[VRchat] October Chill & Flatscreened

Belated blog posting of October 2019 thanks to how busy I was. November & December’s blog posting shall be following shortly. October was still a fun month filled with VRchat goodness.

– BRB – As I try to get back into things. BRB signs on this map, among other amusements.

Been a while since I’ve posted again because of how busy I was. Just plain busy and tired resorting to other chill games such as Azur Lane, Tower Unite, Minecraft Bedrock Edition, and just easier-to-chill games. Haven’t abandoned VRChat, just a ‘necessary break’, I guess. Here is the October 2019 batch of images in desktop mode because this was in between my broken Oculus Rift being fully broken & when I purchased my Valve Index in December.


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-My Experience With Oculus & Oculus Rift:


– Lamp for the Maiyamoth. Lamp~
– Just a nice simple Warhammer themed image. Nice and scenic 🙂
– So much for the light at the end of the tunnel.
– The Sacred Sword. Who shall pull it up like Excalibur?
– Dance! Shake that booty.
– Peekaboo! I see you 😛

Just to note: I haven’t abandoned VRchat. I was simply busy to do anything. Everything is just too busy, I’m getting the short end of the stick of things, and I’m just being thrown under the bus with things making it harder to do things in the VRchat. As much as I want to enjoy and admire things it takes twice as much energy as it genuinely should. I’ve also seen people leave me on social media applications for how busy I am with life. That’s understandable, if depressing.

I can only do so much. I do try to upload content when able. I’m one of those ‘slow burner’ content creators doing things slowly. I know I shouldn’t worry about my follower count, I’m trying not to. Certain things are just simply noticeable and hard to ignore. Quality over quantity, maybe? 

I’ve also witnessed and observed how dramatic people have been about sexualization in VRchat, about following & unfollowing one another. Everything in moderation. Everything should be kept in moderation. I haven’t tweeted at anybody because I don’t want the fires to burn further than they already have online. I just want to chill, especially in VRchat. Even though I haven’t played VRchat much anymore I still love and admire that game. Great times with great memories. Its why I’m making this blog posting to note all the good times. They may have lost their context, I however shall continue posting them.

– Minecraft worlds in VRchat? Why not. They look neat. Semi-spooky.
– October was when Spice & Wolf VR was popular. Managed to visit TWO worlds themed to such.

I really wanted to hype up Spice & Wolf VR by posting images & such. Never happened. Too busy. It was such a nice small gem of a game placing down the foundation. It had many awesome moments. Loved it. I wanted to take take pictures of Spice & Wolf VR in VRchat, just didn’t have the VR camera at the time to do so. Had to improvise using mirrors and such. Such goofiness. 

I LOVED Spice and Wolf VR loving there is a sequel. 

– Nothing special with image. Its only posted because of how much this world made me crap my pants. I was simply touring the school world to eventually hear loud bangs and such. I look back to see furniture thrown about…. Yeah, I’m not in the mood for hauntings. I bailed ASAP. I’m not getting spooked by VRchat tonight 😛
– Just a chill night doing chill things. Loving the droplets on the glass. Found it being overdone later.

– Me!Me!Me! World. I was amused by this. Friend nearly reported it, I stopped them. This world HAS to stay up. Freedom of speech, Expression, and such.
– Exploring a Quest version of Virtual Market with friends.
– Delta getting Soviet Doom’d. A Doom world being nicely implemented. I love how my Renge is animated bottom of screen. Would love to play this in VR mode. (I can now, not in October)
– South Korea exploring. Just exploring various nooks and crannies of worlds. Hiding so people could find me. They actually took the time to look under every rock to find me. When nobody is on I hide in the most obscure places for how moody I become solo. Its just a weird quirk of mine. Can’t help it.
– Code Vein Hype!
– Code Vein hype deja vu!
– Checking out every Code Vein world we could at the time. Good times.
– I still wish I could find more abundant sources of chocolate ice cream for Io. She loves that. Loved her response to when I gifted her such.

I haven’t stopped playing Code Vein fully. Just too busy. I want to honestly get back, but with how difficult of a game it is I need my full concentration to play it. I wipe out too easily. I’ll eventually get back when my workplace doesn’t burn me out as much as it has with that added bonus of people leaving my side on social media. Its just a bummer. So many games, so little time. Even my blogging has taken a hit.

