KyoAni – Pray For KyoAni

– Azusa from K-ON! praying at a shrine.

After hearing what happened to Kyoto Animation I felt heavy hearted and hurt because of what it caused. I’m saddened by what happened to Kyoto Animation both during arsonist attack & after with people exploiting it for their narcistic desires. The attack happened because the arsonist claimed KyoAni stole his work, stole his novel, and shouting how they copied his stuff. He bought gasoline, poured it all over the studio, on staff members, and set everything ablaze all because of content theft. It’s honestly relatable, though highly extreme that another avenue probably could have been considered, one without a loss of life. It shouldn’t have gone this route…..Many highly skilled people were killed (34 of them), loss of art, loss of property, loss of talent and skill… Even a loss of a good studio. 

As an anime fan I feel heavy hearted because of how connected I was to their anime. Not hardcore, though enough having seen a nice chunk of their anime to hold them with high regard and respect. It hits very hard and very deep because of how skilled they were, how much fun they had given me in a direct & indirect manner, among other elements. Their anime were genuinely of quality, highly entertaining and fun. Their music is an art in themselves with how emotional you become because of it.

With KyoAni’s works you always have to look both at and past the beautiful art and character to see a deeper side of the story. You get many levels to their anime. You’ll see something far more beautiful which causes people to be appropriately nostalgic and respectful to whatever KyoAni makes. 

Kyoto Animation GoFundMe:

Fire Killed Mostly Woman For hiring mostly Woman:
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Hyouka’s Author Tweer:

Great Pain:

Again, it honestly pains me to hear what had happened to KyoAni because of the severity of the situation. Not because the staff were “mostly woman”, or any of that nonsense people are pushing, but because skilled lives were lost, families shattered, and a studio gone. Thirty-four (34) people died, yet people are mocking and laughing while being narcistic about it. Thankfully we also have people donating on the GoFundMe to balance out the insane people. Thanks to this arsonist people brutally died by the hands of a 41 year old Shinji Aoba all because he felt his work was copied and stolen.

What makes this even worse is how Anime fans (such as myself) enjoyed all the anime they’ve put out, all the feelings, the emotions, the great stories and characters….These stories most likely won’t continue with our time. Maybe by some miracle it shall. All this being tainted by an act of vengeance over alleged stolen content. The act basically spits in the face of the high quality anime they’ve crafted (you may disagree due to some anime titles they released, it’s however true) allowing people to unwind from the real world to only become highly invested in the anime one by feeling sorrow, happiness, anger, among other genuinely organic feelings. Anime is free, thus why we love what they make. You can feel that freedom and passion in the anime they craft, thus why they’re insanely fun to watch; Admired by many who view them. It’s also because they make great quality anime in the name of “fun” and “entertainment”, something certain western fans seemed to have forgotten when going on various crusades, thus killing Hollywood & Marvel’s creativity for various pandering issues. KyoAni was able craft many beautiful stories able to express various forms of emotions, scenes, and journies allowing us to be organically invested. It sparks a curiousity causing us to be more curious about the story within. 

There is a reason why comic book sales are declining while manga sales are on the uprise. Anime is free, new outlets are able to release them, and those reading or watching manga or anime are able to unwind without being told how much of a “piece of shit” they are. Anime is free! Anime is fun and enjoyment. It constantly provokes your mind while allowing you to go on fun journeys.

Kyoto Animation Anime I’ve watched:

  • – Full Metal Panic (both)
  • – Air
  • – The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
  • – Kanon
  • – Lucky Star
  • – Clannad
  • – K-On!
  • – The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (2009)
  • – Beyond The Boundary
  • – Sound! Euphonium

I loved all that I’ve watched. They gain my full praise. I however have yet to finish fully watching ‘Sound! Euphonium’ because of how massive my backlog is, and how many episodes there are. What I have watched however is awesome. I also have yet to watch the other shows made by them. 

– Clannad – “Is this the end of our journey? I didn’t want it to be this way”

There’s numerous Anime fans who can tell you they LOVE Clannad for how well crafted it is, how sad, and emotionally brutal it is. The cheerful nature of the show gradually giving way to a more brutal side with more emotions and depth; A gradual buildup in plot. The far more chilling and emotionally provocative side of things causing your stomach to turn in a depressive manner, yet proper, when seeing characters in slice-of-life distress. It’s still appropriate, it’s still genuine, and that’s why we love Clannad, Kanon, Air… Clannad however showing a highly deep side to loss of life, sacrifice, and the journey of time showing consequence to your actions. A ‘butterfly’ effect. The music which accompanies Clannad is hauntingly beautiful allowing scenes to properly display the tension within those scenes of loss, sacrifice, and progression of time. I love Clannad, I love how the characters were crafted, and how beautifully the music was crafted. The emotions still hurt by listening to the music with how deeply embedded those feelings and emotions are.

