KanColle Admiration – November Admiral Log

Heyo! A belated November Admiral Log because of how pressed one is to juggle naval activities versus other tasks at hand. Been a very fun November month blasting the Abyssals to bits to accomplish the necessary. November was started with a nice ‘blast’ of clearing 1-5 & 2-5, among other lovely maps.

– Sendai a happy MVP for a 1-5 ‘hat-trick’ clear. YASEN! [Nov 1st, ’15]
[All images taken from the Japanese ‘KanColle’ game using printscreen + photoscape.]

Loved starting the November month with an absolute blast. A belated note making note of it here, yet something that has been overly epic from start to finish.


[Admiral Log:]

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This event was all done on ‘easy’ because I had no time for KanColle’s RNG teasing, even if it did so in the end. It did nicely reward me in the end whenever I did allocate enough time into this game <3.

1-5 Clear:

  1.  Isuzu shot to orange on first node, yet a clear. Sendai cleared by KO’ing FS.
  2. Isuzu red at boss node; Jun’you cleared by attacking a 1 hp FS.
  3. Sendai KO’d flagship, though on a trolling RNG A-rank. Planes couldn’t hit.
  4. Hyuuga hit to yellow on first node; Jun’you to yellow on second node;  Jun’you red on boss node with Sendai KO’ing flagship.

Had a brief break (slightly before lunch) before jumping onto 2-5. Was that much of a breeze <3

– 2-5 clear with Akagi MVP. Another medal in the bag! [Nov 01, ’15]

2-5 Clear:

  1. Kirishima orange on first node; Bismarck KO’ing Ta-Class for first clear.
  2. Haruna red with Souryuu gaining 2nd clear.
  3. Kirishima KO’ing boss with Haruna hitting more heavily now. A nice suppressing fire moment.
  4. Struggled with RNG claiming fighters wouldn’t hit their target with a stubborn carrier on first node; Akagi taking the glory for 4th clear by KO’ing flagship.

The attempt between 3 & 4 wasted two sorties by turning Akagi red, then spitting me out to lose my “hat-trick” moment I had with 1-5. Still defeated those two maps happily in a span of 2-4 hours.

After beating both 1-5 & 2-5, I was thirsting for more victory that I went blazing through 3-2, 3-3, 3-4, & 5-1 to try and get closer to fishing up Libeccio. My fire & ‘bloodlust’ was both lit from 1-5 & 2-5 victories and the desire to gain Libeccio from 4-5.

– 3-2 Clear. [Nov 01, ’15]
– 3-3 Clear. [Nov 01, ’15]
– 3-4 Victory, with Bismarck MVP! “Only but a scratch”. [Nov 01, ’15]
– 3-5 Unlocked thanks to 3-4’s victory with a nice BGM 🙂 [Nov 01, ’15]
– 5-1 happily unlocked to sail into. [Nov 01, ’15]
– 5-1 cleared with Bismarck MVP again. Such a blast! [Nov 01, ’15]
– 5-2 unlocked from 5-1’s clear 🙂 [Nov 01, ’15]
– 4-5 unlocked! Libeccio, here I come! Party time! [Nov 01, ’15]
World Map Clears:

  • 3-2: Hatsuharu sadly dropped out in red that it took 3 tries to get back in to clear. Cleared smoothly with Sendai, Yuudachi, Hatsuharu, Fubuki, Murakumo, & Akatsuki. Took the middle path. Fairly easy, more so when compared to Spring attempts. It simply clicked.
  • 3-3: Cleared with Sendai, Yuudachi, Kiso, Jun’you, Bismarck, & Shouhou.
  • 3-4: Was amused by Kongou’s “SHIT!” when red a node pre-boss node. Cleared after about 5 attempts by taking the middle route to the boss node with Bismarck, Kirishima, Mutsu, Jun’you, Italia, & Akagi. Was a bit difficult, though eventually broke through with the might of my lovely ladies. Lovely BGM for boss node that made it more epic <3
  • 5-1: Such an odd map with that “safe” submarine node. Even sneaky subs popping in every now & again. Took a few tries, especially with damages, to clear it nicely with Bismarck, Kumano, Mutsu, Jun’you, Italia, & Suzuya. Bismarck happily cleared the map to gain MVP bonuses. Lovely!


