A’K’s Anime Viewing – 8/07/13 – R5

Heyo! Partially late on this but still on time to give my opinons on each Anime show I’m currently watching. Loads of beautiful ones and some simple necro-viewing.

(All images taken from Pixiv & Fraps WMP; Right-click and open in new tab on shrunken images of interest.)

I have to say that the summer anime is actually on the positive side and I’m glad they’re highly enjoyable. Sadly, Dog Days S3 wasn’t added to the line-up with me patiently waiting for it only to be disappointed. Just like with Spring, the summer season is also very beautiful thanks to the “Kamisama” anime below – Sunday without God – or similar translation of name.


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Hyperdimention Neptunia Victory:

I’m finding Neptunia to be a silly yet fun anime. It’s quite enjoyable to watch and glad I kept it on my radar. I was on many occasions tempted to play the games. Loving how unique and each of the CPU Goddess are with their different styles and personalities – Joker to Queen-like, timid to yandere-tomboyish, teasing ecchi to an upped teasing ecchi elegance, and lastly tsundere to a attention queen. They’re all fun characters, including the side characters that get closed to main-character roles.

The animation and art here is actually quite good and typical for your “standard” anime style. Nothing really to complain about because everything stays beautiful and pulls itself around nicely in its own silly comical pace. The music is most likely on a similar scale as the animation and art direction with it still being highly enjoyable. Did enjoy the BGM and the concert of 5bps.

The OP and EDs are mostly enjoyable, just not my cup of tea. I mean they are just not something I would go out of my way to re-listen…or yet anyways. Probably one of those that takes its town growing on you.


– (Reaction: Highly entertained; As silly as it is it is quite a fun watch and very entertaining. Quite amusing with the comical stuff within. When it does get serious it is also very enjoyable.)

Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya:

I was quite hesitant in picking this Anime up yet because I knew it was a comical spin-off. I actually found it quite enjoyable and highly amusing though I have to actually ignore some of the overly comical portions.  Enjoying Fate/Stay Night, Unlimited Blade Works, and the Fate/Extra game I am somewhat enjoying this. It takes itself both seriously and comically at the very same time while heavily taking references from Cardcaptors Sakura and all the Magical Girl genre type anime.

Seeing Illya as a magical girl is both fitting and quite amusing. Miyu on the other hand, being the shy-type that she is, also tends to be quite adorable in her own shy way. Not as creative as Illya though still as equally intelligent when matched with Illya’s silly creativeness. As for Rin and Luviagelitta, running gag with how they keep fighting in every episode. Found the airport scene amusing, the rest not so much. Still comical though. I have to echo Illya’s awkward laugh at the end of episode 04.

All the Class Cards (servants) makes reference to the Fate/Stay Night & the alternate routes with Emiya in them.

The art style and animation are both are on the high-quality side with anything liquidy turning bright and shiny. It almost goes towards the level of scenery porn how much the eyes are bright and shiny.

I also have to give my thumbs up on the soundtrack for staying F/SN-esque (or Type-Moon style) and how hidden it can be at times. It is quite enjoyable and not so corny as other comedy and parody shows tend to be.

– (Reaction: Surprisingly Entertained; As silly as it is at times I do find enjoyment out of this Fate spin-off with Illya. Being an old Fate/Stay Night fan I enjoy seeing the references, the comedy, and the music.)

Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi:

I have to say that this Anime is looking to be the best with how beautiful of an Anime it is. Everything about this show screams beauty in that sorrow artistic manner. For those that have watched Clannad may also be aware how this anime tends to poke on the viewer’s heart-string with how this show tends to portray death in a semi-unique manner with Ai.

During one Sunday God realized his mistake, abandoning the humans in the process and to gift humanity gravekeepers to give peace to the now deceased. Every human can no longer reproduce nor die, thus needing gravekeepers to put them to rest and to give peace.

We have been given a perspective of Ai, a gravekeeper who has to struggled with humanity while facing painful hardships along the road, most of which would be considered extremely painful for someone as kind and young as Ai. Being the strong-willed girl as she is, she marches on with a strong will and can defend herself if need be. All so innocent, strong-will and radiates brightness from her kind personality. Quite an adorable and loveable character she is.