Its still emotional when I view the final play in action in the final episode… It hits hard. The snowstorm, Nagisa laying the snow, her robotic counterpart hanging next to her in doubt…. Its honestly poetic, chilling, and heart-breaking, yet beautiful. It’s art, and I love it. 

K-On! Is more about fun and enjoyment as we see the progression of a music club. We see it birthed, we see it present with a goal to reach higher, and then we see it transition to a new set of members as life moves on. Life is beautiful, life is nostalgic, and life makes one shed tears through passage of time. It’s about a lovely school life progression as we see them do what they love, pushing through-and-through to make it happen. They have fun with it, something we should do as well with our hobbies. 

I can still highly respect K-On because it was still a nice solid show showcasing their growth to grow their band club to then allow a transition to happen. They’re honest with their desires doing what they love, and love doing what they love. That’s how it should be. Be honest with yourself! The torch was then passed off to Azusa whom had to somehow keep it alive while also showing that you should simply have fun. The show supported a strong sense of importance on how you should do the things you love, learning to make it happen,pushing as much as you can to make it happen, while having fun through-and-through. There’s still struggles, yet pushing through you’ll have fond memories to recall, something which K-On does well in both the show and the movie. 

This anime is about ‘fun’ and ‘entertainment’, something it does well. Something ‘Lucky Star’ is also aimed at. They both have fun, its fun to watch, and there’s great music to be enjoyed. Great characters, great fun, and great memories. 

The show is also powerful enough that it also influenced a friend-of-a-friend to pick up a guitar. Not one, but many. Many people picked up guitars, even one whom I knew personally from Netherlands. I no longer speak with them (two of them), yet they were positively influenced by K-On!

Love what you do, and do what you love.

Kanon | Air: both made me happy with how beautiful their worlds were. How funny and adorable the characters were there with a deeper side of the story always hidden behind those beautiful characters. The loss of life, the passing of time, the fond memories of school life…. It all comes back to haunt you, and that’s what these Anime tend to have. It’s about your basic human interact of making friendship, seeing that grow and be kept, while also seeing time effect your perspective of things…… Time… Time is a massive element in these characters in Kanon & Air…. 

I still think of Makoto highly whenever I see any mention of Kanon. She was a special character of a fox turning human before falling ill. We saw her interaction, her desires, yet had to sadly see her go. That Taiyaki influence spreading into the otaku/weeb realm of everybody able purchasing it to try it out. Fun times. 

Air anime is harder for me to remember, yet do have a highly fond feeling towards it. I can recall time playing a massive part of present & the past colliding; Reincarnation of the two characters….. Even with how memory fades. I still hold Air up highly, especially with the beautiful opening theme it has. The show was beautiful. Dated, yet beautiful. The scene I can honestly remember the most was how cheerful Misuzu was, how she walked on the beach tsunami walls, how she broke down emotionally, and how a crow/raven was involved. Great memories, if half faded with time. Misuzu simply wanted to live like any other girl. The memory of Misuzu breaking down when desiring to play cards, feeling ill……

The music, when it plays, always hits hard to the point you become emotionally invested, emotions provoked…. The feels. Music always hits correctly, even in Air, and Kanon.

Beyond The Boundary

A cool concept to a cool show with the heroine drawing a sword from her blood. She has the ability to manipulate blood, something she keeps making a blood sword out of. The overuse of her blood causing her to collapse, among other things, the constant teasing of by calling her ‘The Bespectacled beauty”, among other amusements. This show was neat for how it portrayed the characters, how awesome both gender casts were, and how memorable the fights were. Many laughs were to be had (or are laughs also taboo?) allowing us to have great fun with the show. I can still fondly remember the joking and teasing done by the siblings, while also remembering how flustered Mirai always became. 

People whine there is not enough bad-ass woman, there’s a nice selection of them in this anime. Hate them? There’s something wrong with you.  What I can remember the most is how brutal Izumi Nase was in combat, something which I tend to constantly recall when I see vague references to this anime. I honestly keep recalling Izumi Nase the most for how influential she was. I remember her various combat stances, her combat styles, and how intimidating she was. I genuinely enjoyed her character, others, and the anime itself.  

The struggle was real, the fun was nostalgic, and the fights were memorable. It may struggle with time, yet its still fondly remembered for how well executed it was. It may not be a masterpiece, yet it’s still high up there in how awesome it is. 

