KanColle Admiration – March Admiral Log

Heyo! I wanted to simply make note of my KanColle fun within this log from February 14th till March 28th within this log. Basically archiving and logging my adventures while trying to hunt down my beloved ship girl.

– Lovely Shouhou acquired on Feb’ 15, 15.

(All images screen-grabbed, placed in Photoscape, and upped on Flickr & Tumblr.)

It’s been great fun playing KanColle. It’s my new new ‘daily’ game. My new Minecraft that I spend more focus on it than any other game now due to how how much fun I find it trying to accomplish various goals on. Plotting, planning, and even loosely putting time-frames of what gets completed when. I can see why it’s as addicting as people make it out to be. I happily beat E1 Winter. Sadly, couldn’t proceed further into E2 due to how brutal it was for me at that time. No U-511 for me. I did however get other lovely ship girls to have fun with.

From the last time I let people off on my last – “KanColle Admiration” – I leveled up loads of my ship girls. Still on a very focused hunt for Bismarck before I can get back to normal leveling of my other ship girls. Waiting up on her German Highness before I can go back to focusing on normal leveling of my other ship girls and progressing on the main map. We’ll see how long that takes with RNG-sama being an ass.

Also posting this up because March 28 is my birthday, and I really have nothing else to post up. I can’t even hype up how I don’t have Bismarck yet because of how difficult she is to acquire, same with RNG being a fucking ass. Rightfully so because she’s an overly special German ship (girl). The pride of Germany, and hopefully to my fleet.

(And to note: I jumped onto KanColle on February 11, 2015 (Japan time); 10 being my time.)

– Amusingly acquired Yukikaze by fishing her up from 2-4, or so I remember [Feb 15].
– Takao also happily acquired from the field [Feb 15].
– Happily amused that I acquired Tama within 1-5. Kept her for amusement; To be my ‘pet cat’. She happily received a few amusing appearances in the KanColle anime that I enjoy. [Feb 16]
– Hyuuga nicely acquired from boss node in E1 Winter. I always mix her and Ise up that I now have to double-check the ship-list. [Feb 16]

– I happily and proudly ‘Kai’d’ Yuudachi with her first remodel on Feb 16. Poi!

– Choukai ‘GET!’  | Appears to be a fun ship girl I’m wanting to level. [Feb 16]
– Tone ‘GET!’ |  Also a nice fun ship girl I’m still wanting to level up. [Feb 16]
– Hatsuharu ‘Kai’d’ up on her first remodel. She’s one of my favourite ship girls, also because she reminds me of Shinki Renge due to her mannerism. [Feb 16]
– With Tama, in comes the comical Kuma to add onto the Kuma fun heh. [Feb 16]
– Third fleet happily unlocked. This made me happy due to me being able to send more ship girls out. It’s more useful when resource gathering for Bismarck – [Feb 17]
– Tenryuu proudly ‘Kai’d’ up. Wish she had a Kai Ni form to have fun with. [Feb 17]
– Yura happily Kai’d up. Wish she had a Kai Ni to work towards for how awesome she is, and has been. [Feb 17]
– Constantly fishing up ‘Murakumo’ from 1-5 during the Winter event. Was amusing to see her constantly popping up. [Feb 17]
– Shiranui happily acquired. She now is a big part of my fleet hoping she gets her Kai Ni eventually. She’s waiting to get Kai’d up thanks to resource hoarding for Bismarck Hunt. [Feb 18]
– Proudly ‘Kai’d’ up Hibiki with her first remodel. Still wanting to get her to her Kai Ni, yet constantly finding her slipping off that list due to being stuck in expeditions. Nearly went insane one time freaking out that I forgot to Kai her up weeks later….She’ll find herself Kai Ni’d, in April. [Feb 18]
– Remodeling Chiyoda up whenever she naturally levels up through odd sorties. Not a big fan of her now, though still respect her. She’s awaiting her next remodel with same reason as Hibiki; Bismarck Hunt. [Feb 18]
– Happily remodeling Jintsuu with her first Kai. Did enjoy her Pixiv ninja art, thus me leveling Sendai sisters to their ninja form. [Feb 18]
– Shigure proudly remodeled to Kai. Her, and Yuudachi appropriately needing to partner up in their Kai Ni, and they have. [Feb 18]
– Sendai proudly remodeled to Kai. [Feb 18]
– Happily acquiring Akagi with a Dutch buddy’s assistance. He happily acquired his waifu, I still having to do so with her being the pride of his fleet. [Feb 19]
– Choukai acquired, yet still awaiting appropriate leveling. Did get her and Maya roughly to level 10, yet not further. [Feb 19]

– Happily & proudly achieved a full fleet of Kai’d girls. Such an awesome feeling and sight seeing their picture with that Kai symbol.

