[VRchat] Hyped August VRC Amusements

– Delta, Maiya, & myself all relaxing in a lovely greenish world (August 1nd)

(Warning: Very image heavy! 223 images + 5~ gifs! Load at your own mercy; Bandwidth heavy.)

August was a very special month for in VRchat because of the very special moments contained within. August 1st, 2019 I attended a special wedding (my first one) in VRchat relating to Cowbouy & Kitty, both awesome people. Cowbouy I knew from VRC thanks to my other friend Hunt who interacted with him. We met at a Gmod version of the hub of Tower Unite in VRC, hung out a few times, and even had him & his buddy Delta try to find me in a world when feeling down (tired). Nice fun time to be had. August was also spent me constantly repairing my Nvidia drivers because the Oculus application simply refuses to remember the driver update. Because of that ‘hotfix’ I was able to play VRchat any time I wanted (except for one Friday) while having to stay on as long as possible to make it all worthwhile during the night I repaired the drivers on. Once I reboot the computer it would simply undo the changes.

I had tons of fun with both my VRchat buddies & solo. Nice fun was to be had, thus the 223 images & 5~ Gifs taken. I tried my best to keep it to a reasonable number, thus regrettibly skipping a few images here and there. I felt 223 images were worthwhile (must share) images for sharing.

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Cowbouy’s VRC Wedding – (August 1st, 2019):

Starting off August with a bang by being specially invited to attend Cowbouy’s wedding with Kitty. Noticed a few familiar faces (Ikrium), among others. Cool stuff. I stayed in desktop mode because of how my VR was acting up, because of what type of gathering this was, and didn’t want to needlessly lag out.

– Delta on the left, Maiya on the right; Myself on the wall with Ikrium taking ‘panty shots’ of my character.
– Karma! Returned the favour by reverse-panty-shotting Ikrium 🙂
– Cat/Kitty & Coybouy – Giving my congratulations while also receiving a nice point in return. YATTA!~ …. Also, “AWWWOOOOOO!~”

My first VRchat related wedding which was awesome to experience. I saw highlights from Nagzz21’s wedding, saw images from other people. Never partook in one, until recently. Thanks for giving me this opportunity for seeing one in VRchat. Even in a game level it’s hard meeting people on the same (or similar) wavelength, thus this still holds weight in various ways. 

I wish you both the best! Congratulations, and may you both continue to have a great time.

Stuck around a bit for the after-party which was awesome. Thanks for inviting me to your wedding, means a lot. 

August 1st – Regular Chill – Hanging with Delta & Maiya (Post-Wedding):

– V!
– Love this tree. You can change the colour of it to whatever the spotter is focused on.
– Delta treating the guitar as a Cello. Why? …. “Because Delta”, as I always say.
– Things got a bit heated over how to treat musical instruments.
– Let’s visit a Japanese aquarium! Was left alone for awhile, so why not just visit an aquarium to see what it showcases.
– Blub!~ Blub!~ Feels partially like Animal Crossing: New Leaf when it was actually fun and entertaining.
– Yay to spider crabs! 🙂
– Padoru!~ Padoru!~ (Padoru World)
– Whattcha gonna do? When in doubt, just “Padoru~”
– An avatar meme in itself with most avatars having this crude gesture. I might as well use it to say “Fuck you, Oculus! Just work as intended!” 😛 Stop undoing my drivers.
– Reason why I love VRchat so much is because of the scenic beauty. Something simple as this goes a long way, people however seem to take it for granted when knocking on VR. I love it. Also, *lurk* 🙂
– Hunt & Blue came to visit me while I was idling away on this chair. I was trying to fix my headset having a loose left ear piece. Was simply frustrated. Thanks for visiting me that day Hunt & Blue. Means a lot. Had fun soaking in the scenery of this world, checking out the avatars, and just chillin’. Fun times. 🙂
– RWBY world I dropped us into. One of the best experimentation I’ve seen yet of RWBY. Need more of these maps taking full advantage of VR FPS battles the way this map had. It was fun slicing the enemies up, shooting them realistically (nearly Pavlov style), and even just gesturing. The whole gesturing and realisticness while slicing enemies up was what made this fun. It’s however a one-try needing a world revisit to play again. If the creator can make this unlimited use & for everybody to see the same enemy that would make it even more enjoyable.

I also purposely left the ‘Stop’ because Maiya keeps saying “stop” prompting me to then say “real stop, or fake stop” in jest. It’s annoying, yes. I however mean it in good fun 🙂

– Cool Hunt being cool. I love this shot because it brings out the best of Hunt.
– Bonus shot of Hunt in a landscape format. Could have had his feet. Still neat though. Love the contrast on my end.

During this session, as the session ended, a few things occurred which ended up souring my play session. One of them dealt with my Oculus Rift’s ear piece simply falling off causing me to be deaf on that end. The right side is still normal, though I screwed it off to allow for headphones. The left earpiece simply let loose like a loose tooth… Suddenly and in that ‘surreal’ manner in how unexpected a loose tooth ends up surprising you.