A nice solid anime to recall 🙂

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

– Haruhi & Kyon in an alternate realm/time-line meeting a “non-corrupted” Haruhi.

Highly fond memories of Haruhi Suzumiya thanks to how wacky the show was. Everything was simply placed on the table for you to enjoy what the anime had to offer. We saw Kyon trying to live his every day life while having to somehow co-exist with a God(dess) while others had to keep her whimsical nature in check, or else the whole world would be destroyed in various shapes, forms, and manners. Haruhi unknowingly willed supernatural elements into play causing the world to have abnormailities, something which attracted other ‘supernatural’ beings to keep a close eye on her. A genuine slice-of-life anime mixed with a nice dose of the supernatural to bring an interesting realistic take on things.

Haruhi, oblivious to her supernatural abilities, formed the SOS Brigade in hopes of encountering the supernatural, something which she unknowingly is oblivious to herself. She is one, her club mates are, as are others. 

The other half of the beauty of this show was the opening, the second season, and the movie. All had their wacky charm to them. Yuki Nagato also was shown love bringing out her more extroverted side to her silent nature. As an observer she’s highly silent, yet highly covertly active in keeping Haruhi in check. Her hidden abilities is what makes me love her for her character design.

Endless Eight was also a wacky adventure, but that’s what made it fun. The weird repetition is what made it memorable also. Fun times. It was amusing having talked to an ex-friend trying to decipher all that had occured to see if there was a hidden pattern in the show. He marked all the events, tried to detective it…. Great memories.

There’s also a scene in Haruhi which also still stick with me… Season 1 with how Haruhi notes how even in a sports stadium she still feels overwhelmed by how massive the human population is. How massive a school population is, a sports stadium population, and Japan’s population, and then the world…. That still hits home for me…. It’s small things like these which make me admire both Anime in general, as well as KyoAni’s animation…. Lots of care and attention. Even how guitarist play their instruments is accurate. There is an insane amount of care and attention placed into this show, let alone others, that it’s no wonder it’s still fondly remembered by all of us who watched it.

Hyouka’s Author (Yonezawa Honobu) shares their thoughts on the whole incident. Different studios, yet still sharing their love for KyoAni. The image basically speaks for itself with how professional those at KyoAni were, how passionate, skilled, and talented. You don’t always get that.

– Yonezawa Honobu shares their thoughts on the tragedy.

Exploited Tragedy:

It honestly pains me on two fronts to see how people are exploiting the arson for their own political gains. If not political, then personal. They’re highly narcissistic. THIS ISN’T ABOUT YOU! This is about the 34 dead indivuduals (both man and woman) having been burned to a crisp in agony.

They want the click-bait, they want the viewership, and they’ll do anything while gaslighting the situation to say “they’re right”, and whatever they say is “correct”. Even knowing that thirty-four people have been burnt to a crisp, have been burned until underwear was left, or burned into charcoal, people still have the courage to try and exploit the situation for their own clout, popularity, clickbait, and political agendas. Disgusting.

– “In an industry dominated by men and traditionally aimed at men” & “It has a reputation for employing more women ……” – Susan Napier wrote the article.

Honestly, Anime is aimed at both genders. What does man and woman have to do with anything? Are you respecting KyoAni, or not? Woman tend to be in the spotlight more because of how they cosplay, are vocal on Twitter and tumblr, while also just simply enjoying their hobby. Granted, there are also arrogant woman taking advantage of Anime just because that’s who they are, but that’s neither here nor there. Woman have been known to take the helm in anime numerous times. It’s a 50/50 rough divide when it comes to the fanbase. 

Kyoto Animation aims their anime for both genders while simply doing what they feel is best. If the woman are skilled then what’s the problem? They’ve shown they can make quality anime. They hired woman, something feminists kept pushing for, yet it’s somehow still a sin. “WOMAN POWER!”, yet KyoAni does it, it’s somehow a sin and taboo topic. Equality issue…. Or is it because KyoAni isn’t American? Whatever the issue. 

People died, yet it’s somehow a “gender issue” related thing. Disgusting. 

CNN (Susan Napier) also claimed ‘Violet Evergarden’ was also set in an ‘post-apocalyptic’ setting, something which is false. 

CNN, New York Times, USA Today, …..

– “Free Speech” – Insulting 34 dead people.

This is honestly a bad take at the whole situation. I get one needs humour to lighten the mood, this is however highly disrespectful and insanely rude. It’s like laughing at someone being raped and violated. Not funny. 

