A’K’s Anime Viewing – 4/22/13 – R4

Hello folks! Now that we and I both got settled into the new Spring Anime line-up it is time to see what I’ve picked up. Let’s see which ones I like, maybe even comparing them to what you’re watching?

– The return of Samura Girls!

(All images taken with Fraps and WMP; Smaller images may be viewed by right-click and open in new window.)

With the winter season over it is time to fill in the void with the spring anime. With Anime that ended one after another, and almost at the very same time, needing new anime to fill those highly entertaining shows. the sping anime line-up actually looks worthy to watch with what has been shown and aired. Some obviously more watchable than others, and some even highly irresistible.

I would have to say that the art and music direction improved greatly, or is simply advancing with the times. I’ve noticed anime movie-like quality in these new spring anime shows that just hooks you into viewing them more and more. I’m quite pleased with the improvement in quality.


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Samurai Girls – Samurai Bride:

– Moe~ Moe~ Kyun~ Kyun~

I’m actually pleased this got a second season. Glad Samurai Girls returned with the art style and music it has. I’m however not pleased that it took the comedy ecchi route once again. Just like other people I’m disappointed that the art style and quality has been mostly (not fully) wasted on a show (season 1) that takes itself too comically. Guess that is to be expected when you’re going with a theme of “Samurai” + “Girls” which would equal ecchi. I do however enjoy there being a mix of combat and ecchi-ness in each episode in some form.

The art itself can’t be denied of its quality. Without the art this show would just be your average generic anime, or so I would assume. It is being used and placed nicely, especially with the ink drops. That I can not not fault, even purposely or in a bias way.

Not to be read as me hating this because it is ecchi. It was, from what I see, a missed opportunity to go fully serious (think Psycho-Pass, Jormungand, and Katanagatari) or to take it to its full potential. Regardless, I’m enjoying this show with the typical mixture of comedy mixed with seriousness. Did enjoy the very first intro of the first and enjoying this just as much, hoping for some hidden combat reward mixed with Juubei going into what seems like a fox form.

When there is combat I do enjoy each and every scene featuring such. It is done nicely and beautifully. Most of them are actually quite nice and is why I want to see more from this kind of show called “Samurai Girls”.

Quite amusing to see monkeys now used in a similar fashion to cat girls and fox girls. There is a cute yet mischievous (pantsu stealing) monkey girl pranking and adding another moe level into the show. I’m amused by it. The new “revived” foes are of interest. Was reminded of Shinki Fubuki and enjoyed their character style.

I’m also going to say that it might go without saying that those that didn’t make a contract with Munakira in season 1 will do so this season. As of episode three there is one who has yet to form a contract with Munakira.

The music sounds just as good as the previous, just as epic and just as awesome. Awaiting the soundtrack for this show once it is ready to release. Both the opening and ending are nice to listen to. Mostly the ending. Shall watch to see Juubei take on her full form, also because it is interesting.

Reaction: Entertained; Shall watch in hopes for rewarding combat and to see Juubei in her full (foxy) form. I just want to see something similar to the first intro in S1 Ep1. The art and music is keeping me hooked as well. The battles so far are fun.

RDG: Red Data Girl:

– A unique girl with a unique power and purpose that everybody wants to get their hands on.

The first thing I noticed was how amazing this anime looks. When you first watch the first episode you’ll be welcomed to a nice scenic area of Japan with high quality scenery and awesome art style. Everything looks impressive and beautiful. Amazing! Granted, there are times when there are low-budget animation moments, those can be easily ignored. This show is just artistically beautiful.

It was a bit hard to watch the first episode because Izumiko Suzuhara being highly socially awkward while also being constantly bullied by those around her. Luckily it got better in episode 2 and 3 making things easier to watch. I would of held it off until later otherwise.

The music is nice, just not all that noticeable unless you re watch the episodes. Quite beautifully done as well – most specifically the miko dance in episode 3. Also noticed a nice music track during which the princess took over Izumiko’s body during late episode 2 as well to “check up on things”, as she put it.

I am enjoying the character designs. Seen them before and they still feel fresh enough. I’m not bothered by any of them. They still feel lively to me.

Enjoying the slow pacing that makes you wonder what Izumiko will do next, how she will adapt, and what other supernatural happenings will occur next. I’m actually looking forward to seeing her grow as a character, if slowly.

– Anything electronic breaks due to her abilities; She can use her abilities, once she tames her abilities that is.

– Very beautiful Miko dance! (Finally one done right and not freeze-framed!)
– Woosh!~ Nice quality on the plane scene; My guess is a JAL Embraer 175 or an Airbus A320. Planes!

Reaction: Impressed; Loving the art style, the quality, and the pacing of it. Enjoying the show’s beauty and awaiting more. I see them adding in quality whenever they can.


Shingeki no Kyojin:

– Enemy at the wall!