I mentioned that this anime is beautiful, and it is. Everything tends to be drawn and animated as it could for this kind of anime, especially when witnessing the abilities of the gravekeepers, the sorrowful moments, and the brightness of the main deceased city. Gorgeous.

The soundtrack within this show is also something to note and to praise because of how it adds to the beautiful yet sorrow-filled atmosphere. A peaceful humming yet sorrowful fill the background adding a perfect mix to tug on those heartstrings of the viewers. Have to also praise the opening and ending with how emotionally filled they are, especially the ending.

I’m willing to bet that this show will pull so hard that it shall be the next Clannad with the way things are going for Ai during each episode’s end.

– (Reaction: Highly Entertained; This anime is just too beautiful in art style and story while being filled with sorrow in both. Simply beautiful and quite hard on the emotional feelings. Music is also beautiful; Nice fox mask!)

Monogatari Series: Second Season:

Continuing on from the first season and the Bakemonogatari series, Tsubasa Hanekawa & Black Hanekawa (neko) must figure out how to deal with a problem. She must figure out how to deal with her problems without any outsider assistance while at the same time forced to readjust her neutral & naive personality.
Tsubasa noticed a Tiger deity while Kuro Hanekawa both their problems. With the series going back to the series route (being overly perverted in Bakemongatari’s season 2) the viewer has to once again freeze various frames to catch missing dialogue and thoughts. We are once again bombarded with too much information and the scenery is once again happily manipulated in a playful surreal manner once again.

Did enjoy Senjougahara acting out of character during the first view episodes while examining Tsubasa only to eventually return back into character. Was quite different and enjoyable. Tsubasa herself also makes for an interesting watchable character. She allows for two perspectives to be formed due to her neko form which brings about an enjoyable factor to this show.

Mostly watching this because I enjoyed the monogatari series, and also because of neko Hanekawa stirring up some fun. The animation style and art direction is as to be expected being visually pleasing. It does tend to over-bombard thus forcing me to watch when fully awake and not casually as other fun episodes.

The soundtrack itself appears to be reused, though that isn’t really a problem seeing as how it is quite enjoyable and fits it perfectly. Can’t say I enjoy the OP, but I do find it “cute”. The ED isn’t in my taste either.

– (Reaction: Entertained; Enjoying the seriousness of it and Black Hanekawa [Cat] form. Senjougahara is also quite amusing when acting both in and out of character. Tsubasa makes an interesting main character.)


Mushibugyou had a nice change during the season change. The show has a new OP & ED which I both enjoy along with slight outfit changes for the Insect Hunting squad, Hibachi’s obviously getting sexier and a feminine change. The second half of this show actually got quite more interesting and quite more fun now that the “Insect-men” have gone on a full exposed offensive. Insects are now attacking everything in force with little to no mercy. Jinbei’s father also makes an appearance while also visually showing how Jinbei’s mother appeared.

Loads of comedy to be had along with your typical lower-tiered yet fun combat. It is highly enjoyable and highly recommended! If you aren’t watching then you really should.

I’m still enjoying the soundtrack of the show. The opening and ending are also quite beautiful with Mushibugyou in both forms at the end.

Oh Jinbei, you’re so painfully dense…All those moments…..The moments with Mushibugyou, Hibachi declothing, and the plan….*facepalms*. There was also a Railgun reference of Kiroko in Mushibugyou with a character named Irori.

– (Reaction: Highly Entertained; Loving this show a lot. Amused by the silliness within the show and the setting. Love the new OP & ED and how we have a better view of the villans.)

Rozen Maiden (2013):

After seeing the first season I just had to watch this second season, or alternate setting of Rozen Maiden. The first one dealt with Jun under the setting of “Will you wind it?” with this 2013 version dealing with the alternate reality’s Jun of “Will you not wind it?”.

