[VRchat] September Chill & Flatscreened

– Hanging out with Maiya at a Fireworks world (City of Light)

With and without VR I still genuinely enjoy VR and VRchat. Even with my Oculus Rift crapping out software wise I’m forced to play desktop mode, though do have a few moments where I’m able to play in VR. Still have my fun, still enjoy exploring places, and still have my moments hanging out with various friends. 

Virtual Market 3 also forced me into VRchat to check out various worlds, thus the image count going from 180 to 228. It caused my images to skyrocket because I wanted to share the beauty within VRchat, especially Virtual Market 3, an event where content creators can showcase their booths for others to purchase from. Even in desktop mode I’m honestly thankful for the friends I have befriended in VRchat allowing us to have fun in various forms.

I’ve been having heavy Oculus Rift issues, if you want to familiarize yourself with it then please view the following links below:

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-My Experience With Oculus & Oculus Rift:

  • September 2nd, 2019:
– Hanging around nearly triggering my own fear of heights. Brain gets easily fooled in VR 🙂
– Window lurk~
– #Maiyamoth going Lamp! Lamp!
– Lamp!~
– Floofy Lamp!~
– Australia Land – Tried to find Kobi here, our Australian VRchat buddy. Learned many Australian things from him 🙂
– Purposely being prankful in a foxy manner. Maiya was scared it was going to bite them in some way. I was humourisly trying to show Maiya everything was fine. Everything is going to be just fine 🙂
– See Maiya, everything is just fine 🙂
– Adorable! Now I can have a barrel of laughs heh.
– We’ve spent a while in this world checking out funky avatars, especially this cute avatar.
– One of the avatar apparently has seats! Turned into mini-Renge to sit on Maiya’s head. Maiya couldn’t see because of my legs XD
– Checked out what appears to be a Destiny world with an animated horse.
– It originally gave me No Man’s Sky vibes to later be noted as a Destiny world. It’s beautiful 🙂
– Cute photobomb. Happily posing with this “thing”. It glitches you when you stand on the swirly part.

Unsure where to go next, we decided to go to a horror world because Maiya loves their horror fun. This one was genuinely scary once I progressed further than the first time. It genuinely spooked me, something which shows why VRchat & horror worlds are fun when things work as intended. 

WDKS VRChat Horror Experience

– Maiya scared shitless to the point they hid in a corner. That section was no joke scary. We were jump scared brutally while also being separated. You do NOT want to be separated in a horror experience.
– On one hand I don’t blame Maiya, but on another I can’t help but die laughing at the amusement. These experiences were no joke scary.

You may have some “try hards”, or maybe simply “immune” people not scared of these situations. We were. I’m in VR, thus putting me face first into these situations. When you’re in VR you’re exposed to so much more because it feels like you’re actually there. You can’t hide behind a pillow, or anything. You’re there…..

When you’re separated it becomes all that much more terrifying. You loose your support. I don’t want to say “meat shield”…. You lose your morale support. Even in a VR game losing someone becomes paralyzing to the point I started panicking. 

I guess it’s a bit of a Scooby Doo thing where its both comical and scary, depending on how and when you view things.

– Next up! Canada! Canada’s Great White North, or what was implied to be such.
– OH SHIT! SHIT! I have nowhere to go?! I’m just going to call him ‘Wendy’ because saying their actual name triggers them to come to you….. I’d rather call them Wendy…. Close enough.
– It seeks out movement, thus going after helicopter. RIP.
– Even though Maiya is my beacon of hope, my source of light….. When’s on the left side of Maiya is highly spooky. When I saw that it was creepy. Good luck spotting what’s standing next to Maiya.

We were terrified good. The school horrors, and everything. It gave us a good spook because it was done right, it worked, and it was smooth. October shall be a “fun” experience for horror worlds.

– Chillin’ at a traditional Japanese world. V!
– This charcoal dude reminded us of the coal guys in Spirited Away movie, even though I’ve seen it at a glance. I haven’t really watched the movie, just a Minecraft world tour of it. Spoilers, I know 🙂
– V!
– Interesting world with an interesting concept behind it (off screen). Love how the plane flies by.
– Behaving like sharks in the water heh.

Maiya had to go snooze by this point (10 or 11 pm), thus nudging me to go solo exploring some more. Went exploring a few more worlds before time ran out for everybody and myself. 

