(Gundam) M.A.D.N.U.G VR – Fan Game

Having move over to the VR realm of things I stumbled across a Gundam VR fan game thanks to Gundam Build Divers. You may or may not be interested in this, yet shall share it regardless because it IS what the VR gaming market needs right now.

– Flying around the Argama after having shot down enemy Zaku forces.

What the VR market seriously needs right now is for Bandai-Namco to get their act together so they can make a proper Gundam game for BOTH PSVR AND PC (Steam). No joke. Bandai-Namco needs to go out of their way to get off their comfort zone so they can make an Gundam VR game on the levels of ‘Gundam: Journey to Jaburo’ (PS2), and ‘Gundam Battlefield Record 0081 (PS3) for the PSVR & PC Steam VR market to see the full effects of their return. They would be surprised by how well recieved Gundam VR would be on both PC & PSVR market. Proof? A fan made Gundam VR game going by the name of ‘M.A.D.N.U.G VR’ trying to exist while being made by one person. It’s struggling, sure, yet needs your 100% support and help to see the actual light of day.

I’ve desired a Gundam VR game for so long that we finally have a wedge in the door allowing us to crack that door open wide for everybody to enjoy. Will you support the fan-made project while also showing Bandai-Namco we want a Gundam VR game? The choice is yours.


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We now have a Gundam VR game so there’s no excuse of “not” funding it because there’s an “GoFundMe” page for you to visit just above this short line of text.

– Moving my VR hand in view to show you that I can view everything in VR. It’s a fun experience, yet needs heavy polish.

The game version I tried allowed you to jump straight into the launch rails of Argama that it’s a bit of a rough start, to say the least. The game needs a menu, something I’ve seen working the guy working on in the facebook images, while also allowing you to boost into action by being catapulted into space. That part is genuinely fun while then struggling to orientate yourself in space that it feels like a world in VRchat. One controller is used to boost, the other is used to orientate, while the other buttons are used to lock on, change weapons, and to simply enjoy space.

It’s not bad that you can see what I have described above. There is obviously a need and a void for Gundam VR that Bandai-Namco needs to get out of their comfort zone to actually/genuinely produce something this proper and realistic, and I’m hoping that’s what they’re doing behind closed doors. This is what this guy is trying to do, yet struggling because he has a life to live.

With what’s planned you’ll be able to travel from the Earth into space, as well as to the moon and back. It seems to also be all in real time that we’ll be traveling all around in “real time” that it’ll be an interesting experience once ready for testing, or actual proper gameplay time with an actual build ready sometimes in the future.

– Seeing enemy Zaku forces flying about is quite fun. Even seeing them shoot the Argama, doing things…. All in VR… That’s where the fun is at 🙂

It’s honestly thanks to Gundam Build Divers that I even stumbled across this that I’m glad I found someone at least TRYING to make Gundam VR possible, thus my respect for the guy. I love how bright and positive Gundam Build Divers makes things and I’m glad we have a wedge in the door to make that possible. It’s however up to the people to voice how much they want Gundam VR so support this indie project while also shouting at Bandai-Namco to stop twiddling their thumbs.

– Gundam Build Fighters first spawning this desire for other fans that they wanted some “loose” Gundam VR game, if based on some funky combo of VR & Nintendo Amiibo functionality.
– Gundam Build Fighters Ep 14 which caused me to go all hype on Gundam VR again because of how it also tied into VRchat in the next two following images.

The next two images being important because VRchat allowed me to relate to the following image that I’m sure once a reality people shall feel the same once they’re able to admire the scenery in VR.

Part 1 of quote.
– Part 2 of Quote.

The above quote is genuine that I feel it also fits accurately to those playing VRchat even at this moment, at the moment it was mentioned, as well as all around in time. Regardless of VR’s so called “limiting” tech you actually become highly immersed in the experience you won’t notice the outer black exterior bands of the VR  headset that you’ll simply focus on the moment in front of you. You’ll be focused on the gameplay, the immersion, the happenings in the game that you’ll ignore anything outside of that experience that you’ll examine flowers, trees, vehicles, among other things. That’s the beauty of VR that anyone saying otherwise has been found to be a negative ‘VR Realist’ devoid of any passion and soul that they want to guilt others into being gloomy. They’ll argue otherwise, yet that’s how they roll.

