A’K’s Anime Viewing – 01/14/14 – R7

Heyo! Winter Anime now rolled in with me now checking out those that interest me. I’m surprised at how many I actually picked up. Let’s see what I picked up!

– A fun witch hunt!

(All images taken with Fraps and WMP.)

I’m actually highly surprised as to how many Anime shows I picked up this season. I really see no need for any “anime needs saving” comments still as I picked up quite a fair number of shows to watch this season as well. Well, that’s unless you want more Jormungand, Psycho-Pass, and Black Lagoon style anime, then I can understand, or even the whole studio funding & employee paycheck issues. That I can understand. Even so, lots of silly, yet fun ones that should most likely be entertaining to watch till the very end for this season. Pick them up!

I’m also going to try to see if I can keep my thoughts and images short on this one as I do tend to get carried away. Should make things easier to follow, I hope. I’m also waiting on Date A Live S2 & Psycho-Pass S2 so I may, or may not add that to the list. We’ll see how that goes.


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-> Winter Anime 2014:

Buddy Complex:

– Proposing accepted!

I have to say that this show is actually pretty good, so far. Time-travel, mecha, and the whole past-future thing has me highly interested and curious. I’m curious to see how Hina and Aoba’s interaction in the future influenced his past when she came to pick him up, or if it is one twisted joke to foil a certain other plan. The whole “Dio is waiting” from Hina to the “Dio wasn’t waiting” stirs up loads of thoughts along with Hina being among the enemy ranks. Time-travel to the past and then back into the future to stir up a big mess.

I’m also going to note that I’m highly relieved the dialogue for the whole past & present wasn’t done half-assedly. It was kept up with the times and also added onto by a witty Captain of a Confederation ship. That captain, I love his witty smart-ass comments in a sometimes subtle and sometimes open manner. I’m loving the dialogue between the characters that it hasn’t failed me by going opposite of the cliched gags or over-used lines.

I see Gundam Seed/Destiny art style because of Sunrise’s involvement in it. The music of course is, so far, brilliant. Awesome music, nice art style (even if Seed related) and animations. I also feel some in-studio humor being placed in this show with the ‘Coupling’, ‘Connective’, ‘Proposing’, ‘Acception’, and ‘Decoupling’ terms. It sounds as if you’re trying to court your beloved girl into your presence and life. If intentional or not, I have this feeling Sunrise is poking fun at themselves for these somewhat random English words because of the past Anime’s behavior of mixing and matching such words at random as other names and terms. I’m enjoying this show for its fun randomness though so it’s also a plus.

This show might be purposely poking fun at itself in numerous manners. Fun fun!

Thoughts: Highly entertained, amused, and curious; Seems like great quality all around with loads of action, fresh dialogue, and music. It’s all nice and entertaining. I want to know more!

SoniAni – Super Sonico Animation:

I don’t even know what to say about this show. I’m just watching it “just because” and because she is Sonico. Seems like an interesting fun show with her being…….VERY naive and easily abused with her carefree personality. This show alone (first episode) makes me wish someone would try and raise her maturity level because she’s in a workplace – Photoshoots & singing club – that can get her easily abused with ecchi, fan-service, and etc. If this was a hentai then god and her manager help her…..And yes, I know this show is about ecchiness, just saying because of her air-headed personality.

This seems to be a standard adaptation of any Anime for the sake of having an anime. I’ll continue watching it just to see where this ends up. I don’t hate it, just not my cup of tea. Still watchable and enjoyable.

Thoughts: On the fence; Sonico’s personality scares me with her naive and bubble-headed personality. Enjoying it though when ignoring her personality. One of those shows that I’ll watch after I watch other main shows.

The Pilot’s Love Song:

– Flight training with lovely tilt-rotor aircraft.

Note sure what to think of this one. I picked it up because of of my interest in aviation and the movie “The Princess and the Pilot“. This show reminds me of that movie, just on the “lesser” and more drawn out form of it with the rich vs the poor and one side fighting the other on steam-punk influenced ships and a floating island named Isla for the aircraft flight academy. There also seems to be a conflict point with the main character with his royal background versus the princess & the grumpy loner. Trying to bring in three or more conflict points into almost a free-for-all battle.