You’re indeed allowed to speak your mind, express what’s on your mind, just as long as it doesn’t insult and disrespect people around you. If you do insult people, expect push-back at your insulting comments. You’re also to expect people to respond to whatever you say because you opened yourself up to criticisms. 

Your free speech is messed up if it involves insulting, degrading, and disrespecting people who were burned to a crisp….Let the number 34 people sink in. If you’re struggling then imagine your family or friends being burned…. Let it sink in deep…. People were burned, but I guess your simple mind can’t comprehend something, thus why you made that disgusting and distasteful meme. If you say something stupid we will call you out on it…….

Note the description noting: “Is Kyoto Animation reign of moe and yuri finally over?“…. Not the least bit concerned about the 34 people who perished? Disrespectful take.

Honestly, it amazes me how far people go for popularity and clout. Even as far as boasting how they’re righteous, correct, and “truthful” while moaning about their own insecurities. Also harbours heavily amounts of narcisism because his thoughts reign supreme over the 34 dead people, their family, their friends. Yeah, you’re an idol…. Not really. This isn’t about you, nor is this about the woman. This is about the 34 people who died.

Mr. Obvious rambled, vented, and moaned how “feminist” the studio was just showing how “equal” (equality) they are when compared to man. That’s fine, they’re allowed to do that. If they’re also hired because of their skill then I see nothing wrong with that. Quality over quotas. The video was however more about Mr Obvious’s insecurities whining how anime has to be about ‘yuri’, “fake yuri” (????), Gayness, moe (cuteness), and just doing what they feel is right. An anime show isn’t allowed to do what it needs to do, thus it’s hated. 

K-On is hated by Mr Obvious because of how “cute” and “moe” it is, ignoring the part where it was aimed at being “fun”, “entertaining”, and “enjoyable”, something you’d watch to unwind after a stressful day at work or school. It was lighthearted, but I guess that’s somehow taboo, eh? Chracters aren’t allowed to be cute themselves. Being cute shouldn’t be a fan-service, thus why we need to urinate all over the 34 people’s bodies, not show them respect. that’s another big “no-no” for Mr. Obvious. They have to show cleavage, or so implied. Who knows what he’s implying, Mr. Obvious sounds highly broken and enraged by his own insecurities.

The need to disrespect 34 people because of his insecurities, because the anime they made were “cute” (Moe), had yuri elements, bitterness for lacking side characters in ‘Beyond the Boundary, and arrogance for knowing everything. Sure, gotcha. 

It simply reeks of “ME! ME! ME!” that we should be mourning the loss of Mr. Obvious hating how “cute” anime girls & yuri elements, and “feminist” elements in the studio……

– “When men die it’s business as usual, when women die its a tragedy” <– Delusional

Is this honestly a joke? His second video goes on about how we only care because woman died. Are you joking!? You can’t be honestly serious when you say this……. CNN did this, now you?! It’s apparently not just these two either, its many others, such as USA Today, New York Times, and numerous blogs seeing narcissistic attention. Many people are honestly hijacking and devaluing the death of 34 KyoAni staff to push their gender politics for views, self-importance, and idiocy. Now should be the time of mourning, not “ME! ME! ME!” idiocy. 

This isn’t about you, Mr. Obvious. Stop pushing it. Focus it on the 34 people who died. Focus on their skill sets, what they’ve created, and what they offered. You won’t, you disrespected K-On while whining and moaning about how “moe” they are. You’re not open minded. 

Yes, they were mainly woman, that has nothing to do with this. Maybe in some small portion. We were however told it was because Shinji Aoba had his assets stolen, thus why he destroyed a whole studio from making content again, something which you’re praising disrespectfully. They won’t be able to make anime again, or the way they used to. 

We shall no longer hear the stunningly beautiful, yet chilling, music Clannad had. We won’t see the emotional feels, among other things because of your arrogance and self importance for hating “moe”. They may have been funded a GoFundMe, among other donations, they will however need to work their way back up to where they used to be. Your arrogance is blinding you from seeing actual people have died, skills lost, memories burned away, and family members being unable to see one another again. Friends can’t say “hello!” to their friends in KyoAni anymore. I’d expect a snarky comment and a sneer from you. Go ahead, snear. Give us more dark humour and disrespectful comments.

You yourself read how brutal the attack was… People were burned to their underwear, yet you giggled. People jumped out of the building, you laughed. You made dark humour, you enjoyed this. You even made two videos to capitalize on the horrendous attack…. This genuinely hurts me as an Anime fan who genuinely enjoyed their content. Not ONE of the shows they created disappointed me…. Many people even admired and enjoyed their content also. 