I Twitch-streamed my way into 4-5 in numerous attempts to hunt down Libeccio on various nodes. I couldn’t get Libeccio on the stream, yet I did get her off stream. I sadly couldn’t share my joy through the stream.

– Hunting & experimenting in 4-5 in fishing up Libeccio. [Nov 4, ’15]
– Happily gained Libeccio with a smaller fleet the next morning over. [Nov 05, ’15]
I went through – A > D > C > I – Nodes with Bismarck, Kirishima, Ashigara, Sendai, Yuudachi & Hatsuharu. They They assisted me in fishing up the lovely playful Libeccio.

– I absolutely love the Halloween outfit she wore for Halloween. Adorable. [Nov 05, ’15]
– Libeccio’s damaged art is equally as adorable, yet less preferred. [Nov 05, ’15]
– Isokaze reverted back to her normal art with me finding it depressing, yet in that ‘graceful’ & ‘elegant’ manner. Something of a ““Please save me! Don’t leave me behind. Admiral, please grab my hand!” – type expression. [Nov 08, ’15]
– I remodelled Chitose, yet couldn’t show it because of her festive art. A card art shall do. She has a few more to go through with her ‘over-leveled’ past those remodels. [Nov 08, ’15]
– Added another +10 to my fleet cap (assuming 110, or so). [Nov 13, ’15]
In surprise, I also had 13 ship girls ready & waiting to be remodeled to their Kai form that it was a bit of a festival. Quite neat.

– Ooi happily Kai’d up. She has a long way to level up to be powerful. [Nov 13, ’15]
– Abukuma happily Kai’d up from expedition experience. Wanting to Kai Ni her. [Nov 16, ’15]
– Mutsuki happily Kai’d up from expedition experience. Was wanting to nudge her into Kai Ni [Nov 16, ’15]
– Yayoi happily Kai’d up, one of my favourite DD’s. [Nov 16, ’15]
– Kagerou happily Kai’d. Wishing she would get Kai Ni because she’s awesome in normal Kai also. [Nov 16, ’15]
– Myouko! Nice of you to make it to Kai! Now to nudge you into Kai Ni! [Nov 16, ’15]
– Samidare happily reaching Kai, one of my earlier ship girls. [Nov 16, ’15]
– Ayanami happily Kai’d, also one of my first ship girls. Trying to nudge her higher up through expedition experience. [Nov 16, ’15]
– Michishio being one of my ship girls also, and happily Kai’d now. She now needs a final remodel. [Nov 16, ’15]
– Tokikukaze nicely Kai’d up after being such a busy beaver. [Nov 16, ’15]
– Suzukaze Kai’d up also, yet easily mixed up with Samidare with her blue hair & appearance. [Nov 17, ’15]
– Yamashiro surprisingly Kai’d up with her looking more fierceness, if elegant. That nice ‘commanding respect’ aura of hers. [Nov 17, ’15]
– My lovely Hamakaze reaching Kai! Nice! Now you need a Kai Ni for you to be twice as gorgeous. Love her style <3 [Nov 17, ’15]

[November Autumn ‘Mini-Event’ Time!]

That awesome time to finally & properly partake in the event to have fun fishing up Kashima, Graf Zeppelin, & the lovely others. Was strongly focused in acquiring Kashima & Graf Zeppelin. I wouldn’t have it any other way…..The nice bonuses I gained sure was a nice boastful surprise. Love it!

– Off to hunt in E-1, reaching the boss while having a fun blast! [Nov 18, ’15]
– Had fun clearing E-1, sadly with Ryuujou being turned red. She experienced a first clear of E-1. [Nov 18, ’15]
– Hiyou join in to experience the next few E-1 clears, replacing a red Ryuujou. [Nov 18, ’15]
– 3rd proud clear of E-1. Nicely done! [Nov 18, ’15]
– Ooyodo popped in from a 3rd clear of E-1. Nice! [Nov 18, ’15]
– Surprisingly fished up Uzuki from the 6th sortie into E-1. She’s a nice get for my Yayoi. [Nov 18, ’15]
– BOOM! E-1 happily cleared! [Nov 18, ’15]
– Neat reward, if on ‘easy’ to steam through things. [Nov 18, ’15]
– Second little neat reward for E-1 easy. [Nov 18, ’15]
– E-2 unlocked! [Nov 18, ’15]

  • Fleet 1: Kirishima, Haruna, Kako, Takao Shouhou, Ryuujou
  • Fleet 2: Maya, Tatsuta, Hamakaze, Z1, Makigumo, Hatsuharu
  • Back-ups: Hiyou replacing Ryuujou; Yuudachi replacing Z1; Kongou replacing Kirishima; Atago replacing Kako.

