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Hello fellow fox minions and music lovers! I have another Anime movie to review! Yup, you guessed it – K-ON! The movie! I shall be reviewing K-On – The Movie if you don’t mind. Enjoy!

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(All images taken using Fraps & Windows Media Player. Spoiler warning in-effect for those that haven’t watched the movie yet.)

K-On, for those not aware of it or ill-informed is a movie about five school-girls in a music club. They try to keep the club alive by forcing themselves to learn how to play their instruments along with just having pure fun composing. They’re just your everyday girls trying to have fun with music.

The movie continues off from such with Ritsu, Tsumugi, Mio, and Yui preparing to graduate from their school. Not wanting to forget Azunyan they try to leave her an appropriate gift to appropriately respect her as the “Afternoon Tea-Time” band-member. Sadly, the four could not come up with an appropriate gift to give to Azunyan.

Meanwhile, they decide to go to London as both their graduation trip and to gain inspiration for Azunyan’s special gift. Off to London!

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Oh poor Azunyan and her cute lost expressions. Through-out the movie you’ll be both amused and feeling sorry for Azunyan as she tries to make sense of the band’s secretive behavior. Shall we azu-sist her? Nya~

Oh! Our poor little Azu-nyan getting pranked with an Iron Maiden prank heh.

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(Link – MySite) – Secret nearly blown nya~

I actually quite liked the first and second season. Sure, it was very random and quite comical. I’ll have to half-agree with people saying that K-On was boring. It had it’s awesome moments and even those tear-causing moments. They also perform music that I can actually listen to which is another plus.

Because people want to make themselves appear far more superior than they actually are they’ll boost themselves higher than they should, knocking Anime down in the process to do so.  I like K-On for what it is, not for what others want me to make out of it.

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(Link – MySite) – Run Yui, run! Your life depends on it!

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(Link – MySite) – Soft-shelled turtle shall decide the location!

(Link – MySite) – London, Ontario or London, UK? And *facepalms*.

I’ll agree with the comment made about “feeling sorry” for the school going to heh. Shall also poke some harmless fun by saying that I thought only Americans were known for saying such a thing similar to what Yui said.

*Offers a rolled up newspaper to those I may have offended down south.*



The fun part now with the “Afternoon Tea-time” band heading off to the musical London. I’m also seeing it as an advertisement for the London Olympics hmm…Most likely obvious but I’ll mention that anyways.

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(Link – MySite) – Bringing your most precious possession with you on your travels, I do that every chance I get heh.

(Link – MySite) – I wouldn’t be surprised if she actually did, that be the Yui we know.

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Oh? Looks like someone got lethargic with the Arrival and Departure gate. Could of had some fun with it at least…..Also, install some hiragana and katakana font packs heh. I can only imagine the lost profit and confusion caused by this.

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(Link – MySite) – My thoughts exactly!

(Link – MySite) – Even for K-On that is quite some detailing on that plane.

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(Link – MySite) – That awesome feeling of flying in a plane to that awesome destination :).

(Link – MySite) – “How far back?! Back to Feudal Japan?!” – Yui probably thinking.

(Link – MySite) – 777-300ER – JAL – What else could it be?

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(Link – MySite) – Welcome to the world above the clouds Yui! You should see it at night with a full-moon.

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(Link – MySite) – That you did, that you did! Now cherish the moments you spent in that plane and airport!

(Link – MySite) – Air Canada! How unexpected :o! Canadians in Anime article.

My Canadian pride is now showing, hopefully, by seeing Air Canada in K-On! and on an airport sign. I would of actually missed this if it wasn’t for tumblr, even though I did watch it before going onto Tumblr.

Might of been excessive with those plane pictures. I can’t help it, I love anything to do with aviation…Just enjoy them and move on – Kon!


Arrival – London:

The girls finally arrive in London, all so happy and crazy as they were in Japan. We know the girls can’t speak English all so well, just as much as I can’t speak Japanese, allowing comical encounters to ensue with the local folks.

(Link – MySite) – Fashion almost like the one on the show’s ED.

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(Link – MySite) – Azunyan’s royal treatment; looks like fun!

(Link – MySite) – Punkish beauty! Yes, that blond with the English shirt on!