The second one may simply be my anxiety kicking in (as per usual), though feel there be an odd “disconnect” between two people. I tried talking to one person looking for another person to find they had no interest what-so-ever in hanging out with me. I could have said something, sure… Though that’s just a passing though now. It’s water under the bridge, noting it for blogging purposes. 

It’s just a note to simply speak up while you can. 

August 6th – Helping Hawk A.K.A Floofy with Oculus Quest:

– Floofy giving me a lovely warm embrace while I used a Quest avatar to be seen. VR is something else, and I love it.

Was in desktop mode the whole time here because my Oculus was acting up annoyingly. With how much trouble I’ve been having with my Oculus Rift I’ve been honestly seriously considering purchasing the Oculus Quest to use during humid summer periods. I haven’t yet because it’s simply too “awkward” of an gadget to obtain. You can’t take VR images the way you can on other VR headsets, and it’s just…. Limiting. I’ve also been trying to save up for other plans and projects. When I pay $500 Canadian for a headset I honestly expect it to work….. Frustrations lead you to consider various options to mend any issues you have in front of you.

Even so, I still needed to help Hawk test out his Oculus Quest because friends always need to be helped, and general curiousity. Needed to both feel and experience the way. Glad I did because I was able to talk to Hawk again after so long & their relatives. Seeing their relative being gitty, happy, and hyped up in excitement while being curious in visiting worlds was an awesome experience. It’s always nice seeing people having genuine interests in things in front of them. That innocence of wanting to explore is what I love & seek out of people because it means they’re genuinely having fun. I love seeing that innocence in wanting to explore VRchat. I thrive on it because that’s what makes VRchat awesome.

I enjoy someone being curious in an hyped up manner than hearing crude VRchat jokes. That’s just me though.

– Love that classy pose. Heh.
– That “intimate” embrace again *laughs*
– ‘Welcome to VRchat!’ – May you enjoy your stay, making new friends, and exploring highly fun worlds worth enjoying. Lots of fun to be had! (*Cough* 223 images for this blogpost :P)

August 08 – Desktop Mode Curiousity | Desiring VR Sessions:

Bothered I couldn’t play in VR mode I simply jumped into desktop mode to idle in worlds to listen to their worlds. I hid in private worlds as to not get walked in on, something which may be ironic for what you real further below. I urged my buddies not to join me because I wasn’t doing anything special by just listening to music and bookmarking worlds for later. Why interact with me if I’m not going to interact back. I simply wanted the awesome VRC taste. I guess you could say I’m addicted.

– Island of Dreams – A nice chill world having a nice gorgeous view.
– Lunar Plants – My new favourite world, also a home world. It’s so scenic and gorgeous, I love it. Has that Nier: Automata touch that I love so much about it. Gorgeous!
– Just something goofy because I felt like messing around. This speaks to me in a more ‘kitsune’ prankster type of manner. This avatar speaks to me in a way I would prank.

August 11, 2019 – Desktop Mode Curiousities:

Felt the desire to hop onto VRC again thanks to my buddies streaming VRC on Discord general voice channel. We’ve been using a third party link while waiting for Discord to officially apply the video mode to our small Discord group for use. I was able to see what they were streaming giving me that itch to hop on, thus I hopped in. Still reclusive, yet still highly curious that I just had to go exploring. 

– USS Missouri in VRC. What a sight to behold in VR. I was in desktop mode, but even so this is still a sight to behold because one can’t visit these vessels as easily in 2019 as it was in 1940’s time.
– What a sight! I love this! You can just see the scale and distance here. Impressive. This honestly puts things into perspective.
– Love this view! Nice view of the main guns and the bridge. USS Missouri is decked out heavily.
– Alternate perspective.
– “Are you still there?” – Sentry Gun
– Waiting…. – Simple map with an elegant surprise. Wish this world still existed so I could have gone back in VR mode to re witness the feels at the other end. I honestly hope this world finds its way back onto VRC. Honestly expected this to be a horror world.
– Haremate Map (llusion games) – Funny how this was ported from an Illusion made game to find its way into VRchat while being named “Millennial losing their phone” type joke….. Various people were credited while seeing it being more of an Illusion made game. Found it amusing though….. “as if this is here” type thing.
– The Might Yamato & Akagi in a fancy red & green colour scheme.
– Best image right here with how scenic it is. Again, why I love VRC as much as I do. So beautiful and skillfully crafted. Would be a few weeks until I figure out the semi-secret.

August 16 – VR Mode Activate!:

I figured out I could simply repair the drivers to allow me to play on VR & VRC. It’s such a stupid thing to do, and there may be genuine errors with my USB. I’m honestly ignorant when it comes to repairing anything VR related, though getting wiser with each mending and troubleshooting phase. Had fun revisiting worlds from my desktop mode sessions in VR once able to go into VR.

