A Year in PSO2 JP

Heyo! Wanted to take a look back at Phantasy Star Online 2 being the Japanese version. I’ve played on and off for a year and wanted to the one year “anniversary” of my gaming session on it and to look back at Varakitsu, and now Renge. I started playing PSO2 on August 25th, 2012.

– Some foxy space piracy; Kon!

(All images taken through in-game’s printscreen function.)

I shall admit that I’m was and still am a giant PSO2 noob/newbie/inexperienced because of the language barriers and the hidden complexities stringing through and around it. As simple as it is there are things you don’t see unless you hit up guides or players point out the “obvious”. Also took me a year to figure out how to take images without the hud that you see above.

I’ll also admit I use the English patch because it makes playing it easier.

I still have Varakitsu, this time as a Braver and not a Hunter using wired-lances. I find that a katana suits Vara nicely and may go back to find swords in the Hunter class to compliment her. Thanks to the newer updates I acquired a Support Character I could bring Busou Shinki Renge within. I have Varakitsu and Renge within my PSO2 which pleases me.

My whole quest with PSO2 was obtaining Fox ears for Varakitsu from the very start, yet kept losing my chance because of lacking Meseta, computer issues, Minecraft drama, and other things. I just can’t seem to acquire it, even after a bloody year. It frustrates me yet I keep trying. Silly fox ears.

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– Phantasy Star Online 2 (JP):

– Myself, Naito, and Ciel messing around kon!
– Awkward map generation; I still love how the maps are generated.
– Looted myself a lovely Partisan sword, now in storage.
– Fighto!
– Obtained myself a lovely Tuna sword fitting for Vocaloid Luka heh.
– Best combat image of myself with my friend’s Katsuie character; Springing into action.
– Killing with a foxy dance Part 1
– Killing with a fox dance part 2.
– My one and only fun PSE burst with all the lootage found on it.
– I absolutely love how you can outfit your character by purchasing seasonal & event items.
– Me and a Twitter friend going on about having a beach in PSO2, thus this image.

Catching PSO2’s fall festivities in late September with a moon and rabbit – Season of harvest? The events in PSO2 are another thing I enjoy the most about this game in how it constantly updates itself. Need more games like this.

– The only time I seen the previous “Team” I was in being highly active and fun. Space piracy!

Happy Halloween!

Was on the quest of obtaining a miko outfit for Vara during the Halloween festivities. I obtained a pink one for myself, Renge now wearing it as of this writing. Gorgeous playful Happy Halloween!

– Acquiring a Halloween only outfit, now looking horrible now that I look back at it :P.


– Spooky Halloween Rappy!
– How could I not visit these lovely ladies? Also have some items I purchased from them ^^.
– Wired lance fox dance <3
– Obtained myself a lovely Halloween staff. Comes in very helpful.

– Double the foxy trouble.
– A lovely cast of characters spotted on one of my wintery quests.
– Spider-fox!

Miko outfit get on November 17, 2012! Yes, lowest tier but I was a major noob with no access to TACO’s and shops. Was extremely happy after all that tedious Meseta grinding & farming.

– I love you all and PSO2 <3

Merry Christmas!

A festive time to be joyous and giving!

– Don’t mind me, just having fun keeping mobs in the air; Kon!
– Jiiii~

– Obtained myself a nice fluffy cuddly new suit. Fits Vara nicely <3

– Obtained a pair of Leopard guns for me to play with; Even an antique and others.

Dark Falz:

Just had to give Dark Falz a go once a fellow figure.fm’er invited me to give it a go, so I did. Let’s just say I did have fun but was lost. I couldn’t understand how the revival system worked or how it simply flowed.

Spring Festivities:

At this stage I was playing PSO2 in an on & off manner bouncing between it and Minecraft. Also was beginning to have computer problems around this point with other games slowly making its way towards PSo2. Did enjoy the Japanese theme the shop area gained then.

Computer issues forcing me to MIA into Minecraft (FTB).

July Festivities:

Gorgeous! I missed loads of events in between March and July yet was able to sneak a peak on July before it vanished. Gorgeous and beautiful. Hopped on briefly before a content update to see if it’ll work and to see what I missed.

July 20th Reunion:

Felt good to be finally back onto PSO2. I missed so much and had so much to gain, even those pesky fox ears. Thanks to that reunion I disbanded from that old team and made it into a new one – Celestial – gaining so much nice much needed assistance. Even was pointed towards the screen-capping option of hiding the hud. Awesome!

– Dance to a happy reunion on PSO2.

Support Character – Shinki Renge:

Once I saw this update I just had to get my hands on PSO2, to keep playing so I could obtain my own cute little support character. Was curious if I should have made Varakitsu’s lore enemy only to be Tweeted to make Renge, so I did. Should have been a natural thought yet was simply being “creative” by thinking “too hard”. I made Renge with her wired lance as claws. She’s a fun and strong character and I love her in PSO2 <3.

Just like myself, she needs to be given fox ears and a fox tail; Fox tail I can give her anytime.

– Tried to get the red markings under her eyes and unsure how, thus the black mark.

