[VRchat] Thanking Nagzz21 & VRchat Community (2019)

– Hanging out in Nagzz21’s Patreon Photoshoot hangout (November 1st, 2018)

(Article may be image heavy with 80+ images relating to Nagzz21 side of VRchat & the whole drifting side of VRchat until I met cool buddies within game.)

This article is dedicated to both VRchat in general and the developers, as much as it is to Nagzz21, in respect for how he introduced us to this gorgeous game. The length of this article may be lengthy, but that’s how much Nagzz21 has influenced both the VRchat community and myself. Nagzz21 going viral with the Nepdoll being stolen is an over-expressed reasoning as to why many people joined VRchat, and it genuinely is one of my reasons as to why I joined VRchat when seeing it on both my Twitter & Tumblr feed. If it wasn’t for Nagzz21 I probably wouldn’t be playing VRchat, nor highly into VR games in general. Even seeing the beauty which is ‘Furious Seas‘, nor met cool people that I have on and off in VRchat. Upon seeing the Nep Doll video  I checked out what the game was on Steam store page, what platforms it could run (VR and Desktop) to the point I tweeted on Twitter saying I’m jumping onto VRchat via desktop mode. I just had to with how welcoming it appeared, thus began my adventure. I tried it first, then I dragged my friend ‘Nighthawk’ into VRchat to the point he’s mostly MIA hiding away in various Imperial Waifu Brigades and their various variations because of various “situations”. As for myself, I simply became a traveler exploring VRchat since November 17, 2017 because I enjoy the creativity in worlds, though I do love interacting here and there when people want to feel social. Also, because of work, I can’t play VRchat as much as I want to, as much as Nighthawk plays VRchat, which saddens me. 
Ever since that NepDoll video, and me diving into VRchat, I caught myself up on the various episodes of season 1, even binge watching episodes after keeping up with the latest antics from season 2 up to 5 since November 17th constantly feeling happy and nostalgic. Been a fun ride loving all the fun treats, chill music, and nostalgic memories meeting new people and just having fun.

VRchat is an awesome game being more than a game because so many magical moments have happened within it making it more than “just a game”. It’s like how an Anime is more than a “Japanese Cartoon” because it contains the author’s life, the authors emotions, thoughts, life lessons, and their soul. That’s putting it barely in words because of how difficult it is to word feelings, skill, and experiences into words. That’s VRchat put into words the best I can.  Every time you hear ‘Savannah‘ your mind thinks of all those nostalgic times in Nagzz21’s Youtube & Twitch VRchat adventures, or the specific chill music recalling the times you’ve had fun yourself in VRchat. So many memories… The memories is what makes VRchat fun. 

(This article into three parts: 1) Drifter – 2) Nagzz21’s Influence – 3) New ‘Life friends’ 2018.)

– First view when joining into VRchat’s hub being a foxy anime girl, Rem (best girl), and eventually Nighthawk whom would play VRchat nearly 24/7 from this point onward.

I was in desktop mode up until January 1st, 2018, or so. I however gained my Oculus Rift on December 24th, 2017, yet couldn’t use it until I gained a proper video card and USB 3.0 adapter just in time for New Year’s 2018. I made sure when I gained my VR headset it was worth it; I had to justify it with up to 5 games I knew I’d play (VRchat, Google Earth, Titanic VR, Harem Mate VR, & the odd games at that time) and all the parts because of how costly the headsets were at that point, and still are. Though, on the bright side VR headsets are cheaper now than they were in December 2017. 

– Klaus & Whitewolf are cool folks. A shame I was too shy. Waved at them and they waved back. Shame I was too shy at then. 

Between waiting for my VR headset to be usable I somehow stumbled across Klaus and Whitewolf, stupidly not befriending them. I’m still kicking myself over this of me not taking this chance to befriend them :(. I followed them around the world at a slight respectful distance just seeing what’s up with the world hoping to see how they would solve the easteregg before the whole Nier Automata cave was an actual world on its own with its own fair share of eastereggs. We were trying to solve the in world puzzle in that hotel world. A shame I allowed that chance to slip.