 I was honestly sad to even see ‘Waiting’ removed from the world list. I honestly wanted to revisit that world.

– Being told I could activate fireworks I actually activated almost everything when returning back to this world in VR. Fireworks, particles, lightbeams, and etc. I love this world! So Nier: Automata-eque.
– Refrain – Classroom set up in Clannad/Little Busters vibe. The music playing was ‘Lamplight‘ from Little Busters. First time here I gained so many feels I just about cried from both nostalgia and feels. Those animes honestly hit hard emotionally. Seeing similar vibes in VR hits equally as hard. I’m loving the fireworks giving off a nice show. Shame you can’t jump though.

When I was in desktop mode visiting this world a few days back (August 11th’s session) I honestly assumed it was going to be a horror map because of the lighting. It was dark, I heard weird noises to eventually find out they  were fireworks. I was genuinely spooked which then shifted to heavy nostalgia and emotions. I (not joke) honestly was about to cry from all the recollections of how hard hitting KyoAni’s animes are with Clannad, Little Busters, and even Air. Revisiting this in VR I was able to see much more.

– Japanese parasol fitting a Japanese Kitsune personfication in an upscaled 15 cm tall robot version. Renge in her natural habitat at a Japanese shrine.
– Kon!~ Kon!~
– Kobi joining me in a Zelda world getting all hyped up about the things he loves. I love seeing my friends all happy and passionate about what they love. 🙂
– Pew!~ Pew!~ Loved firing this in VR because it feels so close to being realistic. I was genuinely hitting any target I desired.
– Kobi had to leave after some wall climbing & ventings. I continued exploring checking out spooky ruins, and such. Spooky~
– Hmm?
– Peekaboo!~
– Lakuza Lounge – Seeing it hyped up on Twitter I had to check it out. I love the detailing here. It honestly radiates Lakuza.
– Gas mask ftw 🙂
– Kobi enjoying some nice croissants. Yes, Kobi came back to hang out for a little while longer.
– Kobi sporting a nice pimping ride while I praise him for his luxuries 😛
– Both Kobi & I explored every inch of the Lakuza Longue (those accessible) to find various secrets and such. Going up stairways, wires, and onto the roof. He had to poof, thus I followed.

I also played ‘Spice and Wolf VR’ that night, something I’m still preparing to blog about for when the time is right. A lot of fun was had, and I loved it. Both VRC & Spice and Wolf VR side. Excellent stuff.

August 17 – VR Images Reshoot & Further Exploration:

After finding out I could simply ‘hotfix’ the issue I kept repairing the Nvidia driver every chance I could managing to allow me to play VRC when desired. I also had to omit some images here (posted in my Discord group) to make this blog easier to share; More sharable. I had lots of fun exploring worlds, seeking out main worlds, and even new worlds. My buddy, Delta, went ‘Mad Scientist’ mode.

– My previous smoking images were scuffed, thus having to take new ones. This one gains my approval 🙂
– This was honestly an interesting cyberpunk world, one which activated a heavy amount of fear of heights from me. The longer I scaled the stairway downwards the worse my fear of heights got. I had to bail on this world.
– Silly simple goofy “dance”, if it could be called that. Took many images hoping at least one would be good. Turned into this heh.
– Delta going ‘Mad Scientist’ mode XD
– Delta drawing double helix because ‘DNA’ & ‘Mad Scientists’ mode.
– Aria anime world with schedules. Interesting. Let’s see, which one should we take?
– Snoozing in a bed after a ‘Renge Shark’ in-joke with a buddy Hawk.
– Mad Scientist mode acitvated while on a ride.
– “Hi! Don’t mind us, we’re just here fishing.” – Delta
– Oh? Mandalorians in a Cantina? Interesting. They allowed us to grab a few images to allow us to spread their fame around the world. Also, they desired to learn more about Area 51-chan.
– “hiii!~ Please don’t invade me” – Area 51-chan.
– “Ah! Someone knew too much!” – Area 51-chan
– Nyaa!~ Nyaa!~ Funny VR gravity moments were to be had.
– These slum doors seem to be too small for us, even at chibi size heh.
– Surprised to find Neko Nights had been updated while adding cardboard cutout Lanfear. Please drink responsibly!
– Oooo~ Cardboard cut-out Oathmeal can be found upstairs saying the same thing 🙂 Owo~
– Almost like old times at Nagzz21’s hangouts. Was nice grabbing this screenshot because it holds memories of memories for me. It’s like a double chest of memories (Chest-ception!) Nyaa~. Delta joined me in the image. Excellent 🙂

August 18 – Puzzled & Exploring VR:

Was awesome hanging out with my buddies in VRchat. Started off with Maiya, then Delta, then Hunt. Eventually gained a new buddy to have fun with, thus we had fun. First we simply hunt out, then we tried to tackle a puzzle map. It was awesome, still wanting to beat it. Many fun memories were made.

