[VRchat] Neko Nights Nagzz Hangout | Feels Like Home

Heyo! Still on the VR & VRchat hype train while still loving how homely VRchat feels. VRchat feels awesome on both busy and quiet days while loving how it all feels. 

– Nagzz21’s Neko Nights Hangout (January 18, 2019); I’m on the bottom left as Renge.

VRchat honestly feels like home to me. Regardless if I’m playing solo, or if I’m with my buddies, or in the various Nagzz21 hangouts it feels like home. Maybe a tiny grouping of people have been noted fearing playing VRchat because of the “toxicity” without realizing they can just venture away from populated worlds. I’ve seen these in various VR articles talking about VR, thus noting it quickly here. VRchat is awesome. Granted, it feels so much better when you hang out with your friends, or at the meet-ups because that’s what VRchat was designed for. It’s also awesome through-and-through seeing what it once was to where it is now when looking at the older maps VRchat had when celebrating its 5th birthday. Happy birthday! It’s also fun seeing how far VRchat has come from Nagzz21’s influences in this video documentary. People love the game, people add to the game, and I just love seeing that passion, even if I may be a small piece of that insanely complex jig-saw puzzle. Even on quiet lonely nights when nobody is on I love hanging out just exploring worlds, interacting with them, studying them, taking pictures, and such. It’s fine if you just idle in worlds, chillin’. People sleep in VRchat, and I nearly have from how exhausted I was one night until VRchat kicked me out via a crash. 

This blog posting shall contain two postings of Nagzz21’s Friday Hangout on January 18, 2019, as well various images with and without my buddies. Basically showing my love for VRchat where able. Before that though, I need to share something amusing. This is also an attempt at playing catch up, once again thanks to Tumblr being moronic. It claimed one of my VRchat logs as “adult”, even though it was SFW safe. Tumblr is nuts. 

Beep Beep, I’m A Sheep!:

It’s amazing how oddly my buddies and I connect with this track. I even know (or knew) a coworker who kept saying this same thing which was strange – “Beep beep! I’m a sheep! Meow Meow, I’m a cow! Moo! Moo! I’m a cat!”

It’s something we (buddies in VRchat) randomly had fun with in an MMD Dance world to the point I was being poked fun of (in good light), yet both love-hating Tepe’s sheepy take it with his crazy awesome laughter. That laughter! Hawk decided to make a Beat Saber video hoping I would love it, and I do. I love it. Brings back awesome memories 🙂

Stream Chill (Pre-Nagzz21 Hangouts):

Was trying to chill stream just wanting to relax. Just exploring worlds, hanging out. Friday was found to be a very quiet day so I tried experimenting by solo streaming with it mostly working out. I had fun hanging out with Maiya and Delta, had fun exploring the Japanese scenery, turning balls into molecules, among other fun side amusements. 

– Exploring the Japanese Rice farm. Neat place for RP, or just images. Fits Renge’s kitsune persona.
– Caught someone snoozing on the job heh.
– King Crab eh?
– Turning ballpit balls into molecules heh. I was letting out my frustration of technical difficulties to then laugh at making molecules. Delta, also thanks for dropping by that day 🙂

Nagzz21’s Neko Nights – January 18, 2019:

That day was very rough for me in very weird ways. Technical difficulties everywhere; Twitch, Twitter, Discord, VRchat, Stream labs crashing 3 times and etc…. It got to me. I was raging, and I saw Mochabeetle was venting over Patreon that day. I accidentally allowed it to feed into me. I’m however thankful I can recall the good over the bad through my images. We need to borrow from Jacksepticeye’s motto of ‘Positive Mental Attitude‘. I was happy to have hung out with Maiya, with Delta, and to then just lurk in Neko Nights until about 1 am EST where I was able to casually talk to Pugtato, the eventual bartender of the place. 

The irony being I should have crashed many times during this hangout. I haven’t. I barely lagged (maybe at the start when I loaded in with Andis) with it holding up smoothly. It surprises me with how cursed that day felt, yet thankful I haven’t crashed that night though until the very end. That part was very funny & weird…..

