KanColle Admiration

Heyo! Happy Valentines Day to those that celebrate it, I myself don’t. Wanted to actually celebrate another anniversary of my blog with some KanColle fun instead. Wanted to share my recent progress within that game while eying my in-game goals.

My lovely Bismarck I’m aiming to acquire <3.

(Images Printscreened and inserted in Photoscaped; Images may vary in sizes due cropping.)

I’m overly happy, and addicted, that I finally was able to jump into KanColle. Nicely accepted on a (Kitsune) Wednesday along side with a Busou Shinki buddy, Nas’. A long time coming. A year (maybe two) of Minecraft drama that caused me to miss out on jumping into KanColle sooner, especially with it all causing self-loathing and venting. Constantly focused on wanting to build by rebuilding what was once long in Minecraft that it prevented me from playing PSO2, even jumping onto this game of KanColle. Now that I am on it, I’m over-joyed in a happy addicted manner. Finally meeting my favourite ship girls while happily making them stronger.

I love how this game even makes you priorities what ships you want in that it gives each girl proper weight for attachment. Have to carefully level them up, treat them kindly, and to keep your base tidy due to the 100 ship cap, or so I heard. Each ship girl is your special ‘comrade’ to take special care of.

I obviously would love to share images of Renge and Varakitsu, just that I’m not into the whole V-day bullshit. Pardon the strong negativity, just that I find it all pointless in how out of the year you have to spend only one day pampering your loved ones in some way, shape, or form…..especially in perverted ways. I’d rather spoil a loved one all year-round, not just one heavily marketed day. Because of that, this article is more focused on KanColle.

– Isuzu get. She’s been a great asset in my fleet while hitting the enemy hard. <3
– Kiso was obtained shortly after with her being an even bigger asset to my fleet. Always hitting the hardest. To me, she also appears to be influenced by Eclair from Dog Days anime. Voice, style, and similar. I can’t unhear, nor unsee similarities.
– Yuudachi – My new favourite Destroyer thanks to both the Anime and her Kai Ni art featuring her “Nightmare of Solomon” reference. Not just that, with her more serious ‘sadistic’ side showing. (Images: 1234.)
– My Fleet as of – Wed Feb 11 | 3:44 pm – For nostalgia sake. Gave my girls a rest with focus being fleet composition with the girls first within fleet.
– Hibiki is also one of my favourite ship girls. She’s a special little one thanks to her white hair and Russian inserts.
– Hatsuharu – A surprise for me. She reminded me of both Shinki Renge (Busou Shinki) & Yukikaze (Dog Days) with the way she speaks and acts. That old way of speaking along with mannerisms. I just had to keep her in my fleet, especially with her Kai Ni form later (Images: 123.)
– Fleet re-arrangements once again (Wed’); Isuzu, Hibiki, Yuudachi, Hatsuharu, Shigure, and Kiso.
– Window-shopping (pun intended) with me eying my ideal window. It appears I need to farm lots of Furniture coins and a Furniture Fairy to even consider obtaining this. Something I shall to display my Varakitsu (Hibiki also) winter themed fun.
– Grabbing what I could to try and spice up the Admiral room. Kiso being my flagship while displaying a wall-scroll & V-day sweets for them to enjoy.

– What makes KanColle Appealing to me?:

The fact that the ships were given human form, and beautiful at one. I mean that straight to the point with no meanings on them being “Anime girls” or anything like that. The whole – ‘Captain treating the ship like a person’ – type of respect that has been seen back in WW1, WW2, and to this very day. It’s probably meant in a more possessive ‘slave’ manner, but to me it means that these ship girls are my “friends”, my “comrades” in arms.

KanColle is just awesome that I’m able to respect the real ships along with the fictional ones. It’s also the designs. Same for this, same for Arpeggio of Blue Steel. Even more awesome with how each ship is actually given those special attachments for you to get closer with them. In how you have to take care of them in how to level, to keep them not being sunk, and to make sure your base is tidy to allow you to let loose your dangerous fleet.

– Tenryuu get! Actually quite surprised, especially when I kept seeing her in art and all that. Quite a tsundere-tomboy character.
– Mutsuki’s Valentines Day image.
– Kisaragi’s Valentines Day art fun. This being bittersweet thanks to her Anime scene. Quite awkward.
– Jintsuu – Was trying for a Heavy Cruiser and obtained Jintsuu instead. Was a nice get. Her, and Sendai.
– Kiso in a semi-renovated room, now fitting for an Admiral and Flagship/Secretary. Those expeditions gradually paying off.
– Isuzu Kai! Her being my first Kai.
– Lovely card art <3
– Hatsuharu having her fun announcing resources gained. Stuck in 1-3 & 1-4 maps for grinding.
– Yura – Once again, aiming for a Heavy Cruiser and obtained Yura. A nice get, even obtaining on field. She’s been quite helpful.
– Chiyoda – Quite an odd one she is. Tried making use of her by leveling her up. Not sure how to use her effectively. May need to level her up to a submarine tender, few levels off. She also Kai’d.
– Kiso Kai – Nicely upgraded as my strongest and heavy-hitting Light Cruiser.
– A lovely appearing card <3.


