VRChat – Seekers of The Lamp 1ST Anniversary

One year since I’ve met cool folks in VRchat having fun wherever we want within VRchat. Having a blast both within and outside of VRC enjoying whatever we stumble across. LAMP!~. We befriended one another October 21st, 2018.

– Holo & Kobi being mini-me’s

October 20/21st, 2018 was when we stumbled across one another having the blast having first met Hawk & Hunt. I was testing out my sensors for my Oculus Rift because they had a habit of bugging out, thus wanted to make sure it worked fine in a stress-testing manner. Took a week off from work for some self-care because I was also highly wound up with this being 1 minute into that week allowing me to hang out with those on Nagzz21’s side, as well as meeting new friends within VRC. Was taking pictures at a Treehouse world to find my Rift mic was muted for a good 1 hour because of the Yeti mic took over causing unknown awkwardness. I tried talking to no avail. VRchat did not switch my mic back to my Rift so I was effectively mute for 1 hour allowing me to become friends with two awesome friends; Hunt & Hawk as they both commentated about how I was taking pictures & etc. People later poured in as the night went on with my buddy Nighthawk, Kobi, among others joinin in. People I haven’t met before. Became a party. Best night ever! Glad to see they’re still hanging around for more VRC and gaming fun. Lurking, playing when able. Life happens. 

For this anniversary we tried our best for a group photo. Many things occurred causing oddities. Also, without a functioning Oculus Rift there are situations with images way out of my control. I was unable to take specific images having to rely on others for them. More or less a success.

Side-Note: Also, I’m indeed late posting this one month later because of work, stress, exhaustion, and even getting sick. Things did not line up until about a month later. 

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  • The Tree House – Where it all Began:
– Hunt admiring a little Maiyawolf – Holo Maiya :). Kobi to the right.
– Kute~
– Hunt Agrees (Cute)
– *Sitting intensifies*
– Holo with her mini-figures heh. Missing a little Renge on the side.
– Memories from a New Year in VRC! YAY!~
– I find it hilarious how dwarfed we are, and also how that avatar was saved for this long. The memories.

One of the greatest moments, something I wish I captured on video, was how Maiya walked up to Hunt asking him if he wanted cookies. The moment Maiya noted that was when Hunt’s trackers gave out causing him to squid/octupus his way out of the situation. Basically where I was standing in the below image with Maiya standing in front of me (looking up to him) to have Hunt float back towards the tree itself. Hunt is the one with the white hair…. His tracker gave out turning him into a squid leaving the area.

Both Maiya and myself died laughing. It was brilliant! Best timing ever! 🙂

*Dies laughing at the thought again*

– Jetpacking wackiness Weeeee~
– Delta going all Code Vein with the Sabers from Fire Force. Mish-mash awesomeness.
– “YOU!”
– And Kobi was never seen again 😛
– Titanfall – Mission time!
– Titanfall – The above two images being my favourite because of the vibe, the colours, and atmosphere. Appears highly epic.
– Wizardy and Magic!
– “Magic Rainbow”……. “Rain~Bow~”
– *Moth glares intensifies (top right)
– *Insert Pingu Noises here*
– Pretty! Ghibli world is glorious!

Something to note is how Maiya being in a chibi Holo avatar had me dying of cuteness the whole two sessions. I kept wanting to take images to find that Chibi Holo fits everywhere. I had to keep telling myself “Everything in moderation”.


– Torotoro Maiya
– *Holo Maiya Intensifies*
– *Cute Holo Maiya intensifies*
– Hunt and the ‘Mighty Mask’…. Fine, No Name mask 🙂
– The grand onsen…. Wow! And no, I’m not being lewd! I’m genuinely admiring the scenery!
– Curious Blue appeared! Nice! Also, Delta showing off his Code Vein set-up with Fire Force Sabers. Nicely done 🙂
– Code Vein intensifies
– Train ride intensifies 🙂
– Beautiful V
– Admiring a Beautiful painting 🙂
– Laffey going “blub blub” in the onsen tub.
– “Let me in! Let me in! Let me iiiiiiin!” – Kobi
– Cozy~
– Being all goofy checking out various texture clippings, and voids in textures. This is VRC, and I love it.
– ‘The Gathering’
– Delta guiding people to the next waypoint similar to those airport guides.
– Kobi’s Blender world.
– Cubed~
– “Its a trap!” (“And as I pray, Unlimited Trap Works!”)
– Floofy Moth. Floof!~
– >Insert semi-rude comment about Renge being a Diamond worth little< (Genuine call-back from me)
– Untitled Goosing intensifies with magic and effects. Fancy~