I’m not going to push it because I don’t want to friend them for the sake of friending them. They’re not Pokemon, and they even noted this. If we ever do meet, and we do interact then that’s the proper time to friend people you’ve come to know and love on Youtube & Twitch. 

– A wild Adame roaming about the SAO world when. Explanation below.

Adame commented about me just standing there as a white Scout trooper from Star Wars in the SAO world  (also in the first blog posting linked below) when I could have said something. I also probably did not have a mic so I simply stood there as a mute, or so I recall. Memory is a bit hazzy, thus things bounce a lot when I try to explain things back from 2017. It was however nice seeing those I saw in a Youtube video roaming the VRchat worlds freely back in 2017 making it feel “magical” in ways.

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I explored, I learned, and I even came across neat happenings here and there, quarter of which I tried logging onto Youtube, and the other quarter onto Twitch. I eventually also made a Discord group to log my experience later in the VRchat journey. It was a learning experience. I even unknowingly bumped into many other popular VRchaters, such as Zentreya in her PSO2 Gene avatar while as a loli foxy Ran in the Presentation room. I would occasionally buddy up with Nighthawk, or even just randomly observe happenings as they happened.

Feint – Drifters – Does seem appropriate for this:


I can hear you far away (I can hear you)
I can see you in the distance
I am waiting for today (I am waiting for you)
I go forth with no resistance
If we drift towards and if we let it all
Go, then will you come with me? (Come with me)
Til’ we are free
If we drift towards and if we let
It all go, then will you come with me?
I’m gonna make it somehow
I’m gonna break through the clouds
I will make you mine
I’m gonna sing it out loud
I’m gonna drown in the sun
Will you leave me a sign?
You’re the castle in the sky (I see you)
I’m an island on the ocean
Will we make it through the night? (Been waiting for you)
If we go live by devotion
If we drift towards and if we let it all
Go, then will you come with me? (Come with me)
Til’ we are free
If we drift towards and if we let
It all go, then will you come with me?
I’m gonna make it somehow
I’m gonna break through the clouds
I will make you mine
I’m gonna sing it out loud
I’m gonna drown in the sun
Will you leave me a sign?
I simply go with the wind to see what happens and it usually ends up with funny things happening. Traveling/drifting  faired better in 2017 because everything was more free, yet 2018 also had its fair share of amusements, hacking avatar theft drama, and such forcing people to hide in private worlds taking half of VRchat away. Interesting times. VRchat was free in 2017, went into a shell in 2018, then became free again late 2018, and into 2019 with people coming out of their shells. I hope I can experience VRchat the way I’ve experienced it in 2017, though I partially am with how I roam the worlds with my newfound friends.
– Hello Zen! Nice to meet you! 🙂
– Was neat hanging around the Pug at times. It’s a 50/50 thing of being fun & obnoxious. Even in 2019 it’s still fun “at times”. This one? Shadowsnipe, Leeroy, and Shumi just casually hanging out and I didn’t even know it. I wasn’t aware, but I guess that’s why it made it awesome. We simply had fun in VRchat? 🙂
– Still fond of when Error.MDL spammed the place with skeletons. I assume because of how people kept pestering him to spam he went into hiding. When I first joined I saw him almost everywhere. 
– November 26, 2017 – Just hanging out in a Spongebob world because it was neat. Somehow bumped into YuudachiKaini with funny Yuudachi effects. This image has the added bonus of when Shaggy from Scooby Doo was roaming about doing a proper impersonation. It was awesome heh. A third memory being someone mistaking Nighthawk for Whitehawk. Fun times. Even a fun raid mimic thing even happening. This image contains many references, and I love it!
– November 26, 2017 – This party hosted by Shai & gang was awesome. The part itself was awesome. Nighthawk and myself just chatting away, had a bit of fun with Free Realstate, among other fun memes. Just engaging with the people there was what made this awesome. Lots of fun memories form this world.
– Once the VR cameras were added in two updates that’s where I started having more fun messing around with posing, and such. Instead of bugging my friend I set the camera on a timer showing off both my avatar with the worlds. Also, posting this images because I heard my fair share of breast jokes thanks to the wonky breast collisions. I love Scathach, I love how she even glows in this image. 