E-1 Clears:

  • 1st clear: Smooth sailing with Ryuujou being the only to red at boss node. Smooth sailing + loving the BGM. 
  • 2nd Clear: Kako scaring me by going to orange. Had Hiyou replace Ryuujou with Hiyou KO’ing the flagship for a second clear.
  • 3rd Sortie: Had me retreat with a red Takao & Kako, Hiyou orange. Obliterated node. Failed to open up a proper opening air-attack, thus the damages.
  • 3rd Clear: Obliterated the enemy with opening air attacks, like a napalm strike. It went bottom-to-top on the list. Kako is believed to have KO’d the flagship. Ooyodo happily fished up from this victory.
  • 4th Clear: Obliterated the enemy happily with Maya gaining the nightly kill of the flagship. Had some trouble with some stubborn destroyer Abyssals. Kept missing & such. Z1 red with Yuudachi swapped in. 3 HP during day with Maya KO’ing flagship at night.
  • 6th Sortie: Booted out of H node, even though cleared happily. Hiyou was red & fished up Uzuki.
  • 5th Clear: Everything happily obliterated, like with the 4th clear run. Kongou assisting with the destruction of the Abyssals. Shouhou happily KO’d the secondary boss; Maya KO’ing the flagship.


E-2 Onwards!

I love these new fresh ‘resupply’ operations. Changes things up nicely.

– E-2 resupplying fun! [Nov 19, ’15]
– First resupply with Jintsuu at her lovely Kai Ni [Nov 19, ’15]
– A few more rounds of resupplies. [Nov 19, ’15]
– One more sortie should do……[Nov 19, ’15]
– This ‘Dark Jintsuu’ looks interesting. Quite a neat battle, even if I couldn’t outright sink her. Heavily crippled her. [Nov 19, ’15]
– Yuuuuup! KanColle’s way of trolling me. [Nov 19, ’15]
– “POI!” [Nov 19, ’15]
– E-2 Easy Reward 1/3 [Nov 19, ’15]
– E-2 Easy Reward 2/3 [Nov 19, ’15]
– E-2 Easy Reward 3/3 [Nov 19, ’15]
– E-3 happily unlocked to hunt down Kashima! [Nov 19, ’15]
 E-2 (Easy):

  • Fleet Composition: Jintsuu, Hamakaze, Yukikaze, Libeccio, Yuudachi, & Hibiki
  • Back-ups: Hatsuharu replacing Hibiki; Z1 replacing Libeccio; Shigure replacing Hamakaze.

Supply Runs:

  1. 1st Supply Run: Went through A-D-E-H-I-J-K with my fleet obliterating everything happily, with Hibiki going orange ‘H’ & Libeccio at boss node. No flagship kills to note, yet each hitting hard.
  2. 2nd Sortie: Hatsuharu MVP x3; Hatsuharu lvl 76; H Node gave Hamakaze red to send us back with an orange Libeccio. Z1 replacing Libeccio.
  3. 2nd Supply Run: D & E Node obliterated; Survived H Node with Hatsuharu taking a special attack at orange having Yukikaze MVPing. Destroyed most during day, torpedo killed 2, one to 5 HP with Jintsuu KO’ing the flagship in a night-battle. 46 supply points at this mark. Jintsuu also leveled up to 72 from this.
  4. 3rd Supply Run: Swapped Hamakaze for Shigure because of repairs. This took me through B node, yet happy obliterated everything. Shigure had her fun, Yuudachi MVP. Two survived at boss node, if damaged, taking it into night battle with Jintsuu & Shigure cleaning up. 19 left.
  5. 4th Supply Run: B & E Node obliterated; Had a neat battle on H with flagship staying; Had a fierce battle on K Node with Jintsuu attacking right off the bat. 3 survived into nightbattle, if damaged, parting the battle with 2 damaged Abyssals. Yukikaze tried a cut-in, yet failed. A Rank with 18 added, with 1 supply point needed.  
  6. 5th Supply Run: Both B & E gave me a tad bit of trouble by turning Yukikaze yellow (night battle in B), & Libeccio orange in E. Yukikaze 30′d. The odd bit was that they obliterated the H Node after screwing up B & E.  Jintsuu, Shigure, & Shigure hit nicely, as the other three; Poi MVP. Was a fierce fight, yet struggled to get rid of grunts. Torpedo phase did a nice amount of damage to the remaining three. Yuudachi oranged in day phase. Hatsuharu orange in night battle. Yukikaze aimed at boss & Yuudachi at grunt which ticked me off. Should have been flipped around. Left with a heavily crippled ghostly Jintsuu for an A Rank festive clear.


