Merry Christmas in VRchat! (2018)

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy Festivus! 

– Merry Christmas! 

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Season’s Greetings, Happy Honnikah, and Happy Festivus! Hope everyone has, or is, having an awesome festive time in one manner of another. It’s been a pretty decent festive side for me as well to where I was able to enjoy things in some manner or another. A few hiccups with the Oculus Rift sensors failing to register nearly aborting the photoshot. Still made it! Also surprised I managed to stay awake for as long as I had with how sleep deprived I was from my retail work with early morning shifts.

And yes, It is indeed another VRchat blog posting because it’s just so much easier while just connecting with my buddies just having the simplest type of fun out there. Hop on, have fun, and enjoy what we’re having fun with. I’ll return to the figure photoshoot side once things settle down while gradually shifting gears back to the more physical side of things after all these festivities. 

To any lurkers: Don’t feel shy. If you’re curious about VRchat in any manner then please entertain the thought of exploring VRchat, even in the slightest. Desktop mode, or VR, you’ll gain a fun experience either way. Sure, there’s more to do in VR, yet there’s also memories to be had desktop mode side. It’s a blast! There’s things desktop mode users can do easier than VR users. If you also want to chill with my buddies or me just simply chime in on my Twitter, Twitch (when streaming), or Discord group. We won’t bite.  If anything, I may be simply dazed from being tired from work. VRchat offers what other games won’t, and I love it for the void it fills. Highly photogenic.

– Merry Christmas! Santa was naughty feeling Hawk’s floofy tails while also rubbing a feel of Hunt’s rear. Naughty! 
– First group photo with Hawk, Kobi, Hunt, Myself, and a prop Penguin. Maiya was there in spirit. ‘Maiya, Best Viewer’ on Twitch <3
– Hunt and Kobi having fun with an overly hyper and playful Christmas puppy while I appear lost in the background. Possibly talking to Maiya’s spirit.
– Having fun with seats on avatars trying to sit on them. Was a very wacky experience heh. Even went tiny (not in this image).
– Hunt & Delta having fun with their mountable avatars.  I was in the helmet piloting Delta, somewhere.
– Another Avatar seat moment. REEEEEEEEE!~ (Merry Christmas!)
You can insert all sorts of jokes into this image. HA!

Lots of fun was had in the festive home world. It was heavy on frames regardless of me streaming, yet was a blast either way. New things and fun things happened, and why I love VRchat as much as I do. It even forced me into newer posing taking advantage of the VR technology. Not dancing, just newer poses and etc just to have fun. Lots of scenic festive things to even enjoy, such as the hyper-puppy whom you can ride on to be taken across the house. It’s fun! 

– Group shot as snow people in snowy Shibuya, or a similar map. Very snowy, very bright, highly colourful. It chill.
– Animated music note shaped dancing Kanna. We posed in front of a dancing ‘Kanna’, or similar. Better seen moving in VR. Can also see the snow reacting to our presence. Viewing all the music notes reminds me of the dots making out the terrain in ‘Scanner Sombre‘.
– Kuriboh Taxi with Hunt taking a ride. 
– My turn taking the Kuriboh Taxi
– The view is far better up here.
– Kuriboh Taxi actually flies high up into the air. Best service 10/10!
– ‘Floofy Tails’ majestically displayed eventually from high up to be seen from below, special thanks to Kuriboh Taxi 10/10.
– “I deduce, it is snowing….
– Snow Shark (or just left frozen in the snow)
– Kobi riding Kuriboh Air. Quite chill.
– “Look, Sister. No hands!” – Hunt to Hawk.

Loved this world. I want to go back to it to take more of the atmosphere in. It’s either Shibuya or Shinjuku. Either way, it’s awesome. I love the bright and festive atmosphere, the fun we had in that world, the flying Kuriboh. Loved how the snow repopulated the ground after being crunched. 

  • Twitch Clips:

(Right-click and open these in a new tab to view.)

Kuriboh Air Taxi

Hawk’s Snow ‘Snurkle’ & Whale of a Time

RIP Arcticu Kitsu

Frame Arms Girl Stylet Avatar Cloning Prank

Nyaa! Nyaa!~ Squeak! Nyaa! Nyaa!~

What a fun night that was. Loved it! Simple, yet effective, thus showing you why I love VRchat so much. The spontaneous simple things you can do effecting everything giving people amusement, laughter, and all the fun. We shape our own fun, and that’s what makes it fun. Well, with the helps of maps (‘Worlds’, in VRchat) which is a bit like improv where we can act out on what we love. The whole Kuriboh air taxi, the snow angle moment, me going ‘RIP’, Frame Arms Girl prank, and even the whole “nyaa!” and “squeak” spam in the last clip there. It all adds onto the whole giving you that whole lot of fun, something other games fail when they add so many salt mine related elements into their game. Hop in and play, having your fun all throughout.

– RIP Arcticu Kitsu – 2010 – 2018; VRchat side 2017-2018

View the Twitch clip above while looking at this image. I went “eh, sure. Why not… Let’s actually play this through just to see what happens” where we gained a lovely clip out of it. Hawk said his death speech, I played around with the emojis. Hunt even commented. It’s silly things like these which I love about VRchat when you let loose to enjoy things. I’m genuinely a shy person in the real world only saying one or two words. People notice this, even in VRchat. Once I feel familiar with certain things I jump in wherever I can. 