To me, the show feels hollow at the moment. I’m hoping that the reward is in the middle and the end when all the fluff takes form. It is nice, just..hard to word. The OST at times makes me want to mute it during lowly poor vs rich conflicts. It could do better there. The OP & ED are both nice however. This may be a mixed bag of a show.

Thoughts: On the fence; Seems interesting from the aviation and story side, just not the music and rough-like beginning. Interested, just being put-off.


– Nyaa~

This show actually surprised me, yet again. Was thinking it was going to be another crappy show thanks to the preview images seen on the preview list on blogs. Noragami features our happily carefree Hiyori attempting to save a ghost-like & financially poor god named Yato from a bus. It all took a serious, yet comical turn with Hiyori being overly joyful with her now “cat-like” existence with a unique case of narcolepsy, but with her popping out of her body with a spirit tail resembling that of a cat tail. The show even makes note of the spirit tail not being a cat tail. It also seems Hiyori needs an actual trustworthy bodyguard to protect her human body during her narcolepsy like symptom.

The music also surprised me in this with it being on the higher-quality side, like the show itself. Quite enjoyable all around, even the animation/art style.


Thoughts: Highly amused and entertained; Loving it all around, especially for the comedy. Hiyori is just too amusing. The music is awesome.

Nobunaga The Fool:

I feel as if Nobunaga The Fool is one of the best shows this season. It’s just too much fun, too silly, and just highly amusing. It’s not one of those “it’s so bad that it is good”, just that it wants to have fun in a similar fashion to Horizon anime. And of course the Oda Nobuna anime which still needs a second season. It’s just too much fun that I tend to find myself laughing along with Nobunaga himself with his sense of humor in universe with a war brewing between the two stars – Europe & Japan in their steampunk-sci-fi-medieval period. The whole thing with two steam-punkish stars, starships trading among the two, mecha (with a Gundam reference), and the whole samurai battle.

I find the historical naming for this show to be silly, while passing it off as something looser than what Horizon tried. There must be at least one (weak) purpose/reasoning for naming them as such? Da Vinci, Ceaser, Jeanne D’arc, among many others. I’m also finding Jeanne ‘Kaguya’ D’arc to be an obvious fan-service character in this show with her even being teased by the author. She is indeed lovely, and I love her beauty, just hoping she isn’t useless in this show. That’s one way to make Ranmaru male by using Kaguya as the in show’s version of Ranmaru heh.

I find the music to be highly enjoyable as well. It’s very noticeable that I’m now finding myself skimming through episodes just to listen to them. The OP for it seems to be highly enjoyable, as with the dub-step (I hate dub-step) adding to that showy nature of this show.

We also need more main characters like Oda Nobunaga to laugh off any comical anime gags, similar to Strike The Blood’s version. More knocking of those gags back or just one-upping it in a proper manner. He knows how to do so properly.

Thoughts: Highly Amused and entertained; I want to keep watching this for the fun and the amusement of it all.

Z/X: Ignition:

– Z/X – Zillions of Enemies X.

Quite an interesting and entertaining enough of a show. Even though we’ve been here in card-game type shows, this one appears to be that one step or more above those. This show basically has demons coming out of their respective colored spheres attacking humans with humanity forced to make Z/X cards to tame & fight them and themselves. Loads of monster vs monster battles.

The music is on the decent size, though still highly enjoyable. The ending being quite catchy at times, if bland with a black screen and logo. It appears to be suffering funding issues here and there, though still highly watchable in an enjoyable manner.

Thoughts: Highly Curious; Seems like a nice show, even though it seems to be targeting a lower crowd. Would love to see where these demon fights end up.

Hozuki no Reitetsu:

– A comical look into Japanese’s version of hell.

This is quite a strange show, this one. It is about Japanese’s version of hell divided into sectors while also being over-populated by the baby-boomers. Those in hell struggle to keep their sectors staffed in a comical manner. Everything dark is turned into an overly positive comical and appropriate manner. Think Japanese Folklore and Folktale comicalness.

