[VRchat] Happy New Year 2019!

– “Happy New Year!” with my best buddies in VRchat <3

Happy New Year! Happy 2019! 2018 was a great year for me VRchat side with many highs and lows to note. Simply enjoying VRchat by exploring worlds, finally joining Nagzz21’s Patreon Discord, joining various meet-ups in VRchat, meeting new buddies, seeing what VR is capable of, and just having fun. Not all sunshine and rainbows, but it was a good year. Certain things are still a certain way while still locked, yet shall unlock them in time. 

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This next part may sound over-used, and sappy, especially in the VRchat community. Even so, I am HIGHLY grateful and thankful for the friends I have met throughout VRchat (especially during the 1 week stress leave from work) to meet up with my great buddies Hawk’, Hunt, & Kobi. Through them I even met a few other people whom occasionally drift in and out of our photoshoots such as Isha, Delta, and Blue, among others. It’s thanks to my main trio (or quadtrio; Maiya) that we’re able to go on various adventures in VRchat. When I say I’m highly thankful and grateful for having my main buddies I am genuine with that. I thank them for showing me things in VRchat I wouldn’t have seen otherwise, participated in, and etc. Without people you’re basically locked out of various things. Overused and sappy wordings, sure. The wordings however holds strong weight because of how much fun we’ve had since October, and even before that with other groupings of people coming and going with time. Even though Twitter itself dislikes my posting style I’m still grateful for how safe I feel in VRchat. For those that stuck, thanks for following me!  Thanks for following and joining my Discord group! Thanks for watching me on Twitch whenever you guys do watch. I always feel like I’m doing something wrong on Twitter because it’s at times bugged unsure what’s real and what isn’t, yet always have fun in VRchat regardless. I genuinely feel both “safe” and “at home” in VRchat. I love it! 

Without my buddies I would probably still be figuratively left in the gutter just drifting through VRchat exploring worlds without really hanging with people. Sure, I would have hung out with my other buddies on occasions, but those are few and far in between. Granted, the feeling of “feeling like home” still applies here from either perspective of 2017 & 2018 happenings on my side. You guys have my special thanks for allowing me to experience VRchat in an immersive manner. To the VRchat developers, if you’re reading this, thanks for making something similar to a nest for us to roost in. Thanks for also showing what VR is capable of when people actually take the initiative to do things. 

And it honestly goes without saying I wouldn’t be here having fun in VRchat if it wasn’t for Nagzz21 with the doll clip. My favourite Twitch clip of “Hey Arctic!” holds strong emotions to me for obvious reasons <3

I still need to thank you in person (in VRchat), Nagzz21. 

– Traveling through every fireworks related world; Hunt, myself, Maiyamoth/Maiyabun, & Delta.  Them glowy glowy eyes. 
– Them glowy, glowy eyes. Quite….. A bright sight. 
– Honestly makes me happy with how chaotically fun things have become in VRchat just doing what we feel is fun. Just let loose, similar with how “random” this image is. Wack-a-mole, throwing tuna, and etc. 
– Wack-a-Hunt! – Music is also ‘Feint – Shockwave
– Simple parasol fun. Just loving the simplistic pose. 
– Renge Photobomb! Kon! Kon! 
– Group photo of Kobi, Hunt, Hawk’, myself, and Maiyabun
– Heavily peppering an AFK’ing hunt with Sakura pedals.
– A censored foxy nether-region (“Hahaha! and he looked away”)
– Censored lewd foxy – Part 2
– Maiyamoth looking menacing; Those eyes dig into your soul seeking your deepest secrets. Need to poke them out! 😛
– Jiiiiiiiiii~
– Fireworks! 
– Renge is once again with her parasol.
– Hunt has been lewded! REEEEEEE!~ 
– Lamp! 

We have a running joke with Maiya being a Moth because of the whole lamp & moth meme. Maiya loved the meme so much she kept saying “lamp” when playing Rising World, even appearing in a [Twitch Chat], or [this tweet] to the point of being a constant thing. Jested we would make a statue of her in Rising World, in VRchat, call her Maiyamoth, Maiyabun, and etc. She finally found an avatar finally using it above. Sorry Maiya, but you keep digging yourself a hole, thus why it sticks so much heh.