By this point I noted how I was off to see HMCS Haida on September 5th onward, thus unable to see anybody for a few days. 

– Ooo, a book vendor. Let’s see if there are any good issues within.
– Just a big void, eh? Guess I’ll wait for a passing vehicle, or something……
– Heeey!~ Lookie who it is! Look who dropped by, and is in hiding heh. A cute & adorable Blue dropped by. How adorable 🙂 Blue can almost pass off as a Busou Shinki, or even a Frame Arms Girl haha!
– Cute!

We had fun exploring a few worlds, or I hope Blue did. I tried to keep more on Blue’s beats instead mine as to not overwhelm Blue with my world hopping speed. Tried to examine everything. Hanging out with Blue is awesome. Without VR now its becoming harder and harder to hang out with people I respect and admire because I just can’t motion, or gesture. Interaction is key. 

Every time I hang out with Blue its always special because of how Blue is. Even though I don’t show it properly in return, I do highly respect Blue to the point each visit & exploration is highly notable because of how rarely we tend to hang out. Once a month? Again, I blame my Oculus Rift errors.

Every time you drop by I thank you highly for all the fun moments we have. Seeing you puzzle solve, checking things out, your expert choices in adorable and unique avatars. I love and respect those moments. 🙂

My social anxiety still gets in the way, but yeah. Hope we can keep on having fun in VRchat 🙂

– Chinese World – Was in a lurky mode again triggering these cool folks to seek me out.

I’m an introvert struggling to be an extrovert, though it works at times. Other times not so much. For this case I can have a nice laugh at it because I turn it into game of “can they catch me?” ….. I’ve done it a few times, even to my friends. 

The folks in the Touhou avatars were curious as to where I went, thus they relayed where I last was saying how I climbed up a rock, went up the structure, swiftly finding out where I was. I conversed with them, we exchanged a few basic words. We had fun. Could have befriended them if I wasn’t shy, though we had our brief chill moment. I continued jumping around admiring the scenery, checking out the doll nearby, among other hidden areas. They had fun changing between Touhou avatars. 

Social anxiety is a curse.

– Touhou avatars & the cute little doll just chillin’ up high.
– Something themed more towards Renge in a more traditional Japanese light. Japanese fireworks and such.
– Mom’s Touch – You can roleplay being a fast food employee here serving customers.
– This is where VR & Desktop mode vastly differ. These same particles are far more impressive in VR as they float upwards. It’s quite a gorgeous sight.

  • September 7th, 2019
– Simplistic Tree Water world. Nice ripple effects when leaves fall on water. Can see a bit Renge caused.

Was trying out the newly added Discord grouping streaming mode on September 7th onward. It works, its however highly choppy causing the video to buffer constantly. Its why I don’t stream anymore because 1) Computer requirements, & 2) Not allowed to play VR anymore because of Oculus Rift’s various hostage demands. 

It may be forcing me onto the Rift S, or even onto a new device all together. Facebook is so greedy its not even funny, not even in a comical tone. 

– Simplistic mecha shooting world where you’re able to shoot at drones. Very simple, yet fun. Pew Pew!~
– V!
– Tied with the above image, gives a loose ‘Virtual Market’ vibe from past sessions.
– Virtual Market museum? *shrugs*. Cool weapon though.
– ‘The Home Arcade’ – Now this is a cool world. Simple, and highly homely. Working retro games, reference posters, and GTA radio. Cool stuff! 🙂
– Double the retro gaming fun 🙂
– Delta going in for the kiss of Maiya’s lips. #Trimoth
– “Hai!~ Hai!~” – Delta
– This world is just too much fun. Loved it here 🙂
– Cabin By the Seaside – Nice chill area.
– V!
– Snoozy Robo-Delta is snoozy. Nyaa~
– V!~
– Adorable Robo-Delta in Kitty-box moment. Nyaa~
– Nyaa!~
– AH!~ It appears we broke Delta. RIP
– Silent Hill – V & Delta trying to grab a stop sign for Maiya constantly saying “stop~” 🙂
– Skyrim VR, anyone?
– Beat Saber in VRchat 🙂 As cool as it is, it just doesn’t replace the original game. The mapping is odd, yet still fun.
– Star Wars – Tatooine – Name is highly generic that you can’t tell its Star Wars, its however a very large desert filled with many Star Wars relics and destroyed vehicles.
– Tie Interceptor, or a part of one.
– AT-AT….. Bigger than it probably should be.
– Pixelated Life World. Giving birth to live seeing the grow and populate the black cube. You can see them migrate making it a nice simple world to chill and talk at.
– Lost Article- A relic of the past, of what once was. Hunt standing with two kids and a motherly figure. Its quite an odd experience, if beautiful. Residual energy still resides in the area showing these shadowy figures of what once was.
– Hunt tries out Beat Saber in VRC! 🙂 How long until copyright hits?
– V! (Hunt)
– Snake. Snake! SNAKE. SNAAAAAAAKE!~ (Just boxing around :P)