– Heh. Love how people raced to the Beer Pong table. All night, was fun to watch. 
– Peanutor being lewd with an interesting gathering around the stage.
– Idle-Bot 2000 (Wolfbot, “Best bot”)
– Funky Waluigi roaming about the Neko Nights floor.
– Best pictures are those taken with the VRchat camera, not desktop mode. Love these images, even if simplistic. Everybody just having fun. 🙂
– *Insert slapping noise* – People actually made custom appearing versions of these *laughs*.  You can mount one another, and they even added particle effects, something you’ll see below.
– And the particle spam begins *laughs*
– AH! It’s spreading! XD
– Not only did it spread, it multiplied. It crashed Cree_, and others. Ironically (or is it “coincidentally”) I did not crash. I’m still thankful I did not crash through this amusement heh.
– People cloning and mounting one another to spread the amusements.
– Do we need bug spray for this? The WHOLE main floor *laughs hard*
– Up, down, left, right…. Reaching all the corners XD
They mounted one another to then be told to stop with how they were crashing people. Intervention at this point. Still one of the best pats I’ve witnessed.
– Back to the Beer Pong table. I tried throwing a few to only fail with Wiz around. Wiz, if I upsetted you I’m sorry.
– To those who witnessed this can HEAR the image. They can hear the harmonica 1-note battle between these two. At points it appeared as if they were communicating with just one note.
– It just kept going, and going, and going….. A good solid 20-30 minutes. Felt like an eternity to some. A shame I missed the end because I was dying laughing at the back room. One guy was shouting desperately for them to stop, it was hilarious. 
– A drunk Akame idling away. Way too many beers that night. RIP. Do know they were booped, petted, and poked XD
– Another lovely person snoozing/idling on the cough to then be “HEY’d”. People switched to the power of “HEY!” shouting, it was nuts.

Yeah, these were fun that I loved being there. Loved witnessing things, seeing people being silly, and just having fun. It’s fun seeing people let loose after a stressful day, part of the main reason why I love VRchat because of how it destresses you. It’s why I dislike KanColle for being a salt-mine & a stressful game, yet love VRchat for being a chill experience. This is why I idolize VRchat because you can honestly unwind without worries. 

Because of how worn out I was during the night I would be found idling/AFK’ing in the backroom taking a quick breather, grabbing snacks, catching up on Twitter, or posting stuff in Discord. I’m glad I was able to mostly let loose in here, yet still held back in some ways as to not be a nuisance (Padoru Rave). A few people asked if I was fine, and well… Worn out, but yeah. In short I was “fine”.

The part about the hangout I loved the most was how I was able to casually talk to Pugtato tending to the bar, talk with Kortir, and just chill. Just hanging out, chillin’ while talking. 

– He spent ~20 min grabbing all the bottles to place them back up on the wall to only have it ruined another 10 minutes later. RIP. He deserves a raise & a job at Bagel Bites Club.
– Good as new! Look at that proud satisfaction heh.
– Propane spam! When I saw it in person I assumed it was white lego heads……Moving so fast.
– Almost as if he’s holding it. Nice 🙂
– Propane battle? Flexing? Spreading? XD
– Hey! It’s Lil Flako! Yeah, just a bit dazed that night tuning in and out of the hangout while running along the railing at that point similar to how one walks along a rail line to not fall with arms out. 
– Hey! It’s sleepy Kortir. How you doing, buddy. Missed yeah from the headpats during the other meet-up. Sleepy as your avatar eh? Hang in there, almost to the end. Need a hug pillow of your waifu? 🙂
– Awesome lightshow haha. 
– From one cloning avatar to the next. This Pewdiepie? Still can’t pin it. Highly amusing though heh.
– Ah! The loudness of the vacuum sound haha! Now they be sucking one another off. 
– RIP the bar which was painstakingly put together. Alien invasion! XD
– Faux portal to Uganda popping up everywhere. Also, Sleepyjamas ftw.
– “Do you know de way?” 
– Assuming Sleepyjamas would return/wake up they wanted to prank him with the “loading” avatar in two forms. That was a bust. The attempt however recorded in history for people to at least remember it heh.
– Another round of Avatar cloning before everybody went off on their merry way to explore the depths of VRchat. #Sleepyjamas

Was a fun night. Shame I was dazed tuning in and out, yet had fun. Had fun chillin’, had fun observing, conversing while FINALLY making out what people were saying. Audio wasn’t merged as one… I was finally able to enjoy a hangout mostly lag free, though still there in ways. Funnily enough, I crashed as people wandered off so I couldn’t say “hello”, nor “good night” to my two buddies that night being Hunt & Blue. The point I crashed was at the very end. VRchat is funny….. 

Also, a shame I also had to miss the Nagzz21 hangout the next week over on the 25th because I couldn’t read. I really love lurking there chiming in now and again. It’s awesome seeing what people are up to. “Work, work work”, as the grunts say in Warcraft 3 RTS game. 

Various Hangouts & Chill Sessions:

When not hanging out with people on Friday’s Nagzz21’s hangouts I chill either solo, or with my buddies. I’m always seeing the very awesome side of VRchat, something people being fearful just don’t see. 

