[VRchat] June Moonlight Chill

– Beautiful moonlight to ease your thoughts.

June was an interesting month, if a hot one weather wise. It was hot and humid, as well as with Oculus troubles preventing me from going VR, though when I had, I took some lovely images to share with those interested. I had issues with both weather wise (heat) and with Oculus themselves preventing me from playing that Nvidia had to release their usually monthly update to allow me to play. Thanks, Nvidia! You’re awesome! 🙂

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June 02, 2019:

– I just had a bright idea! *puns*
– *Action shot* – *Poke*

Looking back at both these (and the past VRchat images from 2017) makes me nostalgic and quite sad with how time has past. How much time, how all these events gradually fade away, and how the only way to recall these events is through images. You can’t go back to 2017, nor 2018, or even early 2019…. It is what it is, and you have to make the most of the moment in current times……Everything which felt like the future, the present…. It’s now the past.

I feel heavily nostalgic…. I feel sad, a bit restless……. Sometimes it hurts…… I miss hanging out with everybody, I miss the situations which had occurred. Opportunities,… Everything.

– Beautiful stairway into the trees. This is why I love VRchat, so scenic 🙂
– V!
– Japanese Shrine – Something more fitting for Renge.
– Japanese Shrine – Leaves falling.
– Jiiiiiiiii~
– Gotta stay clean & cool 🙂
– Halo – A friend of mine plays this game, thus why I highlighted it here. Everything looks far more impressive in VR than it does in desktop mode. This was insane.
– Not a Halo fan, though this is just awesome. Scenery is gorgeous.
– Myself & Delta – I love that pose of Renge… I don’t have FBT, thus why I’m praising this all that much more 😛
– There’s more to this image than meets the eye. You see me, but where’s Delta?
– What a nice view you got there.

June 03, 2019

– V!
– Nani?!
– My Titan has arrived. It Titanfalled, and now my planet needs me. 🙂
– Cool warped corner. Also, Renge’s glowy eyes. Love ’em.
– Now this is a sight & a half. Glowy red sunset, hot and humid, and cicadas.
– Bun bun!~ #Deltabun
– >Epic moment< – Public avatar Scathach from Fate/Extella Link before it was bastardized even further in VRchat.
– Delta, say cheeeeeese! 🙂
– Cheeeeese!~
– Blind – Avatar makes you see black while only seeing with your hands. You see what you feel, or what’s in a radius.

This ‘Blind’ world is a must see. If you’re able to find it, seek it out! It gives such an interesting perspective on blindness, especially gaming blindness, that it’s an interesting point of view on things. Blindness sucks, I constantly feared it.I feared going blind back in highschool when ‘Brothers in Arms’ WW2 game came out… I had weird eye issues then which may have simply been stress & strain. 

This world though, it’s basic, yet nice. You can request your avatar to be there in statue form, you navigate, and you just explore. I, 100%, genuinely jumped when I heard a screamer entity…. NO WAY am I going to deal with a screamer. Delta and myself investigated the scene to find it’s a scripted thing, but damn. That scared the crap out of me…. That screamer….. Just recalling it makes me hate that screamer…. Medusa, probably. 

– Cool seaside beach town. Chilled here until we went elsewhere… Used this map to escape blind and to hop elsewhere.
– Cool Youtuber world. I however feel I broke it… Not much was gained from this world from my side.
– Renge is always combat ready. En garde! (Fate/Extella world)
– Scathach – Public avatar before it was butchered.
– Something about this pose that I love so much 🙂
– My Scathach with Renge on top. Been planning to make her maskless…. Wish it was possible. It is, though noting another issue (model work).
– Renge in her natural habitat – Realistically scanned Japanese shrine. Kon!~
– Jiiiii~
– Funny how the equipment they used to scan things came out 80% accurate; 20% scanner disruptions. You can mostly make things out, if with scanning errors. It’s not the best, but it works.
– Hebi (Snake fountain)…. Well, that’s interesting. Though, it may be a dragon, or something else. To me, it’s a snake. Or a fox….. *shrugs*
– Hunt and his friend just chillin’. In situations like these I lurk to the side because I’m not social enough to be a part of things, unless invited.

I’ve noted the same social issue I have in situations like this with how I just end up lurking. I go quiet, I hide away…. I lurk. Whenever my friend Hunt meets & hangs with other people I just just lurk… I let them do their thing. I do better when people make an active effort to include me into the group, kind of like a guide by guiding who their friend was and myself…. Again, I blame my past experiences making me this way, but it is what it is…..

It even happens in the Nagzz21 Friday hangouts when I used to be there. I just lurk, unless spoken to. We need a familiar topic, and etc…. I’ll then try my best to keep it going once I know what figurative cars are placed on the table. 

Yeah, I’m just socially awkward like that. I just lurk when my friend hangs with their friends and etc. I have no weight in that. 

– Love the glowy blue aura in this world. Even a glowy moon heh. V!
– On a lovely train, Hunt seeking a new avatar because the other one perished. Also hoped to have had ‘Blue’ in the photo, she was camera shy. Still memories though. The journey to find new avatars! 🙂
– These two folks were awesome. Should have probably asked for images, yet they’ve been awesome. They had fun avatar animations, they had fun joining us on adventures. I also feel they may loosely be Nagzz21’s friends, though shall not pry about that.
– Well, this was…. unique…. Tanks came out, planes…. Bombs…. Funny.
– NUKED!~ (all during Hunt’s hunt for a new main avatar to use.)
– Happy goofy world heh. Pizza, anyone? 🙂
– Had to come back to this world for this specific image. Glowy eyes, Renge’s domain, and spooky nature……. Everything seems to be just right. Muuu~
– Had to get Hunt & Maiya into the mix. Lamp~
– We couldn’t solve the map either. Though, Hunt did do hand puppet gestures. Should be far easier with the Valve Index, or I hope.
– Emily Want to play to…. It glitched, we failed… Though we have this fun shot. V!
– “Bleh~How disappointing…….”
– Train rides are fun.
– I swear this world is inspired by No Man’s Sky. It’s a mix of two thoughts.
– Lovely NMS scenery, yet saddened I couldn’t capture space-based scenery…. Different layering, or something.
– Can you see me now? (grass swaying)
– Humu!~
– There’s more to this image than meets the eye. Yes, it’s Hunt gesturing back there. Also, space layers were not captured in this image… Imagine a planet with Saturn rings, and such.
– Hunt ball!
– *LAUGHS* Hunt fell through the expanding sphere.