When I finally had my VR hooked up by New Years I befriended Duskitten and Xillione, both of whom toured me around VRchat welcoming me in by showing me various worlds. All the images above are from desktop mode. They would pass me objects, allow me to examine it, and etc. We had fun chatting, discussing Sword Art Online stuff, and just enjoying VRchat for what it is, and was at that time. They made me feel welcome, and I thank them for that! Without them I probably wouldn’t have kept traveling the little bit I had through worlds chatting with people at random, exploring, and taking images. I even have to thank Einz, someone I commissioned, for a special happening in the SAO world with the large floating avatar of his. Very appropriate.

– Nighthawk & myself having fun with VR in the SAO world with Einz floating about in his giant SAO avatar. Many fun moments were to be had 🙂 (New Years Twitch stream image)

When the avatar hackings happened I chose to avoid it for a few weeks, something which may have costed me both their respect, and others, to the point I may have been sidelined in being joined in various VRchat sessions.  They also wanted to hang out with Nighthawk, something which was becoming difficult to do with how he was joining various Imperial Waifu groups jumping from one to the next. It was interesting times testing us out, and it appeared to have broken us a little bit. People were also hiding in private worlds, it was a rough time when the avatar thefts occurred. I was also singled out because I called out the Knuckles meme for being vile, something people didn’t seem to enjoy. I took note of it, trying to be more positive about it. What kept me coming back was Nagzz21’s & Oathmeal’s videos at the time, and I’m glad I gained nostalgic/curious once more to jump back in by simply watching their videos on Youtube. I kept tracking VRchat while feeling nostalgic missing the moments I could easily be a part of by simply being in VRchat. VR & VRchat growing pains, you live and learn. Those lessons can even be painful, yet necessary. 

– One of the various knuckles out there, the only one I took an image of. This Knuckles would fade away in the ‘I don’t feel so good’ meme, while also having the ability to cube your vision. The Knuckles I disliked where the raiding ones being more “toxic”. Fine in moderation though.

At that time I also commissioned Einz to make a MMD Scathach avatar compatible with VRchat gaining two variations out of that. One from Einz (without Gae Bolg/Lance), and one from Xillione (with flowy hair, Gae Bolg, and breast colliders)…Helpful, yet still somewhat awkward. Einz and myself also became great friends with him constantly showing me Kamen Rider avatars whenever he was free. Had fun once more when VR cameras became a thing. I tried taking as many pictures as I could and had fun doing so. I had fun exploring. Exploring is half the game just taking in what people have made which also kept me coming back curious what people have made.

– We DIED laughing playing the bomb game late at night. Just dying laughing. Best night! 10/10, would bomb again! XD
– Einz showing off one their many Kamen Rider avatars
– Lovely Japanese fireworks I first saw on Twitter trying to track it down in VRchat itself. I eventually found it, taking images the best I could back then. Still drifting.
– This Touhou world was awesome with its Touhou Trance. I loved chillin’ here. [Video of amusing singing and the Touhou Trance playing]. I loved this Touhou world I simply chilled here for a long while both with various people and myself.
– Halconfenix – I introduced Halcon to VRchat with this being the very first moment he stepped foot into VRchat, or at least the first day in VRchat. He joined me on Heavy Cruiser Suzuya world eventually learning how to fly, and etc. He would also become an interesting piece in the VRchat community puzzle with the type of activity I’ve seen via Twitter. Halcon joins me from the Busou Shinki anime figure community. (June 10th, 2018)
– V in Japan. Funny thing is I was streaming with someone most likely crashing us both as we idled briefly to set up for a picture further up the road in this world. Great moments!
– I would occasionally bump into the Japanese community amused by their avatar and own style of happenings. Their avatars were always uniquely unique.
– Japanese honestly do have highly unique and interesting avatars, why I love stumbling across them at times. We “sometimes” speak, not often, because of language barriers. At times I would simply listen to test my knowledge of the Japanese language learned from watching Anime.
– SCP world. Trying to travel down many winding stairways becoming a test of endurance to the point I befriended people here with a common goal of completing this world. Only a certain few would. Someone here would later join me in another horror world weeks later. Other, more popular, VRchat figures on Twitter would complain friend wouldn’t invite them to worlds, and etc during this period in time… Interesting times. (June 15, 2018)
–  Pokemon Snap! My favourite part of VRchat seeing all the fun worlds you can personally feel attached to. I’ve played Pokemon Snap on my N64! Anything Pokemon in VR and I’m game! Anything Gundam, or anime and I instantly check it out. As for this image: Other people taking pictures of me because the camera isn’t personalized to each user. Amusing though.
– Pokemon Snap – Public world amusement of images snapped of you by other users. Seeing how you’re viewed from other people’s perspectives interests me because there’s sides you don’t see when you view yourself from your own lens. I want to see how I appear in other people’s view points. 
– June 16th, 2018 I went exploring Foxe’s ALA world during the whole Season 5 heightened drama on Nagzz21’s Youtube channel, or roughly around that time. I had to binge watch all of season 4 & 5 when the drama roleplay was at its most tense. It was memorable in a very moody manner, yet still nostalgic because I recall seeing the stream live few months back, seeing everything done live on Twitter, yet still as an observer. 

