Reset Era Sets ‘Ion Fury’ Ablaze

I’m honestly not happy posting this because it does not stick in the positivity range, yet posting it out of ‘necessity’. I’m posting this because our hobbies are being attacked where you simply can’t enjoy anything, unless it fits a certain mindset with everything RE finding offensive being set ablaze.

– Ion Fury getting review bombed AFTER 3D Realms threw their developer under the bus while catering to demands of those who originally wouldn’t have bought the game. Maybe some would, though not the majority. The negative reviews are in response to giving into SJW demands. Would have been fine if 3D Realms never gave into SJWs.

It honestly pains me writing this up because I seek positivity on my blog, not negativity. It pains me to constantly see Anime and games constantly under attacked because people feel the need to constantly feel triggered 24/7. That’s the point though, “they” want to see us in pain, thus they gain enjoyment out of it. That’s why they attacked the Japanese over the Nessa Pixiv art for ‘Whitewashing’, and again with Ion Fury over true statements. Now they’re using strawman diversion attacks to insult ‘vile gamers’ that it’s about soap when it’s more to do with 3D Realms giving into SJW (Reset Era) pressures. You give an inch, they desire a mile…..

The story basically goes of how Ion Fury developers (Voidpoint) made some natural comments not sitting well with SJWs (shown below), something which proved Voidpoint’s thoughts fully. Voidpoint developers simply noted that:

  1. SJWS are crazy
  2. Infants shouldn’t be raised to be transgender because of how young they are.

Both are valid points by the developer. Nothing vile or abusive here. A point has however been proven how vile SJWS are with how intense their counter-attack was to Voidpoint.  SJWS are vile & abusive to the point where they would dox you, blackmail you, get your social media accounts flagged & banned, cut your Patreon account, and just false flag. They even went as far as to guilt trip Japanese who were simply drawing Pixiv art on a whim in their own style. They claimed “whitewashing”, sticking with it through-and-through. They wouldn’t budge. 

Yeah, because we’re purposely trying to be oppressive to people, something which is ironic coming from ResetEra. It’s honestly no wonder why people are starting to label them as a “terrorist group” with how mobile and abusive they’ve been. They’ve set the Ion Fury forums ablaze while not desiring to even buy the game! Funny thing is, if 3D Realms simply stayed silent things would have been normal. It’s the simple fact that 3D Realms caved to SJW demand by apologizing that we have this issue. People are upset that 3D Realms are “wishy-washy” while being flimsy. They’re not assertive as they should be, nor passionate about the games they handle. If 3D Realms simply stayed silent things would have blown over. NOPE! 3D Realms shot themselves in the foot royally. 

This is not about the ‘curse word’ found in the hidden no-clip area, nor about the ‘Ogay’ (Olay) soap. Nothing to do with that, though Reset Era has been pushing HARD on that as a decoy to mock & insult people with it as a wacky diversion. Crazy thing is that it even worked! People assume it’s about the soap. It’s not! The fuss is purely about 3D Realms giving into the demands of SJWs while throwing their developers under the bus by sending them to ‘Mandatory sensitivity training’. Who are you making your games for? Gamers, or SJWS? People who actually play your game, or people who whine about it with a fraction willing to play it?

Ion Fury shall now be used as an example of how NOT to respond to fanatical demands. Just look at what Playstation 4 had to go through with Devil May Cry censorship, and even Walmart with their ‘violent video game’ censorship. They had to do severe damage control. 

Choose your audience wisely.

Olay/Ogay - Not the issue | Clever Diversion tactic & a meme in itself.

Disclaimer: This whole situation has nothing to do with the ‘Olay/Ogay’ soap. That’s just a diversion tactic by Reset Era & SJWs. Trolls even hijacked it for meme purposes.

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Developer comments & Reset Era related comments:

– Developer: Children being forced to be trans at birth, at an age where they don’t know how the world functions, let alone what their genders are.

Infants might as well be told the earth is flat if we’re going the route of what SJWs want. This is on the same level of child labour forcing kids to work at a young age because the infant gets no say in the matter. They may not be able to, or too young to comprehend their situation. Force weird gender on your kids and you might as well reinstate child labour into the western world with those weird demands. BABIES AND KIDS ARE TOO YOUNG TO KNOW THEIR GENDER! This doesn’t sit well with SJWS & Reset Era because everything has to be forced into your face. It has to be about ‘Alt-Right’ and “fighting the Nazis”, ‘Gamergate’, and “incels”. Tunnelvisioned and brainwashed to fight things which aren’t there.  Infants are simply just too young for this nonsense. You’re basically just brainwashing them……. 