June 17, 2019

– There’s two! 😮 Spooky~

This was just a quick nightly session just to see what’s new in VRchat, though I quickly grew bored that night for whatever reason. Was probably stress, depressed, or tired…. Something along those lines. What I however saw in VRchat was awesome, and I loved it. 

– Smash! Let me smash!
– Elevator VR is quite an interesting experience. Highly recommended!
– Chill~ The way I love VRchat.

A bit late on posting the blog posting for the month of June because I assumed I took far less images than I assumed. Nope! 59 images. Nice memorable moments, nice fun times, many nice journies in both a solo and with friends. It’s all nice fun and games, and I love it. I’m happy. 

There’s one thing I have to note though, something which has been bugging me since shortly after a few Nagzz21 hangouts, during every ‘user contests’ and also in general. When it comes to VRchat I’ve been with the game since November 2017, yet I have been pretty much ‘low-key’. I’m not a popular streamer, or anything, though wish I wasn’t sidelined so easily by both the VRchat community and my friend because I had fun with VRchat since 2017. I’m not asking for royal VIP treatment, or anything special. Just a simple “Hi”, or just simple acknowledgements that I exist. That’s all. Maybe even headpats. I don’t want to be forgotten either because I genuinely love VRchat, thus why I give it special focus on my blog, and why I keep coming back to it every month. I love VRchat, I love sharing my adventures in any way I can. I love showing my VRchat images trying to show what I’ve experienced with it only capturing a fraction of that fun. I tried entering in various image-based “events” for image murals, ‘I am VRchat’, yet I feel I’ll simply be forgotten with time….. My simple fear is “being forgotten”.

It’s also why my nostalgia is so powerful while hitting me so hard because I remember the various events, yet I also recall how I haven’t really been solidified in memory in VRchat, only my own blog and places. Maybe I have, and I’m just stupidly oblivious. Who knows…Emotions & memories are fickle. Maybe I vented far too much about my “technical difficulties”. I love VRchat…. I thank Nagzz21 for making me aware of VRchat, for his friends & community for welcoming me, for their influence in making everybody happy, yet feel some sort of artificial barriers in place. Maybe not intentionally, just “some” barriers. 

– Arcticu – Subbed for 11 months, yet forgotten I’ve been following him from Youtube and Twitch since November 2017. Not fully, but on-and-off, when able.

Nagzz21 even forgetting who I was on stream. I can however understand when he has so many viewers, acts on the moment, and such. When you’re in that situation it’s easy to forget, even the simplest of things. It’s not a grudge, its just slight disappointment. I don’t really blame him, he’s a full time streamer streaming and doing his special stream. I witnessed Stampedsteel trying to shout at Nagzz to ask why I was forgotten, why he forgot me. 

“Artokutso, are you new. Dude, wait. Arctic, Arctic, where are you? Where are you? Where is this guy? You have been following since April 19th, 2018. So, you’ve been around a long time for VRchat. And you’ve subbed for tier 1 for 11 years. Wow, it says 11 years. Hey, Arctic, Thank you very much. – Nagzz21

Stampedsteel, I thank you for getting upset on my behalf, yet it’s fine. Told him he didn’t have to do that. I played it off in a joking manner, yet a tiny bit hurt by that. I’m aware, I’m not famous, yet still. We hung out in the Friday meet-ups, Photoshoot, and such. I genuinely hope I won’t be forgotten when it comes to VRchat, and I hope I’m not rude or vulgar either. Even whiny. Hope I’m not whiny.  On the flip-side I had noticed a popular VRchat’r complaining nobody wanted to hang with him while brushing any regular VRchat’r away. They only wanted popular ones…. That was weird. I offered to hang out with him, yet was denied… I have ideas, but shall keep it polite and vague.

I hope people don’t consider me “boring”, or anything. I love VRchat. I love the memories I had in there, the dreams of Zentraya & Nagzz because I used to watch their VRchat content highly, among others. Not sure why my subconcious mind favoured Zentreya for dreams though, that’s an odd one. It was all fun times both in and outside of VRchat, even in June. I’m taking it a bit easy for now because of how hot and humid it is. I don’t want t melt my PC. Also, Oculus prevented me from playing so I couldn’t play either. 

Lastly, just wanting to note that my VRchat image size count is interesting. So far, I have 5.04 & 5.52 (10.56) GB… Two folders. One before the new SSD, and another after obtaining that SSD. Its interesting to note how large my various emotioned memories are held within. 10.56 GB… Damn. All those worlds, gags, and laughters…. Pranks, beautiful scenery. It’s all awesome.

See you guys in VRchat… From June, I’m going to say I’m looking forward to regaining lost ground in Fall and autumn once the weather calms down. I can’t wait for cooler weather to regain my composer in VR, and VRchat 🙂

Thanks for viewing, thanks for reading, and hope you enjoyed what you’ve seen. See you in the next VRchat blog posting! Hope to see you in VRchat and to hang out! 🙂