A’K’s Anime Viewing – Winter 2014 & 2015 – R11

Heyo! I thought I’d finally post up my thoughts about the winter Anime concluding to allow us to transition into the spring season. It’s been a great season, if a bit difficult to keep up with. This article may or may not contain spoilers as I’m viewing these shows with the final episode left unseen.

– Music being a way to communicate and form tighter & deeper bonds.

I have to say that I love this winter anime over the numerous fall anime that caused me to struggle with keeping up. I still am struggling, though enjoying things at a much slower pacing with me able to take more in from each show. I also love how Anime shows I have been waiting for came, though sadly now having to go back out. It’s been an enjoyable season.

I’m going to mention that if you don’t watch the following shows – Your Lie in April | Death Parade | Akatsuki no Yona | Maria The Virgin Witch – while also whining about not finding ‘quality’ Anime shows then I’ll say you’re an outright idiot. You want quality? You want emotions? Great story telling and music? Pick those right up and enjoy! Pick them up and have your emotions wrung out like a wet towel on a sunny day doing laundry.

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Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

– The two silly pair showing that music is indeed freedom; Freedom to fly, to express, and to be one self.

This show is an absolute must for viewing. It’s so beautifully done that each and EVERY little scene, item, object, and insignificant thing in the world has meaning. Each scenery, each item, person…Everything is important in “Your Lie in April”. One scene ties into the next to prove the character’s points and expression. It’s an overly beautiful Anime show playing along the similar tones of “Golden Time” that one shouldn’t take their time for granted, nor waste it. This is shown through Kaori pushing Arima from beginning to the end with how you should use what you’re gifted with to the fullest as to not waste it, as with in Kaori’s case showing how time is overly limited.

The art is excellent. Sure, it does take a dip in quality here and there, though it still is gorgeous to the very end. It’s so carefully drawn and animated that every scene comes out beautifully. The music, the art, the character depth…It’s all glorious. I even enjoy how the art shifts over from one style to the next to show that even art has its freedoms when compared with how music is used to express emotions. It’s because of the way that we see Kaori’s struggle and temper is what makes us enjoy her presence more, even Arima’s struggles with his mother’s death.

Music obviously being this show’s strong point, it is well composed. Both the classical music and the soundtrack pieces used for the show itself. The best (or more notable) being the tracks when ‘ENA’ starts singing to remind Arima not to take things for granted. Mostly used for Kaori’s struggle with her struggle with her health, and the fireflies. The parts I can however enjoy being the soundtrack itself and with ENA singing. Not a big fan of the opening & ending tracks as those are too ‘innocent’ for me so I’m focused more on the OST’s themselves.

“Music is freedom” – Meaning that you can express one’s self through music. You shouldn’t fully tie yourself to sheet music; More so improvising than playing like a “human metronome” like in Arima’s case. Playing music more of Kaori’s wild manner for enjoyment. I love how the show flows poetically, and fluidly similar to the music pieces it is portraying. It flows hand-in-hand with music as it does in its writing. Imagine yourself listening to a piece of classical music with scenes popping up in your mind; That is this Anime with Arima & Kaori.

If I was to recommend Anime to the Anime-oblivious I would go straight with “Shigatasu wa Kimi no Uso” due to how neutral it is. It goes straight into the depths of music and with how characters deal with their issues in a more expected manner with Charlie Brown references. Music speaks to the soul, thus this should speak to the people over Naruto, Bleach, and anything that’s more ‘mainstream’.

Final Thoughts: An absolute must watch! No shitty excuses for not doing so, more so for the constant whining for ‘quality’ anime people keep ‘seeking’. Writing, music, and character depth is all fluid and high quality that I placed it at the top. I love this show for its quality and emotional feels.

(Note: This is an Anime one should recommend to those not familiar with Anime to bait & hook them.)


Death Parade

– Arbiters judging the dead people’s lives to see if they pass on, or fall into the pits of ‘hell’ (void). Decim shall be your host for your stay and judgement.

