we’ve” had. 

– I have a deep love-hate relationship with this image because I was kicked off as Scathach, yet love it because it’s part of a fun time in VRchat history haha! And he wonders why I try to cut off his 9 tails in jest 😛

Heyo again! Back again with another one of those “image dump” type articles for a few reasons:  1) Tumblr is a piece of crap, 2) Blog catch up, 3) Admiring my images from the past being heavily charged with memories. Oh, it’s been fun since November 2017 onward with me just loving every moment of it the images. Each image I take holds a story, and I love it. 

It’s also to share what makes VRchat fun so I can spread the fun not only to my buddies, but to other people who also find it interesting. Even the lurkers! If they smile then mission accomplished! I’ve had so many fun memories I love recalling it to the point I even dream about it, such as one dream with Zentreya hanging with her buddies with me just lurking around, another with Ryan (Little Tomato) saying both “Hello” & “goodbye” while telling me the world is not what he wanted to be in so he’ll hang with his buddies, among others amusements. Another dream being more personal with myself and a person named ‘Blue’ conquering a very trolling Minecraft tower world trolling me to the point of near-nightmares. We tried conquering that tower while they were in their Vulpix avatar. VRchat themed dreams are fun heh.

Lastly, for the wall of text, I’m also posting this article because my Oculus Rift decided hard error on me with a ‘No HDMI Connection’ with me trying to get that troubleshooted, thus I’m just admiring my VRchat images; Point 2 & 3 above. VRchat always makes me smile. Now, onto the image dump! 🙂 Lastly, there’s something special I have to note at the very bottom of the blog posting. 

– More of a scenic touch to Scathach trying to make her fit in with the pillars, F/GO & Fate/Extella style. Full Body tracking would have been perfect here.
– Scathach <3
– The joy of solo-world exploring (drifting) admiring people’s various tastes and styles. This reminded me of Voltron a bit. The style to this, surreal. 
– Catching a train, or trying to. Where shall we go?
– A trip to Tokyo Big Sight sounds good! Very cool 🙂
– Tokyo Big Sight more noticeable now with those legs at the left side of image.

A little plug regarding Tokyo Big Sight: 

[VRchat] Shinki Renge – Type Nine Tailed Fox Avatar:


At the very bottom of that article is special note & thank you regarding my contribution to the doujin, Renge, and the Renge avatar thanking me. It’s still special, even after my emotional slip-up. I thank you guys once again for allowing me to have partaken in that! 

