In The Mood For VR Gaming

I thought I would dust off my blog again to warm it for more future postings looking back at one year of me owning an Oculus Rift from December 2017. It’s been a highly rewarding experience that I love it!

– Scathach avatar in with Renge on the head while holding a Vive headset in VRchat.

Well, it’s now officially a year since I’ve owned a VR headset that I actually respect the Oculus Rift. I have no regrets with it that it has been better than I have hoped that it’s taken me on journeys and adventures, ones you are unable to take in “desktop” mode. I’ve mainly stayed in VRchat, yet ventured into Beat Saber, Furious Seas, Rolling Line, and other sorts of games just testing things out that I love the state of VR games. When you own a VR headset you want to check out what’s there that I’m also viewing things in a “reviewer” sense that I’ve seen things with what VR is capable of that it is no “fad”, nor a “gimmick”, and it won’t die a 3DTV death, whatever that latter one means. The two aren’t even related. You’re able to do many numerous things which you can’t do in desktop mode, such as swing swords, fly, gesture, dance, realistically control vehicles, & etc. You even end up gesturing in VR which translates into real world openness with other people. If you were socially awkward it makes you more socialable with how you open up in VRchat thanks to the whole VR side of things.

I absolutely love my Oculus that I love lingering in VRchat socializing with my buddies. I love exploring worlds, taking in the scenery in VR, checking out the ‘Heavy Cruiser Suzuya’ in its stunning detail only seen in VR with those fine details. It’s a thing of beauty. I love checking out Beat Saber whenever I’m not sick, or even testing various VR games. Anything VR, I’ll support because it’s the promised land that this is where gaming needs to go next with everything becoming more affordable with the passage of time.

VRchat images are being used the most here because it’s the most adaptive VR game out there currently. It allows you to take pictures, filter them, and such for social interaction, thus why I’m using them mostly here. VRchat is the hub VR game for me.

– The beauty of VRchat is that I can make a pose to then layer VRchat images onto any other image of my choosing. VR made AR, in a sense.

*A special Thanks to Nagzz21 because without his influence on the VRchat community I probably wouldn’t have purchased a VR headset to have had fun in the VRchat community.

Hey, Arctic” – Nagzz21

Such a special moment because he actually came up to me to say “Hello” shortly after I entered from when I rushed from work to make it to the photoshoot. I lagged like hell, yet was fun, that I wish I knew of the safety thing earlier of disabling various avatars. My CPU is dated, yet love this memorable moment. Thank you, Nagzz21! Without you I wouldn’t have made it into both VRchat & VR with the doll theft clip that went viral. Thanks for the laughs and take it easy. Seagull Mine.


  • VR is dying | Why Make VR Games | VR is just a Fad/A gimmick:
– Zzzzzzz

> VR is Dying & 3DTV Same Death:

I’ve stumbled across the 3DTV example & the death comment so much that it became the most frustrating and infuriating thing you could experience in the VR community. They’re not true, not even in the slightest. People have the power to influence the VR market that they’re purposely (or unknowingly) using their voice to hinder any VR progress because they’re either unaware or envious of other people who own a VR headset that they keep spewing out nonsense. Maybe they themselves are simply just that bitter with a bitter personality? They keep making the most idiotic of excuses claiming that it is just a “passing fad”, “a gimmick”, or some idiotic nonsense like that. Mostly people not owning VR headsets making those claims in jealousy & envy, or so it comes off as such. People even brought up that it’s the same as 3D TVs with how you view into the 3D goggles, and such, that it’s pure garbage and nonsense. Parroting. They honestly need to visit a local VR arcade so they can genuinely see what VR actually is about without spewing garbage posted by news sites. They need to experience VR in person…… What I’m basically saying is that people are simply trying to sabotage VR because that’s the only power they have in life.

Back in December 2017 I was cautious when purchasing my Oculus Rift VR headset that I made sure there were at least a few solid games to play before purchasing it as to not be a “gimmick”, or a deadweight. It seen its uses (except hot & humid weather) that it lives up to how much I placed into it money wise that I gained nice memorable moments to recall in VR. I made sure to research VR making sure I knew what I was getting myself into that I gained green lights for it being a thing for me. At the point in time VRchat, OldMaidGirl, Illusion’s HoneySelect, Titanic VR, Minecraft VR & VR Kanojo were my selling points into VR. Mainly VRchat with Nagzz21’s adventures, and such. It became so much more that I’m now trying to support every game with, or requesting VR support, by being active in those Steam forums area posting feedback. Anything VR you’ll most likely see me there.