It appears people are then fine that infants should be left unattended next to fireworks, operational trains & buses, among other hazards. This is just poor parenting and carelessness. 

Yes, they can take pills and medications, THEY (infants) should however be the ones giving full consent. Not just a ‘Yes’, but actual FULL consent while being aware of what they’re actually doing. Even then, it’s wrong because it forces harmful idiologies onto the infant. They should consent to this further into their life, not as an ignorant child. They’re too gullible and naive. 

– Everything is a matter of Opinion. (BANNED! No common sense allowed! Fuck off!)

It’s amazing that by simply stating how everybody has different opinions that you get banned for it. You’re not allowed to be neutral. You have to either be WITH them, or BANNED!

Gee, I wonder why people are attacking Reset Era 🙂

The following steam review has been rightfully banned because it refused to review the game. It however contains valid points & criticisms because that’s the only place you can genuinely make note of it. The execution of it was poorly done, yet the sentiment behind it is honest and valid. Reset Era is obviously going to mock this, it however holds true and valid. If 3D Realms simply stayed silent (not swaying in the breeze) things would have been perfectly fine……

– 3D Realms swayed in the wind showing weakness, thus the constant review bombing. People are upset that 3D Realms are not true to their nature, thus getting hate returned their way. Execution was poor (banned), yet the thoughts behind is are valid.
– The funny irony here is that Reset Era tried to turn this into a “vile” posting. It’s not. It sums up the whole situation by stating how far RE went, and how much 3D Realms fell as a flimsy company. And yes, this was never about the soap.. Never was. The soap is a strawman, a decoy.

Many threads have been created and deleted. Many users banned, many quarrels of people taking advantage of the situation. Reset Era users constantly egging people on by baiting them with “soap” and “vile gamers”. It’s also somehow “oppressing woman”, not sure how? Main character is a woman and nobody commented about that. Steam forums is a nasty dumpster fire thanks to the actions of 3D Realms giving into a minority group seeking to simply see the world burn.

It also amazes me how far Reset Era shall go by planting seeds of unrest in Steam reviews, Twitter, and wherever they’re able to do so. It’s so obvious, yet it’s purposely done to stir up chaos. Person posted a link to Reset Era one moment, then they boast how they won’t play the game the next. THEY WON’T PLAY YOUR GAME!

– Part 1 of Reset Era propaganda in Steam Reviews
– Part 2 – Hardy-Har-har! I won’t buy your game! I was simply here to stir up drama to then mock and laugh in your face! 😛

On top of that, you also have Reset Era forum users admitting they simply wanted to set ‘Ion Fury’ ablaze all because of the comments the developer said in Discord. They simply wanted to deplatform the developers, something which could have blown over quietly had ‘3D Realms’ not apologized by caving into SJW demands. They pulled a Walmart with the ‘game censorship’, thus needing to do severe damage control. 