This show I’m placing straight in second place for how well it is done. Just like with “Your Lie in April”, this show has crazy emotions to spread to its viewers to feel very attached to those being judged. You would be surprised with how brutal things can get, even with how touching and maddening things can end up being. Even with how intersects with another anime show (Death Note; Yagami Light) to make note of how people have died quicker than usual. Arbiters are there to simply judge, not to have any emotional thoughts. When that happens things heat up. As with ‘Lady’ being noted as ‘something odd’ due to the situation she found herself in. We don’t know who she yes, yet we gradually find out through hints and tips all throughout.

If I was to compare this show with others I’d have to say “Jigoku Shoujou” for how it does judgement in a similar manner, if more freely with how it breaks from that mold due to the number of episodes. People are indeed judged, just in a shorter period for us viewers through standard games you would find at a local pub or traditional entertainment center. Things like pool, cards, darts, air hockey, bowling, and etc. Judging through games by creating extreme conditions to bring out the worst within people out into the open. This however is complicated by the fact that Arbiters are not human with them judging humans through games and cruel special conditions. Aribters being fed human memories while observing them playing games. What they also play tends to be what orients around the person.

This show, I simply love it. The music appears to be brilliant. The opening being the most popular and enjoyable, while the ending itself being equally enjoyable. Love how it even adds in static art to fill in the blanks for when it couldn’t further add in those. The soundtrack itself having Chavvot (related to the ‘Lady” main character) and other similar tracks being on the enjoyable level. Dark themed tracks, sometimes with lounge-hip-hop type tracks noted to be on the high quality side.

Final Thoughts: Great show that truly must be watched. Judgement and thoughts go deep that situations become tense. Great quality with great character depth and pacing. Great music.


Kantai Collection

– Yuudachi (Kai Ni) – Nightmare of Solomon – having a blast on the battlefield.

This show surprised me with how enjoyable it ended up being. It could have easily flopped with it being a flop due to its comedy take on ‘slice-of-life…which it is….yet still grounds itself in naval combat. For a show that is based on a web game, it sure is awesome. It even assisted in helping ‘Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ars Nova’ gain spotlight which I enjoy both greatly. It can even be compared to Strike Witches anime without any guilt in thought due to how it paces itself in a similar manner with comedy and battles.

This show basically rides that fine line of keeping things at the default line as much as possible, especially when it comes to battle choices, equipment for ships, and anything along those lines. The Admiral keeps the girls happy through events while even bucketing them when possible in that basic robotic manner. As ‘generic’ as they come, possibly even wanting to marry Fubuki. Even having her on the front-lines, even when there’s nothing special to her..stats wise.

Also, I’m sure those unfamiliar with KanColle find the whole ship-girl things strange. It would be, yet it really isn’t when you consider how there are tourist spots with ship memorials being displayed that sometimes take advantage of turning the ship into a humanoid mascot, or similar within the North America’s & Europe region. Can’t say where, though I’ve seen it done. It’s not strange for me, especially with how vessels were often considered feminine entities with Japan simply taking advantage of that for entertainment purposes in their web game.

This Anime has done great when within the battlefield. Doing well expressing the harshness of the battlefield, even how loss effects morale. It even hinted at the fact that the Abyssals have a mind of their own with how they even protect their own. Even observing and counter-attacking during counter-attacks. Things being brutal on the field.

I have to say the music is fairly entertaining, yet not anything special. It is indeed great to listen to with the pros being in the character song albums, the various covers, and the web game music itself. Opening is also enjoyable, as with the ending with me actually enjoying it all around.

Flaws with this show being that it’s too focused on comedy, slice-of-life, and an invisible Admiral. The other bit being that Shigure hasn’t been Kai Ni’d with Yuudachi seeing as how they are always seen paired up. This show needs a detached sequel focusing on the actual enjoyments of KanColle with what actually makes it fun.

(Yuudachi being my favourite in the show due to her Kai Ni when seen in Pixiv arts. This show simply enforced that when I finally did jump in. It’s thanks to this Anime I finally got pissed off enough to jump into the KanColle web-game to also hunt down my German Waifu – Bismarck.)

Final Thoughts: Great show that surprised me with how great it ended up being. Could have been much better, much darker, and more focused on the battlefield. Could have went with less ‘default’ by adding in more ‘Nightmare of Solomon’, more struggles, and etc. Love the character designs, love the battles, the humour, and such. Wish it could have delivered more.