  • September 8th, 2019:
– Bria’s Tree – A very cool world giving me both SCP & No Man’s Sky vibes at same time. The grass is what’s doing it. You can change the colour of the grass, among other things. A cool place to hang out.
– Shiny~ The grass indeed reminds me of a specific SCP entity & world. Shame it doesn’t work in VRC anymore.
– Ruins.
– Passing by, thus trying to keep warm at a campfire. It’ll be awhile before reaching civilization again.
– Home of Dreams – That’s lit! Found another chill world similar to ‘Island of Dreams’, more homely. Many chill worlds for you to chill at, thus why I love it. Cool music choices & particles.
– Once again found a world fitting for Renge’s kitsune persona. A Japanese torii gate.
– Kon!~
– Great being an anime nerd. People use the word ‘weeb’, I however dislike that. Anime fan is fine. 🙂

Batteries were dying out harshly, however forced myself to keep staying longer and longer hiding away at Matsix’s cabin. Chilled there for awhile, someone said “Hi” to me, thus I noted “hi” back. We conversed, we explored. We had fun and I showed a person named ‘Box’ cool worlds. We visited a few Nier Automata worlds, and anything fancy. They loved it 🙂

– Holy Sword Forest – Box and myself checking out cool worlds & their secrets while forcing my batteries to last in my Oculus Touch controllers.
– Cool place 🙂
– Kotonoki – Teaching Box how to use emotes. Let’s make it snow! 🙂
– Box managed to get all the words to light up. Awesome! 🙂
– Mini groupshot 🙂
– Lunar Plants – Giving Box a cute flower heh.
– Box giving me a flower in return heh.
– Duck Hunt amusements 🙂
– Uproot – Re-exploring the world uproot possibly rediscovering that it now has this building on it.
– UpRoot is a cool place.
– Delta & myself showing Box what Beat Saber in VRC is like. Maybe a bit too supernaturally extreme heh.
– Padoru~ Padoru~
– Padoru block-slashing moments.
– Treehouse in the Shade – Showing Box they can use jetpacks, showing them scenery, and even the cool side of VRchat. Cool stuff.
– Donuts!~ Weeeeeee!~

My Oculus Rift spazzed out forcing me off the device and VRchat. It forced me to call it a night prematurely. I can honestly be on VR for a very lengthy period of time. I honestly wanted to share what made VRchat awesome to Box, however denied. I feel like trash for what Oculus Rift had done to me. I befriended more cool people unable to hang out with them, thus further stunting my experience with VRchat & everybody itself. It could be so much more, yet its constant frustration.

I’m currently in the process of saving up for an Valve Index. So much regret and frustration.

  • September 14th, 2019:
– Hollow Lake
– Shinkansen
– Star Wars – Knights of the Old Republic – Fury-Class Imperial Interceptor
– “KYOBI!~”

The surprise and hilarity from when Kobi ran up to me to vent about his workplace unable to do their job, thus taking venting his frustrating out on me. I’m cool with it, more so with how Kobi scared a friend of ours who overheard Kobi venting harshly about his workplace. Delta gradually backed up away and away while I was making note of what Kobi was saying.

Absolutely random and hilarious. This is why I love VRchat because it turns “toxic” moments into hilarious innocent moments. I don’t mind, vent. Let it all out because the more you keep things bottles up the more you’ll end up like exploding steam locomotives of old. 