– Reset Era – Basically admitting they wouldn’t play the game from the get-go. Also view KatID’s words in the above review for the same thing. JUSTICE!~
– 1/2 – The main developers wanted no part in Reset Era’s attack over their ‘SJWs are crazy’ & ‘Infants shouldn’t be trans’ comments. Keep Reset Era talk to minimum. Below the developers comments (black box) You then see user being wrongfully banned for ‘Wrongthink’ by stating the truth. Reset Era simply desired to do a witchhunt, and they got it! Reset Era defeated the Big Bad Villain!~ How bold of them! They set various Ion Fury’s forums and discussions ablaze causing an all out dumpster fire. Never was about #Ogay, was about “owning them vile gamers”.
– 2/2 – “You were banned because you refused to join our witchunt. You refused to set ‘Ion Fury’ forum ablaze with us! You’re either with us, or against us. There is no middle. You must be a lemming, a sheep! One of us! One of us! One of us!” – merf & ResetEra
What a brave soul o7. He wasn’t mindless to follow the Borg-like narratives. He was simply passed off as a ‘Troll account’ because it’s simply easier to do that for Reset Era. You’re not allowed to think! You must obey unconditionally! Like a sheep. Infants are simply too young to know what their genders are, let alone how the world works. Truth.
– IT’S NOT ABOUT THE SOAP! That’s a stupid decoy by Reset Era to mock gamers. Even this posting proves that its a campaign to devalue the whole situation while also attacking “gamers”. Gamers are vile! Apparently gamers allegedly rape people mindlessly, they pillage settlements, they steal from stores, they break people’s properties, among other horrible things….. That was heavy sarcasm, yet it shows a campaign of minsinformation, strawmanning, and even trying to decoy/divert attention towards the ‘Olay/Ogay’ Soap. Was never about that!
– OF COURSE this is about the ‘Alt Right’. Of course it’s about the Nazis, the fascist, the incels, the Gamergates, the pickles, the ducks, the moose, the furries, the ‘Vile gamers’, and the clouds! Darn those cloud-ists for review bombing the game! They’re always wet about things…… (If 3D Realms didn’t give into SJW demands then we wouldn’t be in this position.Things would have blown over).
– It’s not Reset Era unless you blame the Facists! Gamers are apparently fascists *laughs loudly*……. Gamers….. are facists…… *laughs*……. Sure, there are trolls, but “fascists”? *dies laughing*…….. If this is your serious comment then may a good therapist help you. You need medical assistance 🙂
– NO WONDER the term ‘NPC’ was coined… It’s always ‘Alt-right’, ‘Nazi’, and ‘Fascists’ with these people. One-track mind….. They can’t comprehend that 3D Realms genuinely messed up by giving into SJW demands. (Look at what happend to Sony Playstation 4 Censorship & Walmart’s video game censorship).

Alright, let’s show you what Sony had to deal with when they censored Devil May Cry on PS4.

and Walmart having to do heavy damage control for trying to censor ‘Violent Video games’ after violent shootings in USA.

No matter how silly, you DO NOT censor a game. Not even in the slightest. You keep the game as is when sending it across regions, especially on all platforms. 

Show me the “highly transphobic’ comments. Hateful content found in the code? It’s just a curse word with no context. You’re not even supposed to be there. Everything you’ve said sounds like you’ve been spoonfed nonsense, thus your confusion. You’re baffled why Reset Era gets called an ‘Terrorist organization’ when they actively going around the web deplatforming various people, flagging tweets, and cutting off Patreon accounts. Even the whole Nessa Pixiv art ‘Whitewashing’ drama. Don’t act confused, nor play the victim. Conveniently having amnesia doesn’t help you either.

And yes, I agree with the sentiments viewing ‘Reset Era’ as a terrorist group. All the hatred and damages they spew its no wonder they get labeled as terrorists. They’re genuinely baffled as to why, yet they perfectly know why. They viciously attack anything they dislike, or trained to dislike, causing pure chaos on the internet. They’ve been indoctrinated into believing the world is against them, that everybody hates them, thus they have to attack everybody while covering for groups they don’t care about. They threw someone who viewed them as a hero under the buss to then ban them because they “advocated for piracy”. Someone mindlessly & faithfully believed in you, and you banned them……. You betrayed your own faithful follower. EVIL! 

YES, Reset Era is a terrorist group. Look at how much damage you’ve done to people, especially the whole Nessa Whitewashing bit (shown below). 

– With how much damage Reset Era has done by simply being triggered by ‘SJWs are crazy’ & ‘Infants shouldn’t be transgender’ its no wonder people feel this way towards Reset Era. They’re honestly baffled, confused….. YOU ATTACK PEOPLE! YES! You are a terrorist organization bent on deplatforming people, flagging people’s postings, AND doxing people. You even got rid of people’s patreon account, and you went as far as to guilt JAPANESE people not to ‘whitewash’ Nessa. You go on crusades! You’re hitting into my hobbies where I now have to spotlight you for your vile actions. You’re coming into my domain far too often now.
– WOOOOSH!~ Reset Era assumed they’re innocent in all this after having set Ion fury ablaze. One conquest to the next assuming they’re “Heroes”, or something. Assume I’m being equally as vile? Google up all Reset Era’s hate crusades… You honestly should be familiar with Nessa Pixiv from Pokemon being falsely claimed as ‘White washing’……

The Art in question:

– “People are always going to have their own version of different characters” – Truth! Uncle REEEEE however didn’t like that, thus banned. You’re not allowed to have variations of characters, thus no Alter Saber for Saber from Fate/Grand Order, or any other variations. It’s too vile! To racist! Too sexist! REEEEEEEE!~ No little Jeanne, no Jeanne Alter… Too sexist!
‘ Apparently it’s a “fallacy” eh? You’re not allowed to have version or variations to a character. No fanart, no fun! Nothing. Get with the SJW narrative! REEEE!~
– Banned! You were supposed to be a mindless sheep! A Borg from Star Trek! Common! Get with the brainless narrative! You’re stupposed to be triggered 24/7 while calling Japanese vulgar names, hating on games, hating on people, on Anime! HATE! You must hate MORE than the Sith from Star Wars! REEEEEEEEEEEEE!~ How loudly can you REEEEEEEEEEEE?!
And of course it’s the NAZIS FAULT! A convenient enemy/villain for Reset Era to use while downplaying situations so they would feel less guilty of assaulting their victims. Everybody they attack are apparently mindless drones. A shame Reset Era are as badly indoctrinated as the flatearthers…… When you constantly use ‘Alt-Right’ & ‘Nazi’, yeah…. You void everything you stand for.
– Banned for not assaulting people! YOU MUST BE TRIGGERED OVER FAN ART! You must be triggered about EVERYTHING! HATE! OBEY! HATE! OBEY! HATE! OBEY! HATE! OBEY! XD
HATE! OBEY! HATE! OBEY! HATE! OBEY! HATE! OBEY! Give into the hate! Hate everything! Hate everyone! Hate all the games & Anime! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!~
– Reset Era tried their hardest to get this tweet flagged and removed. They viewed it as ‘racist’ showing that you can’t have parody type amusement with the character. It is indeed crude humour, yet humour still. It falls under ‘freedom of speech’ & ‘freedom of expression’ while not harming any group, races, or people. It only triggered Reset Era and sensitive SJWs, only them. There’s countless parodies and variations to any character that it makes this thing whole moot.
– You attack the Japanese, this is what you get. It seems like you prefer your prey not being able to fight back. The thrill of the hunt giving you that rush for killing someone’s fun and enjoyment. You guys honestly enjoy ruining other people’s pleasure. Yes, this is why you’re an ‘Terrorist Organization’, or viewed as such now.

No fun allowed!” – Reset Era

Extra – Possible ‘Pied Piper’ of Reset Era:
This extra portion being added in after the fact (after publishing this blog posting) to note a few additional information. A user by the name of ‘Green Skeleton’ (steam), & Twenty5thousand went on a blackmailing run of trying to rile up Reset Era to attack the developers for them. It worked. We all were baited, we all played for fools (especially Reset Era for their weakness) by playing on their ‘transphobic’ triggers. This person allegedly and purposely posted these images to rile up Reset Era because a female character wasn’t kept “sexy”. Character designs were changed, among other things.  

I’m just going to place the cards on the deck for you to conclude your own conclusions.

– Original “sexualized” concept art from 1990’s.
– Steam review making note of all this, surprisingly not banned as the other user had been.

The link where this all came to light:

Links from Green Skeleton’s Review:



3) The weird Ban Reason:

It all smells so fishy with a heavy history here. This person had a deep colourful history with these developers.  Whatever happened, happened. Just noting what I’m allowed to see. There are things I can’t see, thus can’t post those. 

Extra #2 – 3D Realms Wishy Washy Behaviour – Undoes ‘Censorship’:

It is honestly interesting to note this in an observation manner to see how people could learn from this of both what to do and not to do. It’s a very good lesson on how to actually listen to your gaming community while not giving into the highly vocal and abusive minority.  Again, look at Walmart having to retract their ‘violent video game censorship’, something everybody is going to have to do if they censor any game for any reason. If you censor a game for any reason then its not longer the original game. No matter how big or small the censorship it’s still a big issue. All games should be played as they were originally intended to be played as, regardless if it offends people or note. The game is made for gamers, not the people who simply want to see your game crash & burn. 3D Realms decided to undo the censorship causing all the fake journalistic sites to whine & ‘REEEEEEE!~’ at full volumne and in unison just because they could not control a game. They’re like the ‘yandere‘ type from anime, if more abusive and corruptive in the real world. They want to control everything, and it shows. If you can’t control them, kill them. 