– Hawk dancing 16 minutes before the countdown. Havana, yet Canadian here. Ottawa/Toronto 🙂

The timer also was counting down to New Years in my area with the final 20 minutes left with all of us in VRchat’s New York City’s Time Square. Heard the fireworks both locally and in VRchat was awesome. It was revamped with new things happening loving the various changes they’ve done to the whole place. The new billboards and adverts. There’s been a slight regret wishing we would have stayed in a Friends+ instance, yet we went into public to see it in a grander manner. Got to hang out with majority of my buddies. If, in a very laggy manner. The timer hit 0, and it was New Years! Happy New Years! 

– Fireworks in VRchat’s Time Square. Was a blast, even with the panic and hiccup.
– A foxy Tupper. Kon!~
– Basic Hunt Avatar
– Kobi went “nuts” last night. At least he’s “basic” in this image in his unique basic avatar 😛 KOBI! (Please don’t kill me)
– Hunt-Chan
– Hawkter rocking out in excitement. Kon!
– Headpatting the cute foxy Hawk <3 Double the headpat power! Kon!
– One final semi-group shot of us all examing the cardboard cutouts before venturing our different ways. 

I’m honestly glad I could briefly see, wish, and admire the cuteness of Blue (next to Tupper in white) before we wandered our own separate ways. Her cuteness is adorable causing me to melt each time. <3 The hectic nature of New Years though caused us to all go our own separate way.

Because of how we panicked we each went our own way to either call it a night, to hang with their own buddies, crashed, or continue roaming about VRchat for the final few worlds before hopping off. It was fun, and I loved it, just a bit chaotic with how indecisive we were. Even so, that’s probably what made the night what it was. We loved it. I love VRchat, I feel at home there, I feel safe, and I want to keep coming back for how homely it is. No joke!

New Year ‘After Part’/’After Images’:

– Checking out various fireworks related worlds taking images in a lovely simplistic world <3 Less is more in this case 🙂
– “2019 is what you make of it”, or what I’m seeing in Hunt’s posture on the right heh.
(Not Maiya, but a random buddy I befriended a few weeks back)
– Drawing fish & an OwO cat for late night amusements for nearly being up 24 hours because of nightmares & work.  OwO!~
– Funky combed heart turned into webbing. Tried to copy one of the heart emotes in chat; Hearts for StampedSteel in Twitch chat please! <3
– “NO! REEEE!~ I’ve been captured by Hunt! Let me free!”

New Years After Party Hangout:

Because of how we ended up panicking the night before we ended up going back just to make sure any loose ends we had were tied. Didn’t want to have any regrets for 2019. 

– Mirai Akari <3
– Hawk’s quad wand to release more of her kitsune magic with 😛
– Dancing tease & poke. Hawk: “Sister! No, don’t do that!” XD
– Hawk running away because Time Square was crashing us one-by-one saying they were next. Run to save your lives! XD
– Dalek (Dr.Who) Shinki. “Exterminate! Exterminate!” 
– “No, sister! Bad sister! You should not be doing these naughty things” – Hawk’
– Saw this happen live on Twitch thankful to Nagzz21 and friends for encouraging me jump onto VRchat to meet cool people and have fun adventures. Even to go into VR tryingfun new things. (Myself and hunt near the bottom right).

It’s always a great fun time hanging out on VRchat making even the silliest of things highly amusing. Thanks for making my 2018 a blast. Now onto 2019 for my third year in VRchat making it an awesome experience. Let’s see how VRchat shall evolve. 🙂

Brief Nostalgic Lookback:

Looking back at some of my images into 2018 (October 2018) I’m loving how much fun we had. I’m finding it nostalgic how we encountered one another, how we had fun, where we had fun, what avatars we had at that time. Just looking back at some of these images really shows why I keep coming back to VRchat while flooding both Twitter, Discord, & blog with it. It’s not just a simple social game, it’s a whole lot more. It’s a game where we can play games, be random, among other things; A game where we can be ourselves without worrying about linear gameplay.