– Enjoying the godly world in VRchat that is also the VR world. Scathach <3

>Why Make VR Games for a “Small” Market?:

I’ve seen this used by both the Anti-VR group and the game developer side of things that it just makes you facepalm. For the troll/Anti-VR side this is simply stated to devalue the whole state of VR that they simply want to see VR dead. Nothing more, nothing less…. Just VR being plain and simple “Dead” because they lack any vision or creativity with which they reply with an “LOL” which just makes you walk the other way. They’ll go to every length to parrot anti-VR nonsense that you can easily shred through those with ease. Simply parroting what others posted without thinking for themselves.

Pair of Links stating VR Is “dying”, or on a down-slope to death:

Not trying to deny facts, just that is not what I’m seeing; Doesn’t match up with reality. I’m seeing people constantly buying headsets (with the help of their friends, or simply breaking the bank) that they’re either saving to buy a headset, breaking the bank, or a mix of both. Even though VR headsets are becoming more affordable it’s honestly still a big hurdle for people, though they’re still purchasing it thanks to VRchat and Beat Saber. Just look at the Oculus Store, SteamVR store, among others.

Then for the game developer side, “they” (keeping them anonymous) stated they wouldn’t prioritize VR because the market is “small”. That in itself may be a financial safe situation, or when prioritizing other necessary features, that I can’t blame them from the business side of things. That’s however playing things “too safe” that it’s on the level of ‘Blue bloodedness’ that it simply makes you easier to bleed from the slightest of scratches.  If you’re going to ignore VR because it’s a “small” market while other game developers are quietly adding VR support then that makes you look bad. Something may be wrong with your game, or you’re probably not too confident, or something along those lines. You’re also adding to the lack of VR support that you single yourself out that others would prioritize other games instead of your own.  If someone asks you why the VR market is small you can then place the blame on that game developer for viewing the VR market as “small” while not prioritizing anything towards VR. Do you expect to be spoon fed, or something? Expecting instant results without working for it? If you want VR support then you’ll have to meet the VR hardware haflway. Don’t get greedy or over-protective. I can’t tell you what to do because I’m a gamer, but I at least know that much of meeting things halfway…..What makes a game prioritized and praised more is when it naturally supports more things around it that people will respect that game more. Word of mouth would go around, people would become curious, and more hands on deck for playing the game.

As much as I make things appear gloomy, there are still a nice hefty amount of games to try out that it’s not as empty or barren as people make it out to be. There’s always games coming out for you to try that you simply have to know where to look.

I’m honestly amazed with the amount of negativity towards VR that I’ve basically came to the conclusion that anything negative from people simply being that they:
1) Don’t own VR.
2) Envious of those owning VR.
3) Feel they can disrupt the VR market feeling special.

It’s basically one of those three from the year I’ve owned the headset that you’re constantly seeing this time and again that it’s being copy & pasted debunked.

To those that DO own VR stated the VR library is small, and I can half-agree with them that it is. I’m constantly updating a list I’m compiling of VR games that you also have to simply search for games. Seek the VR games out that something shall eventually pop out, though, granted we do need more game developers to make more VR games.

Three Often Used Arguments used against VR and Why They’re Wrong:

1) VR Already Failed
2) 3DTV Same Death
3) Kinect Death

Well, all three are false that VR has been alive since 1900’s, or even earlier, [with the Stereoscope]. The earliest VR was the Stereoscope, then the [3D View Master], Sega VR, other “unknown” & Various prototypes, then Oculus Rift & HTC Vive, Mobile VR gadgets by Samsung and friends, & etc. It simply keeps expanding and improving with time that it’s hard to say that it’s dead. #2 we already noted that they’re not one and the same, no matter how insistent & persistent people are about it…. You f***ing can’t wear 3DTVs, end of story! 3D TVs are one directional 3D while VR headsets are 360 having you look around and interact. Major difference! As for #3; Ironically people are using Kinect to dance in VRchat that it’s being used the most there. It’s quite hilarious how Kinect dies with Xbox yet lives with VRchat so people can dance for immersion. The funny things people do eh? You honestly can’t kill VR because it’s always going to be lingering that you can kill it off Steam; Someone shall always bring back VR while fiddling with it as a hobby making games and tech demos for it. Something. Think of VR as vampire or zombie that even in death it shall still linger in the background to regain its former glory for entertainment. Someone shall always be making something for it.