I recalled the time I met Zentreya while we were both streaming. I deleted my stream in rage because it was mute, yet the part that had Zentreya in it… Deleted. I only have my memories of that incident + a Nappa Daki image to recall it by. I however do have one image of Zentreya in Gene avatar as I handed her that pen in the presentation room so I guess that counts for something, eh? I however do give my high respects to Foxe for being a talented world builder, even the private one he invited various people to. Foxe is a skilled world builder. His Worlds are quite awesome.

I’m also in the process of trying to make myself a home themed to Renge, Busou Shinki, and the like. Just a simple home not going over the top. Still seeking proper days off from work to tackle this, for Unity to behave, and for Oculus Rift to stop tantruming every chance. VR growing pains fun heh.

– With work stress, VRchat missed opportunities and such I’ve been tripping, yet had a blast from November 2017 up until this image, and of this article’s creation. People are insanely skilled and talented with VRchat being the hub of what VR is also capable of, not just in VRchat.  Nagzz21 was a necessary spark causing all this, and it shows.
– Minecraft was also my thing from when it was in late beta going into alpha, then up until 2013-ish. Certain things “happened” making It fade jumping ship into Rising World, though any worlds with Minecraft gain a nice smile. I met cool Koreans here having their own fun. It genuinely is fun stumbling into various groups and communities <3
– The brown avatar wanted hugs/uppsies, it was adorable heh. See a lot of variations to these adorable avatars in VRchat making it fun to just play.
– VRchat is amazing in the way I could examine Voyager (Star Trek) in person. Well, VR in person. There’s a free Trek game and even Bridge Commander by Ubisoft. VR is an awesome medium, especially with VRchat. Just seeing everything in VR makes things a whole lot different and unique
– As with anybody in VRchat, meeting anybody random to be buddies is a blast. Meeting a new short-lived comrade was a nice. A mute, yet a mute who stuck with me to the end of a horror map. 

It was around this time I accidentally stumbled into Chipz’s (StealthRG) world with us both being confused. He must have made his world public without realizing it to the point awkward things happened. My voice cracked at first, then managed to tone my voice down after that. A major “WTF?!” moment for the both of us. Memorable one, thus why it’s here. Being mistaken as Zentreya was amusing; Wish I would have asked Chipz for an image, or something. What happened, happened, and I loved it. 