(I’m also happy for this show getting a sequel.)


Akatsuki no Yona

Such a great show. Love the way they mix humour with seriousness, even with how Yona grows as a character within this show. Always rising up while also being referenced with the rising sun at dawn due to her red hair. This show still doing great in growing Princess Yona with the other characters of hers joining the rank. Nicely proving her worth to the characters that would otherwise consider her another ‘useless’ individual. Yona is nicely strong in a very human manner.

The soundtrack is also what makes this show. Great Korean-styled music (if it is indeed Korean influenced) with it still nicely fitting in. Tracks may be overused now, though still welcomed as they still fit in perfectly with the scenes they are placed in. Can’t say so much about the second opening; The ending being more enjoyable and traditional sounding.

It’s been a nice fun ride seeing Yona struggle with the harshness of the world, with reality, and with herself. Even putting herself in danger while showing her more serious side; Her sharpened daggers/fangs at her enemies.

(I recommend watching ‘Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit‘ for a similar Korean-Chinese theme of things. You’ll regret not doing so.)

Final Thoughts: I love this show; A must watch. Love the music, the Korean theme, and the character depth with Yona and others. This show is great for showing Yona’s character growth while also making her shine as she learns her own land.



– Loving Utaha’s slyful and playfulness.

Was going to ignore this show at first to end up being dragged into this show by a good Dutch buddy. Wanting me to check out this ‘harem’ show for its unique take on comedy harem. It indeed does feel fresh with how to go about with dealing with a harem situation while also trying to make a harem type dating visual novel game. Nicely poking fun at itself while poking fun at others also by playing around with tropes, cliches, and typical harem styled situations in a fun and fresh manner. Fresher than Subway.

Loving the various ecchi teases done in a nice ‘safe for work’ manner. All teases one would expect done in a way censoring being unnecessary, yet still there in a way to leave you hanging. Utaha is guilty of many of those, same with the previous episode counted as ’00’ on the list.

The strong point simply comes from simply being freshly hilarious with its punch-lines. Constantly poking fun at themselves, others, and the viewers themselves by just simply having fun with things. Lots of teases, taunts, and parodies of various themes. Utaha coming out at top for her sassy comments and playful nature.

Final Thoughts: Very great; Must watch!; Feels fresh. Loving the fresh humour with great fun characters. Great flow of things with them focusing on making games while having the fun of things in the process. Utaha being at the top of things for me.


Maria The Virgin Witch

– A lovable pure witch that the Church hates with a passion.

This show surprised me with how serious and realistic it wanted to be. The way it seriously researched warfare, religion, and with the latin words during the 100 Year War between England and France. The detailed animated use of swords, bows & arrows, attack shields, shielding, battlefront formations, and the technology used back then. Also, the way with how closed minded the church was with any modern day by shunning people (and Witches) they considered going against their Church’s teachings as heresy. The hypocrisy of all the Church’s way of things.

This show focusing both happily and seriously on Maria’s struggle in eliminating wars so she could allow people to live peacefully with a rare form of peace. Churches, Witches, Mercenaries, and the Gods of Christianity however disapproving of Maria’s way due to her ‘naive’ way of sexually pure thinking, thus the name. Michael threatening to remove Maria’s Witch powers by simply stealing her virginity, that she naively jested to have taken away by a dog. This show doesn’t shy away from dark topics – as seen with arms being lost, horny gay priests, and with the illnesses and casualities of the Church’s way of teaching – by simply touching on them in open or implied manners. It does it nicely by touching on them that even a child would take note in a non-offensive manners. For example, Mercenaries were ready to rape woman of a village due to them not being able to make coin on the battlefield thanks to Maria, though interrupted by being blinded.

The show does add perverted content, thankfully in a tasteful manner. Maria is often found sleeping naked, the Priests having sex behind the battlefield, Familiars sexing targets, girls being slept with and disgraced, along with more appropriately placed ‘innocent’ sexual teases that teens and older would understand.

The soundtrack for this is stellar, or so I’m seeing when watching the opening, ending, and the background music. The music composed in this show is so well done that I found myself re-listening to various episodes just for the music. It’s all around beautifully composed.