Had to have my usual 1 hour extra to see what’s up. Glad I did, caught a cute character at the Aoto Train.

– Lamp!~ Showing Maiya this lovely world heh.
– Delta, myself, and Maiya posing & goofing off heh.
– Dancing emote time! Love the particle effects. Simple, yet visually pleasing.
– Simple goofy gif showing off Delta dancing. Meant for amusement.
– Spent a lengthy while trying to do this puzzle. We made it a fair distance until Maiya (middle) dropped out of the world to then meet up with another buddy.
– Partial reunion! Almost there! Delta, myself, Hunt, and Maiya. Simply missing Kobi & Hawk and we’re all together! Hell, even Blue for all the times they’ve joined us. That is, if Blue loves being with us 🙂
– Delta having way too much fun headpatting Maiya with various forms of lasers heh. Maiya had to regrettably head off to snooze for the night.
– Heading up an avatar elevator into the heavens. Actually functions! 🙂 Delta was genuinely trippin’ from going higher that I had to keep reassuring him everything was going to be alright.
– So many things happening all at once! Minecraft Steve being roasted by a Mad Scientist while Hunt reacts appropriately to the situation.
– RIP! All your diamonds belong to us now! 🙂

Everybody went to snooze so I went exploring for the final hour until the clock turned to 3 am. Visited a few more worlds checking anything out I may have possibly missed.

– Guess I made it to Paris, France. Nice! Would have been nice to see both KanColle & Azur Lane shipgirls roaming about protecting the French coast.
– D’awwww!~ So adorable. A cute random appeared with lovely hearts.
– So adorable! Even if its a public avatar, STILL adorable <3
– Visited a Korean Railway world curious about what it contained. It’s well populated with happy Koreans playing the game while making for a nice chill map. Had a slight language barrier, though was nice talking to some curious Koreans.

August 19 – Exhausted VR & Floofy Session:

Was feeling highly exhausted and somewhat reclusive that I tried hiding away. Tried hiding to only be found right away by a snoopy Maiya. Delta joined in soon after. Not saying its a bad thing, just when you’re tired you react differently. Still fun how we went about seeking some avatars, world hopping, and to have fun with a horror map. 

Floofy moth~ Floof!~

– Lovely Blue tree 🙂
– All three of us posing | Delta’s avatar being from ‘Alice Gear Aegis’ | Maiya’s avatar being an original take on Strike Witches in a more Korean manner.
– “AYE!~” – Delta-Tree
– Having turned into a floofy fox I was prompted to share the world, thus we went to the floofy world 🙂
– V! Floofy skipping along the ring.
– V! V!~ Delta, myself, and Hunt all in this picture of amusement heh. Delta simply milking it with the milk avatar. It’s a Tower Unite inside joke.
– Spam!~ Spammy fap everywhere!~
– It’s not VRchat until we situate ourselves infront of a mirror. Also, angry Padoru is angry at Renge. REEEEEEE!~

I didn’t say that much for how exhausted I was. I also didn’t want to intrude. I did say a few things here and there because ‘Elevator VR’ world crashed us when we tried venturing. That’s all I mentioned until I started climbing trees, shrines, and etc. I felt more of a mute. 

– Semi-lonely word focusing on my rooftop antics of simply lurking and listening. Camera was purposely tilted to the side to capture the trees.
– After a lengthy while a buddy of Hunt’s wondered where I was, thus noting I was on the rooftop. They ventured up the tree getting to me. My exhaustion got the better of me.
– Pineapple skin texture synced to music. Visualizer world. (Insert Hawaian pizza meme here)
– Pillar Village – Darkest of Dark simply being atmospheric horror than anything else. Unable to spot anything else to this world. Can barely make out Hunt, though you can see Renge’s blue glow.
– After checking out furry avatars I simply wandered off again to explore the scenery. I circled the structure, climbed up. Both Hunt & his buddy followed me up to check out on similar elements.
– Hunt’s elegant water dance pose. Nice and angelic heh.
– Hunt’s Water Dance (rough) – Kinda wish I had more frames to work with to make it more of a dance.
– Some neat funky avatars. Mothy & demonic heh.
– Wiggle Wiggle~ (missing out on half the fun)
– Delta being potted!
– Adorable! XD (Even though this world was lagging the hell out of me I still somehow managed to take screenshots. It was nearly unplayable, yet got a memorable moment recorded. WOOT!)
– Makes you want to headpat him heh.
– Just a fun time down an alleyway to eventually reach for the stars.
– Spooky headlights! Horror map time.
– Hard to see groupshot – Myself, OneEye(?), and Hunt
– Alternate location – Myself, OneEye(?), & Hunt. Spooky entity behind us three. They both had to leave, leaving me on to play VRchat for another hour.
– Pacific Rim randomness in a public world. Nearly got myself stomped on & grabbed.
– Somehow stumbled across the basement making a beeline for it. Was amusing seeing him trying to reach me.