– “Nyo! Bad Kobi! Bad!” – Delta
– Headpats for the frustrated Kobi 🙂
– V! Delta learning how to use Unity. Excellent stuff.
– Delta V!
– Spooky horror scene. How brutal.
– Oh, Kobi…. How crude haha!
– Headpatting “boop”
– Was jokingly hiding away seeing Delta’s Titan gun reaching into the hallway of this building.
– Delta Titan
– Quick groupshot while we were able 🙂 (VR technical difficulties, work & etc)
– Stormy Day – Delta looking out the window.
– Stormy Day – Delta looking out the window alternative.
– Smile, you’re on camera 🙂
– ASMR Beating – A 360 video showcasing a female character beating and punching you in a form of ASMR. Spoiler: You get bonked over the head. What a weird world….. PAINFUL.
– Chillin’ Kobi is chillin’
– Purdy~
– AnoHana Shelter
– Many cool places to chill and relax. Nicely recreated.
– Kobi went hiding. *Laughs*
– Neko Sisters Cabin – “And as I pray, Unlimited Spoon Works!”

I’m probably missing something, though however feel that it has something to do with Nagzz21’s old Youtube unboxing Monday streams where he kept getting spoons. Oathmeal is holding out on the clutterly, unless it has something to do with it instead being shiny. 

I don’t know…. Oathmeal & Lanfear are cats, Renge is a fox….. This is baffling. 🙂

I’m also happy to visit any Lanfear & Oathmeal world because of how awesome I find them to be as VRchat folks. Their Neko Nights, simple chill world, and such. Their VRchat lore, among other amusements. If my VR gear ever works again I honestly want to meet & greet them properly. All the constant lagspikes even making me miss out on greeting Zentraya properly. I honestly need to push for those moments again once I get my VR gear functioning without lagspikes. 

– Cozy~
– Cozy and homely. Even has events written down in a book. It’s nicely detailed in a nice simple and elegant manner. Even a nice cozy attic to relax at.
– Gladfear – I remember that stream and reference. Nobody was able to stop Lanfear, thus ‘Gladfear’ name. Ah, the fun memories & nostalgia. Its like watching anime seeing references sprinkled in a VRC world.
– Homely and cozy. Funny part was I had a real-world full moon when I saw this one in the Neko Sisters Cabin world.
– Relaxing outdoors. Works best in desktop mode & full-body tracking set-up. Try doing this in real world is a surreal experience when used to sleeping indoors.

Had fun times when my Oculus Rift headset would work. When it works, it works. I also tried visiting Neko Sister’s Cabin in a public world to only crash out because of some avatar swapping. I was in lurky mode trying to stay out of sight, out of mind. Again, I turn it into a game to see how long I’m noticed, if at all. Social anxiety, and all. 

I loved visiting Neko Sisters Cabin also spotting Christmas & Halloween vibes. Cool move. Even the neat hotspring, among other cool simple rest areas. Nicely done by Legends. 

– Discord Group Streaming – Googly Eyes – A random person walks up to my buddy Delta, turns around, then causes Delta to burst out laughing in surprise. It was an awesome moment to experience. This is what makes VRchat awesome. (October 16, 2019)

  • September 24, 2019 – Virtual Market 3 Event (Desktop mode):

Virtual Market 3 is an annual event in VRchat showcasing objects & avatars to sell mainly to the Japanese market. Though, foreigners are welcome, thus the global acknowledgement of allowing others to visit this place. Its a week long event allowing people to visit worlds to explore booths to purchase things. You have to go to their linked sites (noted at booths) to be able to purchase things, or simply use their public avatars (sometimes with watermarks) to take as souvenirs. 

Everything from here on forwards is desktop mode because of how Oculus refuses to acknowledge my Oculus Rift. Even with driver reinstalls it simply refuses to read it. 

– Mecha hanger filled with many mecha things. 7/11 is an official sponsor. You can also change the mecha on display.

I could have honestly gave the Virtual Market thing its own blog posting, yet shall force it all into one blog posting for simplicity sake in certain ways. I feel cheated unable to further explore the worlds, thus just uniting it all under one blog posting. Future me may curse at this, it is what it is.