Note: At the time I wasn’t genuinely avoiding people. I love climbing things or interacting with things nearby, thus why you see me on a higher elevation than the others. When in VR I’m naturally distracted by my own VR movements while in desktop mode I need more to distract my mind with. I climbed on top of the cave pillars hoping others would have joined me up here. Wasn’t avoiding people, simply went for a drink to find a portal was dropped taking us to a fish feeding world. This is where things hiccuped a bit by getting derailed. The whims of VRchat are strong here. It’s easy being pulled in various ways because that’s what VRChat is, or should be. 

– Fish food fight!

Various people started joining so I wasn’t sure how to react. When people usually join I tend to go mute. I don’t hide, I just lurk and observe. I still have that social awkwardness which I can’t seem to cure because people gravitate to specific people so I can’t really connect until a hand is reached out from the other party. 

My social anxiety is the cause of Ottawa having bullied me since Kindergarten all the away to highschool so its a bit heavily ingrained into my habits to observe before I interact. Its genuinely difficult to shake it off. I’m however VRchat has indeed made me more vocal, more expressive, and I’m highly thankful for that. It however hasn’t cured it outright. I wish I could connect and better express myself with others. Its still a painful process. Not seeking a ‘pity party’, as one Canadian from an online hobby called me out for. Just noting things to be clear. 

Either way, this whole gathering led us from the fish feeding to a guy having made a cozy bed world to showcase it to us. It was awesome. We followed them finding out their ‘Community labs’ world eventually became fully accepted later. Cool stuff 🙂

– Cozy~
– Poor Maiya having harsher social anxiety than I, thus hiding away up there. Its shall be alright Maiya. *headpats*
– *Floof!*
– The glory of pneumatic presses…. Oh, the time I remember Egg, or someone similar from Nagzz21’s side going to sleep to that…. Was in a Twitch Stream. The amusing awkwardness *laughs*
– *Lurks*
Girls Frontline video with Blue going “What the hell?!” in a gesturing manner heh.
– Floof!~……. *looks to right*….. I feel heavy amount of murderous intent…. Those red eyes. Spooky~
– Floof!~
– French Ground Gundams! Now you’re speaking my language! One of my favourite Gundam as well for how neat they are.
– Gundam Liberation 🙂
– We’re all just goofing around heh. Maiya and myself were hiding under pillows. Just messing around.
– Inosuke! Nice 🙂
– Untitled Titanfall Madness
– 1 second too late – Inosuke and friends trying to interact with Maiya & myself because we were simply “statues” in the world. Just lurking. Idling too much. If I knew how to react I would have also reacted properly to their joking demands 🙂 VRC <3

Yeah, no disrespect. Maiya and myself simply have heavy amounts of social anxiety for various reasons. Mine was caused by Ottawa’s bullying (noted above) while Maiya’s differs from mine. We lurked; Maiya tends to hide-hide away out of sight. I also had to eat by this point so I ate schnitzels to find it hit my keyboard both muting & unmuting me. Became highly awkward heh. Went to scout out a horror world Maiya wanted to play. Everybody left so we simply hid in the maze and another horror world before finding out everything went bust. 

I tried convincing friends to come back to only get hesitation. Weird. *shrugs*. I tried……… I can only do so much. Work with me here……. Not blaming anybody though. 

– Horror world cuteness heh.
– Spooky, Scary, Maiyamoth….. We made it a fair distance into this world until we became roadblocked. Couldn’t convince people to jump back on so “we” (Maiya & myself) continued on.
– Maiya’s smug face.

And this is where I lost it taking images of Cuteness Chibi Holo checking out where Maiya obtained mini Holo 🙂 

We just happened to have visited the lovely ‘Neko Sisters Cabin’ for how beautiful it is. Maiya wanted to visit it 🙂

– Jiiiiiiiiiiiii~
– Jiiiiiiiiiii~
– Jiiiiiiiiiii~
– *smugness*
– YAY!~
– *Happy Giggles*
– *Happy Giggles*
– Pretty~

And so, the first night concluded. We did a day two of the anniversary meet-up because of how time-zones worked and how we befriended one another. Also because I had two days off specifically for this anniversary. When I befriended my buddies it was basically two timezones, two days…. 19 & 20, or 20 & 21… I started playing on one date going into another. 