This alternate – “Will you not wind it?” – is actually quite interesting in that this world’s Jun is much older and has to build Shinku almost from scratch. He received most of the pieces from mystery issues while also gaining emergency assistance from the original Jun. Much seriousness, gloomy atmosphere, and comedy to be had. Each Alice Doll also received a lovely modernization looking cuter and more beautiful than before. It can be especially seen in Suigintou along with Kirakishou.

Been highly amused how Jun forced Shinku to clean up the mess while Suigintou recalled her sad memory from the hospital.

From what I can notice the animation & art are bot on the high-quality and modern part. Beautiful even under the gloomy setting of Jun’s world. The music also appears to be reused from the past show, though enjoyable. I dislike the OP yet love the ED because of how beautiful yet sorrowful it is.

And with the timing of this show and with me recently obtaining a Dollfie I keep imagining Varakitsu if she were “alive”, similar to how I thought of Shinkis being alive during the height of the Busou Shinki days.

– (Reaction – Highly Entertained; I’m actually enjoying this “alternate” time-line of Jun having to make Shinku along with really having no Rozen Maiden dolls naturally within it. Quite comical thanks to Shinku and Suigintou. ED to this show is lovely.)

Symphogear G:

I noticed a big quality improvement in this show and I’m glad it even received a second season. Everything is brighter, more detailed, and just that much more enjoyable. Yukine Chris even turned cuter in both appearance and personality.

This second season is about rogue organization called “Fine” attempting to fight for justice along with declaring the whole world is theirs. With the use of the Symphogear “Fine” are also attempting to both scare and obtain a power-source for their ultimate weapon. With such, we’re taken back to familiar battle-grounds and sceneries along with new type of Sympho-users. Even though it tries to be serious, it also tries to be loose with that seriousness by making them sound purposely silly yet somewhat serious to loosely push things forward. An example would be the study of Symphology with the Ministry of Defense eating instant noodles on screen.

Just like with how the animation and art quality improved greatly, so did the music and character design. Well, maybe not fully during the animated fighting scenes. Just enough to enjoy it a lot. I’m loving how each character looks, especially Yukine both in and out of her gear. She has been given a more cutter tsundere appearance and emotions. She is especially cute when she goes “Bang!” during her transformation scene.

The music for this show is awesome. The opening and ending are both highly enjoyable along with the soundtrack being played in the background.

The first season obviously struggled though was still quite enjoyable. This season is twice, if not three times as enjoyable as the first. The only thing I didn’t like was the “This isn’t an anime!” gag. It’s being used far too much in every single Anime I watch.

(The Seiyuu/Voice Actress who also voices Yukine also voiced Shinki Shratang – Type Violin, and I can hear her voice in both.)

– (Reaction: Highly Entertained; Love how the animation got boosted in quality and how the story is actually enjoyable this time around. Yukine recieved a lovely boost in cuteness in appearance while also enjoying her mini-concert.)

Shingeki no Kyojin:

This show keeps getting better and better. With each passing episode the show keeps getting far more interesting and complex. The opening has finally been changed to something less of a “meme” and more of its own anthem. The ending is also quite nice and unique. This second half also introduces the counter-attack and far deadlier Titans to assault in hopes of reclaiming lost land from the Titan assault.

A new theory also going around that the Titans are in fact humans themselves, similar to Eren, who were simply given form. If this is true or not shall be shown in the following episodes. Eren has also became Levi’s pet, Levi turned Disney with his cleaning outfit, and people are actually fighting to reclaim what was once theirs. Also quite interesting getting to know the Scouting Legion along with each and every member, including how Titans are being researched. Everything is being shown thoroughly enough to grasp the setting and background information to understand the major portions of the plot.

The music still stays as awesome and the atmosphere stays just as gloomy and action-filled. It just doesn’t disappoint in the musical atmospheric area. It deserves the hype it has spawned.

– (Reaction: Highly Entertained; This show hasn’t disappointed me and it constantly stays interesting. It keeps pulling you in to find out more.  Music continues to please with how awesome it sounds and powerful it sounds.)

