Happy Scuffed Canada Day!

– Rushing into the air to meet my friend en-route to wherever.

Happy Canada Day! Or, well… In a belated manner because I had to post this blog post in a delayed manner in fatigue & work. Busy, busy. Also, Canada Day was a bit scuffed, though still highly enjoyable hanging out with my friend, even though that was also scuffed. The worst part was my VRChat trying to get good connection (high latency) to even do anything productive.

Also, I have to note for blogging purposes that SJW Canadians are a bunch of fucking morons. No, legit. They get brainwashed by Americans who come up to destroy Canadian values to where they then topple statues, brainwash other people, and just straight up act like a spoiled bratty child whining about everything under the sun. That had to be noted because year-by-year we’re supposed to be ashamed to be Canadians (let alone proudly males) with how SJW culture works. Ottawa is full of it. Fuck ’em. #CancelCanadaDay was trending for partially the right reason, though mostly for bullshit reasons after that with it being hijacked by faux-activists wanting to ironically destroy everything they claim to stand up for. Again, fuck ’em. Everything else then ends up ruined by Wargaming failing to show proper Canadian pride with greed and tardiness.

Basically spent most of my day playing Flight Sim 2020 with my friend as we were supposed to travel from St. John’s to Vancouver. We’ve made it from St. John’s, diverted south-west to Sydney, Charlotte Town, Moncton, then ended up Quebec. My friend continued on from Thunder Bay to Calgary in an A320 Neo.

– The amazing cloud cover sure is a sight to behold. Quite wild.
– The only traffic I could see was this AI plane while I was blazing through the sky trying to find my friend covertly.
– One thing I always tend to admire is the wing and engine view from the cockpits. Best part of a plane to observe.
– Tail view is back! Nice.
– I was waiting, and waiting… Friend’s game crashed a few times also finding out I was awkwardly placed in Asia East while he was in USA West. We both went to USA East.
– The only other AI traffic I came across.
– After a few hours he finally arrived at Sydney. Then his game crashed…..
– Friend spawned in while also frustrated. Waited for him to take off while he viewed tutorial videos on how to manually, yet professionally fly his plane.
– I could see him, he however couldn’t see me. RIP.
– Flying around my friend trying to buzz him, and etc. His game just wouldn’t pick me up. I feel like a ghost.
– Shadowing my friend while struggling to figure out the autopilot of my plane. Hence, why I’m lower in altitude than my friend.
– Damn, these clouds are insane.
– Saw my friend land a little to late. He parked, I waited… He couldn’t see me even though I could see him. More scuffedness occured.
– Taking off assuming my friend would have done the same. More scuffedness occurred as either he or myself would constantly drop in and out of the game.
– Once again, nice cloud covering.
– Flying past the Confederation Bridge.

A bit of a side-note, and maybe some trickery in the memory… I swear as a kid I was taken across this bridge. I can no longer validate this seeing as how my parents both passed away, just that… I have a very strong memory of being taken across a bridge with a similar impression and aura as the Confederation Bridge either here, somewhere else in Canada, or maybe even my dream.

It frustrates me I can no longer try to validate certain happenings in the past because certain information has been taken away into the afterlife. I know I was taken across Europe in a car as a kid to places I barely remember, that I do know of. Into Germany, and elsewhere.

– Confederation Bridge, as seen in FS2020.
– Belly shot.
– Loving these clouds.
– Wing views are among the best views.
– Greater Moncton International. Fairly accurate to its IRL version. Once again, waited, and waited dropping in and out constantly.
– Gorgeous.
– This image hints how I would subconsciously swap to an Airbus A320 Neo.
– As awesome as it was seeing this jetway close on the plane, there are things that go without saying need fixing. This game is awesome, but it ain’t perfect either.
– Two hours later (after eating) I came back to fly from Moncton to Quebec City in an A320 Neo. I simply wanted to rush it.

