[VRchat] July Mini-Chill

A nice mini-chill session for the month of July. A few things to note in VRchat because I still admire that game with lovely moments to share. A lovely KanColle World to share.

– First worlds I hop into tend to be quite visually pleasing.

Any chance I gain to check out VRchat, I hope right on. It’s always a fun time, even when the buzz is low. There are many moments to to admire, to note, and to look back on in amazement and nostalgia. I’m constantly having to fight with numerous elements making me struggle in enjoying VR and VRchat, yet when I push through, I always gain nice rewards. I gain lovely memorable tokens/mementos to share on this blog, on my semi-active YouTube channel, and Discord group. I love the scenery I see in VRchat, the friends I hang out, and the amusements I experience. Those experiences are priceless, and why I hype up VRchat the way I do.

Because of the hot & humid weather I’m only able to enjoy a few sessions each month. I managed to gain two sessions in VRchat; 1 in VR, one in desktop mode. I’m always recalling the many memorable moments, constantly adding more into the figurative jar like with memories as coins. It all adds up onto the fun.

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July 15, 2019

– An inside joke of a friend named Delta, thus I found Delta (triangle).
– Ooo!~ Tetris!
– Tetris blocks falling in place. Couldn’t figure out how to control the blocks, only admire that it’s in VRchat.

Still trying to learn how to take proper selfies in VRchat so I don’t blame you if you assume I’m being ‘narcistic’. Too much Renge in every image, even though I’m trying my best to balance out the scenery with my avatar. What I’m trying to share more is the scenery over Renge, though can’t have pure scenery images themselves all the time. A nice balance needs to be had, though fun has to also be present in those images 🙂

While being in the Tetris world I also was reminded of this awesome catchy song.

– Space?
– Fireworks! Pew Pew!~
– Always interested in good fireworks in VRchat. Always a sight to see 🙂
– Shiny~ (Quest avatar world)
– An Otaku’s room – I’m honestly surprised Shimakaze’s Pixiv art managed to be accepted into VRchat. I thought lewdness was banned? I’m not complaining, just amused. Shimakaze is indeed a tease of a shipgirl in KanColle.
– Pokemon VR would be the best experience on PC VR. I’d love to play Pokemon VR… For now,
let’s continue raising Vulpix 🙂
– Blue chill. A nice simple chill place to just hang out. Seeing more of this would be awesome in a more RPG interactive manner.
– I’d live here. Reminds me of all the shiny freezing rain Canada gets during the winter. Sparkly.
– Maho Room #6 – KanColle inspired World, Poi!~

I’m just going to note I nerded out hard here. I spent a nice lengthy 30-60 miutes in this world just thoroughly exploring every inch of this place. I observed both Yuudachi & Shimakaze’s route, I admired Bismarck & Prinz having their precious pudding moment, Murakumo being floofy on the top of the stairway, and Pola being a drunkard. I even chuckled at how the world even advertises Azur Lane on a billboard. Anything Star Wars, KanColle, or Azur Lane shall instantly obtain my attention into exploring it. 

I LOVED playing KanColle before it became a salty stale mess. It’s still worthwhile, I however no longer have the patience for its saltiness. It’s eating an overly salty cake, especially daily….. You would want to consume something different after awhile, especially with how threading the needle constantly stresses you. The cake needs to be “just right”, like a porridge from the Three Bears. It needs to constantly gradually change over time also to not become stale. I still honestly love the character designs while still paying my respect to KanColle, just no longer my thing. If Kadokawa, or whomever owns KanColle, is wise they’d release KanColle Arcade onto Steam. Even if it has to be micro-transaction, that’s fine. It’ll be without the physical cards. KanColle Kai & KanColle Arcade honestly need to invest in a bigger market, especially on Steam. If you’re not going to do that then honestly expect to die because of poor customer sales, or be harshly niche to the Japanese arcade market…….. It’s why I’m admiring Azur Lane because of how “accessible” it is. It’s fun.