Akitsumaru Intermission:

Took the time to nudge Akitsumaru a few levels to reach her Kai Ni for E-3. She was 22 with me nudging her to 25 to her overly awesome Kai Ni side of things. Double-equiped those Daihatsu landing crafts to up the supply points.

– A lovely (and more formal) Akitsu Maru now roaming my sea. [Nov 21, ’15]
– Love this new funky third fleet. It was strange, yet something adding onto a neat mix of things. [Nov 21, ’15]

[E-3 – Easy]

This map reminded me how important it was to focus on Destroyers. This being more true because I’m Canadian with the ‘Royal Canadian Navy’ being more focused on anti-submarine & escort roles. It allowed the British & Americans to roam about arrogantly on the high-seas that I should have focused back on my destroyers, yet focused more on my battleships & aircraft carriers. I have a few being overly powerful.

This map being highly appropriate with it putting Kashima as a reward thanks to how much of a wooping I got for neglecting my destroyers. It taught me a various obvious lesson, especially arrogant American KanColle admirals shall feign ignorance to be arrogant. Fun fun!

– Interesting fleet-up. Had to constantly switch the DD composition after to try & reach the boss. Was a troublesome map, even on easy. [Nov 21, ’15]
– Onto the boss! Let’s resupply our forces on the other end! [Nov 21, ’15]
– A beautiful Abyssal to deal damage to. Quite a pounding on either end. [Nov 21, ’15]
– Quite a stubborn boss, yet still managed to add in supply points after each encounter. [Nov 21, ’15]
– Halfway there, with special thanks to my lovely Sendai. YASEN! <3 [Nov 21, 15]
– BOOM! Hatsuharu MVP! She KO’d the boss on her 4th resupply sortie with 77 points. [Nov 21, ’15]
– People constantly shit on Hatsuharu, yet I can’t. She keeps proving herself useful in my fleet. Sucks to be the spiteful. [Nov 21, ’15]
– Nearly……Oh, Kancolle. You’re such a tease. [Nov 21, ’15]
– POI! Yuudachi was targetted enmass, yet still won. It was a bitter-victory with a lesson heavily learned…..E-3 cleared in an odd manner. [Nov 21, ’15]
– KASHIMA! Kashima happily fished up from the lecturing E-3 map. Such a lovely white-haired beauty! <3 [Nov 21, ’15]
 E-3 [Easy]:

Opening Fleet Composition:

  1. Fleet 1: Yuudachi, Suzuya, Murakumo, Shigure, Hamakaze, Akitsu Maru
  2. Fleet 2: Sendai, Kumano, Ashigara, Z1, Libeccio, Hatsuharu
  3. Constantly swapped:  Akatsuki, Shiranui, Kagerou, Hibiki, Yukikiaze, Maya…….

Supply Clears (Ignoring attempts):