3D Realms made the right call, they however shown they have no integrity, no backbone, and are left to the whims of the wind. They’re flimsy, like the branches in the wind….. 3D Realms is a good example as to what NOT to do with SJWs because they just want to destroy everything and control everything, just like ‘Yandere‘ (to an extreme). They’ll need to do a heavy dose of recovery to regain any good will they’ve lost. 

– (1/2) It doesn’t surprise me that Polygon, PC Gamer, Game Rant, IGN, EuroGamer, Kotaku, & everybody are spinning this into “YOU’RE TRANSPHOBIC!” manner. Really?! How mature…. I guess even I could write for them spewing garbage 24/7… Nah. Nothing homophobic in the game, and it was NEVER about the soap, or the ‘Fagbag’ word.
– (2/2) VG247 is also sleeping in the same bed as Polygon & friends. They all spew the same amount of nonsense saying the exact same thing. “Homephobic content”. What?! What part is “homophobic? SHOW ME! No wonder the term ‘NPC’ was coined because they’re saying THE EXACT SAME THING! Common…. Have some proper intelligent variety. Look at’s headline. Screen Rant? That appears random, and maybe even neutral.

All this propaganda comes off as – “HATE! OBEY! HATE! OBEY! CONSUME! HATE! OBEY!” – type nonsense.

This is why I always spend hours, days, weeks, and maybe even months researching a game before I get it, thus why I track Youtubers & Twitch streamers before purchasing a game. I view it from all angles before purchasing them. Polygon, Kotaku, IGN, & friends are so useless it’s not even funny. What they say is comical on an ‘NPC’ regurgitation level, just pointless. It’s as if we’re living in Communist Russia, North Korea, China having to listen to how you should live your life, what games you should play, and nonsense like that. I live in Canada, I shouldn’t hear this propaganda nonsense.  

The Tweet starting a new needless fire because I noticed a Reset Era propagandist hijacking someone’s tweets. I agree with Erica while disappointed finding people hijacking her tweet responses by Reset Era folks:

(Might as well be telling people that the Earth is flat)

– It’s not the latter, nor the former. It’s neither of those! It’s about 3D Realms being wishy-washy while flapping in the breeze. They don’t have a spine, thus giving into SJW peer-pressure to cause them to give into SJW pressure, sending their developers into a needless ‘Sensitivity Training’ course. Walmart had to learn this the hard way by censoring ‘violent video games’. I’m now loosely expecting some of my tweets to be framing me as a ‘villain’ somewhere, if at all.

I also have an issue with CascadaBeta because they were trying to fish specific responses from me so they could pin me as a villain. I purposely danced around her responses while giving her the exact answers they were seeking causing obvious frustration on their end. Talk to me like a human being, not a puppet, nor an NPC! They first link the hateful ResetEra link (proves why they were fishing for incriminating responses from me) trying to find me to be “transphobic” and similar things. Humans are humans, humans do human things…. People naturally want to be trans while others view it as a fad, something they then hijack and use for predatory purposes for internet clout and for predatory purposes of interacting with the opposite sex. It’s why people cheat in games, & etc…. People look for the ‘meta’, wanting to constantly reach under the closed door seeking new avenues to gain their satisfaction. I know cool people who are trans in the gaming world (VRchat) whom I look up to and respect. They may not feel the same about me, though they should know I respect them because they showed themselves to be mature. Well, two of the three. Third one seems to be learning their lesson by not taking your community for granted by exploiting them.

Even ‘trans’ people are people, both good and bad. They also have predatory instincts (not all), and we’ve seen people use it for both good and bad purposes….. I find CascadeBeta to simply be a lemming soldier of the Reset Era army wanting to simply stir up chaos & unrest. 

You can pin me as a villain all you want, an “transphobe” if it makes you sleep better at night. If that makes you feel less guilty making you view people as ‘less human’, then you do you. I’m still going to have to defend my hobbies though. I’m also considering purchasing the game “soon”, just waiting for the “right time” for when it needs to be properly played. It’s why I made this posting because the game genuinely looks promising, just like Perfect Dark from N64. I’m still waiting for a Perfect Dark remaster on PC. It’s on the useless Xbox 360, just not PC. 