Part 2 of 2 – Extended Meet-up:

Keep in mind that I lost my Oculus Rift to Oculus’s narcissistic application blocking out my headset with an ‘No HDMI Connection’ error. Even though my headset works I can’t play in VR because of software blocks, thus stunting my growth and interaction on VRchat, and preventing me from taking selfies. I gave up on my Rift with it now collecting dust in another corner of the room. My love for VRchat is basically forced into a bonsai tree, not an actual grown tree. Shame. Still have to make the most of things 🙂

– Visited a lovely little French world with the Eiffel tower and cool scenery. Something out of anime. Love the trams, the various routes to take. Beautiful
– Trams & trains fall within my interest. Been on the hunt for a good train sim waiting on Rising World to implement trains finding Minecraft has a neat one with ‘Traincraft’. Any other Train Sim always falls flat for being laggy, too expensive, or some silly nonsense like that. Just give me a good train sim.
– Air Hockey! This spoke to me on a Canadian level, and because I played air hockey in Tucepi, Croatia. I basically spawned as many targets as possible creating a tower. Caused mayhem *evil laughter*
– Beautiful, if spooky.
– Oo!~ PSO2 ‘My Room’ world being fully expanded upon. Beautiful!
– Invited Einz to the world for making my avatar. Regretted not having invited him earlier for Day 1. So much slipped my mind.
– Maiya snacking on some food while Einz lifted some weights (and made a mess of things)
– Bagel selfies of Einz 😛
– I spy a lovely U-Boat hiding away in VRC. Einz, Delta, Myself, and Maiya stuck out at sea on patrol on a U-Boat. The harsh life of those on Uboats eh?
– Such a beautiful night on patrol. Them stars are gorgeous.
– Einz showing off his Kamen Rider avatar collection to us. Awesome! 🙂
– A PSO2 world Maiya wanted to visit for old time sake. The memories, the nostalgia.
– *Lurks*
– That smugness heh
– Einz & Delta talking avatar related fun. Nice.
– Shy Maiya is shy. We kept trying to reach Maiya to end up getting stuck on the roof portion. This world is aging with various changes to VRC. Delta managed to reach Maiya.
– More Kamen Rider goodness! 🙂
– Einz’s friends coming to say “Hello” 🙂
– Interesting gathering 🙂
– Einz & Delta hunting for more Kamen Rider. The funny part is this is where myself and Blue first hunt out a year ago after doing a ‘Legends’ world. Blue joined us here. For me at least, I find this nostalgic. Not sure about Blue. Also, I thank you for joining me in this world Blue 🙂
– I’m highly amused how Maiya (as Holo) was staring at the mirror. Too adorable. Accidentally flashed Delta with an upskirt shot. WHOOPS!~ Blue & Delta laughed it off. 🙂
– *Mirror observation intensifies*
– Merry Christmas! Snowman & Padoru in the shot. I turned into a Padoru myself heh. Maiya did not like it one bit noting “TOO EARLY FOR PADORU!” XD
– Shiny~ ….. Following the group to an MMD world.
– Dance, dance! I find Renge is a good dancer, especially visually. When you get those dancing movements in Renge really shines.
– >Code Vein intensifies<
– >Code Vein Dancing intensifies<
> Code Vein Dancing Intensifies<
– Monster Maiya.
– Puella Magica going all Matrix 🙂 Pew pew!~

Everything was going more-or-less smoothly until I heard a crash and banging in the real world…. Checked it out, someone fell….. I went MIA/AFK for a lengthy amount of time getting angrier and angrier as time elapsed. I had to deal with someone falling for frustrating reasons….. Won’t go into too much detail, it however soured the night causing me to miss out on one golden opportunity for a perfect photoshoot upon my return.

When I came back I saw Hawk headpatting Maiya to then ask where I went. I then overheard Hawk going to a Beat Saber world with me heading to a simple cardboard box world to silently vent a bit. 