August 22 – VR Solo Exploration:

Was oddly quiet on August 22nd partially forcing me to go solo. The friend’s list was a bit scuffed, or so I believe. Took forever to see updated statuses on the Social list menu. Still had fun noting things regardless. Nice worlds to visit spending my time looking at every inch of a world. I also went back to check out Maho_Room worlds to see what other KanColle themed worlds are out there. 

– Visited a little-people settlement. Offered balloons, no takers. No signs of life.
– Scenery fairly close to Renge’s culture style. Nice and beautiful.
– Nep!~ Nep!~ (Must share because Neptunia).
– Stairway Maze – Saw people tweeting about it, thus needing to visit it. This is wild though! Unlimited in all directions.
– Oooo!~ Japanese shrine! Nice style to it, though unoptimized for me. Everything was lagging me. Beautiful regardless 🙂
– Same shrine world – Loving the style. Seems familiar to another world I recently visited during this day.
– Floofy floof!~
– KanColle world in VRchat always grabs my attention. Found me a sexy Bismarck cooking BBQ for her fellow Kriegsmarine heh.
– Bismarck shall always be my waifu, regradless if the game is salty or not. It’s honestly a shame KanColle lost its way with RNG difficulty, not skill based.
– KanColle indoor party! Yay!~
– Hiyou & Warspite on top floor; Tama bottom floor; Myself peaking at the back.Warspite waifu!~ Wish Azur Lane’s Warspite was as elegant as Warspite in KanColle.
– Silly Iowa *facepalms*
– Lovely apartment. Seems highclass and well decorated making it a neat place to chill with friends.
– Felt reclusive and lurky, thus eavesdropped on people’s conversations. Nobody joined me, social list was borked/scuffed, thus felt unmotivated to do anything else. Shiny Renge is shiny.

I was honestly depressed because I was genuinely ready to hang with people with the social list showing fewer people than usual. My buddies couldn’t join me with how slow it updated. I also simply felt reclusive to join them (my loss), thus the whole solo thing. I felt demotivated and lurky. 

– Nier: Automata nostalgia – Drawn back to this world to find people having a deep conversation. Even this amusing chicken lady came into the world.
– Chicken Lady assuming she’s an Ostrich. Awesome.

Hopefully not creepy. I spent a lengthy while just eavesdropping on two people in the Nier Automata Flower map just listening to their various stories about their fetishes of tentacles (woman), how one has done commissions while planning to have a phone device to cycle through emotions on an avatar (script broken; male), how they went through military to play Call of Duty to ease their military pains post-service (male). It just kept going on keeping me curious.

From their reaction it appears they didn’t mind I was lurking, and I’m sure they were aware of me. I kept jumping around, lurking on the top of the tent, and everything. They continued on about how one of them (the woman) enjoyed doing ERP once while role-playing in paragraphs causing people to be frustrated with her. The guy replied saying how he always posts in paragraphs on Facebook, something people disliked. I, myself, get the same amount of flack for writing up wall of texts gaining various annoyed reactions. They both think in paragraphs, and they seemed perfect for one another. They seemed to match, even though they were both married, engaged, & etc. They would have been perfect for one another because of how well they talked for a very lengthy while in VRC. They seem highly compatible and open to various ideas with one another.

August 26 – VR Hanging with Hunt & Solo Exploring Worlds:

Just wanted to do something in VRchat, thus I hopped on. Was curious so I wanted to see a few things. Hunt joined me in the foxy shrine world, we went to a tropical villa, then parted ways for me to go solo in VRchat. 