– I keep hearing how “white people have no culture”, yet that’s somehow fine with people. I keep having to hear it, throwing it to the side. Then you have Mike Rose pretending the game even had homophobic jokes, something it doesn’t. Soap is soap. It can easily be viewed that way because people want to be triggered over everything 24/7. Did you know that “gay” used to also mean you’re happy, and that ‘fag’ means cigarette?
– Someone’s angry, triggered, and on a mission. It was never about the soap so I just can’t see the issue here. What IS the issue?! …… The silly things we’re angry about…. Why aren’t you angry that Voidpoint was thrown under the bus because 3D Realms is ‘wishy-washy’ in their stance.
– Well, that was “something”…. Mike Rose felt fighty, thus finding out each action has consequences. It’ll take awhile for him to figure that out. Hopefully he’ll comprehend his situation soon enough. VoidPoint finally given back the keys studio able to do what they do best again. Not 100% “good”, yet close enough. You need some matureness to live in this world, thus they’re respectable.

After all this I guess I’m simply going to be a villain for simply wanting to play games freely, not to be called “trash”, ‘Nazi’, ‘homophobic’, and being guilt-tripped for just about everything. All “we” (the gamers) want to do is play our games in peace, not be guilted into how “toxic” and “vile” we are. We’re accused of everything these people call us out on because they’re envious we can have fun, something they can’t have. They have to constantly whine and moan like little toddlers…….

When you’re stressed from work & school you need something to unwind, and those are games. Both video games and anime are used as an escapism, yet SJWs want to hijack it because they both can’t comprehend them while seeing them as tools for propaganda. Look, it’s fine to be trans, gay, and etc…. What SJWs want to do with it is highly vile. Anime and certain games are thought provoking, while SJWS simply want you one-sidedly believe in something, thus they hate anime because it allows free-thinking & free-will. You have to mindlessly ‘obey’ and ‘consume’… Nah! 

You’re apparently “transphobic” and a ‘Nazi’ for wanting to play games like VRchat, Animal Crossing, Gran Turismo, Pokemon, among other countless games. It’s comedic, if in a sad and depressing manner.

– I’m amused by this because it’s circle-jerking at its finest. Just seeing MS_Accelle just liking everything in an one-sided manner. They’re free to do so, it’s just comical. I’m guilty of it as well for siding with the anime & gaming side, though try to be fair with people, something you just don’t see with CascadeBeta. You’re “transphobic” for having a free will. Fuck that! Give me free will….. I’m not even insulting people, more like calling them out for being silly on a weird mission……

CascadeBeta claims they couldn’t understand me because I was “rambling”. If that’s true then, 1) Twitter limits, 2) You purposely misunderstood me because I didn’t fit your narrative, or 3) There’s an actual confusion to things.

I honestly believe it’s #2 because my thoughts don’t line up with your abusive narrative. You posted a Reset Era link purposely pushing a hate campaign so it’s an obvious tactic as to why you noted “You make no sense; You’re just rambling” trying to discredit me in some manner. They constantly do that, thus why I infuriated them. I gave them the answer they were asking, though not ones they were seeking, thus why I infuriated them. It’s why it dragged on. They wanted to paint me as a transphobe, something I ain’t. If I was I would be attacking those in the VRchat community, something I’m not doing. 2 of the 3 trans people are awesome within the VRchat community, and I haven’t said a word on either side about that.

Alright, let’s conclude this nonsense. This is honestly tiring just seeing SJWs trying to be controlling and abusive about everything. It’s just sad how they see life as constantly “insulting” everything…… Go outside, play games, have fun. Go socialize with people. Not everything is trying to insult you, or at all…… This whole situation is about 3D Realms giving into SJW pressure, then sending their developer to ‘sensitivity training’ just because people still haven’t grown up as adults in this world. People want to feel the ‘high’ you get from “Justice”, thus getting triggered 24/7 about everything, even attacking hobbies I’m in. Because people are abusive you have me being vocal trying to protect what I love and admire, yet people simply miss the point because they’re calling everybody ‘Nazi’ and ‘transphobic’ to make them feel less guilty of attacking normal human beings….. Get with the program! If you want to fight, go fucking help the Hong Kong protesters instead of fighting a needless fight. 

When you’re stressed you simply want to play games. You don’t want to feel guilty, you want to unwind and have fun. Stop seeking what is genuinely not there……. Nobody is trying to cause genocide on trans people in Ion Fury, nor Voidpoint. Just play the game, or play something you genuinely enjoy. Shut up and find something you genuinely enjoy out there and support it. Get your fragile feelings in order by growing up into a mature adult.