– My wallpaper & banner image for Twitch & main blog for how ‘godly’ it is. A godly image for an immortal warrior & teacher from an irish mythology while also being from a game called Fate/Grand Order.
– Being a Canadian I sought out Canadian maps around Canada Day to pay my respects. The closest was this Toronto map with the CN Tower, trams, and main square area. Was expecting something Canadian, yet only found this one. Still had fun sharing it on Twitter at the time. It’s actually surprising to see how many fellow Canadians are in VRchat, though none befriended because they’re their own popular figure in VRchat. You usually join a game like this swarmed with American players, but VRchat is uniquely different this way. 
– Seeing Holo stream on Twitch I wanted to support him for how he was one of my first VRchat memories. Holo (right), and Maiya (left). I tried supporting his Twitch streams whenever I could, often teasing him in good fun hoping it was equally viewed in good fun. I loved his amusing streams with ‘Maiyamoth’, how scared Holo is with horror, amongn other amusements. 
– They grow up so fast. Seeing Halcon more active in the VRchat community posting & tweeting to various VRchat players, and such. Even seeing him befriend Blackbutterfly, which is awesome. “DOH!” Halcon would eventually make a few more models, a few worlds, and such. Halcon is leaving an impact in the VRchat realm!
– This image “may” be random, yet it hides a story of how I was highly furious with my work jumping onto VRchat without unwinding before jumping on. I’ve done something stupid and I regret it. I however learned from this trying to not do this again. Hopefully. Bravo tried his best to tour me around as I was fuming by showing various eastereggs and such, thus showing why VRchat is awesome. I was being a moron and he did his best guide me around. Congrats to this guy! You gain my high respect, though I wish I remembered your VRchat handle. You tried to be positive and I was being a moron. Thanks for being awesome!
– As long winded and rambly as my article may be, this is how crazy talented the Japanese are. Look at that AFK animation! The usual Japanese hub containing an afk’ing avatar with fancy afk patterns. This is how VRchat has evolved since Nagzz21’s influence, and others. I’m amused by this because you can also tell they’re really AFK heh.
– June 15, 2018 – Still drifting, yet stumbled across another friendly batch of players being Asian; Mostly Korean and Taiwanese. They were friendly, welcoming, and VRchat playful. Coming home from work with them just welcoming me as we conversed.
– I “hid” myself into a tree just because I could with one of the Korean players coming after me by joining me in the tree. Just seeing how happy and friendly they were is what made me keep coming back, and I love that. 
– Musically beautiful public avatar at the PUG. Sometimes you can strike lucky finding the right people here. Sometimes. Other times I just find it “toxic”…. It’s all RNG, in a way. Lovely image, great memories, great musical moment. The music of the avatar made this awesome. You can almost “hear” this image heh.
– Rendezvous world showing high quality textures, or high enough to see awesome detailing. One of the best maps in VRchat <3. When someone tells me something is impossible for VR I point them towards this. Everything changes in VR with you even seeing the smallest of details in VR.
– Those eyes! They’re perfect! The right scenery, the right avatar, and the perfect image. A funny unforgettable moment with this avatar escaping me.
 – Do you guys remember Halcon? He made a funny Mafia Seagull avatar. Halcon, you’re becoming far more popular and a part of the VRchat community without realizing it 🙂
– “I’ve been watching you”. When VRchat scares my friend to the point he pulls out his Busou Shinki themed weapon, and flees the map in hilarity. [Hilarity recorded here]
– Introducing Persocom to VRchat (Sept 9th, 2018). He now wants a proper computer to play VR, to play VRchat, and Slime Rancher. Once you go VR you can’t go back 🙂 [Tour here]
– Buddies from the SCP map months ago joined me to do some Huggy’s map. We stalled out at the spider room thanks to a glitch, yet had a blast throughout. Every moment of it was awesome! One of those big memorable moments <3 [Spooky moments here]

From Drifter to VRchat Regular:

I became highly stressed from work to the point I had to force a one week off vacation, and it paid off. I even joined Nagzz21’s Patreon after finally gaining enough funds to join his Patreon freely. I finally joined a few hangouts and photoshoots. Finally! I however regret venting about the Oculus Rift sensor issues to a certain someone, in general, and about the constant lag causing them to distance themselves from me. VR growing pains. Even so, I’ve started to become welcomed into the VRchat community that it felt good both inside and out. Not even the beginning of my vacation things started to shape up to the point I hung out in a hangout. I even befriended friends on a Saturday/Sunday night. It was roughly a year (or slightly more) where I started seeing me finally connecting with the core of VRchat. If it’s a solid connection is yet to be seen, yet the feeling is awesome to finally tap into the awesomeness that is VR in the deeper cores of the game. Everything in the VR RPG  I can deeply relate to, and glad I could also be a part of the Dordles themed VRchat meet-ups meeting new people. 

– Dordles fun! First meet-up was with Dordles himself and Dordles avatar.