Its target audience seems to be that of the little ones in Japan, and those wanting a laugh during their hard day in school or work. As much as it pains me to say so, those that watched DragonBall (Z/GT) and Yu Yu Hakusho shall find similarities in that, and in this show.

Thoughts: Interested & Amused; Quite an amusing show and an interesting look into Japanese’s hell, especially to those that are unfamiliar with Japanese folklore and mythology.

Hamatora The Animation:

– Welcome to the Hamtora!

This show is an odd one. It reminds me of Durarara!, Darker Than Black, and K Project all squished into one. A small portion of humans gain supernatural abilities (Minimum users) with those in Hamtora doing jobs to gain profit from those in the area fighting other Minimum users on occasions. This show happens to link many jobs all back to one, somewhat like a detective story done highly comically and in a silly manner. The concept of having to do something to do a certain act to use your abilities – zapping yourself in the tongue with a taser or chewing gum – makes me think back to Darker Than Black when one has to do something after their task.

The music is on the lounge music side of things, and is decent. It manages to make the show in that fine-line of silly and fun with how comical the OST can get.

Thoughts: On the fence; It seems like a fun silly show about “minimum users”, it may also slip into the “on-hold” list.

Witch Craft Works:

– Witch Craft Works is full of heat and flames! Burn!

I’m just going to say that this this surprised me. I was expecting pure stupidity with it actually being genuinely amusing and entertaining in a nice serious-comical mix. It has that right amount of balance, like with Horizon and Oda Nobuna. It’s a show (obviously) about witches, a school setting, and a group of lemming-like students all attempting to worship her silent princess of a witch who would much prefer the male character. Such simplicity actually makes this all so enjoyable while she roasts the student’s belongings for any open bullying on the main character. She enjoys protecting her “Princess” from harm heh.

The music is quite nice. It’s more enjoyable when a witch or foe enters the scene, not so much on the school side. It keeps the atmosphere. The OP is nice, though I prefer the more amusing ED with references to common witch torture devices in Europe and Americas. Amusing.

Lesson in this show so far? Do not bully your classmates or you’ll get incinerated like garbage :P.

Thoughts: Highly Enjoyable; Loving this show with the balance between serious and comical witch humor. It’s a very fun show.

Mahou Sensou:

– Just another negative day in Mahou Sensou.

This seems to be a neat anime. A show about magic with a main character who dislikes his home, his surroundings, while even ignoring his girl that he is dating due to the situation he disapproves of. Just another boring day that will obviously turn into a more interesting situation thanks to magic radiating into other people’s body. Think of radiation, but with magic. Some gain awesome abilities like fireballs or evasive magic, while a certain girlfriend gains “improvements” in the breast area.

The whole idea of magicians not being able to attack others in the “real” world brings about nice situations where one has to fight in another realm. Land an attack on a magician the “present” or “real” world forces magic out of your body which is known as a “Gift”.

This seems to be a nice enjoyable Anime so I shall keep it on my list. Even highly curious enough to see how far it’ll go and what new things it will share. The music, art, and animation all seem to be highly enjoyable so shall keep an eye on this anime seeing as how it is actually entertaining.

Thoughts: Highly Curious; Seems like a fun show with nice art, animation, music, and concept. Love the way it is flowing so far.

– Inari, KonKon, Koi Iroha:

This show somehow slipped through my Anime radar. It’s something I want to watch, especially with it filling the void Gingitsune left behind. It’s one of those slice-of-life shows about school romance with her not being able to speak her mind due to her high-levels of clumsiness. She eventually finds herself at a fox shrine to get her wish granted, especially after saving a fox earlier that day, to be able to confess her love to Tanbabashi.

I find it neat, but painful to watch when it constantly slips into the second-hand embarrassment during a comical moment. It’s why I skip comical anime with insane amounts of comedy. This one I’m willing to put up with it, just pausing every time something I find “stupid” occurring. I however do find it overly cute how the foxes were holding their fox fire as a lantern. Staying true to their folkore counterparts. That “Kon” during transformation and flipping into Inari’s hand was the cutest thing I heard! “Kon!”

