[VRchat] Nagzz21 Patreon Hangout – August’s Bagel Chill

– Retro-Rad modernized to 2019 specs & Desktop mode Nagzz.

I’m honestly glad I managed to jump into another one of the VRchat hangouts because they’re always interesting. They’re always fun to observe, to hang out, and to see the “latest trends” in VRchat by showing off new avatars, animations, and etc. Whatever happens, happens. Also, reason why I blog these is so I can look back through my blog postings (and those involved) to recall their precious fond memories of VRchat. I also prefer it this way over Twitter because of how many more images I can share. 

I also tried to tone down on taking images by actually engaging in the hangout, something I’ve actually managed to do whenever I’m not laggy. Everything went “smoothly” for quite a while until more people joined in at the peak time. Once again, thanks for making VRchat what it is, and I agree that without us we also wouldn’t have VRchat the way we have it. The “thanks” goes both ways, and I agree. 

Apparently the last time I was in an hangout was back in March, eh? Wow… That honestly is a long time. A lot I’ve missed, a lot of moments slipped through my fingers. It is what it is, and I couldn’t do much for the months of May to August because of how humid it was. VR & humidity just don’t mix. Neither does work when they time you for works on Friday. Finally managed to be in another hangout, thus that should be the focus 🙂 Yay!~

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– Floof!~ This was awesome to watch.

Amusingly enough, I used a more modernized and fluffier floofy avatar (not shown) while also eventually noticing there was another floofiness I’ve witness in the (previous hangout). Probably made it full circle without knowing, something I find amusing. Happy to hear Rad noticing the floof. Flooof!~ 

Interacting where I can, as a mute, because of the light stuttering I had. I was able to interact, just those light stuttering ruining my day. I try to make the most of it when I can, and when I do they’re awesome. I love the interaction. 

– Get in the box, Joey! Nagzz being boxed when transitioning from desktop mode into VR; Image taken after Nagzz was boxed. This image could also be captioned with “you live here now” type humour 🙂
– I see a new food service moved into Nagzz’s hangouts. Gotta keep people happy and fed while they party eh?
– While Nagzz wagzz was going VR mode THIS happened. People had fun with the stripper poles. HAHAHA!~ Can you smell what The Rock is cooking? 🙂
– ‘You Got That
– “I like you because you got something that I need” 🙂
– “Why, Hello there.”
– Loving me a good Star Wars Imperial uniform. This one is highly epic. *Nerd Smirk*
– “I”m one with the Force, The Force Me” | Was awesome seeing them let loose with Lego Star Wars avatars. More awesome seeing them animated & firing heh. +1 to Wolf & friends.
– Light photoshop edit removing 100% bar to focus more on Rad’s precious smile. Rad & Nagzz making a good couple. When I saw this I HAD to get this image. Precious 🙂 This is the only image I forced myself to get.
– Detached head being used in a meme way. Nagzz getting a bit trolly heh.
– Nagzz isn’t feeling too good. MEEDIC!
– Nagzz caught in a box, still feeling ill. Hang in there, we’ll get you too a vet soon! 🙂
– Trap spam! First was Nero’s Noble Phantasm, then Gilgamesh, and others. As much as I detest F/GO (the game itself) I do love me some F/GO Servants showing their powers freely. I love Fate/Extella & Fate/Extella Link because of the open-world nature of it.
– Part 2 of the fun animation spammage of Astolfo images. I’m genuinely amused here.

I saw people bringing out their Fate/Grand Order related avatars, thus I turned into Scathach to join the grouping. Partially rejected, yet still going with the flow. They had Noble Phantasms (as animations) on their avatars, mine however had the mighty ‘Gae Bolg’ and Renge on Scathach’s head. 

How sudden it was I really didn’t change back into Renge when Nagzz came up to me. Oh! Common, nooo. Don’t do this to me when I’m lagging horribly all of a sudden. Haha! Common! WORK! I was able to see things mostly smoothly yet those 5 second stuttering even knocks out the audio, probably because how VRchat revamped their audio system. When you lag & stutter it causes the audio to cycle through channels, or so I believe. 

Even so, I’m thankful to Nagzz21 for coming up to me to talk to me, to head to a quieter spot to talk to him. I’m so glad I could finally talk to him 1 on 1 after all these years (since November 2017) IN VRchat. I still thank Nagzz21 for the whole Nep Doll meme going around (Nep!~ Nep!~), the hangouts, and the people I’ve befriended. Things tend to be a hit-or-miss, yet everything is awesome. I could finally speak from my own voice, not using someone else’s assets to speak for me. There are things I’ve said, yet there’s still far more I want to talk to you about, Nagzz. Hope you’ll allow me to have another opportunity to do so :).

– Myself as Scathach while Nagzz awkwardly stood in place for me to take images as I stuttered. This honestly means so much to me, thank you very much! 🙂

I had the goofiest smile from night time till now. Even when typing up this blog posting I STILL have the goofiest smile. I had it while working…. All the time. I try to talk to whomever I can, just the whole stuttering is making me “seem” anti-social. I purposely am a mute because of how disconnected the stuttering makes me. It’s now far worse than before….

This fall, or winter, I honestly need to force a computer upgrade. I can’t deal with this kind of stuttering heh. I want to be 1:1 with you guys (on equal footing). I want to stream VRchat again, stream Beat Saber. I miss doing that in 2017. So many fun times. I have so many memories I need to thank you guys for from within the VRchat community and in general. 

Yay!~ Me being all gitty. It honestly feels good to be back in a hangout. All the things I’ve missed, the people, the avatars. Everything. 

Thanks! Shall be nice when I can partake in another hangout. 

Next VRchat blog posting shall contain 223 images. That’s going to be an insane blog posting showing off why I love VRchat so much. The month of August was amazing. I honestly love VRchat, thus why I’ve stuck with it for so long. I share what I love, and I love what I share 🙂

(Minus the 2-3 contraversial blog postings found between VRchat. Those suck. VRchat is awesome.)

“Neeeep nep neeepi nep nep nepu nep!~ :P”

  • Loosely In reference to the Nep Doll meme. I’m just that gitty and excited right now.

Thanks for all the fun memories & the great times in VRchat both directly and indirectly! So many fond memories 🙂