Though, the below duels may have costed me my digital life. RIP.

– ‘Duel to the death!’ – Renge, as a Shinki shall be victorious for being specifically designed for combat. V
– A duel between the mighty Kitsunes. Hawk vs Renge/AK. Renge appears to be levitating the sword a tad bit. *sounds of swords clinking*
– Alternate perspective of the duel.
– Group photo with Maiya there in spirit (in Twitch chat).  ‘7 Apples on the Witch’s Tree
– Run, Kobi! Run! 
– Frame Arms Girl – Stylet Avatar cloning pranking Delta. Never saw the punchline, yet the fun we had was a blast. It at least was worth it.

Frame Arms Girl is an inspired take on Konami’s Busou Shinki line where 15 cm tall battle robots (mostly female in design) battle one another. They recharge in cradles, they can be customized (parts mixed & matched), they can battle in short, medium, and long range (Skimpier is closer; Heavier is further), though Frame Arms Girl is known to simply release their figures in the ‘fan service’ manner. Anything to please for a quick buck. Even so, they do make awesome designs, something I admire, thus why I have Renge (Busou Shinki side) as my avatar in VRchat.

Busou Shinki is made by Konami while Frame Arms Girl is by Kotobukiya. Their purpose is to fight, though they can be casual entities cleaning, pranking their ‘Master’, among other things with their own artificial intelligence within them. As much as they’re designed for combat they can also be quite devious and mischievous.

– Duel wielding laser beams of blindness.

Delta & myself are on the hunt in adding, or at least finding, more Busou Shinki & Frame Arms Girl into VRchat. We want to have a special world dedicated to either one or the other, or both. Or to find one. We’ll eventually get there. Renge & Stylet both a start. My next goal may be Kohiru & Innocentia. 

– Hanging out in the special Japanese apartment goofing off. Near the end of it startled by this Stylet hiding in the kitchen. Jiiiiiiiiii~
– Delta, Isha, & myself. Isha! Just the person I wanted to see before Christmas was over.
– Chill’
– Going back to the map where it all began bickering a tad bit. We took a wrong turn. “No! It’s THAT way!” 
– When in doubt, V V
–  Tap into your inner energy *shrugs*
– Fu-Shion- HA!~ (?)

I’m honestly glad to have met the people that I have in VRchat making things awesome each and every time. Even the ones not appearing in these images have been awesome adding onto who I am making me highly thankful to each and every one of those who treated me positively in one manner or another. Thank you for adding onto the fun, thanks for supporting others and myself, among other things VR and VR related. 

There’s a vast difference in how people behave in VRchat which attracts me there constantly. It always pulls me back in with how user-friendly & fun it is; How photogenic and random it is. When you constantly alienate someone calling them “Dramatic” or “toxic” you eventually make that labeling true in a similar fashion to how a broken clock is right twice a day, thus why I shy away from those communities mentioning such. Other people then believe it, alienating you; Everything turns rotten. Say it enough time and it’ll be true making me dislike other communities I have been in making me love VRchat all that much more. I love how supporting people are in VRchat focusing on the positivity always making things positive in both little and big ways. All these adventures we have gone through simply shows that. These images, Youtube videos. Everybody is supportive <3

I’m not trying to sugarcoat or look at things all “sappy”. This is genuine. I’m genuinely thankful to be a part of the VRchat community, even if it may have its own flaws. Some people are egoistic viewing things in a playing cards/trading cards manner with them only allowed to play, yet still have fun in VRchat regardless. VRchat is fun, and I love it. Meet VRchat halfway and it’ll meet you halfway as well. Put the effort in and it’ll reward you for it. I’m happy with where I ended up hoping the future shall be as fun as it has been. All the places I’ve been, people I met. All that awesomeness 🙂

Bonus Twitch Images:

I can’t forget about these because as simple as these images are, they mean something to me. I had to grab these screens from the Twitch stream because they show simple, yet memorable moments.  Even helping out a new Vive user figure out how to jump to eventually find out it’s an up button on the touch pad, or something like that. She was awesome head-patting her ‘sister’ & myself. 

I however failed to have any Christmas hats, or anything festive in time because of work. Just hammered by retail work for the Christmas season making me slip up in places. These images more than make up for me slacking on the Christmas avatars though. Thanks for the memories <3

– Hunt, Myself, Isha, & Delta taking advantage of Koriboh Air Taxi.
– Taking advantage of the avatar seats/Koriboh Air Taxi to make our way up onto the snowflake’s top.
– Nyaa!~ Nyaa!~ Nyaa!~  (Getting head-pats while head-patting the two ‘sisters’.)
– When we joined the world it was only 3. As time passed more and more people came, then went. 

This was awesome. This became a highly memorable night being hard to forget. The whole photoshooting, having fun, laughing, goofing off. Loved it! I shall however miss the headpatting cute girl admiring her neutralness and curiousity while learning more about VR while bumping into things in her room. She occasionally laughed at various odd jokes here and there. She appeared to have had fun. Awesome! VRchat is where you have fun after all. I love seeing other people happy. 🙂

A bit long winded, yet shows how much fun I myself had. As for others, they appeared to have just about the same amount of fun. 

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Season’s Greetings!