I want to compare this with “Spice & Wolf” and “Maoyu Mao Yuusha” thanks to the setting these shows are in. All trying to make you think while making you see things one wouldn’t see in this time of day. This show is great for trying to make you think with the amount of research done, thus you should watch this. You would be an idiot not to do so because it’s so nicely done. Don’t allow quality anime, such as this one, be lost in time. Go compliment the creator by watching this great show.

(Loving that cat familiar in this show. Being all sly by showing how hypocritical religion and the Church is while also showing a lovely appearance and personality.)

Final Thoughts: A great detailed show that should be a much watch for people. Great amount of research, great execution of time-period issues and equipment used in that area; Ideally realistic use of weaponry, and keeping things deep with story-telling. Greatly composed music to further compliment a currently carefully crafted show further to greatness.


Dog Days S3

– Yukikaze being the whole reason why I wanted S3, now I have more reasons to enjoy it.

I greatly enjoyed the first seasons, same with season 2, while glad the third season came around. I’ve waited impatiently for this third season that I’m glad it’s here, while also sad that it’s about to part ways with the next episode. I simply love Yukikaze, the crazy fun, and the adventures the Heroes go on, even if ‘generic’ to people. It’s overly fun and entertaining. This third season bringing in more fun, depth, and lore to enjoy the world they live in by adding more into it.

The characters are great as always, as are the silly broken-off episode this time around dealing with various mishaps all linked together. That “Crimson Road” for example being something I want to travel down to, even replicate in a future game. The sky whale even having its own world within it is overly amusing. Same with the Forest Priestess who tends to a very wild part of the world.

It’s just a fun world reminding you not to be super serious. Just have fun and relax. One of those shows I’m overly eager to watch whenever it pops up.

Final Thoughts: Great show with great sense of humour. Nice humourous adventures to have fun with and new characters to enjoy. It’s all around fun that I wish still stuck around for a little while longer.


Gundam Build Fighters Try

– Team Try Fighters!

I was so glad to hear Gundam Build Fighters getting a sequel. It’s been an awesome ride, but now I’m all burnt out. Anything dealing with Gundam, Busou Shinki, and anything arena based now needs to go into a brief hiatus until I can enjoy it on the level as the original again. I’m glad it went the route of doing things at a national level instead of world-wide. Would have been more entertaining if Gunpla was drawn over-seas though.

There’s really nothing wrong with this show. It’s perfectly done, even the awesomely composed soundtracks it released. Well, maybe the opening and ending being the low point for me. Not enjoyable. The rest of it is perfectly fine and highly enjoyable. Great character depth, motivation, hoards of references to various Gundam shows, and just a lot of love with a strong message to have fun with Gunpla. The battles themselves being perfectly played out and executed. Loved them.

This show was overly awesome. Any flaws with the show would be more personal with no signs of Canadians, no Aila, and no reappearances of some more important characters.

Final Thoughts: Great sequel to the already awesome Gundam Build Fighters series. Nice new characters, gunpla, battles, and awesome soundtracks. All around a nice gem of a show.


Gundam Reconguista In G

– G-Self being carried by G-Lucifer.

This has been a great, if confusing, show of Gundam. Going into lots of details that still passes over the heads over the familiar, let alone the newbies. This show is deep in its lore that it simply whether you’re familiar with the show or not, and I love it for it…..well…….Mostly. I’m a bit frustrated that I may be missing out on things while struggling with what I do know of Gundam.

It’s been fun struggling to keep up with this show, especially with tardy subbing. Seeing all those nods and references to the past Gundam shows with little tributes here and there. A nice show filled with references. All those old-styled characters, those conflicts, and with how these mobile suits are transferred from one place to another. Nearly travelling from one side of the solar system to the next with ease while also creating oceans in space.

The music is great in this show. Gundam is known for awesome soundtracks so I’m eagerly awaiting for when I can enjoy the soundtrack in full. It sounds both ominous and proud, if comical at times. I don’t really enjoy the opening and ending; The opening being a rushed piece when compared to its previous version.

