Death of Tumblr; Return To Arcticu Blog; Blog Update [2018]

Well, with the death of Tumblr on the whole NSFW side of things, SFW content has also been attacked. Porn bots still follow where I might as well dust off this main blog again, returning to what made Busou Shinki, gaming, and etc fun again. Back to logging various things in a more serious manner without being all whiny and moany on my garbage Tumblr blog used to post absolute nonsense. 

– Kobi & Hunt enjoying VR in VR with all of us enjoying VRchat.

Time to dust off this main blog again to get back to business. As you probably have noticed I’m in the process of dusting off the main blog again after having posted my ‘In the Mood For VR‘ article fairly recently for a few obvious reasons, as well as some minor ones of me simply missing my own blog. I want actual content back on here keeping track of things I actually admire instead of keeping it all on the garbage site called ‘Tumblr’. I used Tumblr to post game logs, admire Pixiv art, as well as post lewds every 4 am EST with that now gone RIP. Tumblr believes everything is NSFW, even SFW content that it’s frustrating which even harms the gaming logs, or just standard SFW things. Everything is NSFW to them and their useless censor bots. It was said Tumblr is a garbage site; It’s far more garbage now than ever before because of forced censorship…. They really fucked things up greatly.

Back to this main blog though, this blog now has Disqus support allowing you to sign in both Twitter & Facebook allowing you to praise, troll, comment, and just post comments at will. I’m trying my best to keep my blog up to date allowing you guys to post comments in an easy manner, if you so chose to. If not, that’s also fine. 

I’ve also noticed WordPress changed the blogging style into ‘Blocks’. Instead of just typing things out freely I now have to put things into modular formats of paragraph and images that it’s a bit funky. I need to get used to this. For the images, if you want to see them larger, simply right click and open image in a new tab. You should know this though, but if you don’t now you do.

– Renge during Halloween 2018 in VRchat

From December 2017 till now I went into the deep end of Virtual Reality (VR) which you may have seen my last article mentioning the negative side, positive side, as well as a fun VRchat side with a chance of Gundam VR. VR is fun, I love it there so much because I can photoshoot both Scathach (F/GO) as well as Renge (Busou Shinki) with ease. VRchat makes things socially fun while also being able to pose with whatever people make in worlds you can join making it fun all around. Whenever I’m sick I mostly hop onto VRchat allowing my mood to brighten with many memorable moments. So many fun memories it’s always fun looking back at the fun things we had done back then. Damn fun! But yeah. Every time I go back to a desktop game I honestly wish I could just gesture, point, and such whenever streaming, making videos for Youtube, or just playing in game. It’s honestly a case of “Once you go VR, you can’t go back”, type deal which ends up being hard to shake off when you play a lot of VR for a certain period of time. I’m finding myself pointing at my monitor constantly when playing ‘flatscreen’ games, such as Rising World.

Previous VRchat Experiences:

I play VRchat so much (not 1000 hours, just enough) to the point I even dream of VRchat at times. Dream of world hopping, hanging with various Youtuber/Twitch streamers, and even at one point dreaming about Petroglyph Studio making their own world in VRchat I wanted to visit, yet couldn’t. It was a dream I was only able to see their main logo as their world preview image with huts along the wall, type thing. A weird canyon type settlement. Odd, yet amusing. VRchat dreams are “interestingly weird” in that they may even equal to VRchat’s own real weirdness. 

I however wanted to post post a few flaws of Tumblr assuming both Pokemon (Ninetales & Vulpix) are lewd, among other nonsense. Tumblr even assumed Unicorn (from Azur Lane) is lewd that I’m just done…. I REALLY am going to treat Tumblr as a trash site migrating back to my main blog. Back to Youtube, Flickr, this main blog, and etc. Just need to back up a few game logs here and there, then we’re good. 

– RIP. Two among many bit the dust while others survived, for now. You can still see lewdness on the top row with one image cropped into another. Even so, they’re still fairly tame while still being SFW in my POV. They still survived.

The only reason I posted lewds the way I have done on Tumblr was because of a Dutch guy nicknamed ‘Hentai-Sensei’ posting the ‘artistic nudes’ freely because they were just that, art. Now they’re gone, and I’m back here (on my main blog) posting SFW content on the fine line of NSFW.  We (Dutch guy) also grew bad blood between one another that things are just now dated with me needing to just burn Tumblr to throw my past away for a proper reset. I still haven’t recovered, nor forgiven the whole thing, yet trying. It damaged me so much. Even so, art is art, and I admired woman-themed art in both natural and Pixiv side. But because this is my main blog I”ll be toning it down just a bit in my own style. 

I feel bad for Vulpix & Ninetales though. They’re apparently lewd…. AGAIN. 

– Pokemon is so lewd that we should all be ashamed. Begone, demons! …… This is cringy.

Well, there’s that……. Yup, so that explains why I’m back here. Just wanting to get back into my anime roots, go through my backlog, mass-post VRchat related content, and just favour Virtual Reality content heavily. My blog is shifting into Virtual Reality because I can no longer fund anime figures, even if I heavily invested into both an Oculus Rift in December 2017, and even a Nintendo Switch this December 2018. They’re my Christmas Gifts I can only get once while figures are meant to be a constant thing, something they aren’t now. The whole currency difference between Canadian dollar, United States dollar, and the Japanese Yen creating a big money void making things harder to pay for.