– Happily experiencing air combat in KanColle for the first few times with mine versus the Abyssals. [Feb 19]
– Pan!~Paka!~Pan!~ – Atago Get! Yes, that Atago that gifted Fubuki her virgin pubic hairs in a lucky charm for a sortie in the KanColle anime. [Feb 19]
– Hyuuga happily remodeled to Kai. Saw her low-leveled so brought her up to be Kai’d up. Gave her attention, with her now being stronger than that. [Feb 19]

– Ashigara happily acquired from the ocean. Hate her fleet joining line, though am happy to have her. The ‘Hungry Wolf” MILF ship.

– Nachi get! Happily receiving her into my fleet, even if I did mysteriously lose her and acquire her again. [Feb 19]
– Radar get! Jump with joy, for that it allowed me to finally complete E1 and to celebrate! I need to research more sonars to spread around. [Feb 20]
– Ise get! [Feb 21]
– Houshou get! Sadly never did give her any time of day. [Feb 21]
– Haguro happily fished up! Still wanting to level her and her sisters up to Kai Ni. [Feb 21]
– Kako happily acquired. She’s also awaiting to be leveled and Kai Ni’d. [Feb 21]
E1 Winter Beaten!

It was thanks to Sendai & Shigure for beating that overly frustrating event! Glad to have finally beaten it, Shigure receiving the final blow that now has me praising her happily.

[Isuzu 40 – Hatsuharu 20 – Yuudachi 26 – Shigure 24 – Sendai 24 – Yura 24]

– V-Day gift for beating E-1 Winter. [Feb 22]
– It’s thanks to Shigure that I could also acquire a winter window referencing to my blog mascot – Varakitsu – while also giving Shigure her well-deserved praise. Of course with Sendai, and the other girls. [Feb 22]
-[End of Winter event & onto normal KanColle events]-

Happily beaten 2-1, 2-2, 2-3, while going onto 2-4. Less rage, more focused leveling gameplay of trying to progress further. I also had a feeling Maya & Choukai would acquire their Kai Ni when I fished them up, just was unsure when.

I still feel Yura deserves hers, so I wish her the best in acquiring one. Tenryuu & Tatsuta both feel they deserve Kai Ni’s also.

– Maya acquired. Had a feeling she would acquire her Kai Ni form when I fished her and Choukai up. [Feb 22]
– Myoko get! [Feb 23]
– Jun’you proudly get! Happy to finally have her in my fleet, especially having eyed the ship-list. Love her style; Been a great help. [Feb 23]
– Kagerou get! Wouldn’t mind having her in my fleet, especially with her getting Kai Ni. [Feb 23]
– Amusingly checking out Jun’you’s archive. Quite neat. [Feb 23]
– She’s been a great fun asset in my battles against the Abyssals. [Feb 23]
– Goya proudly Get! Fished her up in 1-5 with her happily being the pride of my fleet. [Feb 24]
– Hiyou get! Her and Jun’you are both neat with their Kai forms. Still waiting for the Bismarck Hunt to level her and others up. [Feb 24]
– Imuya proudly get! Happily having Imuya compliment Goya was a neat surprise. [Feb 24]
– Shimakaze get! I died laughing a bit when she popped up. Was disappointed to find she didn’t get her Kai Ni form for how special she is. [Feb 24]
– The official end to Winter event brought about a spring update to allow Yuudachi to pose with the new room design. Lovely! [Feb 26]
– Shouhou proudly Kai’d up for how helpful she was. Both her and Jin’you being awesome. Sad to hear she went up in flames in the anime [Feb 26]
– Aoba get! [Feb 26]
– Proudly Kai’d up Kongou while having loved her festive “Burning Valentine Love”. I miss those lines. [Feb 26]
– Ryuujou get! Didn’t think I would acquire her. She’s neat, just didn’t bother leveling her. Too many carriers now. [Feb 27]
– Furutaka get! Love that flaming eye. [Feb 27]
-> Unleashing the “Nightmare of Solomon!” <-

Happily and proudly leveled up Yuudachi to her Kai Ni form thanks to the push of Pixiv & the Anime. A nice 50-50 mix of Pixiv art & Anime pushing me to get Yuudachi to her fearful and more awesome side due to how awesome she is in that state. Power-leveled her up with her now being the pride of my fleet….A nice reward after some rough times. Happily leveling her up on a Friday before the next KanColle Anime. Even going to praise the Admiral in the show for at least having great taste when it came to Yuudachi, Tama, and Kuma. Sadly didn’t have Shigure to compliment Yuudachi….He did, just not partnered.