A Certain Scientific Railgun S:

Anything with Biribiri in it is highly enjoyable. I’m actually pleased Railgun received another season along with explaining various details and situations of how the “Sisters” came along among other things. I will admit though that I was quite lost in lining up one Railgun and Index timeline with another, even with a chart and wiki. I can loosely follow what’s going on just not enough to get down to the nitty-gritty details.

Everything from music to animation to Opening and Ending have all pleased me because this is the kind of show that delivers. You just know it’ll be good. Though it felt too much of a recap at times, mostly near the end of 15 and 16.

– (Reaction: Entertained though loosely watching. It somehow simply gets lost during all the weekend Anime though I do find it enjoyable that I watch it when I see it. Quite awesome, amusing all around.)

(Possible place-holder for Ghost in The Shell: Arise.)

On Hold:

– Folktales of Japan, Space Brothers, GJ-bu, SisterXSis

Past Season Honorable Mentions:

  • Little Busters! – Was a bit late in watching this yet did enjoy it from beginning to end. It had a similar impact as Clannad did and am looking forward to the second season.
  • Busou Shinki TV – OVA – As hated as it is by the both the Anime and Busou Shinki fanbase, I truly and genuinely found both the TV and OVA enjoyable. Sure, it had flaws yet it added enough to make it fairly enjoyable. 
  • Samurai Girls – Samurai Bride - An artistically and musically beautiful show, yet feeling as though the show didn’t deliver on its potential. It stuck near comedy and not towards combat that it advertised itself with. Did enjoy the kemonomimi Juubei at the end.
  • Red Data Girl – Stunningly beautiful in all fields! One of those Anime that is just beautifully rounded everywhere, though the ending may have much to desire, if beautiful. Hime’s miko dances were always animated with no slide-showing her beauty. Point was made to show beauty in scenery and her dances.
  • Susei no Gargantia – A nice serious Anime for the mecha fans and those wanting to constantly think about humanity and what is right and wrong. Gargantia provoked people’s minds and delivered greatly with suspense, combat, amusement, philosophical questions, and soundtrack. It is all overly nice and beautiful.
  • Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru – Both an amusing yet depressing Anime about both school life and failing romance done in a cynical (hopefully right word) manner. It often times tended to poke at my own school life making me depressed, showing the characters depressed, while also bringing up thoughts and situations people purposely avoid and philosophical points I could agree with. I enjoyed it for the comedy, the Hachi-man, the comedy between the three characters, and the points being brought up. I recommend this highly.
  • Date A Live – For a show I picked up on a whim, it did make me laugh a lot. It had this “fun” air about it that mixed nicely with seriousness tied with it – Spirit romancing to seal their power. Quite enjoyable from both a comical and serious stand-point. Awaiting second season for more.
  • Valvrave – This show is quite strange yet quite enjoyable in that unexplained manner. It provokes you to be constantly curious making you wonder what awkward and strange situations the characters will get themselves into. Mecha vs mecha in a school setting forcing itself to be supernatural with politics. It’s a strange yet awkwardly stirred pot of curiosity. So curious in fact that I recommend it and waiting for second season.
  • Hataraku Maou-sama! – Who doesn’t want to see an evil overlord working at a fast-food joint & a hero at a telemarketer/support center. This is simply too amusing, amazing when it gets serious, and quite enjoyable with the “fun” it delivers. It takes itself both comically and seriously with highly amusing scenes putting their characters in comically amusing situations. All those facial expressions and outburts are one to not ignore.
  • Mondaiji OVA – Similar to how Dog Days has games to take over territory, do does this show with their Gift Games. This OVA invited the problem children to a vacation event while on-route rescuing kemonomimi girl. This OVA was quite enjoyable to watch especially with the Kurosagi bullying in a tastefull yet ecchi manner. A perfect amount of ecchiness. I’m still awaiting the second season for the “No-Names” to acquire more for their guild.


Thanks for reading and hope one or more of these Anime are found on your list. I’m enjoying – Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi, Neptunia, Rozen Maiden, Mushibugyou, and Attack on Titan the most. Out of those it would be “Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi” because of how beautiful and sorrowful it is. Kon!

Until next time! Kon!