Pokemon GO Outing With Yuudachi

I’m amused that it took Pokemon GO to re-motivate me into heading out among among Ottawa’s nature to take pictures again. Couldn’t go out with just Pokemon GO that I took Nendo Yuudachi with me as well for any potential worthwhile photoshoot moments.

– Enjoyed my 2 hours Pokemon GO tour around Andrew Haydon Park swiping any Pokestops while also catching Pokemon during a nice warm day (28*C).

As silly as it may be to go walking around playing Pokemon GO it’s because of that game that I actually desired to enjoy the beautiful Ottawa nature. I wanted to explore, to enjoy what I used to enjoy back around the 2012 mark during the high days of Busou Shinki, and such. I also needed my fair supply of Pokeballs so I can even catch Vulpix that’s being highly elusive to me. It was nice and warm being +28c while being partially cloudy. Was aware there was a storm, yet decided to go regardless because of how gorgeous the weather was.

– What’s amusing to see is that the Canada Geese still own Andrew Hayden Park that you can still see their droppings everywhere along the water areas. A kid was slapping the water with a stick probably to get the Geese to react.

I came to Andrew Hayden Park specifically for the number of Pokestops that I tried doing a loop/circuit that it was a bit tricky. It’s not in a perfect circle, but I did get the majority of them that I even walked towards Dick Bell Park’s lighthouse portion. Andrew Hayden is a nice park that I just love how scenic it is. The grass however burnt in a combo 1-2 hit from the highly warm and humid summer as well as the Geese droppings. Both would do it.

– Poi!  (Note the boats in the background to the right.)

Glad I didn’t wimp out to play games indoors instead. Sure, Pokemon GO is a game, just one of those games that tracks how much you walk so you can hatch eggs every 2, 5, 7, & 10 km per egg. Your buddy Pokemon even finds candy to allow it to power up while also even allowing it to evolve to the next step.

I also had to bring Yuudachi along as to not waste the opportunity for potential photoshoot opportunities. I was next to a boating area that it suits Yuudachi well with her ship parts. She may not have her back part, but she does have her turret, a Demon torpedo in her hand, as well as one quad launcher on her thigh. The other one is safe in a bag that I didn’t bother putting it on Yuudachi for how tricky it was to put back on her.

– Poi! Poi! Poi!

Funny thing was some guy asked me if that was a Nendo confirming that it indeed was. He didn’t know Yuudachi from the looks of things, nor had any favourites. He simply knew Yuudachi was a Nendo that he’s seen on ‘myfigurecollection.net’ (or MAL). Was a bit awkward talking to him as we both didn’t know what to say so I tried asking what his favourite nendo was and such.

If you’re reading this we’re cool. You didn’t interrupt me or anything, just that you caught me as I was done with the shot. One of those awkward timing things.

– Just doing my Pokemon GO Pokestop loops spotting a few Seagulls sitting on top of various signs.
– As you can see it was a nice awesome day enjoying all the sail boats on the water. People even brought out their normal boats and speed boats to enjoy the day with.
– Looping back to the windmill I noticed one of those weed plants that it seemed fitting to have Yuudachi pose amongst it.

The bug in the flower didn’t care one bit that I was there that he or she simply enjoyed pollinating the plant that it made for a good “active” image.

– As the image shows it was the only plant above the grass and yellow flower line, thus why I took an image of it.

Three similar images that you can pick your favourite from the three. It was also around this point when I noticed someone set up a Pokemon Lure at the lighthouse portion of Dick Bell’s Park on the other side that I felt like investigating. I was curious. Didn’t find who set it up that it ended as soon as I set off in that direction that by the time I got there I was probably the only awkward Pokemon GO player in that general area. I caught many Pokemon along the way that it was still worthwhile having walked all the way around there.