What was more amusing was how my Yuudachi and Shigure were having a rivalry going by dueling it out for experience. Was overly comical.

– “Yori dori midori. POI!” – Yuudachi Kai Ni

– “Let me show you the Nightmare of Solomon!” – [Feb 27]
– Lovely room with my lovely Yuudachi [Feb 27]
– Shigure followed Yuudachi the day over by reaching her Kai Ni [Feb 28]
– Love the pose, just wish it was a tiny bit more ‘dramatic’. [Feb 28]

– Amused to have acquired another sonar for use due to Hatsuharu, or similar, snatching the other two. Sonar being a hard thing to come by. [Feb 28]
– Ise happily Kai’d up to join her sister Hyuuga. The two I often mix up. [Feb 28]
– Kiso Kai Ni get! Joining Yuudachi & Shigure as the third in line. Absolutely love her idle line where she chuckles intimately. [March 01]
– Beautiful, beautiful Kiso in her Kai Ni form <3 [ March 01]
– Mogami get! [March 01]
– Ooi get! One of the ‘yuri’ ships. [March 01]

– Poor Kiso getting damaged in the field. She still somehow managed to look elegant with the shiny eyes when seeing the full damage art.

– Kitakami joining Ooi the next session over. These two can’t be without one another. [March 02]
– Yukikaze joining my fleet. Wish she had better art when compared with Yukikaze from Dog Days. Yukikaze the beaver ship. [March 02]
– Large Ship Construction (LSC) unlocked! Now able to build ‘better’ ships! Closer to that Bismarck Hunt! [March 02]

Little Fun With Ship Gallery:

Was curious and amused by the ship girls reaching their Kai Ni that I wanted to to see their art. Was amused to see (and disappointed) to have spotted Yuudachi & Shigure celebrating December without me. Yuudachi throwing her dangerous torpedoes around in the air.

Going to note that I prefer Yuudachi in the game while I prefer Fubuki, Ooi, & Kitakami in the Anime. I hope we get the choice to switch between the art later.

– Do love my Kiso in her Kai Ni, yet disappointed I didn’t find any Kai Ni art.
– Love the art, yet saddened she didn’t have anything festive.

– Isuzu proudly going Kai Ni to be the 4th in the line. Excellent! She appears quite ‘motherly’ in her form. [March 03]
– Not bad, and quite nice actually. [March 03]
– Mutsu get! Actually quite pleased. Was aiming for I-401 or another submarine….Got Mutsu with 3/3/3/3 – 1. She’s been greatly helpful. [March 3]
[Note: I said I could have had Bismarck if I unlocked LSC. Ya, no. Timer was right, as was the bracket. I only used 1 devmat, not 20. It just bothers me I could have had Bismarck on March 3rd.]

– Fubuki Kai’d up on first remodel. Waiting to Kai her up later when I can spare the resources. Amusing how she first Kai’d after the anime where she Kai Ni’d. [March 05]
– Having Imuya and the other submarine girls been a great asset. Fun to have in the fleet. [March 05]
– Hachi get! This makes me all that much happier to have her and the others in my fleet. [March 06]
– Imuya is fun to have in my fleet. Beauty. [March 06]
– Hachi being a fun German-Japanese ship. [March 06]
– Akagi happily Kai’d up. Happy to have Kai’d up Naito’s waifu. She’s been a great asset in my fleet. [March 06]
– Noshiro get! She’s a fun ship to use. Hope she gets a Kai Ni because I do enjoy her. [March 06]

– I finally beat 2-4 on March 08th. I’m adding that to the trophy room, next to E1, Yuudachi Kai NI, & 2-4. now being added. I only beat one map, nothing further due to Bismarck Hunt focus.