– Just world hopping exploring various worlds. Tried to aim for a horror world “because Maiya”, ended up in a first gen VRchat world instead. Cool.
– That Halo camo blocking a Dragon themed avatar.
– Sharing this image because of that one time I teased Maiya so hard they were frustrated with me the rest of the night. I had that exact avatar left over from Virtual Market so I changed to it. Maiya tried finding a way to change into it as well jumping ‘everywhere’. Couldn’t find it. 5-10 minutes later I told them why. They were fuming, though not raging. I prank a lot in VRchat when I’m in a ‘good’ mood.
– Spooky horror map. This one was genuinely spooky taking a funky image of Renge. Maiya’s eyes glowing in the dark…. It was fun. Desktop mode, though still fun.
Lampy Cola for the Lampy Moth. #Maiyamoth
– #ChainsawMaiya
– Happy Halloween!
– Happy Halloween!
– What an awesome world. Sword Art Online themes. Came here for the floofy Spice & Wolf VR diorama.
– Its a Kobi! Spice & Wolf VR with Holo being floofy.
– Holo is a cutie floof <3
– Tirpitz from Azur Lane checking out Halloween themed worlds.
– O_O
= #Maiyamoth
– Revisited this spooky world to see if there were any hidden areas. Couldn’t find any. Took this souvenir of an image of #Maiyamoth
– Caught a #MaiyaMoth spying. Made a decent progress in this world.
– Maiya as violent as always……. Oh, Maiya.
– Well, ain’t that awkward. Chilling to the max while playing VR. Alrighty.
– Think we found our problem – #MaiyaMoth
– Maiya loves their horror so who would win? #MaiyaMoth or Supernatural entity? Take your bets now.
– Lamp
– Spooky dance in the elevator
– Part 2 – Supernatural Happens – >Insert Maiya’s scream<
– Not creepy. Not creepy at all…. Funny how it took images.
– Run!
– Genuinely spooky. Elevator spook was a good one.

– I spy a lurky Moth & a Delta.
– YAY!~
– RIP Knuckles
– Hmm…
– Spooky times are good times in VRchat. Not in shot because not in VR.
– #Maiyamoth – Lamp
– Azur Lane curiousities.
– Alright Delta, you’re getting far too intimate here…..
– Honk! Honk!
– Indy from Azur Lane going all nuke happy.
– Double the trouble. Portland would get moist seeing this.

Because of Portland’s weird sister complex of unhealthily idolizing Indianapolis I dislike her as a Kansen in Azur Lane. She’s not trashy, just unlikable. I however genuinely dislike Saratoga’s design in Azur Lane wishing she would have been drawn in an inspired take to Warspite in KanColle. No hate against the artist, just a big goof on the Saratoga design. Warspite is a 50/50 pass in design in Azur Lane. I genuinely prefer KanColle’s designs of Saratoga & Warspite….. It hurts seeing both of them being goofy.

– Indy nuke happy.
– Indy is indeed too cute 🙂
– KanColle & Azur Lane avatars is a good mix. I approve.
– Mood.
– Mood intensifies (Roon intervention)
– RAWR!~
– VR tracking goofiness ftw.
– Cute Red Panda & rows of teeth.
– Cute Red Pandas.
– Flooof~
– Floofy RAWR~
– Meowth, that’s right?…….
– Eh?
– Delta-ru
– Delta-ru
– Delta-ru
– 🙁
– Pew pew!
– nice and scenic. Love it 🙂 Almost reminds me of the Ewoks in Star Wars. A lurky Maiyamoth can be seen in middle of that image.
– RAWR! I’m on a train. What you gonna do about it.
– Virtual Market floofiness.
– Choo! Choo!~ Maiya is on a train.
– Maiya distortion. Time and space disrupted.
– Deformation hilarity. ‘Space Engine’ is a game people should check out to view these sorts of space entities.
– Girls Frontline hype. Checking out only Girls Frontline world with avatars.
– Eh hehehehe. A Wild Hunt has appeared with a VR’ing Deltaru. Padoru, Deltaru. (I also hid on top of the map. Was found out. I hide everywhere I can.)
– Deltiru still hyping up his Code Vein avatar. Floof.
– Double the trouble.
– A wild Hunt and his twin fangs.
– Seems like our Wild Hunt has found something absolutely epicly amazing. Nice!
– VR tracking troubles heh.
– Grrrrrr! Angry……
– Your standard VRchat hangouts standing in front of a mirror while talking.
– Flooof (Something about sleeves and how there may be something in them, or nothing.)
– Randomness.
– Hunt’s floofy face. Floof! Floof!
– Halloween Floof! Floof!
– Room scale fun. Something you’d do at a beach heh.
– ‘Cute peaking’
‘ Attention Youkai: Humans are friends NOT food.
– HEY! It’s a Kobi!
– Touhou fun.