As for AAA game developers making games, there have been attempts. Bethesda and Ubisoft are big ones having released VR games that they should be praised for having done so. Again, granted, they may be “testing the water” type games (experimental) that it’s just to fill the market in a safe way, though they’re still there to play. Bethesda with Skyrim VR & Fallout 4 VR while Ubisoft has Star Trek: Bridge Crew & Eagle’s Flight.

If anything, indie developers are the ones currently holding up the VR market right now while AAA game developers wait for the road to be paved. Everybody is waiting on the “cash cow” game, thus waiting for indie developers to strike digital gold/oil first. Basically someone has to do the hard work first before other people try and exploit it… The usual.

I’ll admit that trying to purchase VR headgear is costly for people that it’s a big investment. I had to pay a combined $2000 CAD for both the headset, new graphics card, as well as a USB 3.0 card just to have it all running and it still stutters probably because of the CPU. It can run things 96% well with the occasional stutter. You have to make sure your computer is up to the recommended specs that it may put you back a fair amount. Even so, you can still play VRchat properly in VR, and other small games here and there.  The flip-side to that is how affordable VR gear is becoming that you can work your way up from a Mixed Reality Headset, Oculus Quest, Playstaiton 4’s PSVR, or even straight up to the Oculus Rift for the your VR fix.

Once you go VR you can’t go back

  • VR is Well and Alive with Numbers Growing:
– Hunt, Myself, & Hawk having fun watching Youtube videos in VR in VRchat. Just having fun, chillin’ till 5 am in the morning.

I’ll admit, VR may be small, just not in a small manner that both gamers and developers assume. Just look at VRchat & Beat Saber to see how much they both accomplished with their fanbase. There’s a fanbase growing in Furious Seas, as well as Tales of Glory, Arizona Sunshine, and even Rolling Line. Honestly,…….

“If you build it, they WILL come.”

– Beauty of VRchat with various things meshing together. Just don’t look behind you.

I’ll admit, I mostly hid in VRchat because of how unique of a game it is. It’s the hub of my experience that I’ve spent time exploring worlds checking out things people have made that I loved going to horror maps, checking out ‘Heavy Cruiser Suzuya’, among many other fun maps. There’s so many cool worlds that could be their own unique VR game that it makes you wonder what the actual game developers in the world are doing waiting things out. VRchat is the core of VR that it holds many genres of VR gameplay fun, socialization, and the photogenic trait with the VR camera. You can pose, you can do anything, thus why it’s so appealing. If you have to start from any VR game do try out VRchat properly by actually taking the time to check things out. Don’t half-ass your experience and actually spend a good few hours in there actually checking things out.

Compared to others I only just scratched the surface with Beat Saber with how you slash blocks apart to music. It’s damn fun, and I love it that it’s my second highest VR game to recommend that it gains my highest praise. You can have custom music, custom avatars, blades, among other things. It may be more resource intensive than I last remember but it’s great. It’s a blast slashing things apart that it feels like you’re dancing to the beat of the music. It’s a VR sword dance, and it’s elegant. Compared to others I’m still a “noob”, yet an informed “noob” heh. This game is a blast with how customizable it is, and that customization is what is keeping it alive similar to VRchat.

An article stating the number of VR users is greater than what people assume and that people have their VR connected to their computer. They’re there, just waiting for game developers to stop tantruming like children to actually make games they desired to make in the first place. The second article also states people aren’t looking where they should be that applications are being used in other capacities as well in arcade, school, medical & etc while people also refusing to research games they desire on Steam.  People need to actually search for what they desire.

Randevouz – A simplistic, yet highly detailed occupied WW2 French town displaying things you can only see in VR which you can’t see in desktop mode. It becomes as real as you can get seeing plumes of smoke in the distance, and etc.