– Trolling Maruyu get! Thanks to her I was able to complete D6, D7, & D8. [March 10]
– Our casually & tradtional perverted minded Atago finally reached her Kai remodel. I’m happy! [March 10]
– Naka was happily Kai’d up to her first. Saw why not when leveling up the other ladies. [March 10]
– First of the Sendai sisters leveled! Sendai was one I wanted to party with before playing the game. That’s another objective completed! [March 12]
– Looking awesome in that ninja outfit. Even celebrating the discovery of the Musashi shipwreck within the KanColle world. [March 13)
– Saddened to see Yuudachi getting crippled by Abyssals during an odd push-back by them. Am amused by her puffy cheeks though. [March 13]
– Saddened to also have seen Sendai damaged by the Abyssals during that odd phase having them cripple both her and Yuudachi. Do love how she wants to still fight, using that torpedo as a ninja blade. [March 13]
– Kuma happily leveled to her Kai form while wishing she had a Kai Ni form. Her & Tama are fun ships. [March 13]
– Happily leveled my main submarine, Goya, to level 50 & Kai’d her during the ‘power-leveling’ to send them on D6, D7, and D8 quests. [March 14]
– Imuya simply being 1 level off of Goya also leveled up shortly after. She happily Kai’d up with Goya in the manner Shigure did following Yuudachi. [March 14]
– Maruyu leveled to 20 for ‘Good Luck’ for the D6-D8 quests. Also because there was a slot to spare during leveling, if slower. [March 15]
– Jintsuu proudly Kai Ni’d after Sendai. Looking awesome! [March 16]
– Naka, you troll! First you steal Jintsuu’s EXP, then you have a lowered Kai Ni level that made me slightly over-level you. You silly girl. Still happy to have Kai Ni’d her to complete the Trio leveling. [March 16]
– Jintsuu seems fitting with the Cherry Blossom pedals falling onto the floor. [March 16]
– Hatsuharu Kai Ni’d during March break when my submarines were off on lengthy expeditions. She was doing daily quests and leveled to Kai Ni during then. [March 20]
– Interesting design. Loving that fan while also seeing where the ‘top heavy’ part is added onto her. [March 20]
[Note: I’ve noticed many people hate her for her traditional Japanese mannerisms and design. Well, it sucks to be those people because I genuinely find that to be what makes her awesome. I find those people to be simply retarded. Granted, each to their own due to varying interest from person to person. She’s nicely unique while also reminding me of my own Shinki Renge (Busou Shinki) & Yukikaze from Dog Days. I’m used to it now while enjoying hearing them speak and act the way they do. She helped me out a lot <3.]

– D8 completed! Z1 get! Trap ship acquired! Even knowing ‘she’ might be a trap ship ‘she’ is still interesting. [March 24]
– Bismarck is forcing me to get to know ‘her’ due to how rage-worthy the RNG is being. Z1 is awesome which is something I’m clearly admitting. I was going to level ‘her’ to level 20 at the least….higher than that also being a given. [March 24]
– Even when damaged Hatsuharu somehow managed to keep that aura of elegance, especially with that fan of hers. Had too many issues with the Abyssals they also crippled Yuudachi & Sendai [March 24]
– Kinugasa fished up when leveling Z1 to level 10. [March 24]
Wishing I was able to add Bismarck after Kinusaga here….I tried four times already when I was trying to stockpile my resources from March break, even the attempts after with the devmats acquired. Attempt four send me cursing heavily due to how much I had to struggle to regain my resources. I’m betting #5 is going to be just as cruel.

Attempt: 1) Hyuuga – 2) Maruyu – 3) Hyuuga – 4) Ise – 5) [Troll ship, I bet].

I was mentally prepared that Bismarck was a hard catch, but I wanted to get her for my birthday as a ‘birthday prize’ ship so I’m frustrated in that manner. Rushed and didn’t get. Ah well….It’s the hunt that makes you respect that “GET!” all that much more. I’m basically aware that she was going to be a difficult catch due to how special she is, more so with how Japanese RNG tends to be cruel and unforgiving. Even more so [frustrated] with how I hyped & jinxed myself over and over again through wall-of-texts. RNG & my own hype is to blame for that disappointment, or so I believe.

Kai Ni Counter:

I have eight gorgeous ship ladies I remodeled twice to their ‘Kai Ni’ forms. I’m overly happy and proud, mostly for Yuudachi. Yuudachi being my overly proud main ship girl; My second waifu under Bismarck. Kiso being 3rd under Yuudachi thanks to how intimate Kiso sounds when idle-chuckling and how helpful she is. That eye-patch hiding the yellow eye. If Tenryuu, Tatsuta, Yura, &