  1. 1st Supply: Was a mostly smooth ride until ‘H’ node crippling. Suzuya lvl 47 at H Node; Kagerou red, Ashigara orange, Hatsuharu red with constant missing. Night battle with two left. A Rank. [Supply 45]
  2. 2nd Supply: Akitsu Maru 26 with a mostly smooth ride thanks to Maya’s arrival.  H node stirring up trouble with K Node brought into Night battle because of those constant misses. A Ranked. Ashigara 43. [Supply 42]
  3. 3rd Supply: Destroyed node C; Hatsuharu orange on E with missing attacks (Murakumo 55 & Shigure 71) w/ B rank; H node being orange Yuudachi & Yukikaze w/ Akitsu Maru MVP (Hamakaze 34 + Maya 62); Cleared out more grunts at K with 2 standing leaving Flagship at 32 HP at night. [Supply 52].
  4. 4th Supply: Even though my fleet is cursed by the constant missing, it’s still surviving fairly well from C, E & H node. Akitsu Maru yellow on E node; Flagship left on H Node + Suzuya 48; 2 ships left onto night battle with Hatsuharu KO’ing the  boss with MVP with Hamakaze. [Supply 77]
  5. 5th Supply: C node was neatly destroyed; E Node destroyed + Yukikaze 32; H Node got shut down by being torn apart. Go to hell!; Only flagship left on day on 271 HP with Shigure claiming the final kill. Hamakaze 36 + MVP with Shigure.[Supply 77]
  6. 6th Supply: C was cleared with Sendai sent to orange on final attack of wave 1;  E left flagship behind; Yuudachi was targeted enmass to go yellow on torp phase; 2 left while being obliterated. Yuudachi & others tried, yet all able were hit hard. A victory it still was, and something I”m happy with to proceed to E-4 [Supply 6]

Final Fleet Composition:

  • Fleet 1: Hamakaze, Suzuya, Murakumo, Hibike, Yukikaze, & Akitsu Maru.
  • Fleet 2: Sendai, Maya, Ashigara, Yuudachi, Shigure, Hatsuharu.


– E-1 to E-3 cleared for Autumn 2015! [Nov 21, ’15]
– Graf Zeppelin’s E-4 map has been unlocked! [Nov 21, ’15]
– Kashima, you’re such a beauty. Nice to have you in my fleet. [Nov 21, ’15]

[E-4 – Easy:]

Welcome to ‘Graf Zeppelin’s hell & domain!A map representing Graf Zeppelin’s pain & suffering, one transfered onto any admiral that ventured into this dreadfully painful experience of a map…..Much was lost, and some gained from the depths of this cursed waters……..

I’m going to say that this map was such a rotten pile of crap! I mean, it was designed neatly on paper, yet it was such a frustrating map that it made E-3 2015 look like sunshine & rainbows. This map was rotten & tainted to the very core with how brutal & stingy the RNG was in it. I am however thankful I beat it & was rewarded heavily for my pain in it. I loved the ‘submarine princess’ at the ‘O’ node. Such a beauty.

It’s fitting for how much both Graf Zeppelin & Prinz Eugen suffered….This map expresses that perfectly.

– This map looks like a rib cake from a human skeleton. It’s so,….funky. It’s awkward. Best parts of this map were node O & M. [Nov 22, ’15]
– Did love this ‘Submarine Princess’, and her crazy laugh. She was a fun boss to fight. Her escorts? Not so much. [Nov 22, ’15]
– A common occurance when trying to S-Rank O Node for E-4. Need S-Rank to fish up Graf Zeppelin…. [Nov 22, ’15]
In a ‘happy accident’, I’m glad O Node refused to allow me to fully clear it because I still needed to fish up Prinz Eugen from the M Node at this point. My frustration was unjust at this time, yet appropriately rewarded in numerous ways.

The Imps were a pain at first, yet my fleet neatly adapted to them that they became as noteworthy as slicing through paper. They were able to tear straight through them majority of the time, with special thanks to the 15.5 cm secondary yellow guns. Having those would tear through them nicely.

– Atago’s ‘Demon Slaying” party for E-4’s M Node to hunt for Prinz Eugen. [Nov 23, ’15]
– Atago was truly on a roll by constantly slaying M Node ‘Demons’ that she gained herself that lovely nickname – ‘Demon Slayer Atago’ – in my fleet. [Nov 23, ’15]
– Roma! What a surprise! You startled me! 4th S Rank into M Node of E-4 0_o [Nov 23, ’15]
– PRINZ! Prinz Eugen joined me on the 12th S-Rank for E-4, just as I was about to throw in the towel for the night. Her presence soothed my soul. [Nov 23, ’15]
Here’s a record of my M Node sorties as to why Atago is overly special & how sweet it was for Roma & Prinz Eugen to join my fleet. [Also wanting to note that Bismarck, Italia, & Maya kept “flipping the bird” to every Abyssal in a comical manner by 1-hit KO’ing them.]