The music which spawns so many memories, nostalgic feelings, and a whole lot more <3

The song we can all relate to. It’s a shame it’s been stained & tainted, yet still a track we can all relate to regardless of the negativeness.

– Pranking Nagzz21 to see him getting chased and jump off the improv world. 
– Turn off name plates to see if you could identify people by their movements. Was a blast.
– The general view of a hangout being awesome. People hanging out on stage, up on the wall, and anywhere. Following the crowd. You can see me merged with other dordles center-right from another person’s perspective.
– Sssss!~ Ssss!~ Snake Dordles
– King Dordles himself in the giant avatar allowing us to use these lovely avatars.
– Spiderman Dordles! Webman!~
– Egg using this image in a Twitter tweet with my camera visible to the point Dordles contacted me posting me to this image of “Oh, so this is where I saw you!” in the VRchat Patreon chat. Thanks for being awesome <3
– Rotten Egg sprouted into a Tree. Reee!~ 
– Headpats for all! One and all! XD
– Creepy Sleepy Egg 😛
– Duncan was late to the party with his avatar giving off a very appropriate reaction to an amusing prank heh. Brick’s reaction next to him is also highly amusing haha!
– Helicopter Pajamas. 
– Which Monster Hunter game is the best? The PC or 3DS version? 🙂 
– The cuddles are real!~ Adorable <3
– This image is special because of what Nagzz21 did here. I didn’t point it out the time, I shall here, with how Nagzz21 friended me here. He reached over, highlighted my avatar, and added me. Thanks, Nagzz21! Thanks for raising an awesome community <3
– Peanutor showing off his lovely avatars. I must thank Peanutor, Kortir, Arco, and friends for coming up to me to see if I’m fine when I’m lagging horribly during the whole meet-ups. Bad CPU causing many lags with many people to where audio even merges as one unable to hear people. 

I also, really badly, wanted to be a part of a photoshoot. At least once, so I could leave my mark in the community, and I have. I left my mark with the Dordles meet-up, and I’m happy with the positive messages I gained from those photoshoots. I tried to be positive about the whole thing, and I’m happy with the results. I’m however disappointed with my computer not being able to keep up with the core players, but I am happy with what I gained out of it. I want more of those fun moments <3. The first image is one of these photoshoot fun moments, as well as the following images below.

– Cheese!~ Nagzz’s crew up front and me happily up on the tree. I’m happy the lag at least allowed me to make my way up the tree to V pose. I, at one point, heard something about jumping down but couldn’t really point it out. Lagged too horribly. 
– A great gathering with me V V’ing to the right 🙂 Happy to have been a part of the gathering, if I was painfully lagging.
– OG Avatars (original) with what we started playing VRchat with. Great memories to be had <3

 This image contains everything Blue, blue themed content, and lyrics. I lagged out horribly being depressed but did enjoy my time both here and a PSO2 world I went to. Wasn’t at my best here. (Eiffel 65 – blue)

– Bee Movie; Be Optimized.
– The ‘Attack on “Rexy”‘ breaking out of her shell doing what she feels makes her happy.  I sadly had to start blocking out avatars with the safety feature with how much these meet-ups make me suffer. I’m sorry.
– ‘Attack on Rexy’ Part 2 heh.

– Rad having fun marching around with fapping noises while Vintendo (Grapetendo) would sing. Best moments which I simply loved listening to Vin’s gorgeous radio voice.
– YopDoggy being a bit of an ape, yet a very chill dude. He’s a very chill dude. Awesome people in cool places <3

