A’K’s Anime Viewing – 7/31/12 – R1

Hello folks! Thought I would try an article to window into what Anime I’m currently viewing and also impatient in adding in my Top 7 Anime articles. Will go a bit image-happy on some anime titles I mention. There are some nice Anime out there, if a sleeper-hit or purposely misunderstood.

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(All images taken on Windows Media Player using Fraps; A light spoiler warning is in effect. Right-click and open new window for the little images above “reaction“.)

With lots of Anime airing from both spring and summer there are quite a few to choose from. Some of those actually ended up being awesome while others just didn’t grab my attention, yet, while others ended up possessing me.

Funny thing is, the shows that I once turned my back to when viewing the trailers actually came around to interest me more than other shows. You know that reaction of – “Meh! More ecchi-galore and corny comedy.” – which then ends up as – “Holy shit! This is actually pretty good!”

I understand if people want to drop shows when viewing it from a glimpse, but as I found out that isn’t quite fair. Listen to what others have to say, those that watched, and then give it a go.

Rambling aside, onto my favorite Anime picks from both spring and summer viewing! Shall give my top three favorite Anime this season their full glory with pictures. The rest will have one or two as to not bog down my blog. An experiment of mine just to see if I should use this format or just share those that I absolutely like so I’m just merging two ideas into one.

Spring & Summer Anime – 2012

Dog Days’ – Season 2:

(Link – MySite) – “Welcome Back!” – Yuki says.

With a new war waging during another one of our summers, more heroes are summoned back into the Republic of Biscotti, one of the many nations in the lovely world. A larger war with more “fan-service” is unleashed as three nations, instead of two, declare a playful war on one another.

I’m extremely happy that Dog Days made it back into my “watching” list because it is one of those Animes I can actually have fun watching. The wars are getting more foes and ecchiness (still tasteful) is also being turned up twice as much in this show. Fun heated competitions in war. I get to see my favorite character – Yuki – ninja’ing her way around the battlefield along with Shinku’s agile over-confidence.How can you go wrong?

I will say that I was quite surprised to see Rebecca’s unique transformation scene, quite suggestive. Wouldn’t say it was out-of-place, just….unique. It fits when the show turned up the dial on heroes losing their clothing upon defeat.

Also need to note that I like the OP’s violin portion at the very beginning, quite beautiful. I want more of that! Also, characters fashion also reflects into the ED when the chibi-versions of them run by.

Reaction: Strongly watching; Impatient for next episodes, OST, and Figma/Nendo Yuki. I want to see more competitive war games and more concerts!

Oda Nobuna no Yabou:

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A 17-year old student – Sagara Yoshiharu – travels back to the Sengoku timeline where all the majority of the samurai lords are females. Time shall both be predicted and altered in ways that will test Sagara’s usefulness, especially to his new lord, Oda Nobuna. Knowing the “future” may not end up being as easy as Sagara “Monkey” thinks due to happenings and events changing from Sagara’s intervention.

That alone is enough to scare people away, as it almost did with me, yet I was surprised as to how well this show ended up being. All the ecchiness is kept to a minimum, Sagara the Monkey actually does things, and everybody has this nice likeable personality and appearance. Sadly, Tokugawa clan’s leader scares the crap out of me with her battle-glance. Speaking of battles, there are actual battles and not gimmicky ones. Granted, they don’t last very long but are nice none-the-less.

Another thing to win me over is the quality within the soundtrack. The Opening, the BGM, and Oda Nobuna’s astumori dance (not spoiling the dance for you, go watch!) actually show that this show is taking itself seriously. Well….mostly. Lastly, Tomoko Kaneda who voices Goemon also voiced Shinki Renge in the Busou Shinki line for Battle Rondo MMO (PC) & Battlemasters (PSP) game. I see Goemon as Ninja-Renge in another life.

Reaction: Dangerously over-watching; Far too impatient in watching the next episodes that I ended up re-watching past episodes. Also want the OST now after noticing the atsumori dance of Nobuna’s. I have to pity those that dropped this show purposely yet I’ll understand those that steered away from this before watching.