I’m not really into Punkish or gangster stuff, but damn! That punkish girl being animefied is what I want to see both locally here in Ottawa and over in London. I don’t mind girls dressing up as such because it is freedom of expression, but if I could see girls just as beautiful as she is that would make everything awesome again.

If you’re going to be “Hip” make sure you’re uniquely beautifully hip heh. Meaning that you’re actually into it and not doing it just to fit in like a zombie.

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(Link – MySite) – Azunyan’s reaction – priceless.

Thanks to the girl’s lacking English speaking a new opportunity opened up for them. They simply wanted Sushi and instead performed for the locals at a sushi shop. Randomness with benefits, even if they didn’t get sushi.

I’m wondering if the restaurant should of at least given them a single tray for their “hard-work”. Nice that they performed but shouldn’t they have at least gotten a single sushi-plate as a “Thank you!” gift? Instead, the owner/manager goes “Arigatogosaimasu!~” in an awkward foreigner way.

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(Link – MySite) – Azunyan’s reaction to this onwards was priceless. Yui into Yuri? Yuri yui~.

(Link – MySite) – Squirrels? Canada Geese?! UK has them? 0_o

(Link – MySite) – Only Yui would make such a silly mistake :P.

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(Link – MySite) – Them lights sure can play with you *blinks*.

(Link – MySite) – “Let me Azu-sist you with that!” reaction.

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And now to wrap up the article with some scenery images from and of London! I got loads more images but I don’t want to go over-board, nor spoil the ending for the folks that have not watched the movie yet.

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(Link – MySite) – Nice chill couple. 🙂

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(Link – MySite) – Japan Festivals for you Londoners to enjoy!

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If you did enjoy my article I’m sad to say that it is time to depart with JAL’s 777-300ER aircraft. I also like Azunyan’s gift at the end, quite soothingly beautiful :).


Final Thoughts:

I quite liked this movie. Regardless of what others may have said (either negatively or postive) I genuinely did enjoy this movie for what it was. It had many typical well-placed comical punch-lines and crazy antics. Seeing them struggle to interact with the Londoners with their limited English on mostly hilarious moments.
Their decision to go to London, if a bit loose, actually makes sense from a musical point of view. For those that actually paid attention may or may have not noticed subtle references made to those British bands. The way they performed both at home and abroad made it quite enjoyable. Their tracks of choice was well suited for the places they sung at. Feel that love & fun for music! How they kept everything fun instead of popping blood-vessels is how should behave with the things we enjoy in life heh.

Seeing the gals struggle to gift Azunyan in secrecy spawned hilarious happenings with Azunyan and themselves -Azu-sist and Yuri-Yui as shown above. What surprised me the most was the cameo of Air Canada and how they recorded the British locals speaking in their native tongue in a London studio instead of using the Japanese to pretend to speak British English.

Not sure if people noticed or not, but I’m assuming they did, that the locals were drawn in the stereotypical blond-hair and blue eyes in a very tasteful way. Nothing wrong with that, just that it poked fun at how it drew foreigners. I’d go out on a limb and say that London is mostly accurate to its real-life counter-part from the images and videos I seen of that place.

Lastly, snow in anime is done very nicely! Anime never fails to disappoint with making snow emotional and scenically beautiful. You can expect this movie on an Air Canada flight now with the name-cameo and it being about planes. Enjoy that flight to where-ever!

Recommended? Very much so! Everything is nicely polished and it is quite enjoyable to watch. Who needs a reason? I re-watched it a few times already. Just have fun while watching! Score? I’d say an 8/10 – (-1) for the Arrival/Departure sign and (-1) for the lack of British bands appearing.


Side-note: If you’re curious as to why I keep mentioning people to be themselves and should enjoy watching anime should know I keep seeing people lying to themselves. I’ve seen people on Tumblr and MAL (Myanimelist) lie to themselves how they hated a show when their comments showed other-wise. Don’t try to impress others, impress yourself to impress others. Basically don’t be a “hipster-wannabe” and just enjoy what you want to enjoy; like-wise with hating. Too many people pretending to hate something to sound superior when they really aren’t. If you keep hating Anime then you really don’t like Anime, simple as that. Just to clarify, this is for all Anime and not just for K-On. Cut the B.S!

Thanks for viewing and hope you actually enjoyed watching K-on! If not, take your time and watch it at your own leisure!