There have been numerous tweets showing how many people went out boasting how they bought a new headset being of Mixed Reality & Oculus Rift origins, and for the truest intentions as well. They wanted to play a game by actually being immersed in VR that they’re happier than they ever could have been. People genuinely went out to purchase headsets for VRchat, for Beat Saber, as well as Spice & Wolf VR now that they either saved up, broke the bank, or a combination of the two with people also donating to them. People are also supporting Spice & Wolf VR crowdfunding via [Campfire] & [Kickstarter] so they can eventually see Holo in VR in her full glory with a nice kind of success. To prove a point the Japanese community helped fund the game to have [PSVR Support] as well as [Oculus Quest] Support in their home territory. They’ve done all that showing how popular both Spice & Wolf & VR is for them. Maybe it is indeed for Holo, yet VR is gaining a heavy traction in VRchat with how the Japanese community is constantly outdoing itself in VRchat constantly surprising the Western community with over-the-top serious additions to said game. Do NOT underestimate the Japanese community, nor the VR community especially. If you treat them like trash, they’ll return that favour equally.

To the game developers who have quietly added VR support to your game, you have my highest respect. Thanks! Thanks for adding VR support without turning it into a dramatic situation: Slime Rancher, Scanner Sombre, Skyrim, Fallout 4, & etc…. Those that were once desktop mode now having VR support. Thanks! 🙂

– Fishing on a SAO map in VRchat made fun.

I was also told that I ‘Preach” VR in a loose joking manner that I can actually believe it with how deep my experiences were in VR & VRchat. I’ve seen what it can do, and I want to see more that I want to support it anyway I can that this is my way of showing it. Why do I love VR? Mainly for the gestures and movements you do in VRchat by pointing, dancing, grabbing, & etc. You can actually interact with your environment, move around (standing/kneeling), you can grab onto things with actual grip, throw objects, catch them, among other cool things. It’s the whole immersion of you actually being in the game that it makes horror games more “lethal”. Fishing has also become cool with how you can reel in fish by lifting the fishing pole in VRchat that it’s a whole new experience. Shooting things, punching, and even dodging have become elements in play that you can lightly see this in Beat Saber; In actual implementation in Superhot VR; Tales of Glory and even Blades & Sorcery have done this. Just being able to slash things, dodge, or even punch is a blast while also parrying enemy’s attacks. It’s fun controlling a plane while holding the controls while looking the other way that it makes both flight and boat sims highly fun and immersive; Even works the same way in Furious Seas. You stretch yourself out, you work out, you move.. It’s fun!

That’s not all! Something I can’t do, yet others can, is being able to dance in VR within VRchat that people use full body tracking to dance around! People break dance, gesture happily, while even making use of Kinect (something they claimed died) that they’re doing everything possible to immerse themselves in a VR world.

G_41 being a proud VRC Breakdancer [Youtube] & [Twitch]

It’s not a small thing either. Summaril, Yumi, among countless others that VRchat gave them that opportunity to do so that there is a calling for social VR dancing games. I honestly wish I could dance the way they do via Full body tracking that it requires a more powerful computer on my end (and dancing skills).

  • VR Games of Interest:
– On a rough day I wanted to be alone so I sought out a PSO2 world in VRchat admiring the beauty wishing PSO2 had a VR mode. Doesn’t have to be much, even a gimmick, to where I would gesture-fight entities would be a blast.

I’ve been compiling a list ever since I gained VR that I wanted to share it here for you to enjoy. I’ll do my best to keep it up to date, though if it fades in time you’ll note what games he had for 2017 & 2018 to see how much we have grown in 2019+. Want to know why VR is so special and why we should treat it with the utmost respect? These games are the reason why.