I also still feel that Reconguista fits after Turn A Gundam due to all the technological finds. It doesn’t make sense to me with how it would be before because everything would be hidden again forcing things to be further complicated. Even asked for sourcing to only be called an idiot with no real source telling me otherwise. People implying that there is a 100% source claiming otherwise, though I don’t see it.

I simply love the main message that war is cruel, that humans shall always fight, and that when losing someone that others shall lose themselves in revenge. This is what Gundam keeps trying to place on the table.

Final Thoughts: Great, if confusing and deep. Loving the music, the mobile suit selections, and all of it. It’s still stuck in the past while modernizing thoughts and messages.


–  Shinmai Maou no Testament

– Demon Princess Mio angered.

Was looking forward to this Anime thanks to ‘sweetARMS’ composing for them. The same artist that composed for Date A Live, thus me comparing Date A Live with this show. This show has no sense of humour, only censored perversion. It’s enjoyable, if decently, that I’m still finding myself watching it. I really do want to praise it……Not sure what to blame though. It’s either the budget issues, the fact that they used the same composer for Fairy Tail. Everything is lacking here thanks to budget, the “cute” & ‘sunglare’ censorship, along with the music. The Opening and ending however being the strong points of the show.

The show basically revolves around Basara trying to keep Mio & Maria safe while considering both of them part of the family, thus the ‘sister’ & ‘brother’ titles. Even though they’re not family by blood, they are family in an adopted manner. This brings up interesting comical gags, such as Mio trying to wake up Basara in a ‘cowgirl’ position that resorts to a gag with a hentai box. When there are actual perverted moments you are basically teased with ‘cute censors’ leaving you hanging. Either those censors or lens-flares that you can’t enjoy what should be enjoyed from the start. It is still fun seeing Maria being overly sexually active thanks to her Succubus nature. Same with Mio forcing herself while also being cursed by a Master-Servant pact which she actually wants to be a part of. As with Basara’s childhood friend being pleasured. Fun does indeed happen, and it is enjoyable……Just not on the level I can enjoy it on: Such as Trinity Seven’s pee-joke of being locked in trying to hold it in without bursting in front of Arata. That kind of silliness isn’t in here. Granted, the dream peeping by Maria in the bathroom was amusing. That I won’t deny.

The plot isn’t all that engaging either because it doesn’t have the fun that Trinity Seven, Oda Nobunaga no Yabou, or Date A Live actually has. The opening and ending of this show is the only thing I find remotely interesting on the musical side of things. This one is more of a Blu-ray release with uncensors hopefully being found there. This one is a horrible trap.

Final Thoughts: A decent show suffering from generic writing sprinkled with creative writing. Also suffers from a musical side of things with the music composer being the same as Fairy Tail’s composer. Somewhat enjoyable with me simply trying to finish it off at this point.



– Tama-chan being the best girl in Isuca.

This show is brutally outdated that it should only be watched by the new-comers into anime. This show should be targeted at those who have yet to watch Anime, have nostalgia over 2000-2006 anime, and simply love Tama-chan. This show is basically like watching a chalk-board being scratched on with nails making one shudder. I don’t want to unfairly kick this to the bottom, just that there’s no more room for this kind of dated Anime. Again, maybe for the new-comers, just not for the seasoned ones.

Everything is kept to the VERY basic that even the characters themselves are overly retarded. Literally idiotic. Their reaction time is worse than a child’s logic gone bad. Something happens causing them to think for a good 5 minutes until they actually realize what the common sense thinking actually is for that situation. This goes for both the main characters and the more ‘intelligent’ support character types. Great example of this is in episode 07 in the subway/metro dealing with a train and a gas spirit. Sakuya keeps shooting at the gassy demon, same with Tama-chan simply clawing at it. It takes them many minutes to realize basic science that you can’t damage gas with solids. They constantly waste time with one or two episodes actually having them do anything worthwhile or quickly.

I believe the only intelligent characters in the show are Tama, Suseri, and that loli-trolling Grandmother. Everybody else can be counted as dated simple-minded characters. Doesn’t help that the show also tries to nudge fan-service into the show in a dated manner also. Even with sun-glare also, and just….Stupid. Only best part of that fan-service being with Tama-chan going bottomless.