– The fun challenge of Scathach’s immortal dark style is trying to match it up with light-dark colours. Trying to find perfect worlds to match her dark style up with the world’s dark style. 
– The beautiful matching colours. Was a fun challenge taking these images.
– Anybody dare fight Scathach? They will not live to tell the tale, for Scathach is immortal. 
– Sumo Foxy Hawk *laughs*. Full body tracking for the win.
– Cheers. Levitating beer & a ‘Kon!’
– Two deeply bonded sisters treating one another to some booze. Good times, good times.
– Tea is also “my cup of tea”. I tried coffee, couldn’t get into it. Love this chill world, love the chill ambiance, love the drinking mechanics. I love how it reminds me of the anime ‘Ars Nova: Arpeggio of Blue Steel‘ <3
– Hawk naturally chillin’ in the tree with full body tracking.
– Alternate angle. Naturally chillin’ heh
– Naturally leaning over obtaining more lovely treats to consume heh.
–  “Got a problem? Just relaxing here”. The beauty of full body tracking.
– We were trying out the dungeon, only able to get so far. It was unforgiving. We were however amused by Hawk’s inner workings of his head heh.
– Part 2 of Hawk’s funky shadows. Looks like a whole different entity.
– The crane game was simple, yet awesome. Loved the prizes you could gain from it heh. Hunt gained a lovely alien 🙂
– LittleMaids mod mask, or so I believe it to be. I used to play a lot of Minecraft around the 2012 mark building up heavily in survival. I miss Minecraft, wishing I could play it. Instead, I now play Rising World in its place because it offers more while improving on the mistakes of Minecraft :).
– Hawk pondering about his pipe dream? 
– Corrupting the pure Kitsune to love and admire anything Minecraft *evil laugh*
– Around Halloween time we entered a spooky world in hopes of scaring them when they joined me. Didn’t quite work out because the avatar I used was configured for a Vive, not Oculus. Kept making noises when I didn’t want to. Lovely groupshot though 🙂
– This has all sorts of vibes to it. 1) Touhou, 2) Sans, 3) Spooky. I love how spooky they appear in this world by looking at their eyes, and such.
– Hunt has gone mad! XD We stayed in a ship playing chess while VRchat had a SAO moment of preventing us from logging out. We were stuck in the world unable to move. I mean, we could have simply disconnected to not go to other worlds, but that would have lost its SAO touch.
– Fullbody tracking advantages! Full on pole dancing by hawk heh.
– Stick those proud tails of yours out! XD
– Giving Hawk the money he earned :P. We all did, it however doesn’t show.
– Just a “for fun” teaseful pole dance. 
– Hunt having a bit of a skirt problem heh. Conehead.
– Another cool person we’ve met on our journey being able to sit realistically with FBT.
– DAB!
– Thanks to the spin bottle game we had some intimate moments.
– Hunt gaining some intimate moments as well heh.
– D’awwww!~ The Foxy cuddles. 
– Full on VR huggles <3
– The moment before the juicy kiss. The loving embrace readying for the kiss. *Chuuuu~* 
– Thriller fun during Halloween 2018. 
– Hawk sent to jail. Crime? Kicking me off Heavy Cruiser Suzuya 🙂
– Don’t look at me like that! You shouldn’t have kicked me off the side of the ship. 🙂
– “Let me out or you shall face my wrath! I will get my lawyer, my fox guardian. You shall see! You would have wished you had let me out this moment! – Hawk  | I forgot what Hawk had said, though it’s something along those lines. 🙂
“Heyo~! Going somewhere?” – Hawk
– Grabbing the torch for some light as we discuss our game plan for traveling further in the undergrounds.
– Random Halloween Hoppu has appeared! Cool effects 🙂 Not me, nor is that Hoppu mine. 
– *Casually sitting intensifies in Matsix’s chill home world*
– Attempt at “cool” Scathach pose in a darkly lit part of Matsix’s world 🙂
– Gathering like these is what I love at times just being highly social. When we get to these many people I simply turn into an observer/lurker because of my past. They were busy conversing I just can’t butt myself into the conversation. Best to just listen and take note of things.

To clarify, as briefly as I can, and I’m not doing this to seek “pity”. I’m just clarifying something as to why I’m silent as I am when in groups. It was the way I was treated from Kindergarten all the way up till my 30’s which has me being a “lurker” type person constantly listening, making note of things, and just observing. Old habits die hard, yet happy when I can be a part of any conversation. Sure, that may be creepy on the lurking part, but it’s just a “cause-and-effect” of people having bullied me constantly while denying me opportunities from Kindergarten and such. Ottawa LOVED bullying one another. I would try and chime in to only be nudged back out, so I lost interest, and moved on to something which caught my interest in solo manners. I wasn’t allowed to read Thomas the Tank Engine book back in Kindergarten, even openly denied in class. Teachers would pick on you while insulting your parents….I’m still in the process of shaking those hostilities off by just relaxing in VRchat, among other games. Even Rising World. VRchat is why I love VRchat because of how calm and relaxing it is while able to socialize with people without being judged. It kept going where I couldn’t read a Pokemon guidebook for the Gameboy games in a yellow mini-novel in around Grade 5 reading for a reading period; Certain amount of time during class dedicated to reading. Kids would tattle tail to the teachers and I always got screwed out of things. People would constantly shut me down. I would still do what I loved, just constantly mocked for it. Let’s just say I relate to any “emo” anime character (Shield Hero, Re;Zero, & etc) constantly being put down which puts me at odds with people, and I’ll leave it at that for simplicity sake.