– Hunt & myself in a foxy memory world checking out the images. Such a charming and expressive image. I love it 🙂
– Casual Hunt moment.
– Tried to capture this image for a few days from when this was taken.
– Crab Rave!~
– More crabs, though minus Hunt. He turned down the offer for a second image. *shrugs*
– Funky Hunt avatar moment heh.
– I’m a Star Wars fun, thus having to check this world out. It however behaved weirdly, thus the semi-scuffed images.
– Pew!~ Pew!~ Imperial Pilot & Hunt heh.
– Oh, Dear! It appears Hunt had a severe accident. A glitch in the matrix, Nyaa~
– Don’t mind me, just taking a dip. Might want to get this pool cleaned out heh.
– Nyaa!~
– Nyaa!~ Nyaa!~
– Surprise fishies! 🙂
– Yay!~ Tropical island adventure! Even parasols for Shinki scaled avatars. Hunt left after this image was taken.
– Ooo!~ Stumbled across something interesting. I love Dungeon Dice Monsters, wishing it was more popular. Love what I played on the Game Boy Advance version. Nice to see it in VRC.
– Scathach barely sees any screenshot time, thus having her in this one. All red themed fitting Scathach.
– And of course, Kurumi from Date A Live heh.
– Once again back to lurky mode because I couldn’t just leave in a short session. Having to make the most out of my VR troubles.
– V!~
– Nep!~ Nep!~
– My 2017 usual hangout showing interesting avatars from Japanese side of things. *Lurks*
– Japanese love their fancy AFK status. “Welcome to VRchat”
– “Welcome to VRchat”
– Shiny world is shiny. Loved the music here.
– Desktop mode doesn’t do this world justice. Close, yet not quite. Far brighter, more particles. More visually stunning and pleasing.
– Something you don’t want to see when you wake up.
– Finally visited a graffiti world. yay!~
– Sakura Island – Renge’s simple finger waggle dance. Why not? It’s all in good fun in a nice simple way. The way I love VRchat heh.
– Trying to pet the whale’s belly, or something.
– This Hong Kong apartment was nicely done. Need to thank ‘ LuciferMstarVRC’ for this world. I haven’t done the image justice because of how neat it is within. Check it out yourself. At the very least you “could” consider this a “teaser” image, or something.
– Revisited some older worlds; Nostalgia hit me hard from back in 2017.
– *Lurk* – Loli Police Dartment

August 26 (27) – VRC Hiccups & Solo Exploration:

Wanted to have fun and explore, thus doing so. Amusingly started off with a COD map to see what it’s like. It’s neat. It’s looking to add in a training range. Ventured my way into a vintage library world with avatars gaining some VRC related technical difficulties. Kept booting me out, refused to load avatars, and such. It was testing my patience, frustrating me. Either way, I tried to make the most of it. 

Stayed on long enough to capture & witness some various amusing and noteworthy experiences.

– Call of Duty map.
– Forced my way out of bounds to reach this awesome helicopter. I dreamed about it transforming before the Transformers movie, loving it more when I saw it in a Transformers movie. This helicopter speaks to me.
– VRchat was wonky this night causing this world & avatars to bug out. Same with avatars.
– Scathach browsing the library for some related lore about her, or anything about Renge. Anything which catches her interests and attention.
– Hmm…. It appears Scathach found something.
– Onto the next book eh?
– Found another book of interest, Scathach? 🙂
Rainy Attic – Random lurking at the mirror.
– Rainy Attic – Loving the lighting <3
– Those sunrays.
– Hmmm……
– Humu!~ Renge is on security camera! Nice world allowing you to travel on a road to enter a home & a restaurant. Nice idea there.
– Random Nero lurking out the window.
– Lovely Sakura tree with oversized fishes nearby.
– Went back to Korean Rail to see what they’re up to. Someone cloned my avatar using it to teleport everywhere heh. The green bubble.
– Part 2 of cloned avatar. Found out the avatar no longer teleports the way it should. It jerks around everywhere like a talent-less magician/mage.
– Walked into another world with Woody going on about clubbing seals because of a seal avatar. I “NOPED” out of that world. Crude humour isn’t my thing.
– Checked out the public version of ‘Lunar Plants’ getting this lovely image form it. Its one of my favourite images.
– Funny avatar moments, funny Skyrim Quotes by the shiny furry avatar, and amusing lurkings.

Daddy Leo was awesome taking shots while quoting Skyrim quotes in his deep voice. It was a nice radio voice close to sounding Russian, just without the Russian accent, if that makes sense. Probably doesn’t. Even so, had fun lurking listening to his quotes of ‘Arrow to the Knee’ in that deep radio voice. Spent my time jumping up onto the tent to find a Japanese fellow following me up causing some awkward language barriers.

I was apparently mistaken for a ‘Half-gin’ (Half foreigner) of Canadian-Japanese, or whichever. I can understand Japanese IF you keep it to basic Japanese. Once you start getting all formal and complex I’m completely lost. 

Daddy Leo overheard us by speaking Japanese to which he laughed. What made him really laugh was when I went went ‘Hippity Hoppity’, I responded, and he went full on “Hippity Hoppity, Ribbity Robbity” (or similar) causing both of us to briefly die laughing. That amusing 5 second laughter before moving on. Great times. 

– Nep!~ Also, Pepsi Droid I saw in Lunar Plants before venturing into this world.
– Japanese fellow – (Read paragraph above).
– Macho Girl making girlish noises while flexing. Was quite amusing and innocent. Gave her a beer and walked away. 🙂

August 28/29 – VR Solo Exploring & Random Amusements:

Felt like exploring VRchat again, thus I done so. Was expecting to hang out with friends, nothing happened. I probably world hopped too quickly, or lacking interest, or something. Whatever it was, I still had fun exploring worlds, visiting ones I’ve seen on Twitter, and just making note of many things. Love the City of Light world heh. 