The opening, ending, and the soundtrack itself is dated also. The only thing good about the ending is how shiny it is by also reminding me of Wizard Barristars with the Canadian girl in it. Tama & Sakuya both being awesome.

So why did I watch it if it was horrendous? Hoping for Tama-chan’s awesomeness being unlocked more often by Shinichirou through kissing. Episode 2 and with Suseri earning ‘Shiro’s’ respect being my two favourite episodes of that show. More Tama-chan kissing to unlock her abilities, less of Sakuya pampering. Would have been better if Tama-chan was the archer; Merging Tama-chan with Sakuya to allow her to be more bad-ass. That’s the 2015 way.

Final Thoughts: Annoyed and irritated. I’m glad this show is ending while feeling sorry for Tama, Suseri, and those that worked on this having wasted their time. The fancy art-style of the ending being remotely interesting also; Suseri & Shiro within the show with Tama-chan’s power unlocked.


Aldnoah.Zero S2

– Princess Asselyum displeased with the situation around her. Rightfully so.

The first season was overly enjoyable that I actually want to defend it. All my hype being more towards the first than with the second due to how the ending ended off with that chilling arctic wind. Was a bit too long that I simply ‘passed on’ when second season came around. This made me actually hate Slaine when I was trying to be understanding for the end of the first season. This season with him being more assertive and less of that ‘kind soul’ that the Princess knew him as. Suffering to be Slaine, even in this season, with my favouring Inaho’s relationship with the Princess even more.

Interesting conflicts were to be had, nice unique battles to be fought, and interesting situations to find themselves in on both fronts. Both on Earth and in space. Seeing the second Princess feuding with the healing one, even pitying her, that’s just sorrowful. Even with how blind Slaine was to Lemrina, another Princess I can respect. I guess one could see Slaine as a calm yandere due to how he tried to nurse Asseylum back to health in that overly obsessed manner. Easily getting jealous to the point where Inaho, or even young Cruhteo being the wiser choice as a husband.

I also respect this show’s desire to add in scientific bits of information whenever possible. One being the ‘solar wind’, the other being Inaho’s eye, how one has to time their projectiles, and the curve of the planet. This show needs to be praised for at least trying to show what it has researched. I’m going to praise this show for that, and I hope others do as well.  Even the unique way of launching mechas out of the hanger by swinging them around. Someone has to break the mold, and I’m glad Aldnoah.Zero was brave enough to try and show various unique technologies wherever possible. People shall say it’s retarded, which may be true, though I’ll still support Aldnoah’s rights for trying to add both the same and different on this.

Music is this show’s strong point so I can praise it highly also. I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve seen, just not all that hyped up about it.

Final Thoughts: Enjoying this whenever I can. Enjoying it all around from the scripting, the battles, and even with how Asseylum gained young Cruhteo’s hand. Inaho’s eye also being a nice fun factor. The soundtrack still stays praiseworthy also.


Durarara!! X2

This show, though great, has been one of those sleeper catch-ups for me. Even when catching up I found this show to be overly great. Nice mix of its fun, seriousness, troubled plot, and characters. It’s been a nice mix of craziness that I’ve been enjoying greatly, minus the laughing ‘Bluesquares’ bit in the abandoned building episode. Everything else being enjoying with seeing how each character behaves, adapted to things, and just tried to move on with factors trying to interfere. The show now mainly focusing on a little girl and an all out gang war against the Dollars.

The music is once again noteworthy on both the opening and ending side of things, same with the soundtrack as a whole. It still kept its silliness from before.

New characters also joining in on the mix to stir up more chaos. Varona being one of those more calm ‘sadistic’ logical types simply focused with doing things in a professional manner. An odd one. Even surprised with how Shizuo is dealing with his anger the further in the episodes you go. From a monster to a normal human.

Final Thoughts: A great show that I feel guilty for having troubles keeping up with. It still kept its craziness from the past show by stirring up new ones in this one. Great fun, trouble, and craziness all around.


Kamisama Kiss 2

– Nanami seeking Mikage while attending a Divine meeting.