– My Christmas Gift Nintendo Switch with Pikachu Let’s Go, and Elgato to Stream with. Merry Christmas to me~

– Rising World – Red51’s posting allowing us to import various items & objects into the game via a ‘Object/Item API’. 

The last thing I wanted to note that the time has finally arrived! I’ve waited since 2015 to be able to place a Busou Shinki model into some game with both VRchat & now Rising World being that window. I already have Renge in VRchat as my avatar, though we need more of the Shinki family in that one. We can now try to push them all into Rising World with their weapons first, armours second, and anything else as time goes by. I’m even planning to import Scathach’s Gae Bolg into Rising World making that one of the deadliest weapons. It shall be great. This is what I’ve honestly been waiting for.

– Maiya (right) and myself (left) in a horror map with Maiya’s public avatar able to Christmas-fy an area making it more festive. Spooked by Christmas *laughs*

Lastly, to wrap things up, it’s to any VRchat lurkers lurking from my Discord group, Twitter, or Google. If you’re here then “welcome!”. Hope you find my content warm and welcoming. If not, I need to work hard so it shall be “warm” and “welcoming”. I’m always trying to post positive content. If we haven’t met up in VRchat let’s do so? Let’s try and make the most of it, if you so desire. Just hit me up on my Discord group, [here]. 

I’m honestly (no joke) glad/proud to be a part of the VRchat community, even if it’s sometimes in my own bubble with me just constantly happy with how happy it has made me. Being accepted, going on adventures, being shown around, having things done for me. It’s all been glorious. I do apologies for my vents about the various stutters, frame rate issues, and such. We’re still in the growing phase of VR that I feel horrible for having vented as much as I have on Twitter. Constantly moaning because of heavy avatars, and such, with how frame rates dip and audio merging all into one singular unrecognizable voice. I need a new CPU, and I just can’t afford it this December. I may have to wait till March 2019. Maybe even longer….Because of my venting I feel as if that made the “big boys/girls” shy away from me that I’m partially paranoid, yet still happily (proudly) sharing my VRchat moments. I feel I’m constantly stepping on their toes, even when unaware. Even so, I still have fun in VRchat. I feel partially depressed having scared away the “big boys” on VRchat making it feel as if only certain people are allowed to play VRchat.

With that, I’m however thankful to Hawk, Hunt, Maiya, Kobi, Isha, and Einz’ for making me feel welcomed in VRchat for whenever I feel down. Even StampedSteel for always being there in a supportive manner in the VRchat community. THEY are the reason I play VRchat for hours upon hours. I love VRchat because they just come in and guide me around VRchat making me feel welcome, and I thank them for that. And I also thank you guys for supporting me on my Discord group and my Twitter for whenever you liked, commented, and retweeted things. Or just lurking, staying with me through thick and thin. I also need to thank those in the Nagzz21’s Patreon Hangout every Friday’s for making me feel welcomed for inviting me there, allowing me to partake, and just have fun. Thank you guys! It means a lot making me constantly come back to VRchat which feels like home to me. I feel safest in VRchat just exploring, having fun, and etc. It’s thanks to you guys who support others. I even thank the Duskitten & his buddy for when I first obtained my Rift guiding me around making me feel welcomed back in December 2017. That was an awesome gesture. It’s however a shame they moved on not playing VRchat as much as we had done all throughout December. Hackings happened and we just parted ways, sadly. “Busy”, or something. All the same, I’m thankful to them, to the VRchat community, and my friends. Thanks! 

I also want to meet various popular VRchat folks whom I haven’t chatted with yet, just not in that “collecting cards” manner as “they” themselves noted. I just want to get to know you, that’s all. Nagzz21, Holo, Zentreya, Shai, Summaril, Kortier, Wolf Marine, & etc…… Anybody, really. I already met half of you there, yet the other half would be nice just so we can socialize once more then let things go with the wind once more. Other than the “big players”, I love the friends I keep making in VRchat showing how genuine VRchat is. Constantly chatting away to just have fun… I love it! Being shown around the worlds exploring things, taking pictures, and just hanging. It’s the best. More so in VR, obviously. 

Almost turned into an actual family. Maybe even a roleplay one, seeing as how that’s also common in VRchat heh.

– Almost like a family photo; Hawk, Hunt, Myself, & Maiya (top left to bottom right).  I need to learn to center the camera more. 

I rambled in my own blog posting, but that just shows how much I love my Virtual Reality. I prefer to enjoy something to the fullest instead of following the crowd. When I genuinely enjoy something you know when I’m loud and proud about it. If I don’t it is brief, or I simply copy people in a negative manner to where I fade out to enjoy something else. That latter part ends up showing my frustration more often than not. 

I also hide away on my Youtube, Twitch, and rarely on my Flickr. I mostly linger in my Discord group sharing our gaming experiences. 

I’ll stop rambling now. I will however say VRchat has been my saviour, and I thank VRchat for being there. Thanks for all those precious memories! Now that I have this article posted I can now spam my other memories freely. For now, thanks for reading!