– Mars landing! Something happened though?
– Moshi mooosh?~ Anyone there? (as in, are they awake?)
– A lovely simple Japanese town to pass through. Loving the sunset, the vibe. It’s a cool world.
– That lovely sunset <3
– Halo Ring – picking through flowers.
– Best randoms I’ve meet recently. Tried to call a friend over from Discord to hang to find this funny Red apple like avatar. Played in character while teasing him about being tasty, juicy, and throwing tomato emotes at them. They rage quit to end up playing Google T-Rex game again. Funny. Lewd crude jokes were made, ones I restrained myself from saying.
– King of the hill! Pools of water remind me of Skyrim near Whiterun.
– City of Light – Love this chill world. Saw Lanfear come here, though not the sole reason why I wanted to be here. It’s genuinely beautiful, inside and out. There’s things you can’t experience through pictures waiting for you here.
– Gorgeous! Faint fireworks to the right. Tried my best.
– Skydome wallpaper is what kept me in this world. It however caused me to have an odd Rift crash forcing me to restart VRchat. The scenery calls out to my Canadian side having seen similar locally.
– GPU Particles -Lovely simply world to control particles, similar to the wand world.
– Blue Blossom – Lovely visually pleasing world. Highly recommended. Tried waiting here for awhile to see if friends would drop by. They refused, thus I moved on. Was however amused by Koreans sitting at the mirror having their fun. Awesome sight to see ‘random’ interaction.
– Dark Soul meets Skyrim. This world still spooked me out because it felt like a horor map in certain ways. Being spooked here has me curious how spooked I would be in actual Skyrim VR.
– Macross! I nerded out by checking every inch of this world. It’s messy and noobish, yet awesome and detailed. Far better than what I could make, thus gains my respect.
– The theme ‘Ma-Ku-Ros-U’ rings in my mind from the original series. The main theme (OP) basically. Anything Macross is interesting, thus why I love it.
– One of the best parts is this view, that artillery mecha. Fun times.
– Revisited the ‘Rainy Attic’ briefly to find these desktop mode users having their fun. They acknowledged my presence, I waved back, and watched them doing their thing. They went prone hiding under the bed to “sleep” was amusing heh. Why I love VRC for that sort of innocent randomness.
– Tiny Town – Renge close to her 1:1 15 cm tall scale. This is what Renge SHOULD look like. I do have her at that scale, or similar.
– Seoul to Tokyo & vice-versa. Took a train ride, was nice and simple.
– Gorgeous! Nice and shiny heh.
– Scathach reaching for the moon.
– Blender-chan

I visited a villa after the Train VR world and before this ‘X’ shaped avatar world nearly falling asleep. I kept passing out to only be woken up by the sound of a deep piano key causing me to jump in my chair, shutter away, or simply gradually regain my consciousness/awareness of the physical & VR world. You hear the sound first to gradually gain your vision to grasp where you’re at. 

Sleeping in VR is an interesting experience, even if passing out briefly. Again, fairly exhausted and the chill music calming your nerves to the point of being able to sleep in VR. VRchat is awesome because of how it allows you to unwind, thus why I share 223+ images while spamming about it constantly whether people love it or not. I love the game. I want to share my fun.

August 29 – VR Poofy Fluff Ball | Neko Robo 404:

Once again jumping onto VRchat to have some fun to have Maiya join me. Started earlier than usual because I had free time and also playing earlier because of my work shift next day. Delta joined in shortly after, then hung out with Delta’s buddy before going solo. Once again waited in solo mode to see if any other friends would join me. None have. A shame, because I also had to go sleep earlier for an early morning work ship the next morning. I could only hang around only for so long. Either way, I saw lovely worlds once again keeping me entertained long enough that I could have easily overshot my cut-off time for the session heh.

– SPOOKY!~ Spooky moth visitor is spooky.
– Spooky! Freaky! Unnverving! *telephone actually rings startling us* (Explored every inch before proceeding to next new map)
– Maiyamoth going WOOOOSH!~ “HELP ME!~”
– Only shareable image of this overly illuminated world. Maiya & myself posing in what’s to be an overly decorated wedding world.
– Spooky moth is spooky. Spooky Moth hunting down inert cubes with no action (seen bottom right image).
– Delta losing his mind and is head! Fix the cables and put it back! Also, #Maiyamoth
– Maiya!~ NOOO!~ Why did you kill Robo Neko! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!~
– Sitting & emotes. Fun times.
– Delta Squats for a healthy body and mind heh.
– Floofy Neko Nyaa!~ Floof!~ FlooF!~ Floof!~
– Halo Moth Spirit Bomb!~ Heh
– Floof!~ (sitting animation shifts floofiness up)
– Floof!~ Floof!~
– Shy maiya is shy. Hates being spotlighted. Shy Maiya getting nudged & poked.