– Circle-jerking at its finest! This is honestly 100% pathetic when you see people favouriting SJW narratives because you must be triggered 24/7. It’s amazing. It’s not my fault that you’re constantly seeing something which is genuinely not there while fighting everything you possibly can. WHAT IS TRANSPHOBIC?! They purposely want me to hate on the developers because they have an agenda, thus they’re calling all their friends, or attract like-minded folks to force me to hate on Voidpoint. Fuck off! Let me enjoy my games in peace.

Honestly, this is so pathetic…… Honestly! Stop hating on everything in life and learn from the ‘Hong Kong’ protesters trying to keep Honk Kong free from China’s control. They’re getting their eyes blown out while you rant there with non-issues. I know this and that aren’t the same, but if you’re going to be this insistent and stubborn on “Justic”  then assist the Hong Kong people if you’re so hell bent on pretending to be righteous here. Nope! Too cowardly, thus you’re attacking Voidpoint, games, gamers, & anime over non-issues. Common……

What a world we live in…… Grow the hell up.

To Conclude:

The Nessa bit showing how people are trained & recruited to hate on everything they touch. If you don’t display hatred to a subject you’re covering then you’re banned. You’re ridiculed, mocked,… Reset Era is a boot camp for hatred. There always has to be a conspiracy, thus I’m pointing both the ‘Ion Fury’ and ‘Nessa whitewashing’ bit. It’s the same on Reddit, thus why I don’t go there. I don’t go to Reset Era, nor Reddit, too vile and abusive…… I only go there as an ‘observer’ to make note of things as to not be ignorant about issues. I watch flat-earther videos to see why they say what they say. I want to be in the know. I’m an observer, I make note of things…. I’ve been shown Reset Era is a terrorist organization, and I shall believe that. 

This has been a very vile and wild ride. A big dumpster fire, chaotic, and abusive just because SJWs can’t get what they want, thus they tantrum and whine like little toddlers. I’m just here making note of things while they just flail about like little toddlers not being able to control various game developers. I’ve lost full on respect to “journalistic sites” claiming the contents in the game are “homophobic” and such, something they are not. Have you also even played ‘Gran Theft Auto’? Doesn’t seem like it. If you can’t stomach that, you shouldn’t be playing games, nor hanging out in the city at night, a school yard, or anywhere in any city. You’re too fragile.

Also, if you claim you can’t understand me over grammatical reasons for being “too rambling”, then that can’t be helped. Poke me to clarify what you’re confused about and we’ll fix the problem together. I try my best to word everything properly. If you can’t understand me because I don’t fit your narratives, then that’s 100% your loss. WordPress also fumbled a few things on me.

Again, I’m noting this because of how vile, toxic, and abusive people over at Reset Era are. As much as I hate this blog posting I’m simply posting this out of necessity because our hobbies are under siege. It’s not about the stupid useless ‘Ogay’ soap crap, it’s more to do with giving into pressure of people who don’t enjoy your content. You need to stand up to abusive trolls by not giving in. Don’t take their crap! Need to stand up and resist where able to keep games uncensored, even on a very slight level. Give them an inch and they’ll desire a mile. You’re seeing evidence of why this is bad in real life, Walmart being one of them on multiple fronts. They’re constantly out on the assault, constantly getting triggered by people, and constantly ruining enjoyment and pleasure for people while attacking things on other peoples’ behalf. Mindlessly recruiting people for hate-speech and hateful thinking. You’re almost on part with ISIS/ISIL. You guys simply have to explode someone’s home & rape a woman, then you’re on part with ISIS/ISIL. Congrats! Just what you’ve always wanted! *golf clap*. 

There may be a few rough edges in the blog posting now because of how I accidentally hit ‘undo’ a few more times than I should have. May end up repeating myself more than I should have. A slightly messier blog posting than it should be, especially with the two ‘Extra’ sections added.

As for Ion Fury itself. It genuinely is a good game, good female character and implementation. I’m still looking into purchasing it, though what I’ve seen shows it is a nice gem of a game. Thanks to Reset Era & 3D Realms though I’ll be taking an ‘Wait-and-see’ approach to eventually get it. Not now, though eventually. 

(Update: Extra #1 & Extra #2 have been added to the blog posting seperately; Extra#2 on August 26th, 2019).

Reset Era has a soap fetish!