Again, not seeking pity, just clarifying why I’m silent in groups. Trying to write this as neutrally as I can. If you were curious why I’m silent in groups, now you know. In VRchat I do try and chime in though. There are attempts. This is also why people “may” be mutes because it’s easier for them in certain ways. This is just one of the many, yet this can be seen as the “main” reason for my side of things of my shifting moods; Uneasiness, restlessness, & etc. I found people in Ottawa to be vicious and negative like that, though I’ve also met cool people on the flip-side. Now, back to the images because they’re far more entertaining than anything negative. Need to keep things positive :). 

– Being amused by the various foxy avatars, the sizes of them, and even the tiny versions of them heh. Many fun moments, neat people we’ve met, and etc. Many fun times and memories. 
– RAWR!~ 

I’m always amused by people’s various tastes, when showed properly in non-WIPs maps. When a world is uploaded properly you can honestly see people’s passions coming through that I love seeing these sorts of oddities, as funky, creepy, and surreal as they are. I love the beauty of VRchat to the point I’m highly bias to VRchat. Please don’t do anything to make me hate VRchat because I love the beauty within :).

– Kobi’s earlier avatar as we both admired the sleeping beauties of this world. So adorable.
– Just making sure they’re safe. Wanted to headpat them. Highly adorable :).
– Hunt semi-drowning in a Minecraft world in VRchat. Lot of Minecraft worlds in VRchat.
– Far shot was intentional to make note of the Halloween background of the Pug. We loved the decorations. 
– Don’t mind me, just drawing on the paintings *evil smile*
– Spooky vibes; Quite lit.
– Around the Halloween mark I struggled to familiarize myself with photoshooting Renge in various shots. I believe I’ve done a decent job here loving Renge hanging out at the base of the tree. Love chill maps.
– Simple Lanfear world I quite admired at the time. Two chess tables, lovely shrine, cool music to listen to, and such. Also posting this because I loved watching Lanfear in the Youtube & Twitch adventures. My one memory is of irritating Lanfear which is a big “oof” still heh. Would love to meet Lanfear on a happier note without me appearing drunk from the nasty technical difficulties I’ve been having. 

We’ll see what various opportunities present themselves when it comes to those who I found to admire in the various Youtube & Twitch adventures within and outside of roleplay. I simply found those people chill, thus wanting to meet them properly. I’ve met a few directly & indirectly, and it was fun. Awesome experience.  I want to meet people on proper terms without accidentally tilting them. To those that I have met, they’re awesome and I love how kind they were, and are. Why I love VRchat, and why I made my ‘Thank You‘ posting back then to Nagzz21 & the community. I also posted that image in reminder for when I wanted to search up Lanfear’s Estate world, something I had to simply settle with the chill world above. That’s fine;  That’s chill. 🙂

Just amusing thinking of how scary Lanfear’s glare is. Very scary. I am however amused by her nicknames, one of them being ‘Gladfear’ with how OP she is in gladiator fights. 

– Halloween Nyaa!~ Nyaa! Nyaa!~ 
– Not tonight! I swear, they’re like rats popping up everywhere trying to do things I would rather not mention. 
– Hunt & myself examining some ruins from the past curious as to the cause of such an effect.
– Foxy huggles <3
– Hawk being frozen in time facing semi-similar situations such as myself when it comes to VR. Basically VR growing pains so we’ve both been KO’d for the time being. 