Funny thing is we’re all anti-social in some way. We’re human so we need to talk, though we have different ways to doing that. Maiya prefers one-on-ones, as do I. Prefer were everybody gets equal platform, not other people gaining the spotlight and myself getting neglected. Goes for everybody. 

Nagzz21 told to me to talk to people because we’re anti-social in some way. I noted that, trying to also note that I know we’re all anti-social because of the friends I befriended. I’m anti-social (reclusive) at times. Problem for me is of how I now have a new stupid issue of my audio cutting out preventing me from hearing things for a good 5 seconds forcing me to be a mute. Those 5 seconds are an eternity in VRchat. When someone is talking to you personally you need every second possible. I WOULD talk to people if I stopped having stupid issues on my end. I would be vocal, and I have found myself to be more vocal in real world situations with special thanks to VRchat. 

I’ve found Maiya to be shy, though when around familiar individuals Maiya can be quite outgoing. Same with me, same with Delta, and other people. You simply need common ground to be able to converse. 

– Titanfall – Have very awkward connections to this. I love the avatar in VRchat. Was amusing seeing Delta pilot the mecha while his buddy sat in it in character (themed avatar).

Titanfall as an awkward place in my heart. I haven’t played the game, I however am familiar with it by having a weird connection with it by being lightly exposed to it. A Dutch person whom I had a falling out with made a fan story having his Titan called Akagi, mind being Canadian named ‘Vara’ (or similar) going to some interesting situations. The way he went on about it was interesting because it was personal, it had special connections to it. I was exposed to various elements thanks to him.

It honestly pains me we had a falling out over stupid trivial issues. Most likely Dutch mentalities going full SJW preventing me from talking to him (and other Dutch folks) on a more human level. Dutch people have the weirdest mentalities, though that’s neither here nor there right now. Not for this point. I simply want to talk to people on a human level, yet that’s somehow too much to ask for these days. I honestly don’t care if you’re trans, gay, lesbian, black, white, alien, Kitsune, or whomever…. Just as long as you act “human” (able to converse normally) I can treat you with equal respect. No need to aim below, aim high, or at weird angles. Simply come at me at a regular angle to converse at a human level. There was nothing intimate, nor romantic. Just net friends thing. It’s simply a lingering feeling which refuses to go away. Residual energy, or similar to that. 

Two points here… 1) I love how my ex-Dutch friend made a Canadian themed AI Titan & Titan, & 2) Simply be human. 

– Loved this Pingu army heh.
– Fun with picture taking. Delta kept taking pictures of Renge’s ass, his own character’s private spots….. It was crude.
– Randomness is random.

I nearly timed out for the night nearing my cut-off time. I called it a night with them to explore a few more worlds quickly before heading off. 

Below image contains casual Scathach avatar I found within this session. Was decent. I however wish it didn’t contain the silly watermark above their head. Makes me desire to use the avatar less… Similar with previous Scathach avatars. Too many scuffed Scathach avatars riling me up.

I also waited awhile on each world to see if any of my buddies would join up for the 30 minutes I had left. I waited possibly because social lists takes awhile to update. Played solo for the rest of the night, though was greeting with a fancy world at the last

– Lovely scanned beach resort. Everything looked nearly 100% accurately scanned with some weird errors. If they spent a while longer scanning things would have been absolutely perfect. 1:1 scanned quality.
– Ooo!~ Food is looking fairly realistic here. Awesome! Gimme!~ Gimme!~
– Lovely Sakura trees. I had to turn on particles and other trees to add to the images. Only used two trees while staying out of view of the other players on the map.
– Kotonoki – Love this Japanese world using words as leaves and features. You can hold onto names of leaves while gradually finding ways higher and growing new trees. It’s a cool world with secrets.
– Artisically beautiful. I love it! It was a nice way to wrap up my session and the August side of things. Was amusing seeing a random visiting the world also. Shame they didn’t speak.
– Assuming Renge is hanging onto a leaf while another leave shines pink behind Renge.
– I birthed a second three! Yay! Not me personally. I planted a seed and grew another word tree. YAY!~

That was genuinely an awesome way to end my session on something I could have spent more time than I should have playing on. It constantly lead to more secrets leading more and more to be explored.

Shame I couldn’t hang with my usual friends on this one (other than Delta & Maiya), though it is what it is. In time I should hopefully be able to hang with others. Fun times 🙂

In conclusion, it’s been an overly fun August. A shame I had to jam-pack this article with so many images, though I guess it’s because of my lesser moments during the humid moments leading to a more packed August. Maybe because May, June, and July were thinnly packed it had to place itself into August to balance itself out in certain ways. I’m hoping things shall balance out for the autumn period to be far more spread out and balanced blog-wise. 

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for viewing, for reading, and hope to see you in other VRchat blog postings. It’s genuinely been fun. Some down moments, though those are only natural. Hope to see you on more adventures. 

Thanks for reading, and see you on more VRchat adventures! 🙂