Imagine your friends & family burning to a crisp…. Yeah, that’s honestly funny…. Not.

– Delusional, and clouded by his own fear…. Just because he can’t comprehend something he lashes out in confusion…. Typical.
– “I don’t care that 34 people died in flames, in agony. I’ll shit all over them while showing my insecurities” – jashin_Slayer_
– WOOSH!~ All the quality in the anime you couldn’t comprehend. The music, the art style, the characters, the attention to detail. Sorry that you couldn’t understand all that, even in K-On!, nor lucky star. Thanks for showing us your insecurities.

Well, that’s disgusting to the core….. Doing this just so he can gain followers while laughing at the destruction the fire caused. No care for the 34 people who died, only concern for their own fear of “moe” & their own fragility. Doing this for attention, fame… Well, it worked in certain ways…. Is this seriously how you want to be remembered though? Defiling the death of 34 people who died in agony? Shitting on the family members & friends no longer able to talk to these people just because you’re insecure about various things in life?

Sorry that you can’t comprehend various elements in KyoAni’s anime. All those carefully crafted elements of character, plot, story, music, animation detailing, and etc. All that, lost on a simple-minded person such as yourself seeking attention and fame… If anything, you seem envious that they’re able to do something others are unable, even yourself. Only attacking people more successful than you that you feel like dragging them down to your worthless level. 

Thanks for showing us how fragile of a person you are while showcasing your fragility for the world to see. 

– This one hits home because of how true it is. Its hard to bounce back from this after 34 people died, skill/talent lost, and the constant mocking of “moe”.

I honestly agree with Demolicious here! Truth! While people make degrading and horrible memes they’ll continue to devalue the 34 lives lost, negating them into nothing. They’re willing to negate them into nothingness all because they can’t comprehend the situation, can’t understand their own emotions, and just mindless. These people shall make this tragic situation seem more generic than it genuinely is. This is the second attack on Japan (post-war), and a serious one at that. Genuine lives were lost, people turned to charcoal, insane traumatic experience, and the constant mocking from western fanbases poking fun at ‘moe’. 

The reign of Moe & yuri is gone! YAY!“, type of ignorance. Their inability to comprehend the lives lost showcases their idiocy. What the animes displayed was more than moe. It always had something deeper than what was shown, something you had to invest yourself to see. There’s always more than meets the eye when it comes to the anime shown.

We’ll struggle to see more anime from them thanks to this horrible action by the arsonist. Similar with how degrading comments by people who can’t comprehend the situation. If they could genuinely comprehend the situation they wouldn’t have said what they said. Skill and talent now lost….. Families shattered, friends unable to speak to friends. Shall be difficult to get back to where they once were. If they do manage to recover it shall be interesting to show them support again. Hopefully they can remake anime at the level they have been doing previously.

Stupid people shall be stupid when mocking moe. It’s not a “joke”, nor is it proper “free speech”. A GOOD joke is one you don’t have to defend, nor delete…. Learn humour. Learn proper ‘free speech’… Learn to converse with people.


In all honestly people are envious… This is all about narcism and envy with how certain people are attacking, pushing ‘gender politics’ to derail the tragedy… People are envious that they can’t do what Anime has done, thus feeling the need to disrespect the 34 people who have died, those effected, and those relating to anime. 

 If they could comprehend the situation they wouldn’t have degraded, negated, and devalued the 34 people who have died. They wouldn’t have tried to defend their claims with two videos, nor would they have made memes, and etc…. People are envious KyoAni did good, had good anime, and how free anime is. People want to destroy anime, thus the whole gender politics bullshit going on. Respect the dead and shut up!

THIS ISN’T BECAUSE WOMAN DIED, IT’S BECAUSE 34 PEOPLE DIED! BOTH MAN AND WOMAN! It’s a big blow to the Anime industry for making high quality anime. 

KyoAni Turned into Memorial Park:

Both Yoko Hatta & Hideaki Hatta both considered tearing down the studio to create a park in memory of the tragedy. It was noted that it would be better to look at a park than a burnt building, something which we can all agree is a positive news. It shall contain a memorial to commemorate those who have perished.

I’ve honestly tried to keep my wording as professional as possible. Neutral, to the point, and with respect. There’s bound to be typos, but I still do want to show my support for KyoAni while we also have brainless idiots negating the deaths of 34 people for their own feelings and satisfaction.

Pray For KyoAni! My condolences and respect to you! Thank you for your hard work and awesome anime which brought great memories and entertainment for everybody!