The things the developer for this fanmade Gundam Game has made is quite impressive that I’ll share a few more images taken from his [Facebook page]:

– RX-78 Gundam – Viewing the Gundam from the ground up.
– How Gundam is meant to be viewed and played.

– The early stages of development, yet a beautiful one at that. My favourite Ground type Gundam being the RX-79[G] Gundam.

*For the Record:

I’ve played any Gundam game I could get my hands on from the Gundam: Journey to Jaburo (PS2) era onward. I’ve played Journey to Jaburo proudly, ‘Gundam: Earth Federation vs Zeon’ (PS2), Gundam Seed & Destiny Games (PS2), Gundam: Target in Sight (PS3), Gundam Battlefield Records 0081 (PS3), and even the weird arcade MMO game, as well as the actual MMO game when cracked…..

I highly prefer ‘Journey to Jaburo’ and ‘Gundam Battlefield Records 0081’ that if Bandai-Namco is to do a GOOD game that they should use these two games as their base foundation for how serious it was with attrition.

Gundam: Target in Sight was supposed to be what ‘Gundam: Battlefield Records 0081’ is that it flopped for being rushed that I wish the Western market could have seen and played this Batttlefield Records 0071 game instead. If anything, Bandai-Namco should re-release that for the western market along side a Gundam VR game made in proper for both PC AND PSVR markets. If they want to see genuine sales for VR they need to release for both PSVR & PC Steam VR markets.

I wish I could have played ‘Zeonic Front’ because of how fun and realistic that appeared.


“VR Realists” & the “Fearful” side of VR:

I’ve dealt with my fair share of ‘VR Realists’ that they just don’t want to see any sort of advancements in our world. These ‘VR Realists’ claim they “love” VR when all they post are negative pessimistic things that end up being highly “soulless”. There’s no passion, love, or anything to what they say that they’re basically contradicting everything they’re mentioning that whether they realize it or not, they’re genuinely hurting the VR side of things.

I also have a posting from ‘bate’ from the Bus Simulator 18 Steam forums which helped stir up problems for the whole VR market that they’re also adding to the problem of why VR isn’t supported. It was a simple case of not planning ahead far enough that it came to bite them in the ass with how there was a strong reaction from both sides for VR; One side wants VR while the other side guilted the VR side. Even outside of this thread people were requesting for VR that you have about 5 threads & 1 comment for VR in a news section so that should tell them that people want to drive buses in VR and that VR is a strong market.

I wish the developers over at Bus Simulator 18 the best and it genuinely ties into Gundam VR with how people actually desire VR for Gundam that it goes with this saying – “If you build it, they will come”.

Bandai Simply needs to build a Gundam VR game and people shall come.

– An unfortunate moment where game developers failed to take into account how VR would have spawned a charged reaction from the [community]. It wasn’t a part of their vision that it came to bite them in the ass. You’ll see me there for better or worse.
In all honesty VR is not going anywhere. It’s not going to die, it’s not a “gimmick”, it’s not a “fad”, but it is staying while growing with each incoming game. I guess until we gain a proper Gundam VR game we’ll have to look at their “pet projects/Experiments” until then.

There’s that where you can sit in the Gundam’s hand to feel the experience instead of being a part of it. Then there’s the whole VR experience where you can pilot Gundams in arcade VR pods, something that needs to be made available for PSVR & PC Steam markets.  There’s more about this on [Forbes].

There’s also some weird ‘Gundam VR: Mobile Suit Agency‘ thing being made at some weird educational site that may or may not find the light of day. It has interesting intentions behind it.

Or we can support the Gundam VR fan game, or we can also keep track of ‘Steel and Soul’ until we gain an actual Gundam VR game. The choice is genuinely yours. You want to feel warm and fuzzy inside? Influence the VR market right now! You genuinely can.


*’Steel And Soul’ VR:

I do a weekly scan on the [Steam VR] side of things that I stumbled across this lovely gem waiting to be released. It’ll release in October 2018 that we’ll have to wait until then for our proper mecha fix, something that isn’t PVP.  If you don’t want to fund the Gundam VR fan game then I guess we’ll have to wait until we gain an actual VR mecha game that I do believe that ‘Steel and Soul shall be your best bet to fill that Gundam mecha void until then. That’s the only proper free-roamy game I see where we’ll be able to do as we desire.

Here’s to hoping Bandai-Namco announces something Gundam VR related for the mass-market.