> PC VR Oriented List:

  • VRchat
  • Beat Saber
  • Furious Seas
  • CyubeVR
  • Tales of Glory
  • Rolling Line
  • Spice & Wolf VR
  • IronWolf
  • Slime Rancher VR
  • Scanner Sombre (VR)
  • Titanic VR
  • Titanic: Honor & Glory
  • SuperHot VR
  • Magic Blast VR
  • Deisim
  • No King No Kingdom
  • UltraWings
  • Minecraft VR
  • Cave Digger
  • Sairento
  • Raw Data
  • Lightblade VR
  • Combat Tested
  • Counter Fight
  • Townsman VR
  • HoneySelect VR (R18; Japanese)
  • Koikatu (R18: Japanese)
  • VR Kanojo (SFW & R18 variations)
  • Viking Days
  • Eagle Flight (50/50 on this one)
  • Star Trek: Bridge Crew
  • Boarder Patrol
  • Swords of Gargantua
  • Battle of Kings VR
  • SCP Blackout
  • Bladeline VR
  • Balsa – Model Flight Simulator
  • Tin Hearts
  • Blade and Sorcery
  • Welcome Above
  • Shadow Legends VR
  • The Elder’s Scroll: Blade (Early 2019 release)
  • Steel and Soul (placed at bottom for being constantly delayed)

(No Horror games because lacking play time, plus I’m deadly scared of horror games. Wouldn’t mind trying them, just need to wait for when healthy.)

– Meeting new friends and hanging out with them in VR(Chat) is what it is all about. Hype!

And that’s just for the PC version. I omitted a nice chunk from my list with there being  far many more out there for others with these ones standing out to me for my own interests. There’s always something for everybody out there that you simply have to open your eyes and search for things you desire and admire.

Now, there’s one more thing I have to note being why hasn’t ‘Bandai-Namco’ jumped onto the Gundam VR bandwagon in a proper sense? They haven’t released anything for the PS4’s PSVR that it’s baffling, nor a proper simulation game at all. Nothing. I played Gundam: Journey to Jaburo on PS2, admired Zeonic Front (PS2) being unable to play it, enjoyed the more arcade versions of ‘Federation vs Zeon, Zeta version of that, and even Gundam Battlefield Reccords 0081 (PS3). Honestly wish they would make more of those serious simulation Gundam games. Stop slacking and release a proper Gundam VR game for both the PSVR and PC (Steam) market so you can tap into the VR market to the fullest because it’s your duty to do so. Yes, both the PSVR and PC (Steam) market, not just PSVR. A shame… A shame…. They can happily do so, yet refuse.

If you need help via crowd funding we’ll gladly help you out if you so need to save your profit for your “bottom line”, and all. Yes, I’m being a “savage” because there is a void they’re refusing to fill. Now, if they’re in the process of developing it I’ll recall my snarky remarks. This is why we instead have ‘Madnug VR’, a fan made game, being made in the background instead.

– Static Gundam world in VRchat showing interest in Gundam.

I’m also aware we need more sorts of games that it shouldn’t just be Gundam VR that I can also bring up Macross VR, among others. Not just Macross, but more RTS VR games, Mecha PVE games, and just more immersive fun that both Superhot VR & Shadow Legends VR showcase. Do not underestimate the VR market, nor take things for granted with how people have supported the VR market. Make a proper VR game and people shall respect that game fully. It’s amazing though that even PSVR has a nice solid VR lineup that it’s nothing to take lightly. I’ve done my research that if I desired a PS4 that I can justify purchasing it soley for PSVR games. I went with the Switch & Oculus Rift instead with how oblivious Bandai-Namco appears to be though. RIP Bandai. Well, at the very least we may have Madnug VR to fill in that void, for now.

Graph Showing PSVR sales, and others:

One issue with VR games is that VRchat seems to be the only photogenic VR game out there that we need more games with landscape mode screenshot support, something VRchat supports both desktop mode & VR camera mode. I wanted to share off Furious Seas & Beat Saber images that I can only share VRchat with how much love and care went into it. In time, I guess. I’ll have to request said features for these various other games to see how they are implemented.

To conclude, I do not regret owning a VR headset. I’m only happy and proud to have had fun in the VR world with it being a great adventure and experience through-and-through. Well, minus the cheap cable quality that tangles that I poked Oculus to give us braided USB/HDMI cables so they don’t tangle. They should make their Rift cables braided for anti-tangle purposes. Even so It (VR & Rift) simply keeps improving by the month that a lot has happened between December 2017 & December 2018. A lot has changed since then that I love it! I love Furious Seas, VRchat, the adventures I went on. Everything! VR is here to stay!


Playing in VR is a whole new unique experience that I love how personally immersed you are in the world you enter. It’s as if you’re actually there.