– Yop Nips unleashed! Again, sorry about blocking avatars but only way I can hang there currently. One of Nagzz21’s Twitch transitions.
– Cyan is not a colour! But they are Chill & cool. Awesome people in cool places.
– Unleash the three-headed  Yop Hound!
– The British are coming! The British are coming! 
– One of the best moments witnessing Nagzz21 react to not ringing Lanfear. Ring Lanfear! Again, I’m SORRY! about blocking avatars out so I could actually witness these moments. It hurts blocking these avatars for performance.
– Yop and Egg having a special bonding moment. Thanks Egg for being a cool person inviting me into the meet-up at one time, yet sadly was there for an hour because of workshift next day a few meet-ups later after this.
– Attack on Rexy with Egg getting all ‘Attack on Titan’ on Rexy heh.
– Nagzz21 impostor! Imposter, yet a necessary impostor heh.
– Shiny Ho-Oh appeared! YopDoggy blocking the way from Nagzz catching Ho-Oh. I also want a Ho-Oh in Pokemon GO because of the fond memories from Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal versions.
– Kortir is awesome. Thanks for coming up to me talking about various things, such as mapping your VR controllers to your avatar, and allowing me to headpat you. I still remember what you said. Both you & Peanutor, thank you both for coming up to me while lagging horribly, observing things, and/or struggling to make out the audio with it merging as one unable to hear individual voices. I had to flee lagging horribly back to main spawn area. 
– Wolf Marine is ‘Best Bot’! He’s a cool guy constantly changing from one avatar to another and a cool guy. He loves his Star Wars <3
– Another cool and festive gathering in a more Christmas tone. A jolly time.
– “It’s NURD, orNothing” Raid! NURD Raid while I try to give Maiya a fun memory in VRchat during her 1 year anniversary trying to find a horror map to play at. I panicked so hard going to the wrong worlds, yet led to fun moments. Thanks for the raid, the follows, and being so kind. Thanks to those who stayed with me till the end of those stream <3
– “It’s NURD or Nothing!” – I panicked so much, yet highly thankful and grateful you guys even chose to unofficial raid me <3

A Very Special Moment:

During the Photoshoot meet-up I rushed from work to this photoshoot to be a part of it, barely making it in. I’m glad everything worked smoothly enough for me to boot up Oculus, boot up VRchat, jump in, and have my fun in VRchat. I was able to meet Flako, Nagzz, Blackbutterfly (indirectly), WOlfmarine, and others. I lagged painfully, yet was there. I’m at least happy I was able to talk to Nagzz21 leaving a precious memory behind. Thanks for the fond memory in this precious clip <3

– ‘Hullo Arctic’ – A precious memory. I was lagging/delayed trying to talk to Nagzz21 with this being the first time someone even saw my Renge avatar in VRchat <3 [Twitch clip]

Nagzz21, I know I’m sounding sappy and over-praising you, but you really made me happy being in VRchat with your videos. I probably wouldn’t have played VRchat, nor be in VR the way I am without you, Oathmeal, Zentreya, Summaril, and other content creators/regulars. Way too many to list. All those journeys we both went on, almost in parallel, with how worlds popped in and out of the world tabs. I’ve watched people’s stream finding interesting people in awesome places. I also thank people for following me, supporting me in return <3

It’s honestly a shame I’m constantly lagging in VRchat, but shall eventually thank you in person in VRchat when the “time is right”. Thanks for being awesome, thanks for creating this community, and thanks for being “you”. 

Felt good creating a shockwave in VRchat! I honestly want to do it again in a positive tone <3

Start of a New Beginning:

All because I took that one week off, not only have I gained an awesome chance to meet up with cool people in the Nagzz21 meet-ups, also people just lurking in the public worlds. They’re all cool, they’re awesome. It was an interesting, semi-chaotic time, where people came and people went. I made a noticable impact in the VRchat community, and I love it. I want to do more; I want to make a Busou Shinki hub. I need more time so I can do what I need to do what I need to do in VRchat. What I have done though, I’m happy 🙂