– Metro fun for the #Maiyamoth. Maiya loves their horror. A spooky scene.
– Spooky ghostly child.
– Highly spooky spookiness.
– Resident Evil amusement.
– Spooky horror world is genuinely spooky. Actually gained genuine scares. THIS is how you do horror worlds.
– Blub Blub….. I genuinely fear drowning. I hate going near water. Weird because I love Silent Hunter 3, Azur Lane, & KanColle all dealing with vessels on water.
– OO! A tree!
– We reached the end. We would play it again. We wanted to.
– Gotta say that these MMD dance worlds brings out an interesting side to Renge.
– Monochrome
– Monochromed Maiyamoth.
– Goofing off. Pay me in floof! Floof! Floofy tails 😛
– “Eh?” – Maiya
– “!”
– Shpooky Lamp~
– OOOO~! Pretty! Spooky, if pretty.
– Maiya’s glowy eyes fits this scene perfectly. As would Renge, IF I had VR at this point.
– Foggy, glowy, with vibrant colours. This is my kind of world.
– Uh oh….. We’re in trouble.
– These colours. These atmosphere. This is why I love VRchat so much, especially in VR.
– Gorgeous!
– HEY! Its Lanfear! Cute.
– So gorgeous! I’m in love!
– Happy Halloween AND Merry Christmas! Lanfear just having a blast.
– Hey! That’s Oathmeal! Oathmeal and Lanfear. Awesome!
– Had to edit myself in. RAAWRS Horror Hideout The Hunt Of The Neko Sisters 2
– Just Chillin’ in a cool room. Maiya and myself. Hunt later joined me as I was chillin in this world after Maiya hopped off.
– ‘Sad face’ 🙁

– Floof! You feed the NPC floofiness her desired treat to make her happy. One of my favourite wholesome worlds in VRchat.
– We pleased her. She loves her snacks. Maiya standing there in place of me because no VR camera.
– Eh? (Food Rations)
– Maiya ‘F U’ing’ this horror world because of how tedious it was. It was painfully tedious over being scary.

I died to a screaming wall of death which suddenly came my way. I couldn’t be revived so I had to watch Maiya’s Discord to see them progress. They reached a point where they couldn’t proceed because it dealt with food rations so we have a very amusing (if frustration) meme (inside joke) of ‘food rations’.

Food Rations….Food Rations… Food Rations….Food Russians….Food Ratios…Food Rations…Dude Rations….Lewd Rations…..Food Rations.

It just keeps going. Maiya was genuinely exhausted and highly agitated by this whole map that they did what they did with the middle finger gesturing. The world has to be smooth if its to be genuine. Maiya just about went insane with ‘Food Rations’….. FOOD RATIONS………. FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD Rations. FOOOOOOOOD. 😛

– Happy Halloween with the Sans.
– Awesome world is awesome. I enjoyed the effects.
– Submerged – Cool ride. These rides are awesome reminding me of the time of Subnautica. It also brings out a genuine fear of why I dislike giant bodies of water.
– Ah! Safety.
– We reached the end and we loved it. Would play again, among other worlds. Cool stuff.
– Beautiful moon sets.
– *Lurks*
– Maiya’s ball of energy. That focus; That spiritual power.

October was a fun month, if frustrating without VR. Fun times were to be had, as with more inside jokes to be made. It was all fun and games. A few frustrations here and there, though still nicely & highly enjoyable. I still love VRchat so I’ll still keep playing it. 

I’ve noticed periods where I was rejected or repelled just because I’m not in certain “groups” or “circles”, those parts genuinely frustrate me. VRchat is supposed to be about hanging out and having fun, that’s why I play it. I play it to also explore worlds, have fun, chill and unwind. Just relaxing. Its become much harder to hangout with friends in VRchat because of how they’ve entered special hangouts and such. Timezones, work, among other restrictions. 

November & December blog postings shall also be belated because of how busy I was. It’ll be weird finding a ‘New Year’s’ posting in March, it is what it is. Busy with life & work. 

Thanks for viewing and hope you enjoyed this blog posting. Hope to catch you in VRchat when I’m also able to hop on. See you there! 🙂