It’s a beautiful show with lovely foxes, great music, and I’m hoping it carries on nicely to the end. I want a palm-sized Kitsune familiar! Anime is constantly teasing me T.T

Thoughts: Watching, amused, and curious; Loving the style and the little palm-fox familiar. Looks like a fun anime, if annoyingly silly with the clumsiness.


-> Fall Anime:
(Watching airing ones while catching up on older ones.)

Kill La Kill

I’ve been enjoying Kill La Kill greatly since from it started airing. Been enjoying the ’80’s throwback to the art-style and the silliness to it all. Constant references and throwbacks while doing things in its own neat way. It’s still high on my list. Also enjoyed the OSTs put out.

Magi: The Kingdom of Magic:

Been greatly enjoying this show, awaiting its next release. I’m however sadly falling behind an episode or two each time due to the wave of other anime interrupting the watch-list to this. Too much to watch. I do however love where Magi is going in its own in-depth and complex manner from one character arc to another. Still enjoying the ride from the current episode’s perspective.

I also enjoy the new opening and ending from episode 14 onward. More catchy. Did find 14 to be saddening with what is under the Magic city’s underground.

Strike The Blood:

– La Folia being her playful self.

I’m still happily enjoying Strike The Blood as new episodes air. Still not disappointed, enjoying it fully from one to the next. I’m so glad and relieved that the dialogue in the cliched anime gags was properly done (as with Buddy Complex), and in fun actual amusing ways. Our main character also appears to be quite intelligent when coming across ecchi & gag manners which makes me want to watch the show more. It’s highly enjoyable all around.

Tokyo Ravens:

– Foxy tail teasing; Such fluffiness!

What an amusing show this turned out to be. The best part being Kon (the fox familiar) and the action that happens. The comedy in the past few episodes actually turned me off along with the annoying behavior of Suzuka Dairenji when torturing the two main characters. Dairenji started to annoy me on the level of Seiji Noumi in Accel World that I just wanted to drop the show. I’m so relieved she smartened up when she did.

Kon! I want you as my fox familiar!


– A silent tea Kon! moment for our lovely Koto 🙂

I enjoyed the two shorts it had. The lengthy musical trailer and the OVA version of it. If there is any more then I’m most confused, missing it in the confusion. I’m however greatly enjoying this show as it knows what it is doing and is fun watching both it and the specials. I’m however sadly lagging behind due to the giant wave of Anime on my list to watch. Great humor, pacing, OST, and others. It’s just in general highly entertaining.

– Golden Time:

– Tada Banri’s curse hits his romantic self!

Not exactly sure how to word this as I was actually enjoying this. It went from partially enjoyable to greatly enjoyable back to – “what the hell is this?!” – once the ghost Banri started cursing his new self for rejecting his presence and love to Linda. I’ve gotten used to Kaga Kouko’s presence and obnoxious behavior, just keeps jumping around from one to the next little annoyance. Still following it as I’m still waiting for each and every new episode hoping some sense carries over from one to the next.

I do love the moments it has (loads of them), with one of them being Banri cross-dressing as a girl while being photographed with Lindi in a suggestive manner in a Club. The other one being Banri and Koko fleeing from a Cultist group while happily talking away.

The creepy part being the past ghost Banri cursing his own living self. Past loving Linda while present loving Kouko. I was hoping it would at least stay closer to the “slice-of-life” while staying away from the supernatural side. I’ll however see where it goes, hopefully being well-written on the other side of the punch.

Loving the new ending, not the opening so much. The opening sounds as if two tracks were merged with one another to create something beautiful, yet chaotic.

Monogatari S2:

I enjoy watching Monogatari, and any other gatari, just as long as it doesn’t go into the perverted fetish zone. As long as it stays serious I can enjoy the Gatari series. I’m however lagging behind greatly on this show by, once again, being swamped by other anime. I really do want to watch it so I can finish it, and Railgun S2 as it is an awesome anime. I last stopped at episode 19, or so…with Nadeko turning into a snake deity herself.