– Meeting cool new friends named Hawk & Hunt. Kobi also, as with Maiya, Isha, and Delta. All cool buddies <3 Halloween fun.
– Meeting Hawk and Hunt led to many fun moments, such as the spin the bottle mini-games, and other fun antics heh.
– One of the best memories I had was staying up till 5 am watching Youtube videos with these cool people. Just hanging out doing random things, goofing off, and etc <3
– Maiya-moth, myself, Hawk, and Hunt in a PSO2 team lobby. Great times to be had <3
– Like a family with Hawk and Hunt being “sisters” while Maiya & myself appearing to be “daughters” heh. VRchat is awesome with how random it is.
– #MaiyaMoth has been a great part of VRchat. We met in HoloTheWiseVR‘s twitch stream knowing her as ‘best Viewer’ & ‘Maiya Moth’ because of how she both joined Holo’s stream on his first day streaming, and for her love for lamps & horror maps. Maiya loves her horror maps with how we tackled them before meeting Hawk, Hunt, and the rest of the crew.
– Padoru, Padoru raid! One of the best times I had just raiding people. Shame people blocked us, we had fun though heh.
– Padoru P2 with people reacting by blocking us off. Both fun, yet I also felt oddly guilty. Unsure why, but I love this moment for how I finally partook in one “raid” in VRchat 🙂
– One of the rare times I’m able to hang out with Nighthawk in VRchat. This was after Christmas time, but thank VRchat & Nagzz21 for making  all these fun memories fun and possible <3
– Making one of my Renge avatars public because of how basic that avatar is. You can now clone your avatars spawning great moments <3 Can’t wait to make Busou Shinki a respected thing in VRchat <3

I honestly thank you guys for following me, for supporting me, and welcoming me into VRchat. It most likely took a year to finally settle into VRchat, and I’m happy with the people I have met. I’m happy to be where I am, and I’m constantly itching to go back to VRchat. I may fumble with my words, yet will constantly express my gratitude and thankfulness to people to the point of obnoxiousness. I am THAT thankful to be a part of the VRchat community, even if it may sometimes appear to be a diamond in the rough. I’m happy with what worlds people create, the memories which come flooding back when playing certain styles of chill music, the people I’ve met, hung out with, and recalling things in parallel as they happened on both Youtube & Twitch. It’s awesome having started various chain reactions in the Twitch stream, as well as ‘Sugar Cat’ in Summaril’s Twitch stream because of how hyper Zexion is. If I didn’t start it, I at least instigated it, and I’m proud heh.

To those that have accepted me, I thank you kindly! To those who have pushed me away in VRchat, a shame, but I guess that is what it is. I however hope we can have fun in VRchat whenever we do meet up in VRchat again. I’m always free and welcoming to those who want to enjoy VRchat for what it is, not what it shouldn’t be. If you want to hang, just let me know, we’ll figure something out. I’m always up for hanging with people, just don’t be shy. 🙂

If I do sound negative then I do apologies. Sometimes I’m a little TOO transparent trying to let things out in the wrong channel. I struggle to force stress and such into their appropriate channels while also forced to keep it bottled within my body like a bad poison. Similar to a steam engine people eventually explode like a ticking time bomb, I’m sorry. I really am sorry! I’m sorry! VR growing pains, bad wording, and such. So, again, when people support me it honestly means so much to me. I thank you kindly and highly for supporting me! Thanks for friending, me, following me, and etc! It honestly means a lot <3

Nagzz21 always says he doesn’t deserve any respect for VRchat. You do! Without you we wouldn’t be here doing what we do. Be honest with yourself, be happy with what you do, and we’ll do the same. We’ll be honest, we’ll play, and we’ll have fun in VRchat hanging out with people while enjoying VRchat for what it is. “Stay fresh!” :P. I also guess this could have been viewed as a community letter, yet felt too long winded & image heavy to be a part of that, thus it being its own article as I realized too late I could have done a letter for Nagzz21 to read. 

Lastly, could we consider VRchat to be an “isekai”? Traveling to a different realm to do what you can’t do in the real world similar to all those fun anime in the “isekai” genre of anime. A stretch maybe, yet awesome heh. By March 2019 hoping to upgrade my computer so I can play VR games properly by upgrading CPU, motherboard, and such; To allow me to stream VR games & to hang with the core players in the meet-ups. Hopefully.


Mirak Akari is also awesome for helping out the Japanese side of VRchat when she covered it. Many familiar faces also appeared in her videos <3. Thanks for being awesome. Your videos were awesome when I watched. I still however need to catch up on your funny videos again whenever I have the time. I need to binge watch your videos again <3

Thank you guys! Thank you Nagzz21! Thank you VRchat community! Hawk & Hunt! Kobi! #MaiyaMoth!, Isha & Delta! StampedSteel, and the others! List goes on, and on! Thanks! 🙂 VRchat is more than a game! It’s awesome! <3