  1. Yuudachi: Was interested in Yuudachi before jumping into the game thanks to all the Nightmare pixiv arts. Anime simply fueled the flames. She’s also been overly useful by training lower-leveled ship girls. Love her personality change in second remodel <3.
  2. Shigure:  Yuudachi’s partner-in-crime while having that awesome nightly beauty & elegance to her. Her & Yuudachi had a rivalry going while also being respected for beating the rage-causing E-1 Winter for me.
  3. Kiso: She was my starter while also pushing things forward. I just had to Kai Ni her out of respect, even more so for her Kai Ni form. Worth it with her having that beautiful idle line with that intimate chuckle <3.
  4. Isuzu: Similar reason to Kiso, just that I had to respect Isuzu for helping me a lot, even if she’s a beginner ship farmed for her equipment. She’s been overly helpful.
  5. Sendai: Sendai having the similar reason thanks to Pixiv love. Wanted to acquire her ninja form thanks to all that pixiv while also respecting her for how helpful she was. Now training lower-leveled ships.
  6. Jintsuu: Same reason as Yuudachi & Sendai; Pixiv art love. Also assisting training with lower-leveled ships.
  7. Naka: Silly pranking Naka stealing Jintsuu’s exp on the last few levels; Lower remodel level than Sendai & Jintsuu. Can’t have a ninja group without Naka. Yasen!
  8. Hatsuharu: I genuinely love her for her unique art style and mannerisms. She reminds me of Yukikaze (Dog Days) & Shinki Renge. She happily Kai Ni’d during the silent month by doing dailies while also proving her worth. She proudly assisted the submarine girls in completing D8 while also being the flagship for the week of March Break.

(Hibiki appears to be the next in line. Same with Tone, Chikuma, and whoever i listed below.)

– [PIXIV] – I do enjoy these two pairings. Esdese & Bismarck make a great cruel pairing when on the offensive. Neat as bunnies.
My Goals: I’ll still be strongly on a Bismarck hunt before April comes around. Still on that ‘silent running’ to conserve resources while focusing on sending out my expeditions on resources runs. Same with acquiring Devmats from dailies & related expeditions. Once I do acquire (if I do) I’ll naturally level her up (the way I did with Mutsu) by having her join up in the field with the others by not forcefully leveling them.

After that? Leveling up Hibiki, Tone, Chikuma, Kinugasa, Jun’you, Hiyou, Myouko, Nachi, Ashigara, & Haguro to their Kai Ni forms. Maya & Choukai are also on that list thanks to the recent updates. Even waiting on the news of destroyers gaining their Kai Ni to also pop up to queue them up.  I’ll of course level up others, just a bit more naturally this time as to not cheapen the worth of the experience and the ship girls. Simply by having them join my fleet when I’m trying to push forward. I even want to eventually want to focus in obtaining Musashi, Yamato, and I-401. Rest being bonus. I want to take this slowly because I can see myself not playing this. I’m also not being punished in the manner ACNL did so I’m foreseeing myself having fun for a longer while than that ‘kids’ game. Need to also unlock 4th fleet for resource gathering by acquiring the three other Kongo sisters.

I’m also even patiently waiting up on the next update to see what new KanColle we’ll need to hunt down. I’m assuming Tirpitz as main guess; Roma as my next guess. Axis-France as trolling third being welcomed.

(I don’t want to see American ship girls until other Allied nations are added because Americans are everywhere believing they’re overly special. I much rather go for variety over cheapened brainwashed American ignorant pride by having a French or German ship girl instead for variety. If you want USN ship girls then add in Canada, British, Dutch, Australian, New Zealand, or Russian first before considering adding USA due to how obnoxious Americans can get. I’m Canadian so I can say this, more so with how Cuba is going to be ruined by American tourism. World flocking to Cuba before Americans do. More variety, more knowledge of the little historical bit with less stupidity. If they bother or decide to jump into the Allied region in some gimmicky ‘alternate universe’ manner, that is.)


Bonus – Birthday Thoughts:

For my birthday I’ll happily take the victory of beating D6, D7, & D8. Same with Z1 to show that I got the worst out of the way. I’ll also take the pride that I have Yuudachi in her “Nightmare of Solomon” form. Even that I at least tried four times to get Bismarck.

Non-KanColle related? Snacking down on three sushi bentos, spotting a pair of fighter jets flying in the sky loudly, hearing planes taking off every 30 seconds from the Ottawa airport, and being wished a lovely birthday by three close net buddies.  I can’t even purchase Yuudachi merchandise because of how bullshit 2015 is by killing everything I connected to me, or enjoy in Anime, personal, or grew up with. I miss Top Gear now thanks to BBC being retarded also, and I assuming I’m not as close as I was with my local doll group. I do want to focus on purchasing Yuudachi & Bismarck KanColle merchandise at the very least whenever given the chance to.

Good Hunting for you fellow Admirals, and a nice warm spring to you normal lurkers! Poi!