People wondered where I went…. I came back furious; A mute…. Way to sour my night. I VERY gradually cooled off, though a little too late. I thank my friends for being patient with me, and I apologize in a formal way….. It is what it is, it however ruined my night. I’m however thankful people still allowed me to have a good night in VRchat. Thanks for making it awesome, even to that highly obnoxious friend of Hunt’s. He put a nice cherry on top. I thank him for that, even if I told him to stop doing what he was doing. He was however being excessively frustrating and annoying……. 

– Found my friends waiting at a Beat Saber world. They were having fun while I was all puffed up. Weird connection.
– Delta having is round (after I stole his saber) while Floofy’s sleeve is in view to the right.
– Floof!~ He loves his Beat Saber. Now plays ‘Synth Riders’.
– Beat Saber fun 🙂 Makes me miss my VR.
– Blocks going ‘poof’ 🙂
– It’s a pretty world. 🙂
– Hunt being locked up in his cage heh. Stabbing hunt from up top. 🙂
– 🙂

What I find a bit frustrating is how I keep putting my friends in a weird spot because every time I jump onto VRchat the 40%~ of the time I’m frustrated, upset, or even depressed. I need to hop on in a more positive note enjoying VRChat in a more positive note. Those times are there, and I admire them, thus why I have so many blog postings dedicated to VRC. Or at least why each blog posting contains so many images. Life is life, its how you deal with it.

– Cozy Bed world. WE have returned!
– Hunt’s friend being quite “something”.
– Me as Mini Renge being taken an image of by Floofy. (Alternate perspective further below)
– Light and Darkness! Now we know what side Hawk & Hunt side on within the Star Wars realm 🙂
– We have returned to the Treehouse! Yay~
– Reflective Perspective.
– Out of this world media perspective 🙂
– Ponder-Floof
– Hunt’s Alternative Perspective
– Delta was on a lewd adventure constantly doing upskirts, being naughty…. Kept trying to hide the camera from him…..
– Angelic Floof
– Angelic Floof Part 2
– All them headpats.
– Just like the good old times 🙂
– Because of Delta’s lewdness I went on a lengthy journey twice…. Found out it was in vain because of a respawn button. REEEE!~
– Hunt be floaty while we hung around the Death Star 🙂
– JackSepticEye avatar invades our world! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!
– Hunt’s friend returned to stir up more chaos.
– If you cherry pick through certain parts of the obnoxious behaviour you can find redeeming qualities and amusements 🙂
– Floof!~ We all turned into Hawk 🙂
– Floofy Bee Floofy 😉
– Mayday! Mayday! A bee on fire is crashlanding! RUN! Emergency! Emergency!
– *Plop*

Was fun hanging out with my buddies again after so many ups and downs. A shame the night had to be soured, though thankful and pleased to note we’ve made the most of our session. Grander things were planned, though plans tend to be stepped on by the whims of VRC, life, and etc. We’ve made the most of it, and we can proudly say we had fun in VRChat on our anniversary 🙂

Lastly, images from my friend’s side of things.

Friend’s Perspective:

– Maiya, myself, Delta, Kobi, & Hunt. Missing Floofy.
– Lamp!
– Hunt, Maiya & myself at Ghibli 🙂
– Delta, Hunt, Kobi, Myself, & Maiya.
– Myself, Blue, Delta, Hunt, & Maiya (Ghibli)
– Hunt’s beautiful haste shot. (Hunt, Kobi, Delta, Myself, Blue, & Maiya
Hunt leaving an impression. 🙂
– Mini-Renge sure has been framed nicely.
– Cozy bed world – Muuu~
– *Lurks*
– Hunt being stalked by 19 gunshot wounds.
– Treehouse world – Myself, Hunt, Delta, & Hawk.
– Part 2 🙂
– Renge on a journey to find their destiny.
– Unamused Hunt is unamused? A disturbance in the force before the Death Star’s destruction?
– AH! I’m flying away!
– Floofy group shot 🙂

Here is to hoping I can continue playing VRchat with people playing VRC on a whim. Its been fun since November 17, 2017, and I thank Nagzz21 for introducing VRC to me. I’ve had genuine fun from then till now having numerous fond memories of VRC. I even dream of VRchat. It’s an awesome experience, more so in VR mode. I thank my friends for making VRchat awesome, and to those who have faded in and out of my experiences with VRchat. You’ve made it awesome! 

If we can keep having fun in VRchat, let’s do so. People have been shy, and selective, though still wish and desire to have more fun in VRchat. Hope to see you in VRchat whenever things line up to do so 🙂