As of February 14th, 2014:

I’ve been trying again, and again to complete E-1. I simply can’t reach the “I” node. I hit everything except for “I”. I happily obtained Sendai through shipbuilding, even some nice equips. Even tried forcing my hand a few times to end up with lengthy build times.

I’m still happily playing things at my pace, but I don’t want to be pushed either by someone saying that I should be elsewhere or shown ‘better’ ships. Can’t help it on the second one; First one being more of my issue of wanting of ‘staying ahead’. Still having great fun….well, up until real-life issues keeps smoke-screening my fun.

I’m basically stuck in 1-3 farming and 1-4 because I can’t beat the boss. Used E1 to also level up my ship girls nicely to make them stronger and prouder. Shall be doing more of what I can.


– Sendai – Finally obtained one of the girls I was aiming to acquire! Nice! Was trying for a battleship, got her instead over night. Loving her for her ninja form (Images: 123.)
– E-1 – Guess I’m not getting U-511, nor Amagi. The two I’m even interested in. I want Amagi also because of Yui Horie voicing her. She’s a beauty on her own so I’m hoping I’ll be able to obtain both later.
– Kongou – Finally gained success with Kongou gained through shipbuilding. Kongou-des!~ She packs quite a nasty punch, even at low levels.

My Fleet – As of Feb 14th:

It goes without saying that the fleet composition changes on the fly. Every within the same hour it constantly changes, especially for Fleet 2.

-Fleet 1: Kiso Kai – Isuzu Kai – Yuudachi – Hatsuharu – Tenryuu – Yura.

Fleet 2 – Expedition Fleet: Shigure – Ayanami – Mikazuki – Jintsuu – Hibiki – Sendai.

Favourite Acquired Ship Girls – (As of Feb’ 14, 2015):

  • Kiso (Kai): She reminds me of Eclair while simply being awesome on her own. I can’t help but think of her as being a Pirate Dog from Dog Days. She’s quite strong. Her eye-patch and her references to holding up pirate flags. I love going ‘neutral’ in a pirate manner.
  • Isuzu (kai): Quite a lovely little loli. Not into loli’s, just that she is beautiful, strong, and reliable. Always being first or second when next to, or paired up with, Kiso. Love the design.
  • Yuudachi: Her anime form was neat, yet love her more in this game. Love her “Pois”, how she speaks, and her ‘Kai Ni’ form. Her scarier side, as seen on Pixiv.
  • Hatsuharu: She reminds me of Renge & Yukikaze (Dog Days) with her mannerisms and the way she speaks. She is quite awesome while also having her ‘Kai Ni’ form. If she didn’t have ‘Kai Ni’ I wouldn’t have been as interested. She is my proxy to the two foxies while being foxy herself.
  • Hibiki: The silent arctic Japan-Russian ship who goes “Khorosho!” in both Anime & game. She attracts my Slovak side and my Arctic Fox interest side. Very faint reasoning that I enjoy her because there is no cool Canadian HMS Haida nor Huron in the game to pick.
  • Sendai: Her ninja form, simple as that. She may give me more of a reason when I go leveling her up in due time.
  • Kongou: Wasn’t all that fond of her at first, though now yes. This game, and in the anime, both allowed me to become far more familiar with her. She’s simply awesome now with how cheery she is, and powerful. She’s going to stick with my fleet.
  • Yura: A simple little lady being a great asset to my fleet. Too bad she doesn’t have a ‘Kai Ni’ form to allow me to enjoy her beauty long-term. Her white hair also being a nice little bonus to her beauty.
  • Jintsuu: Interest is highly similar to Sendai’s, that she has an awesome ‘ninja’ form in her ‘Kai Ni’ form. Her and Sendai being highly gorgeous.

Ships I wish I could acquire:

  • Bismarck: I loved Bismarck as a fearsome ship even before Anime. Maybe more ‘respected’ than loved. Her Anime form looks quite glorious and fearsome, even those darker side of things bordering close to Jormungand & Black Lagoon art style. I shall get her, if not banned or prevented from playing the game.
  • U-511: I was simply wanting to get her out of nostalgia and respect for my Silent Hunter 3 days. She also looks neat while even having awesome art.
  • Amagi: Quite a stunning beauty. I wanted to get her, but alas….I can’t. I can’t even beat E-1 because I’m an idiot and too green (fresh;new;newbie) to do so. I do wish to be given another chance of obtaining her. Another attraction being that she’s voiced by Yui Horie who voiced Ach and Millhiore F. Biscotti from Dog Days. She’s a heavenly lady with heavenly anime characters as her roles.

I guess I’m going to go back to self-loathing, self-blaming, and all that thanks to Valentines Day “rubbing salt in my wounds”, or as the saying goes. I want to be happy, not depressed. I’m happy to partake in KanColle, even my foxies – Renge & Varakitsu – just not in a non-perverted manner. I’m not doing anything perverted. I’m only admiring them while respecting them, even wanting to treat them as humans. Constantly being forced into sour moods by external forces implying others amount to nothing and etc. Going to keep enjoying a more positive experience with these lovely ship girls to keep my mood up. Too proud for suicide so not doing that any time soon, nor later.

I’ll eventually have you in my grasps, Bismarck! It shall take quite a bit; We shall be great comrades *Salutes*.

A proud Bismarck still standing proud, even to this very day.

Happy Hunting!