– One of the more unfamiliar fish Pokemon being my second actual try with AR. First one was Rhyhorn. Looked like a fool grabbing these screens ^^;
– Yuudachi sitting proudly with boats in view in the background. POI!
– Haven’t really used my LG G5 for that many outdoor image photoshoots that I think I’ll do more of this. Easier than lugging around the Lumix GF-1 with the pancake lens.
– Wow, Wailmer is massive in this frame. That’s insane. This is why Pokemon GO is fun when it first released that I’m revisiting that charm.
– Lovely boats heading in and out of the harbour. This area was obviously filled with lots of water Pokemon that I was able to obtain a Kabuto, Whailmer, amongst other water pokemon in Pokemon GO. Just catching whatever I could transferring those I didn’t need for the candy and space.

Kabuto seems to be the only Pokemon in AR shot that I managed to take. I’m aware I appeared moronic when trying it out for the first time wondering how to save the image… I eventually (quickly) got the hang of it with Kabuto being one of the three which survived to be shared for blogging 🙂

– Kabuto standing up at Dick Bell Park looking towards Andrew Hayden Park. Love the AR feature.
– Was around this time that I started noticing a storm from heading into the city that the winds picked up. I spun the three Pokestops, doubled back, noticing that the clouds were gradually darkening. The winds were picking up…. Was actually getting moody.
– And we have the Canada Geese Parade haha…. One of them flapped its wings at me that I simply waited 2 minutes….. They own the park after all.
– One by one out of the water and into the park itself to feed.
– Was about to wrap up the Pokemon GO session because of the storm & something other pushing me home that I gained this funny Diglet from an egg. (Pasadena, Maryland USA)
– Wasn’t sure but I thought I heard a few very faint thunders off in the far distance. Could have been cars and motorbikes yet 70% certain they were thunder.
– What makes me happy is how my LG G5 smartphone camera managed to pick up the god rays. Excellent! That was so gorgeous appearing that I’m hyped I have it “recorded” for others to see.
– More god rays and dark moody thunderstorm clouds to the northwest of Ottawa.

I’m actually surprised by my stamina that even though I haven’t eaten much I was still eager to walk around for hours on end. I spent a nice 2 hours there catching Pokemon and spinning Pokemon stops that it was well worth it. Even happy and proud that my images actually came out awesome with Yuudachi, the God rays, and such. Both the weather and a certain other “situation” forced me to head home.

Here’s my Pokemon GO haul (All the Magikarps were sent back to the Professor in the game):

– This place has a ton of Magmar and Whalemers.
– Part 2 of three with Staryu & Kabuto in there.
– There’s even a nice Mantine in there that I caught right next to the boat ramp. That one was a noticeable catch for me.

I’m still however furious I can’t catch Vulpix. Maybe after this blog posting I might already have one, just haven’t when I was walking and walking through both Andrew Hayden and Dick Bell Park. I know where I can obtain a Vulpix just that they spawn at night in places I can’t go especially because it’s night time. Vulpix, you tease.


  • Fate Grand Order – Scathach Skadi:
– Scathach Skadi get!

I’m in such a good mood because I summoned Scathach Skadi during the night. Not one, but TWO Scathach Skadi from the Fate/Grand Order mobage game after having spent the longest while saving my Saint Quartz to summon her ever since I first heard the news. She’s precious to me because I view Scathach as my waifu because of how she was my actual first serious high ranking Servant in F/GO. Also because she’s dark, somewhat mysterious, serious, and highly lethal. She’s not one of those obnoxious characters being loud mouthed. I guess she’s a reflection of myself that we’re both silent and serious. Maybe not during my depressive episode in 2017, but overall.

I can’t wait to level up Scathach in Fate/Extella Link PC version, as well as mod both her & Skadi into ‘Rising World’ game.

– Ah! Precious! You look so gorgeous!
– I didn’t get one, but TWO Scathach Skadi during my summon. *Laughs*

Something as a self note having found out how bad-ass – [Grace O’Malley] was when I googled up the name after having visited a pub on east end of Ottawa a few months back. This is a self note for the future me and for anybody reading this to check out a kick-ass woman similar to Scathach.


Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed the much needed outing after having been painfully stressed from work. I haven’t really had much of a chance heading out that today was a much needed outing to darken my skin from the sun while enjoying the great outdoors with both Pokemon GO and Yuudachi. One of those rare few days to unwind.