With how scuffed the Canada Day flight was I simply wanted the Top Gun DLC to drop sooner than later so I could fly the F-18 pretending it was the CF-18…. Even when rushing I could have made it to where I desired, more so for my friend. I personally wanted to reach Ottawa, and I could have if I didn’t jump onto VRChat. It was a sign to stay on FS2020

– And off we go! More or less fine.
– Nice! Sunset time.
– Such a gorgeous view <3
– Even from the cockpit the sunset is awesome.
– Such beautiful colours. You can see the darkness taking over like a tsunami wave.
– Gorgeous! Had to do belly shots of the plane seeing as how I rarely take them. The exhaust from the plane adding to the beauty.
– Such elegance and beauty heh.
– Near Quebec City now! I spot Pekipek, among others.

Once again, my friend was unable to see me to where he simply left and I just rushed my landing. At one point I failed to tell the autopilot to confirm the already continuing decent. Its an autopilot I’m not familiar with having to relearn everything, something I was viewing tutorial guides on Youtube while flying. You have to select the desired altitude then confirm with the arrow either pointing up or down on the nob. It gets silly. The necessary altitude I was supposed to drop during the time caused me to be “too high”. I forced a landing by circling around and landing. Nearly botched the landing with a wing strike. Landed though.

If I didn’t jump onto VRChat I could have taken off again and landed in Ottawa in time for Canada Day festivities. Who knows if I made the right decision or not.

VRChat – High Latency Problems:

Not sure why, though may have been VRC’s way of telling me I shouldn’t be on VRChat. I was supposed to stick onto Flight Sim, or whatever. Maybe my viewpoint is clouded by all the scuffedness. Who knows. I still enjoyed the worlds I’ve seen in VRChat. To add salt into the wound nobody wanted to hang out either. Just wasn’t meant to be VRChat, was it? Who knows, you tell me. You be the judge seeing as how my frustration clouded my judgement.

– A simple Japanese world fitting for Renge.
– Quite choppy and simplistic, if cool.
– Can never go wrong with Star Wars. With Star Wars attack by faux fans & Disney you have to respect and admire the true Star Wars experience while you can.
– Oooo~ Found a cool world where you can fly Phantoms.
– I sadly couldn’t stay long enough to troubleshoot/learn how to properly fly the plane. Only a brief moment here and there traveling to fractions of the worlds I desired to visit.
– The cool RC world I heard so much about. Nice 🙂
– I chose red, you can choose whatever you desire.
– Simplistic fireworks world allowing you to slow time.
– Pew pew~
– Lovely. Shame it has no fireworks sound.
– Refrain – World I love coming back to for the fireworks and the proper BOOMS. In VR you can even see the smoke.
– Refrain – My Canada Day fireworks 🙂

My Canada Day wasn’t bad, just could have been so much better if everything was displayed properly. I constantly heard Snowbirds with the one CF-18 in its formation about 3-5 times. Same with fireworks lit up in the neighborhood. It wasn’t bad, it was in the middle. I’m not angry because I witnessed your typical Canada Day, I will however blame everything on the faux activism and fake SJW Canadians ruining it for others because of the whole “no fun allowed” mentality. Even if you read negativity I’m happiest about Flight Sim 2020 while also admiring the VRChat worlds. I love what I see visually. Having to balance the enjoyment with a storm cloud brewing around the things I do.

Various Images Semi-Relating to Canada Day & Canadian Pride:

What I love about Canada is how awesome its technology is when it cares. Cars, buses, helicopters, planes, and etc. When Canadians care you can see the beauty in the things they use and how they use them.

– ‘Cuban Car’, my favourite type of Chevy. I love our car collectors of Canada.
– Love it when airliners get up close and personal. Of course, naturally, cameras make it farther than it actually is.
– For not having seen the Snowbirds both June 30th and July 1st I have seen them by chance during my work’s lunch break. June 17th, I believe.
– Vintage cars. Always like this set.
– The only plane I could see when spotting for the Snowbirds June 30th.
– Military helicopter flying about.
– Chinook helicopter flying around in a circle. I love how it got on top of me. 🙂
– Even though these images don’t do it justice, I still admire them when viewed on a phone, or handheld device. I love the sound they make and how they command respect.

