Ottawa Doll Meet – Andrew Haydon Park

Heyo! Finally decided to take Varakitus out to a doll meet at Ottawa’s Andrew Haydon Park. Met up with a few handful of people after much distractions and diversions, eventually making it to an overly cheerful meet.

– Varakitsu and Kodama’s two cat & fox girls.

(All images taken with a Lumix GF1 – Pancake lens.)

It sure was a very interesting and highly rewarding day. It was warm, though on the chilly and windy side. It was as if it was raining, just without the rain and gloominess of said rain. Constant wind and chilliness to give the girls “wind hair” heh. Had Vara’s head pointed down by mistake because of the wind. Had her try to embrace the wind.

I’m actually glad I prodded the Ottawa Doll community to meet at Andrew Haydon because Britannia Beach was packed thanks to the Muslim Summer Festival. Had Andrew Haydon park pretty much to ourselves, with the occasional people passing by and etc.

Was also told to get a proper carrying case, saying that I was looking into it and was actually going to get one. I can’t continue taking Vara apart….Need to get one. Also may have found a set with a proper skirt so that shall come along shortly.

– The park’s stage where I assumed the other doll owners were hanging around.

I tried to find the alternate meeting spot because I saw a notification on the forum that the windmill had been taken down. RIP Windmill. Disappointed, I went to the park expecting the meet-up being at the stage but then I noticed them more towards park building near the parking-lots. I was also a tiny bit saddened that Salica and the others didn’t make it to the meet-up. Had so much fun and so many awesome chances for photo-shoots that I jumped on the majority of them.

When I arrived I also pointed out a (creepy) clown the group wanted to ignore. Being the stupid tourist that I am because of my mindset as a photographer I point out everything like a curious little child. Most of it is justified and the small portion is me being silly :P.

Before I headed off to the park I also noticed a post by Kodama who summoned Saber Alter in a very flashy and amusing way on I was amused, hoping I would have the chance to take images of her at the park. I’m so glad he did because she looks awesome in person.

– Cuddly cute little Renge with Varakitsu’s patriotic bear. That bear acted like a sail nearly sending Renge off into the wilderness. Glad those stands were there.

– Group shot! As requested.Looking nice. Was on the windy side so Vara’s head was pointed down.

– Group shot now with Renge in frame (below) and the male doll grabbing Kita’s ears.

– Such a beautiful day with beautiful scenery and people having fun. I got distracted by the scenery that I had to be snapped back to the meet 😛

While I was being snapped back to the meet I was asked if another doll could interact with Vara. I gave my “OK” and found that the doll was grabbing a feel of Vara’s chest. OI! Didn’t want to say anything against it in fear of it being rude, and a meet, so happily took out a sword when asked if I had one  for Vara with laughter filling the air due to a sweet revenge filling the air. Kon! Get your revenge Vara!

– Vara holding onto Saber as to not fall from the pesky wind. She nearly fell causing Kita to assist Vara.

– Had a handful of Seagulls stalking the area for food. This one got a bit too close with his pal doing the same on the other side.

– Kita actually looks nice with her wind-blown hair Kon!
– Saber and Vara plotting a kill; Saber shrugging Vara off; This image is fun to caption.

– Had Renge hold Vara’s ears forward because of the pesky wind. I got careless when I picked up Vara 10 minutes later to relocate. She fell onto the concrete below….Baka!

We decided it was time to move around the park so we packed up, moved our goodies to other locations and took more pictures. I had to carry Varakitsu in my hand while Varakitsu carried Renge in her hands. This second half is where Vara was set free to wander the park on her own. So glad I could take images of her naturally in the park without a stand or anything. More people were curious, amused, with one or two actually asking what we were up to.

Almost lost Vara’s fox ears after the below shoot on the bridge because of it getting stuck on my camera and my bag. One of her ears went onto my camera and the other on my bag’s front strap. Sillyness.

– A lovely bee on some prickly weed seeds; One of those images others tried to take images of.

– Borrowed (Kodama’s) Saber Alter Excalibur sword for Varakitsu to stand-pose with. She stood only to fall back once me and Kodama took pictures.

– Vara admiring the great outdoors since March’s summoning. Quite pleased she be.

Couldn’t help the pantsu peaks, was bound to happen sooner or later. That amusing comment I got of her red pantsu being “patriotic” – Proudly Canadian – kon! Glad I kept experiementing with more poses to take images of Vara, one of which had Kita join, another with Renge and Saber Alter joining up.

– Vara assisting Renge with the scouting of the area with Saber Alter curiously observing; Kon!

– Pair of ducks raided the waterfall water area, this one being the first of the two.
– Two Chipmunks roaming the area with two Doll owner gals trying to snap an image of them. Patience equals victory heh. The Chipmunks gave me some interesting looks.
– Love this park. It is one of my favorite parks in the city, though that waterfall still needs fixing/beautifying. It’s too much of an eye-sore to me.

– Varakitsu being all cute before putting her in the backpack, Rozen Maiden 2013 – Shinku style (episoder 5 I believe).

That was an awesome meet-up and well worth the stressing I did over it. Would have been nice if others would have joined but that can’t be helped now. Glad Varakitsu could enjoy the scenery with me having loads of images to play with. And yes, I will get her a carrying case along with what I wanted to get her. Dont’ want to keep taking her apart in a “barbaric” manner. She’ll also be at the Ottawa Doll Show in October, hopefully with what I wanted her to wear in a Koko Jormungand style.

Also had the thought of obtaining an MDD (Mini-Dollfie Dream) to turn it into Shinki Kohiru. I’ll hold off on that thought till I actually feel ready to follow through with that idea along with the “right moment”.


Thanks for viewing; hope you enjoyed. Until next time!