– Love this world, love those flowers, and I still believe it’s Nier Automata inspired. Hanging out with Blue & Hunt.
– Angry Hunt. REE!~
– Mighty Hunt 🙂
– Group photo attempt. More or less awesome 🙂
– Happy birthday/Anniversary, VRchat! Stay awesome! 🙂 Me gesturing at Blue up on the lamp post heh.
– We were all rejected for the dance so we hung out in the washroom with dance music blasting through from a distance. The joke is in the world name, something you have to see for yourself XD
– Kamen Rider amusement & an adorable Blue <3
– Attempt to match Scathach’s immortal nature with some spooky Resident Evil village eeriness. More or less a match.
– Attempt #2 in a more evil “hmm” appearance. 
– Word of warning: Do not trespass unless you’re able to appropriately defend yourself from any threats within. Always be prepared for the worst. Zombies may be lurking within. I believer Renge & Scathach are well armed for any threats they may encounter in VRchat 🙂
– Bow down to the godly Hunt, Benevolent ruler of all! XD Kobi and Blue being raised in either hand.
– KOBI! …… Mowing the lawn the cool way heh. I love this simple grassy world. 
– Just a little shave on the top, and there! 
– In a weird case of protecting his wine bottle Kobi locked himself out. Blue in the back there facepalming, or maybe just adjusting her headset. I believe it’s more of a facepalm heh. 
– Cheese!~ 
– After having a fun chase as a Hoppu-Marril squeaking at Kobi we all cooled off to take a breather. Was a fun night. Many fun nights <3
– Boop!~ 
– Grasshopper Hunt in a Vietnamese School world. *laughs at posing*
– Stumbled across and even more Sci-fi Sword Art Online World (Gun Gale Online). Most likely an alternate lobby in a game I haven’t played. Still cool 🙂
– I recall Zentraya used to love this world when she streamed in this world long ago. I can see why, especially with this shot. Again, glitchy filter because of Scathach’s Immortal nature 🙂
– Malibu amusements. V! 
– Moon landing was faked? 😮 You learn something new every day (A joke). Been baffled about the whole flatearther stuff, yet going to keep that on the down-low. 
– VRchat allowing you to be amused at even your own simple reflection. Hunt started it, I continued it. *laughs*
– A world based off of the desert Hatsune Miku Music video. Fire effects should have been more sand-like. 
– Fun fact: Renge & myself are both scared of horror. Ironically, being a fox spirit personification herself, she fears ghosts and the paranormal. She spooks easily, or one of her various “clones” does. That “eerie” world really spooked me when I was feeling tired and exhausted from work, only adding onto the trippiness level of it. The spooky gibberish.

I scare far too easily, even though I’ve done horror maps in VRchat. I can only do them with people, and I have. Lots of fun memories to be had. I honestly scare easy; I hate walking down a dark hallway at night because of my past experience. I was spooked by a shadow figure as a kid, something I still can’t debunk to this day. I was wanting to go to the living room one night, yet was scared, so I started making my way to where I then saw a T-Posing shadow figure in black just standing there…. I got scared, ran back, and hid in the bed. When I regained my courage I slowly made my way back to the living room STILL scared of hallways to this day. I mean, I do go to the kitchen when it’s dark, yet always paranoid. Some nights I even close my eyes to instead expect a “bump”. 

Why me……. I guess this is why I connect with Fox spirits, maybe with Renge, on a much smaller level. 

Final few images of me playing around on even more quiet nights with only 1-2 hours of playtime. Just hopping on, quick-exploring worlds, while experimenting on a few things such as image transparency. One night I had an interestingly simple idea to just pose my avatars next to one another the best I could. When I regain my other avatars in the menu I’ll share an image with all of them.

– Renge, mini 1:1 scale Renge, and Scathach just chillin’ in a cool map. V! I found it weird how my ISP cut out this night timing me out. Why?! I have a very reliable ISP…. Even so, I was able to grab this image, loving it 🙂
– Image which started my experimentation with transparent images. Simple, yet neat 🙂 GTA Vice City world. 
– Scathach dealing with two mischievous little foxies
– An experiment gone wacky. Came out semi-decently while showing I need to pay more attention to positioning. I tried, yet need to think further ahead :P.
– As they say 1) “Simple is best”, or 2) “Less is more”. Both along the same lines | Renge wave 🙂

Thanks for making me feel at home in VRchat. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed, and hope we can have more fun in VRchat. It honestly feels at home, no joke. I feel bad for those not having experienced VRchat how “we” have experienced it in a more lighthearted manner with people even diverting people into Rec Room. It’s a fine game, just don’t slender with half-truths preventing people from having fun. Just have fun! People can have fun in VRchat, you just need to also know how by avoiding overly crowded toxic worlds. You need to venture a bit further out than the norm to meet the cool people.

I’m also in the process of finally making a simple public world of VRchat being my home. Just need one proper day off then I can share it with you guys. I’ve already made two worlds, just need to make it a “third time a charm” type thing. 🙂

– Gimme! Gimme!~ 

But hey, thanks for allowing me to have fun in VRchat in general, in the Nagzz21 meet-ups, and such. I love playing VRchat. Let’s continue to have fun! 🙂