– HMCS Yukon – Monarch Battleship with scuffed stats. Still cool, none-the-less, and worthy for Azur Lane with proper updated stats necessary.

Please read my HMCS Yukon blog posting to inform yourself of the nonsense. Its important. World of Warships was planning to do a “good will” gesture which turned sour fairly quickly over time. They prompted two community members about a Canadian project for Canada Day 2020 which then carried over into 2021 with many months of hard work thrown in the trash and disrespected. They failed to communicate with one another, let alone properly compensate them in an apology. They never tried to mend the situation. Their HMCS Nunavik & designs were never considered. Wargaming also thought it would be (stupidly) wise to simply insultingly throw two staff members under the bus in a form of sacrifice to calm the “angry mob” it was trying to deal with. They threw two staff members under the bus while also shifting their inner staff to prevent this from happening just so they could coast in the “path of least resistance”. Disrespectful.

– HMCS Yukon is indeed a beautiful ship, simply needs ACTUAL proper stats.

Canadians simply want proper representation in WW2 naval games while constantly getting shafted also. We Canadians simply want simple respect to allow us to proudly display our Canadian pride while also using Canadian vessels without issue. We are indeed given HMCS Yukon, a battleship filling in the void for “go big go home” nonsense. We’ve always wanted such. Now that HMCS Yukon exists here is to hoping we can obtain a proper Azur Lane varient for us Canadians to boast about and pamper in the Azur Lane game.

– HMCS Yukon, as designed by Chobittsu, a fellow Canadian.

I do love the design, and I wish we had our own Maple Monarchy emblem/banner. I can see various references and respect done to her, her Native American touch, and etc. I even love the emblem on the turret. We genuinely need Canadians, even HMCS Yukon in the mix in Azur Lane. Yostar/Manjuu would be brainless not to.

I’ve even looked into purchasing HMCS Yukon, I’m however put off by the price tag. $50 for the base & $100 for the full bundle. The abuse and harassment aside that price range puts me off. Our inflation when compared to USD is a lot, almost double. Its worse when compared to the ‘Euro’ currency which doubles or even triples the costs. I would sooner rip the model to place in a game called ‘Rising World’ in a modded form, or even accept any gifts. This situation itself spawned a situation where people want to see their trio Queen Elizabeth-Class battleships instead, HMCS Haida, the two cruisers, and Canadian flag hoisted up high, proudly for their Canadian patriotism. They also fail to realize we also had 3-5 aircraft carriers fitted in ASW warfare. Hopefully we’ll obtain our full roster when game developers wise up.

People always desired and wished for Canadians to have battleships, now they can have four. Yes, Wargaming screwed the two community members and their own staff. We can still make it our own, taking it away from them while having fun with it in any other proper WW2 game, especially Azur Lane. Now we have 4! We can fix the stats to our own liking. I’ll simply take the model, place it in a game called ‘Rising World’, and use it as a museum piece as a static model.

Wargaming even removed HMCS Haida when I finally had access to World of Warships. I’m also only playing it to both inform myself and to experiment with certain elements. Yostar & Manjuu, what is your move? Will you allow us to respect Canadians, or will you throw us under the bus like Wargaming? I’m only playing World of Warships out of experimentation; I want to know how Reine, an aircraft carrier, behaves in World of Warships…….. I’ve been told to try ‘War Thunder’ instead. I think I shall.

Happy Scuffed Canada Day! While certain people behave in a stupid manner (SJWs & Wargaming) let us hope the true folks in Canada were able to celebrate Canada Day properly. Hope you had a cool Canada Day. Maybe one day I’ll see people’s full IQ being used without any forms of corruption or laziness; True passion being displayed. I can’t wait to see Canadians in Azur Lane, and any other WW2 game, especially naval types.

Happy Canada Day!