Gundam Build Fighters:

I’m actually surprised I’m enjoying this show as much as I am. A show about Gundam model kits being used in a similar fashion to Angelic Layer and Busou Shinki concept as in their respective anime. They fight, can be customized, and used however you please in the battle arena. This show hits high because of the quality, the enjoyment, and how it respects the Gundam fans with constant references, even if it is aimed at a younger audience. It has fun bringing kids in while formally respecting the old fans with throw-backs, references,  nostalgia and others.

I said this twice on Tumblr that this show is intentionally or unintentionally showing Konami JP how to make Busou Shinki anime while even taking it steps further in their own glorious kind of in-studio joking fun. It knows what it is doing, having the Gunpla in the show doing things that Busou Shinki’s themselves are seen doing in their games, shows, and figure-line; Gunpla playing baseball and racing. It’s nearly impossible to say and see other-wise and to also get such an impression out of me. I know the AI in GBF doesn’t have human-like intelligence, it however has the concept that the next Busou Shinki anime SHOULD have. I enjoyed the Shinki animes and I greatly enjoy this. Fun all around!

The most amusing thing of all being a contender named ‘Fox’ representing Canada. I want to see him or her with gunpla!

On Hold:

For whatever reason I can’t watch, these shows stayed on hold. I never drop, just hold them until I do feel like watching. Also holding due to a wave of Anime needing to be watched.

  • Folktales From Japan
  • Space Brothers
  • Miss Monochrome
  • Railgun S2
  • And a few forgotten others….

– Completed Past Season Shows:

  • Infinite Stratos S2: It was a worthwhile sequel with new girls added to our brainless Ichika’s neglected harem. It left itself open for a season 3.
  • Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova: Was a fun show from beginning to about the second last episode. All that lovely naval warfare and ship girls. It even had a nice emotional episode with Takao and the crew. It sadly took a straight nose-dive to the ground on the final episode. Loved the OST and the character tracks.
  • Kyoukai no Kanata: Was an amusing and entertaining series. Loved the supernaturalness, music, atmosphere, and the constant fetish jokes.
  • Gingitsune: Fox spirit messengers! One lazy and another obnoxiously loud heh. Was a fun calm slice-of-life anime. Was enjoyable.
  • Little Busters!: Refrain: I can’t see the hate as I enjoyed both seasons. It constantly pulled on my heart-string that I’m now hating it for it, in a good way of course. Taking away characters in the saddest manner then bringing them back. All those feels!
  • Unbreakable Machine Doll: It wasn’t a bad of a show. Highly enjoyable with a very perverted Yaya doll. Lots of nice jokes, action, and music. Possible Season 2 as well.
  • Walklure Romanze: I actually enjoyed this and Princess Lover. The whole fun of it with the constant teases of highly elegant beautiful girls jousting. What is there not to love about it? Silly in a nice enjoyable manner.
  • Valvrave The Liberator S2: A strange first season leading into a strange second season. It gained my interest in mechas and the supernatural in the oddest manner. All just to be recognized only to be denied and slaughtered.
  • Shingeki No Kyoujin OVA: Over-hyped or not, I found this to be highly enjoyable. The OVA shed more light into the show’s past in how Titans can speak while even adding more background to the Scouting legion. I genuinely enjoyed both this and the OVA.


– Favourite Anime from the 2014 Line-up:

What’s my favorite Anime from 2014?

– Nobunaga The Fool, Buddy Complex, Noragami, and Witch Craft Works.
(Also Psycho-Pass & Date A Live S2 once those come out.)

*Insert Yandere laugh*

Out of all those? It down-right has to be Nobunaga The Fool! It feels like Horizon Anime mixed with the comical Oda Nobuna anime. It’s fun, has nice action, and can be seen being a highly entertaining Anime. The music, OST, and everything about it is nice. It can obviously screw up but I have high hopes as I found myself actually laughing out loud, which is quite rare, as with Horizon and Oda Nobuna.

It was inevitable!” – Oda Nobunaga

As for 2013’s Fall Anime? A very strong tie between Arpeggio & Gundam Build Fighters. GBF would obviously win that tie though due to the whole Busou Shinki-vibe it gives off.


Thanks for viewing and hope you’re enjoying both this and past season’s Anime! I’m having loads of fun watching mine, while also being swamped by mine! ^^; See you in the next round of anime!