– Using in-world mirror to take selfies in place of VR camera.
– Mecha67608, or similar. Mirror the image 🙂
– Reminds me of Bolt Gundam from G Gundam, just in a mass-produced manner.
– Lewd! Relevant because references to objects tends to be linked to certain worlds. You’ll see where this originated from further down.
– Reminds me of ‘Gundam: War in a Pocket’, or even ’08th Team Gundam’. These are nice diorama type booths always catching my eye.
– Selfie attempt 🙂
– 7/11 folks. These folks can be found in every Virutal Market 3 world.
– These may be genuine, or they may be inspiration off of Yu-Gi-Oh! To me they give off Yu-Gi-Oh vibes.
– Japanese 7/11s sure are something. Canadian ones are just “meh”.
– Hungry for something? 🙂
– Just admiring the Japanese 7/11, don’t mind me.
– Mecha Musume content if you want to purchase them.
– Coonel-Works – Feel free to scan QR code.
– Tank themed display. Tank hotdogs anyone? 🙂
– Foxy Mecha musume!~ Danke Works – I honestly want to know more about this one! I saw this in a previous archived public world from a past Virtual Market world.
– Was feeling down about no VR & painfully exhausted, thus Floofy came to visit. He knows how down I feel about no VR, thus trying to ease my pain by simply hanging around and exploring things.
– Hawk’s ‘checking the computer’ pose heh.
– I was attracted to this Blossom because of how Renge’s name translates to ‘Lily’ from Japanese. I had to get pictures from here.
– BONK!~ Floofy hit their head on the Lily blossom heh.
– “AH! It’s to cramped in here! AHH!~” – Hawk
– Cool view down showing you mecha & various booths and displays.
– Cool little traveling truck you can walk into. Everything is miniature. Funny thing is that this truck is also its own world in VRC with moving scenery.
– Hawk giving me the ‘evil eye’ for trying to hid in the truck/van display. Hawk is also holding onto something interesting.
– Staring contest. Who won? You decide! 😛
– Fancy, with interactive props.
– Drilling lewd moments were to be had. Silly Lewd Hawk heh.
– Pew!~ Pew!~
– Hawk assumed it was a weird hamburger at first. Go wear your hamburger helmet you silly floof!~ 😛
– Boop!~
– A very dramatic way of setting up a camera. Almost like a sword dance, or something. One of those traditional Japanese dances heh.
– Functioning QR codes for the interested.
– Double-backed a bit to revisit this cute foxy.
– Hey!~ Hunt came to pay a visit. Yay!~ Many amusing jokes to be had.
– They noted how I was depressed & exhausted, thus giving me numerous headpats & cuddles. Joked they couldn’t reach me if I proned haha!
– Let’s activate the mecha!

If someone could honestly design a VR Mecha game in this way things would be awesome. Just freely walk up to a console, cycle through your mecha, and see various holographic detailings of it. Would make for a cool mecha game. 

– Hawk assisting Hunt in standing while both boast about & have fun with their full-body tracking moments.
– NO! Hunt! Don’t jump! (His tracking gave out on perfect timing causing him to ping pong up and down a few times.)
– Angelic floofy!
– Another Virtual Market 3 world in an urban Japanes traditional manner. Cool stuff!
– Various booths and hidden areas up ahead.
– ?
– Reminds me of a certain someone from the Higurashi anime.

  • Virtual Market 3 – Part 2 (Desktop mode)
– Awesome Cathedral-Library set-up.
– A cool avatar I saved while also using the mirror for selfies.
– Cool sword and a cool display. Shame I can’t share its true beauty.
– Oh! What a surprise! Re: Zero roadshow advertisement. I honestly love this anime.
– Found me an interesting new avatar. Not the best, its however neat.
– Numerous avatars on displays. Careful though, some tend to contain water-marks and advertisement boxes, thus forcing you to chuck avatars away.
– Many clever tricks and techniques tend to be shown off here. 1-way effects.
– Ficsnade
– Good luck on the QR code reading 🙂
– Heartwarming message to those who read & note it.
– Shibuya Day – Special booth with a special message.
– Mecha Musume for your mecha musume needs.
– Shibuya Day – Outdoors.
– This caught my attention. A manga, or similar.
– Masscat – Customfactory
– Nyaa~
– Found a cute little Kitten avatar 🙂
– Various advertisement to other worlds.
– Faded Shibuya.
– Loving the faded stuff & tram patterns. Lots of cool stuff here.
– Shibuya night
– Mecha Musume – Prisciena
– Nyaa~ Nyaa!~
– Cat store
– Shibuya dog enlarged for VRC scenery.
– Tram had a ‘service disruption’ error. RIP.
– Secondary mecha hanger world.
– Mecha Musume
– Mecha Musume – Lita
– Alternate angle.
– Mecha plushies for your plushy needs.
– Atelier Alca – One of my favourite booths.