Thanks to the Support Characters being added each player has been given a little shack to store their little one and any mini accessory within. I was able to place a bed at one point, two paintings, and random stuff. Constantly experimented only to keep switching from one to the next item. Wish there was a 10 cost, not 5 or whatever it actually may be.

– Kon!

– Found how Renge stares up to be too adorable and cute. Too awesome.
– Teaching my little Renge how to fight 😛
– Awkward; Stolen bed.
“Feel my fluffy hair!” – Kitty “Dude, stop. You’re giving me a hairball” – Vara


– What a bad time in being a noob; Random mini-boss encounter.
– Spider-fox the sequel.
– Wired lances worked well with these sanddogs.
– Obtained Selvaria’s white uniform varient. Looks awesome on Vara and was always a fan of Selvaria from Valkyria Chronicles.
– Gave Renge my hard-earned pink miko outfit because well, foxes deserve foxy shrine respect ^^.

– Stare-down between a fox (Vara) & and a wolf (Holo); Jiiiii~
– Party!~

– Birth of Yulya – Second Slot Character:

Not to sure what to say about this except that Yulya is the opposite of Vara. The evil one in her lore with the name still being “worked on” similar to her appearance. Let’s just say her background is “That sounds shady”, or for those that didn’t get that inside joke being highly perverted, ecchi, while using illusion magic. Doubt I can give full form to her in PSO2. Ah well. May fit better in Skyrim…possibly.

I feel that the free slot was wasted but shall try to make the most of it after Vara gets her long-awaited pesky ears. Made her a Dewman in PSO2.

– Yulya, the “perverted princess” type.
– Oh the awkwardness, though that shall change in time.

Shall get back onto Yulya later because Vara was horrible as an AI companion.


– Renge joining me on some Matter Board catch-up missions.
– Had to give the bow a try with it being awesome.
– Summer = swimwear tease; Kon!
– Cougar was the funnest and hardest boss I had to fight before another boss fight. The battle theme was epic as well.
– Lovely bow get; Quite helpful when couldn’t use katana.
– Random yet highly amusing instrument fun. Too much fun and laughter to be had.
– In Naito’s room bassing around; Bass for his Mio (K-On) crush ^^.


– Used to play trumpet in school so only natural it joins me in PSO2 during the instrument addition.
– Nice rest & relaxation after all that Meseta grinding 😛
– Some musical fun with a fellow figure.fm’er. Fun fun!

– Saying hello to an old friend with a fox dance; Kon!
– Thanks to Holo The Wise Wolf (Or so I can remember) I obtained a lovely fox tail to compliment Vara’s foxiness. Awesome!
– So lovely and foxy. Still waiting on one for my Dollfie version.
– Quick dance with a Ovada and Naito. Fun fun!
– Battling many bosses and mini-bosses.
– Some quick fun with Renge.
– Summer + Beach + Bikini = gorgeous

– Cougar became a fun boss to fight.
– Persona fighto!
– Summer Rappies beaching around in the city.
– Appropriately placed turret for a Code Destruction.
– Thee awkward stare-down with a talking dragon.
– Rainbow scenic beauty <3
– Better late than ever with Matter Boards to be done; Matoi looks adorable.

– Looted meself a lovely red parasol.
– Assuming Vara feels right at home with that special staff or whatever it be.

– Vara and Caster; Myself and Yunamon, a foxy duo.
– This be a raid! Time for some space piracy! (Atmosphere turned spooky)

After a bit of a delay because of Minecraft & a friend I hoped onto PSO2 in hopes of FINALLY acquiring the fox ears. NOPE! 3 Million Meseta. FUUUUU! Got annoyed and blew all my Meseta on pirate outfits, accessories, logos, and even a pair of samurai outfits for a Support Character in which I’m hoping would attach onto.

– Time for some foxy space piracy!

– May look better with fox ears; Kon!

Played around with shops that I obtained enough to purchase the red bikini swimsuit. It may show loads of skim but it is a must-get for a foxy like Vara who teases :P.

– Skimpy red swimsuit because why not? Foxes tease, Vara teases. SUMMER!


– The final look of Vara on PSO2 for the 1 year “anniversary” with on and off play sessions. Time for some space piracy! Kon!

As trivial as the fox ears may seem to you folks it did keep me playing while also giving me purpose in coming back along with reuniting with the Celestial guild. I had fun playing with Varakitsu and I had more fun meeting folks on it. It substitutes Star Wars Galaxies nicely while adding and expending into the Anime realm that I love and enjoy. I love seeing Varakitsu take form in a digital medium along with seeing what Renge would look like in the PSO2 universe. Just nice simple fun.

Sure, I did play on-and-off giving me genuine fun experiences regardless. Sure, I may also be slow in PSO2 but I do have fun with every moment I have had and have within said game because it stays fresh while also adding new content and things to obtain. I shall keep playing the game because it is genuinely fun while trying to also catch up to other people in my own noobish manner.

Now then, who will be the lucky person to obtain my 2-5 Million Mesetta? Who wants to be the lucky person? Let’s find out….Also looking forward to seeing if I can birth a Benio while also giving the Support Character head-wear.

See you in the PSO2 universe!