Sword Art Online:

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In a new future there is this game called “Sword Art Online” that allows you to “dive” into digital world as if you were actually there. However, there is this new “feature” – no log-out button – which forces people to stay within this new world – complete it to live or perish to die for real – all thanks to a game developer wanting to play god. All players are now tasked with completing the game to escape from their digital dungeon. Due to the stress of completing the game all beta testers and “Beaters” are now hated in a similar way racism is used in our world; If you are such count yourself dead.

I followed this all thanks to the hype and was actually impressed with both the trailers and the first episode. I can easily compare this with .Hack series, though SAO goes much further in all the areas. The music, the character depth, and the story all works well. The only thing bothering me though is the pacing. Everything is awesome, minus the pacing. Can be forgiven, for now that is.

As for the main character – Kirito – I find him likeable with his solo-silence, yet helpful, personality. I can relate to him on most levels, minus the bad-ass part.

Reaction: Hooked; I want to see more! Like with Dog Days and Oda Nobuna I want the OST. It might kill the interest off but I do want to hear the beauty being told with music. Looking forward to Kirito teaming back up with past partners and more combat.

Eureka Seven Ao:

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Eureka Seven AO takes place within an alternate time-line when compared to our world where Scub Coral invade the Earth. Here, Ao is born and raised as a human only to face typical human racism and bullying only to end up fighting against the “Secret”.

As expected of Eureka Seven Ao. Currently not yet at the same epicness as the prequel, it is getting there gradually episode by episode. It still contains that dream-like drug atmosphere and Mind-screws where humans basically try to fight aliens invaders called “Secrets”, “Coralians”, and “Scub Coral” using LFO’s, Mechas, and the military we know around the 2012 time-frame. Since kids are the only ones to fly LFO’s they are used as the world’s Ace Card to deal with such threats.

Have fun having your mind screwed over by Eureka Seven, the movie, and AO. Going to take a long while to process what AO is trying to tell you. Also quite nice how it keeps referring to itself and to the past shows. It keeps making various references in the OP, ED, and in-show.

Also as to be expected from Eureka Seven, the music is as you would expect – top quality. With and without the show it just screams beauty.

Reaction: Hooked; Looking forward to the next episodes and more OSTs. It hasn’t disappointed me yet. Finally getting to the good parts.


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In a world filled with Gods, Godou finds himself facing rogue Gods of various kinds. Erica, an overly seductive partner of his, constantly harasses him in various ways, including ecchi, all to slay rogue Gods roaming free.

I won’t deny that I actually do find this anime very interesting, why would I lie about something if I like it? I enjoy seeing Erica’s elegant way of dealing with matters, including the tasteful ecchi scenes. Seeing a more rich form of such always pleases me more than just random ecchiness. Pushing such +18 bits aside, this Anime does have the potential to be more than what we have seen in the first 4-5 episodes. The battles I do find nice, and I do like that our main character – Godou – can actually think and act sly on his own when he wants to.

The battles with Athena was actually pretty well done – in two phases due to her two forms. As for the specifics, go watch! Loving it how Godou always has a plan while Erica behaves like his royal rich bodyguard, as it should be then, just so things can get done. As much as it tries extending it, I’m glad it didn’t do such in a DBZ manner, only to leaving each form in their respected episodes.

I’ll applaud the OST and the OP as well for being awesome.

Reaction: Interested; Just a tiny bit impatient to see the next episode to see more rich elegance and combat. Dropping it this soon would be stupid and I’m actually enjoying this show.

Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse:

(Link – MySite)

In an alternate time-line BETA have taken over the moon and half the Earth. Humanity is using everything at it’s disposal, including mechas, to deal with these aliens before extinction becomes actual reality.

As much as I have high-hopes for this show it is disappointing me, and a lot! Its not that bad, though you can feel it struggle just about everywhere. It is also missing that necessary layer of tension which made me put it farther down the list than it should have. The main military don’t use tactics, neither does the mecha units. They both shoot blindly instead of using what they forced their students to use. The music doesn’t fair that much better. I don’t hate it, but its just……..low-budgety. I’m probably being overly critical, yet at the same time I’m trying to be highly understanding that this show suffered low-budget and staff issues which brings chaos to this show. I love this type of genre so I’ll try supporting this Anime.