Being highly entertained by the manga and the first season I just had to watch the second. It’s too bad I’m still lagging behind it due to other distractions. Finding it overly neat with how ‘innocent’ this show is while seeing Nanami having her own silly fun and adventures as a land goddess. Seeing her struggle while trying to regain Tomoe’s attention  sure was curiously entertaining as the writing here proved to be well written in suspense.

This show has my high respects all around for how balanced it is for simple entertainment fun seeing Nanami struggling to juggle being a land goddess, a student, and Tomoe’s master.  Even unknowingly trying to assist enemies as friends because she’s that kind-hearted.

The music here also keeps me entertained with how neat the opening and ending are. Enjoyed them in first while enjoying them equally here.

Final Thoughts: Great fun simple way of having fun. Had loads of fun watching this, though sadly still need to catch up on this. Great music, great characters, great story, and lots of fun to be had.



  • Log Horizon S2: Having trouble simply keeping up. It’s however been enjoyable up until the part I left it at with the foxy heading back and with Nanta (The Cat guy) forced off the train.
  • Fafner (Winter 2015): Simple reason being too much on the plate & couldn’t keep up. Not sure when I’ll get back to it.
  • Tokyo Ghoul Root A: This show simply irritated me a bit too much that I struggled to keep up with it. All the hype ended with the first season with the second simply irritating me every second it was going. Last left off with the prison scene with our main ghoul corrupting himself further with creepy centipedes I hate.
  • Cross Ange: [Not on hold; Forgot to sneak in] It’s been a fun show with a messy side of things. It took itself both seriously and comically that it tried riding the fine line in the middle, thus making it sloppy. It has been a fun messy ride from the beginning to the very end with serious and crazy jokes to be cracked. It wasn’t afraid to deliver what it wanted to, just did so in a somewhat unpolished manner. Soundtrack is also awesome in this, as with Sala’s singing next to Ange’s.


– Utaha, you’re just too adorable. Love you as a character and with your playfulness <3

Recommended Shows

Please do watch the following, even if I did mention it above in the intro portion.

  • Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso: The show speaks deeply on a musical, emotional, and artistic side of things. Very neutral, deep, and emotional with how not to take things for granted that one should go all out in their interest. Kaori shows this in her letter in the last episode due to her health. Music is obviously its strong point, and it does this well that you see music in art.
  • Death Parade: Great deep look into what makes us human and with how we should be judged. How to actually view people’s lives with you finding yourself questioning everything on all fronts. Music is also this show’s strong-point due to it having to set a dark tone.
  • Maria The Virgin Witch: Even if it is themed in a ‘magical’ France, it does take itself very seriously in its researched French world. Everything is kept to a realistic point, even the mythological stuff and the witches. This show goes deep into Maria and the Church’s way of thinking that should make you realize what Maria is actually fighting for. Music is this show’s strong point also.
  • Akatsuki no Yona: Yona, she’s a fighter. This show made sure that we took it seriously by constantly pushing Yona to have frightening burning red eyes. It’s beautifully paced that I can recommend this to everybody, more so for its Korean theme. Yona is a brilliant character, as are others. Music is also brilliant.
  • Gundam Build Fighters Try: This show continues to hype people up with Gunpla. Showing that one should have fun, not corrupt themselves into delusions through hate and grudges. Having a hobby to have fun is where the fun is at, not bullying and being treating others like shit. Lots of Gundam references to past Gundam shows, even awesome soundtrack.

(Honorable mentions to: Dog Days, Saekano, Kamisama Kiss, and Durarara.)

With the not so enjoyable being Isuca itself. The next ‘Mahou Sensou’ of this season. Irritating me greatly with how slow-minded the characters are with common sense, thus why you shouldn’t avoid the Anime I recommended for your great viewing pleasure. More so with people whining there’s no good Anime when indeed there….I listed them.


It’s been a great season for Anime. Not sure if I can keep up with blogging about it, as seen with this article. I may end up slowing down due to various distractions, even KanColle web game itself. I’m not really finding anything fun in the Spring anime line-up, though that might change. If I do find things interesting then I’ll see you there, if I don’t burn out in the process.

– Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed the Animes I have enjoyed.