Atelier Alca’s booth is one of my favourite because of how its professionally designed. Very catchy, colourful, and very fancy. You can choose between characters, their customization, and how neat they are. 

Their Booth online is awesome:

I’m tempted in experimenting with obtaining their avatar.

– Cute 🙂
– Virtual Market 3 Selfie using one of their own avatar.
– Testing out Virtual Market 3 chat. Missed out on Delta saying ‘Pizza Time’. Shame. Wish this was a standard feature in normal VRchat. It honestly needs this & teleport. Obviously able to filter teleport off.
– Cute waffle. WAFFUUUUUUU!~
– BattleNurse
– BattleNurse – BattleCafe – Interestin expression from an interesting avatar.
– Minecraft inspired world; Cows are on the other side.
– This character melted my heart. Too cute! I honestly want to know where I can obtain her. I want her!
– Highly adorable! Cute! 🙂
– Gif of the cutest hop I’ve seen. <3
– Admiring the scenery 🙂
– High-class laughter 🙂
– Lewd! XD
– Non VM3 world – Simply beautifully scenic.
– PSO Mining World (Non VM3)
– Cool PSO Mining tunnel 🙂

  • September 27, 2019:
– Second version of cake world.
– Choo!~ Choo!~
– Sweet~
– *laughs*
– Cute little floofies.
– Flooof~
– Floooof~ With waggy tail animation.
– Mecha musume on ‘konpaito’.
– Dead or Alive lewd mousepads. One with breasts, another with butts. Its tasteful, if weird to see in SFW worlds.
– Dive! Dive! Dive!~ (Boing)
– This anchor caught my attention. Tried going to the site to buy it, was unable to find it. Desiring it for KanColle & Azur Lane vibes.
– Underwater dolphin/whale home.
– Contact information
– Cool booth with no contact information. Simply a booth.
– Someone is being crabby today. Yeesh~ 😛

I approve of the Virtual Market idea. I tried going through everything I was able ot manage. Needs more time. I wish we could have had another week (2 weeks total) to explore everything. There are people who want to visit it, yet have life to deal with, thus unable to attend. 

I viewed probably half of these worlds, or a quarter at the least. I find them awesome, I love the concept. I wanted to continue exploring the worlds with them being unlisted. A shame. Cool concept, bad timing. 

Bonus Images – Desktop Mode:

Just some extra images while showing certain avatars to certain people. Inside jokes & everything. Delta with a Delta world (Deltagem | Possibly stolen avatars) containing familiar avatars they’ve once used. 

– Tupper Cirno error effects.
– Cute trap is cute.
– Hunt’s avatars getting all oddly intimate. (idle animations)
– Mothly lamp for a #Maiyamoth
– Delta & myself having fun flinging pillows around. Weeeee~
– Teasing #Maiyamoth by sitting on Maiya’s head.
– Maiya’s frustration continued for roughly 10 min. Lamp!~ (all in good fun).

Friend Images:

Just a few bonus images from Friend’s POV because my VR gear is down. There are moments they tend to capture which I’m oblivious to. Many memorable moments to note.

– Group shot in front of a lovely mecha 🙂
– Amusing image. My head barely peaking through.
– Hunt & Hawk about to buy a Shinki Renge figure at 7/11. Anything seems possible in Japan heh.
– Group shot in front of the 7/11.
– Foxy Lily.
– Well, that’s one “unique” outfit. Very shiny.
– Fireworks! Weee!~

– Gif attempt one of Floofy dancing.
Gif attempt 2 of Floofy dancing.
Far too cute <3

This may have indeed been an equally as big of a blog posting as previous ones, only because I wanted to get everything shared all at once. I could have split the original images & Virtual Market 3 into their own blog posting, though feel cheated I was unable to finish exploring VM3 because of how it timed out. 

I’m thankful for the friends I have befriended in VRchat allowing me to still have fun regardless if I play on VR or desktop mode. Fun is fun, and you can have fun regardless. It honestly is a shame my sessions tend to be stunted in some way because of technical difficulties, though however happy I have numerous memorable moments to make note of. Many fun moments to call back upon to have fun boasting & praising how fun VRchat is. 

Thanks for viewing and hope to see you in VRchat the next time I play. Hopefully when I can get VR working again.