I shall also note that Yui and Yuuya both fight in the way lovers do. Constant lover’s quarrel and constant jabbing at one another. The show is also nudging the two together into lovers and trying to get them into bed. It openly, yet subtly does such using side-characters.
Tons of racial and national remarks are often used to insult both Yuuya and Yui when in an argument, some of which I support as a Canadian, while others are…hard hitting. I understand the Japanese insulting the Americans due to the Americans constantly insulting the Japanese, including the March 11 quake and the football. That be karma for you silly Americans ^^. Oi! I meant no harm! I’m just noting stuff!

Reaction: Interested; As much as this show is struggling I’m giving it a chance. Would be stupid to drop it just now, especially when I love mecha and sci-fi. Don’t disappoint me!

Rinne no Lagrange Season 2:

(Link – MySite) – Madoka’s Sweat-Club Spirit!

Far in the future with intergalactic war Madoka is caught up in mecha politics. Research is being done to unleash the power of the three Vox Aura’s to devour planets. Madoka piloting such machines named “Midori” finds herself accidentally used in such an experiment.

Well, as much as I liked the show when I started it, its starting to wear off gradually every episode. Luckily each episode has something new to keep us interested with. The show’s pacing is very slow and what it does tell plot-wise is few and far in-between. Shall note that I do love the trancy-vibe, the mechas, and the music, and it does have some nice comedy moment. That male-maid needs to change his outfit however.

I’m actually lovin’ Rinne’s OP, both past and present season. Quite lovely.

Reaction: Interested yet hesitant; As much as I like this show it is slowing down a bit too much at this point. I take my time with other Anime then I hop onto this one. I want the OST more than this show at this point.

Space Brothers (Uchuu Kyoudai):

(Link – MySite) – I feel so moon!~

Mutta and his brother both want to go to Mars, thus having Mutta doing various kinds of exams at JAXA.

A slow-paced, comical, yet highly entertaining show. This show is more interesting to watch than it is to take images of. It tries to motivate both Mutta and the viewer into doing what they can while they can, or be another one of those social zombies. Fight, and fight hard for what you want to do in life! Even with them being in the capsules it does stay interesting from one episode to another. One character keeps picking on another while they keep having to jump hurdles or stumble to fail the exam.

I quite enjoyed the first OP – I feel so moon – more than the second OP or ED. It was more catchy and random. I can actually see this Anime being used in Japanese schools on them off days or for projects since it fits that educational theme.

Reaction: Interested; I do like the show and its comical manner with Mutta. Pretty laid-back and quite fun.

Mobile Suit – Gundam Age:


(Link – MySite) – A Savior in Gundam form.

Gundam! Well, I just recently picked this up so not much can be said right now. I’m on episode 6, as of this posting date on this article. Even with that many episodes scenes I’m tilting my head in confusion over the hatred over this show. I’m finding this hatred unjustified or a case of “idiocy” because we can express whatever we want on the internet without punishment. Your loss is my gain!

As with any Gundam show the story is always the same, or most of the time, where the main Gundam pilot hops into a prototype mobile suit then travels to Earth, gets attacked over the ocean, gets attacked at the desert, gets resupplied, heads out into space, destroys the main space base. For this Anime it looks to be just about the same, though it may stray. Those guys that watched it may have seen it stray on a different route so I could easily be wrong. Apologies here as I just picked it up.
The show feels likes its going the Macross route with the UE that look like dragons. I don’t mind really seeing something other than Zeon cookie-cutters.

Once I got past the kiddy graphics this show contained its Gundam vibe that we all know and love. Though, at times it can’t be helped when characters are chibi or overly buffed in appearance. What you get from a kids show haha. Still nothing to whine about though.

I also have to hand it to Bandai for making the soundtrack all so epic. Luckily it doesn’t sound kiddy, if anything more Gundamfied. Surprised and impressed with the music. Ya, I’ll note that I’m a Gundam-fan at heart so my positive-bias in that might be a factor.

Reaction: Hooked; Watching in-between airing shows. I love the OST, the atmosphere, and I don’t mind it being how it is. Hatred shows people being inferior/unintelligent :P.

Accel World:

(Link – MySite) – Giga-Suck-it! – Ash.

Not in the far off future people are connected through technology to the point where they can “dive” into virtual reality and a dangerous game called “Brain Burst”. Here, Haru frees himself of bullying only to face more challenges with Princess Snowblack to become the next-best Burst Linker.