But yeah, even with that, I still love to see anything KanColle, Azur Lane, and Star Wars in VRchat because you see a whole new side to things. New experiences, and everything. I saw a unique side to KanColle, wanting to see more. It’s like ‘Spice and Wolf VR‘ being able to pet the floofy Holo. More! 🙂

– That’s quite a gorgeous and lively gathering. (Nerding out)
– Sisterly love. I think my waifu Bismarck is cross with me in a tsundere manner. Interrupting her precious moment with Prinz. How I miss you, Bismarck. You were my Queen of the Sea, and you are once again in Azur Lane 🙂
– I do have to wonder what shipgirls gossip about. Did gain a little taste in the Anime, yet even so………..
– Oh, Pola never changes. Taigei having to take away the booze from a plastered Pola. Keep all booze away from Pola.
– Caught Shimakaze running around town 🙂 Shimakaze gotta go fast!
– Damn, does she ever run fast! I could barely keep up with her to get this quick selfie.
– Murakumo allowed me to take an image of her, thus I did. Gave her bunny ears while thanking her for her service in KanColle in my fleet. Even complimented her for how floofy she was in her Kai Ni remodel. 🙂

No joke! Kadokawa honestly needs to force KanColle Kai & KanColle Arcade onto PC Steam so they can have a genuine audience. I’m stressing this point 100% seriously. I still admire and love KanColle, it’s just “too salty” for me. Being able to hang around their MMD models in VRchat was highly rewarding for me because I could connect with what made KanColle so special to me. I would still play KanColle, if Kadokawa (or whomever handles KanColle) genuinely cared about their product. I wish more love and care was shown toward their own product. They’re pulling a vile Konami move of simply being “reclusive”. It hurts, yet love this VRchat world for how fun it is :).

(Sidenote: Konami JP also poorly treated their Busou Shinki line like trash by poorly implementing many things. They didn’t care about their own line, thus prematurely killing Busou Shinki until Kotobukiya took over. It’s no longer feels the same, and the fun that was behind Busou Shinki is now of selfish desires. Too much of a “sell-out” experience in Frame Arms. Designs are awesome in various places, just weird in others. Only certain individuals in the community are allowed to enjoy the hobby of Busou Shinki & Frame Arms, or so displayed.)

– I chuckled! Azur Lane being advertised in a KanColle VRchat world. Azur Lane is my new main game I play constantly on both JP & EN versions while hoping we’ll eventually gain proper Canadian shipgirls into the mix.
– Found some Abyssal stragglers on the roof. A Light aircraft carrier, if I’m not mistaken.
– Friendly aircraft out of scale. In scale to reality, out of scale in KanColle. Flying Fairy pilot.

I HONESTLY need to check out more of Maho’s rooms to see what else they are hiding. You may see more in future monthly VRchat blog postings 🙂

– Spooky creepy atmosphere with an ominous observant dragon on top.

As noted: Anything Star Wars, KanColle, and Azur Lane gains my instant visit. Anything in my zone of interest, I auto-visit them out of curiousity. It’s awesome seeing Bespin Cloud City in VRchat.

– Renge would be no push-over in the Star Wars realm, if her Hoppu sized self. 1:1 scale, she would be a real pest heh. She is not the Droid you’re looking for 🙂
– Renge, in her 15 cm 1:1 scale, I could see her being quite a pest to the other droids. They may slice her in robotic terms, she would however put up a nasty mischievous fight in an R2-D2 manner heh. If Renge could gain a flying unit she would be one brutal Shinki in the Star Wars realm heh. Not OP, just ‘brutal’. Think Imperial Spy Droids, even the mini ones.
– What you do to the Falcon?! I spy an Expanded Universe reference.
– Ooo, a Bespin Cloud Car. I remember these were semi-scary to me as a kid. I even had a Lego set of this! Shame it’s all in pieces now.
– This shall not be the last of me! You haven’t seen the last of me!

Desktop Mode Curiousities – July 27th, 2019:

Felt a little teaseful, thus deciding to hop on briefly to tease my friends. Just lurking, observing, and noting a few worlds to check out later for when I could check them out in VR mode. Saw a random Ramen Noodle world with a silly kid rambling in the video, a weird Crab Rave avatar world, and etc…. Was mostly a ‘lurky lurk’ moment.

– Padoru Rave! YAY!~
– An odd switch was flicked on Delta causing him to say & do ‘lewd’ things. Myself and #Maiyamoth were honestly baffled by how lewd Delta was being. Me? Just being a squeaky little Maril-mouse. Pika-Blue, as people tease to a certain other awesome VRchatter :P.
– Delta sitting on some deformed chairs, or so we believe them to be. Someone scanned their home, thus showing this weird pattern in the backyard. Delta may be sitting on some trashcans for all we’re aware.
– #Maiyamoth being double ear petted.
– A snoozing Maiya being headpatted by Deltamon 🙂

Even the little time I managed to jump onto VRchat was a fun one for the month of July. Always a great time. Love what I see, love what happens. Love sharing my experiences. Hope you love what you saw. See you in the next batch of images! 🙂