These images are a bit all over the place because I’ve posted some in other articles, thus having to skip a few for these postings here. I also blame Tumblr for throwing me off beat here so I’m playing a game of “catch up”. If you want to make sense of some images try to seek them out in other articles in the [VRchat] tagging to gain a slightly better understanding of where I came from. Would help to note Scathach came first, Renge second; I befriended my awesome current buddies from October 27th onward. Other people are drifing in and out, but that’s normal; Like anime series coming and going with time. People come and go and it has been a blast meeting new people, saying good bye to others, while others simply “lurk” in the background. 


Zentreya shouted out she wanted people to partake in a project so I had a few images to play around with. I’ll single a few out, though you can see a few I’ve briefly fiddled with. Zentreya wants to show off how amazing VRchat is, and I agree with her. Good luck! 

– My avatars in a group shot. Not all, just the major three.
– Newspaper filter.
– Renge’s ‘V’ gesture 🙂
– Scathach – #IamVRCHAT
– #IamVRCHAT – Group shot with my buddies 🙂

It’s fun trying to partake in whatever event I can. These are fun to do in and outside of the event I love doing silly quick photoshot things, even if they “may” appear “crude” or not. So many images to work with.

Very Special Message – “Feeling Safe” – Nanachi Falls World:

– Monika in Nanachi form

Something very special happened, something I keep witnessing both directly and indirectly with how people open up in VRchat. When people meet the right group of people (ones who don’t troll) they tend to open up with them, talk with them, discuss things, and just have fun. I feel like myself and Hunt had “some” hand in this, just nothing I can take credit for. I will say we nudged things a certain direction by our presence, yet everything else happened because the right group of people were there. Halfway through those fun moments people often open up saying something along these lines:

“It was awesome meeting you guys! I’m honestly glad I met you guys because I can finally talk about various things I enjoy, something I was unable to do elsewhere. I don’t really openly talk in other games, or even in VRchat because of how hard it is. People would just walk around other worlds (almost aimlessly) where I could not talk to them. Meeting you guys though, I’m feeling happier because you guys are open, you’re friendly, and I can discuss things with you. Meeting you guys though, I feel like I could talk with you more. I’m glad I met you, added you as friends, because you guys seem fun.  I also I have social anxiety making me struggle talking to other people. We had many fun moments, we were able to let loose, and just have fun. Lot of fun happenings where had.”

– I feel the Monika images fits the moment perfectly of people bonding and opening up with one another, something which makes VRchat what it is. And yes, you can sit in that animation with a seating position.
– Headpats! 

I tried to quote what the guy as accurately as I could recall it was said, though with a few improvised wordings here and there. Hunt & myself were witnesses to this special moment, something I wish I had recorded so I could clip it so I could show it in context to other people unaware of why I’m addicted to VRchat, why I dream of it, and love the community. This is why I love VRchat, and how I met my cool buddies. To those who have watched and witnessed Nagzz21’s Youtube & Twitch streams with community letters, this is that, but in person. This is people opening up thanking those who need to be thanked, and I was a witness of it in a random world. It’s special, thus, why I noted it here 🙂

– Many beautiful moments in VRchat.

Honestly, I’m partially apologetic when it comes to spamming people with VRchat. I tend to overpost, thus people unfollowing me on Twitter. It is what it is, and I love VRchat <3. There is a reason why I’m constantly hyping it up in a hyper manner that I have, and I noted it here, and in very article I posted dedicated to VRchat. It’s the people I’ve met, the warm aura the community radiates, the lovely content they make. Sure, it has its flaws, I have flaws. What is perfect? No game is perfect. I had to block a few trolls here and there. I had to unfriend a few people for how “needy” and “obnoxious” they were. A few, not many. Even so, VRchat is an awesome place where I can hop on, have fun, and just admire VRchat for what it has to offer.

I’ll keep praising VRchat, even if I felt semi-abandoned in 2017 during the Knuckles era, something I didn’t word appropriately before. I’ll keep praising VRchat for every fun moment it keeps giving me. <3

Thanks for reading, and hope you’ve enjoyed the images! There’ll be more to come once my Oculus Rift is back up and running. 🙂

See you then!