This show has an interesting concept, and it still seems to pull through with that concept. Everything around you co-exists with the virtual world, even underground gaming allowing you to abuse the physical world with ease. That part in itself is welcomed with open arms – Welcome to the Accelerated World!

However,  what isn’t are overly arrogant pricks that think they’re superior only while using everything around them as a guinea pig , as seen in episode 13+. I’ll grant it that it is a part of the story plot-building process but it is a double-edge sword that ruins the show.  Haru also ended up losing his confidence all thanks to the shadows of the past – bullying – haunting him near the breaking point. Episode 15 was just horrid, as with Haru going deep into self-pity. I’m so happy though that episode 16 brought it back on track.

Music didn’t really interest me all that much, but I will say that it does fit Accel World nicely. Wouldn’t mind listening to it.

With such you can see why this is placed at the bottom and why I forgot to add this into my viewing list. Its nice, but it just screwed itself over with the latest “boss” and Haru getting haunted by his past.

Reaction: Losing Interest; At first I was into it then episode 15 ruined it all with the boss and Haru. Not dropping it yet because that would be stupid because I want to know how it’ll end as a whole.

Others – Pre-2012 and Others:
(Shows I’m lagging behind on, put on hold, currently finished, or Anime waiting to air again.)

Fairy Tail:

(Link – MySite)

Picked this up just recently after seeing it flooding my Tumblr, Twitter, and just about everything I visit. Unlike Naruto, Dragonball Z, and Bleach I feel as one with this show. As corny as that may sound it is true because I do feel the moments are actually of worth, and overly emotional at that. I shed a tear or two over Lucy and how the Fairy Tail wanted to keep Lucy instead of blaming her for the trouble. I’ll openly admit that I raged, laughed, cried, and any other kind of emotion matching those in the Anime. Well, minus fearing Erza though.

Mandatory “I love the ost” comment because it does actually sound epicly awesome. That Irish-influenced music sound awesome. Variety in anime music for the win!

I shall be following this Anime some more!


(Link – MySite) – Valmet injured, yet investigating into her past.

With the first season down this Anime is simply hibernating with the second season airing this fall, thus it being here.

I’m going to openly say that if you haven’t or you have yet dropped this then you have a few screws loose in your noggin! This Anime has the perfect combat-to-humor balance, and it is serious at that! Seeing people call this shit or just crapping on a serious Anime is just makes me think humanity is as inferior as I think it is.

I love Koko’s foxy plotting, the combat, the humor, the American FBI agent bursting a few veins in frustration, along with the OST has. The character designs? Sure they’re buff, yet they look normalish or youthful when younger. Same can be said with them being older and more buff thus meaning more business, making them more prepared for their weapons trading. You’ll have to agree with me, right? Being buff, mentally prepared, and crazy to sell guns the way our Loco Koko sell stuff or die a “pretty death”.

The combat scenes are also meaningful, actually flowing well with both tension and well-placed humor. Plus it is made by White Fox, meaning that you know this Anime is going to be one of the best! Seriously….I’m disappointed in humanity yet overly joyful over Jormungand.

Shall also note that Jormungand has a large A380 aircraft interest. Every plane you see is an A380, minus the one Koko had to use to transport goods which she also used in combat. That aircraft was also used in “Lord of War” movie. That plane was the Antonov 12 Cargo plane.

Reaction: Highly Impressed; Patiently waiting for Jormungand S2 while distracting myself with currently airing Anime. Feeling pity for those not able to enjoy the show that they highly desired.

Well, there you have it! What I’m currently watching and enjoying at the moment. I didn’t add a few Anime because they were too ecchi, too hesitant in watching, and just….not really that interesting enough to add. If I may ask – What are you watching and why?

As a recap – Dog Days’, Oda Nobuna, and Sword Art Online – Are the three Anime I’m enjoying watching as of late. Quite interesting and you shouldn’t really underestimate them. Just have fun and don’t act superior when watching them – Kon! As for the frequency of this type of post? Four times a year or one per season. We’ll see.

Enjoy the “dog days” of summer! Had a nice lovely thunderstorm while typing this out – 80% tropical rain style & 20% severe lightning. Peace!