 E-4 M Node – S-Rank [Easy]:
(Ignoring A ranks & failures)

  • 1st Clear: Atago KOing Water Demon (Furutaka drop) [Shown above]
  • 2nd Clear: Atago KOing Water Demon [Shown above]
  • 3rd Clear: Kako KO’ing Water Demon (Kirishima drop)
  • 4th Clear: Atago KO’ing Water Demon (Roma Drop!) [Shown Above]
  • 5th Clear: Sendai KO’ing remaining Imp at night + Kiso, Kako, & Atago triple-attack the Demon for a kill. (Kongou Drop) [Not shown above]
  • 6th Clear: Atago KO’ing Demon (No drops) [Not shown above]
  • 7th Clear: Atago KO’ing Demon (Hibiki drop) [Not shown above]
  • 8th Clear: Yuudachi day-clearing an Imp; Atago KO’ing Demon (Myouko drop) [Not shown above]
  • 9th Clear: Atago literally slayed the Demon at night (Hiei dropped) [Not shown]
  • 10th Clear: Kako KO’ing Demon (No Drops; Insulting, for a smooth battle) [Not shown above]
  • 11th Clear: Kako+Atago KO’ing Demon (Kagerou drop) [Not Shown above]
  • 12th Clear: Kako for the final clear to acquire the lovely Prinz Eugen! [Shown above]


– Roma! Lovely Halloween costume you have there. I missed you during the summer, yet pleased you could join us. Italia & Libeccio shall be proud heh. [Nov 24, ’15]
– My lovely, lovely Prinz Eugen to keep Hachi, Bismarck, & Z1 company. Just need Yuu-chan & Z3 now. [Nov 24, ’15]
– I highly dislike Kashima’s damaged art that it’s more horrifying to take a peak at her damage art & exposed bits. Rather keep her in perfect health. [Nov 26, ’15]
– Actual first S-Rank clear with red DD Abyssal sunk in torpedo phase. [Nov 29, ’15]
– E-4 Easy Reward 1/2 [Nov 29, ’15]
– E-4 medal to put towards Bismarck’s Drei remodel. Thanks! [Nov 29, ’15]
– E-1 to E-4 completed! It may have been on easy, yet it was a brutal round. [Nov 29, 15]
– E-5 unlocked, yet something I never tackled because was too fatigued with E-3 & E-4. Was a brutal “Mini-event” that I was content with my war prizes from this event. [Nov 29, ’15]
– Shoukaku! She was the highlight on a Twitch stream with her fished up on a 5th S-Rank on E-4’s O Node. [Nov 29, ’15]
– My awesome ‘Hungry Wolf’ proudly reached her ‘Kai Ni’ remodel that she gave me good luck in my battles. Such awesome vibes. [Nov 30, ’15]
– My lovely Ashigara <3 [Nov 30, ’15]
– A brief intermission into 1-5 & resource resupplies allowed me to gift Bismarck a lovely blueprint for her to remodel for E-4’s final rush. [Dec 02, ’15]
– Bismarck proudly hitting Drei status! My proud German battleship ready to tear through E-4 to rescue Graf Zeppelin, and something she did fairly well I might add. [Dec 02, ’15]
– Fear & admire my Bismarck for she brutally decimated the sorrow-filled fleets of E-4 on numerous sorties! Such shiny equipment. [Dec 02, ’15]
– GRAF! I actually fished up Graf on my….10th S-Rank?! Holy shit! WELCOME! Welcome to my fleet! What a crazy run into that crazy map! [Dec 02, ’15]
[Fleet cap: 130 now]


With that, this event is done! November was an epic month for my fleet. All those lovely map clears (1-5, 2-5, World 3, 5-1, 4-5 Libeccio Hunt, & E-1 to E-4) with the constant blasting of enemies. That progression, those ship girls fished up, and the fleet cap upped to 130. Awesome!

That was a brutal event, yet somehow lucky near the last few days. E-4 drained my resources so much that I had to put my fleet on hold while sending out expeditions to regain lost resources. Those E-4 sorties were expensive & brutal, yet worthwhile in the end.

Thanks for Ooyodo, Uzuki, Kashima, Roma, Shoukaku, Prinz Eugen, & Graf Zeppelin! I still need to acquire Yuu-chan though. I was going to, yet had my resources painfully drained.

Now to celebrate the Christmas festivities with pride!

[Ashigara, Kashima, Roma, Italia, Prinz Eugen, & Bismarck pride!]

[Graf Zeppelin’s Parade lap of respect!]

Good Hunting!