Back in October 21st, 2018 I had to take a stress leave from work because of how harsh the work was. It took a toll on me to the point I forced a 1 week off, and grateful I had. IF I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have met Hunt, Hawk, Kobi & others. I would have had other health issues also. Things wouldn’t be as they are. As cheesy as it sounds, things would have been different, and I am highly grateful in meeting them. The first night I jumped in I was stress testing something (probably my sensors) staying up till 5 am in the morning hanging with these newfound buddies. They were THAT fun to hang with, thus we hang out whenever we can, thus why we hung out until 5 am. We met in a weird way because I only just recently obtained my Yeti mic forcing me to be mute VRchat side so I didn’t say anything for an hour, even though we hung there hearing amusing comments from mostly Hawk.  They assumed I was either a mute or ignoring them, unaware my own mic was muted. It was roughly an hour until I realized what had happened. Gotta love how things happen. 

– The world we partially met seeing them just casually conversing in VRchat.
– Observing the Subnautica-like scenery in VR sure is surreal in an awesome manner.
– Funny enough, this is how “we” even met Kobi. Kobi! Just flying around. Even idling at times while flying that jetpack
– All of us just chillin’, not quite “friends” just yet.  This image is freaky when looking back with how things shaped out. No friend requests yet.
– Our first actual semi-group shot heh. Peekaboo!~ 
– My favourite image from October 21st, 2018. Powerful.
– Kon! Kon!~ V
– V
– Nyaa!~ Nyaa!~ 
– The week led into meeting Lancer, hanging out with Queen Tepe again, and other folks whom never popped in again. Happy to have played Murder at least once. Wouldn’t mind playing it again, just requires lots of people. 
– Spooky Pyramid. Got stuck at first puzzle, yet was fun with the antics we had heh.
– Hawk, our high-and-mighty kitsune in Full body tracking. 😛 IN WHAT OTHER game can you do this?! 😛
– Simplistic image of Einz joining us for some Hot potato Booms. Not the best image, yet one of the few where we died laughing with how silly it was. Einz is our Kamen Rider enthusiast heh.
– This is my indirect way of paying respect to WolfMarine in VRchat while also recalling my moment in Nagzz21’s Photoshoot lagging like hell. I was unable to take this image until after the whole meet-up. I still feel bad for muting the music on people assuming it was local T_T Lanfear, I’m sorry! X.X
– Friended Blue’ and getting headpatted by Blue! *dies from cuteness/adorable coverload* <3 <3 <3
– We’ve went on so many fun adventures exploring so many worlds. It’s been a blast!

This is only just a slice of what we’ve done. There’s so much more to share which I’ll eventually have to catch back up on in this blog platform. I want to share the Nagzz21’s meet-ups/hangouts, among other sorts. I have so many things to share, so little time. Not just VRchat either, other stuff as well. Backlog stuff. 

I love the adventures I’ve went on with friends who actually care about playing the game in a nice chill and immersive manner. It’s however a shame I caused people to unfollow me on Twitter by overposting my VRchat adventures yet highly thankful for people following me on both Twitter, Twitch, and Discord. You guys add onto the fun that is VRchat. For those still sticking with me, Thanks! I actually appreciate it! I had fun, I want to share that fun, and I want people to be happy when they see my images so they can also have some sort of amusement over the fun out there; To be true to themselves without being plastic. If you’re having fun then SHOW IT! XD

I wish you guys all the best! Have a good 2019, and let’s stay positive the best we can. Let’s try to hang out with those you find entertaining keeping them safe so both sides would want to return to VRchat, our digital home in VR & VRchat. Let’s have fun with one another. Go on fun adventures & let’s have fun. Let’s see what VRchat brings us, and rewards us with, in 2019. 

– Getting swamped in Kitsune floofy tails while also being a robotic Kitsune. KON!~

Happy New Year! Happy 2019! Wishing you the best!