I’ll first say that this Anime is outright brutal and gory. Probably not in a 1990’s Anime way where you see humans openly bleeding, but there is the same amount of blood minus the humans bleeding. The giants show no mercy, they give no mercy, and they simply want to simply eliminate mini-humans off the face of the earth. They feed, they prey, and they attack anything relating to the human species. Some even appearing to be highly intelligent and not lumbering, brainless giant humanoids. They appear to know what is where and where to find them.

What I absolutely love about this anime is the seriousness and the philosophical and psychological side of this show and events. Everything the Titans do, the way the mini-humans behave, and how they live all seems highly interesting and entertaining. The humans living in their “bird-cage”, not wanting to show signs of improvement only to suffer defeat for their lack of interest and motivation hopefully should make both those in the show and in the real world heavily on their current life-style. Life was taken for granted, so is life in our world. What would you do differently to be prepared (in some form) to deal with said Titans or an unknown enemy?

Seeing Eren suffer shock, mentally stressed to only seek vengeance brings forth an interesting on how one would deal with threats you (purposely) aren’t prepared for. Even those meant to guard you only behaving arrogantly or in a corrupt manner. Those guards that would much rather see those rescued perish, not wanting to share food or having anything to do with them.

Because this show attacks my emotional side, and because it takes itself very seriously, I can enjoy this show greatly. Well, not because it takes itself seriously, it is because it appears to be properly done and knows what it is getting at. That brutal moment when Eren’s mother was abandoned, left as food for the Titans because Eren and his sister were forcefully rescued instead.

I’m pleased Eren voiced his opinion, yet displeased with the timing of it all. Even though he is right, the whole timing and the way it was heard negated it all. Mostly the whole snapping and emotional impact of the whole Titan assault.

The animation and music pull off the serious tone nicely. The serious dark tone all throughout with no real signs of comedy. Only semi-dark yet light-hearted moments.

Humans trying to survive with corruption, lacking in interest to advance technology, lacing open-mindedness, and a desire to service self and not others. A grim world.

For episode 3 I’m surprised as to how mature and beautiful the girls are. Even comical, like potato girl is, to slightly lighten the tense mood caused by the invading Titans. The way people try to act cool then freeze up when talking to the opposite sex. Also the whole “do it yourself” mentality of survival which adds to the whole tension of the whole conflict.

I was briefly worried that the episode two’s preview would show Eren as a useless scatter-brain only to end up luckily with only a defective belt, which he eventually overcame. I breathed a sigh of relief because I don’t want to see useless nor comical main characters.

Reaction: Impressed; The style and seriousness of it all has me hooked. Everything about this anime I can recommend. Music, story and all.

Suisei no Gargantia:

– Where the future meets a fantasy-steampunkish past.

First thing I thought of was Macross when the show was introducing itself. Basically having humans in colonies fighting an all-out war against plant-insect alien hybrids. Those that succeed are gifted the right to be dismissed to a vacation planet for leisurely and sexual activities to reproduce only those that are deemed “worthy” by showing their excellence in combat.

Quite enjoying the two, or even three, world styles in this anime – futuristic space, post-apocalyptic earth, and even the alien-owned space sector. Even if not fully unique, all three of these feel unique enough that they’re quite enjoyable as if they were their own world. Seeing humans struggling to stay alive in space, seeing humans surviving with left-overs from centuries past, and pirates taking advantage of the lacking resources on earth.
Quite interesting seeing a technological gap between the human colonists and the Ancient tribal ones. Seeing those on Earth struggling to deal with technology that put humans into the stars. What I’m actually impressed with is how the mech – Chamber – can scan the scenery, identify friend-or-foes, and how it can even build up a language dictionary just by hearing language. The data-banks in that mech must be huge. Seeing as how a strain of DNA can store insane amounts of data it wouldn’t be far-fetched for it to hole unimaginable amounts of data in a water-bottled size compartment, all filled with strains of DNA containing data for digital use.

I have to tip my hat towards those attempting to put in place a language barrier by having one not being able to understand the other. One comical mishap later we got both sides borrowing both the Japanese language and the unknown alien language to show said language barrier. Constantly doing a flip-flop to show there is a language barrier. Luckily our handy mecha – Chamber – is able to examine and translate the language with enough data samples supplied to give an appropriate translation.

The characters here are awesome. Bellows (possibly my new fictional waifu) knows her place, acts tough, and knows how to live. I don’t know for sure but that is what I’m gathering from her character. The rest are also as likable. I can freely hop onto one character to the next with their uniqueness and like-ability.

The art style here is quite impressive actually. Again, I could compare the art to those put into anime movies with the high-amount of detailing and brightness put into each and every scene. I’m probably over-exaggerating, but I did notice differences. Probably time catching up with what was seen as “scenery porn” now being the new standard in this new 2010-2020 decade. Either way, I love the art quality.

I have also been reminded (Shrike on Twitter) that Gargantia has this 80’s-90’s vibe to it. That Ghibli movies mixed in with the old-style pirate characters and ship. I knew there was something similar with those designs, just couldn’t say for sure, now being able to say for sure. Also loving Gargantia’s naval battles. The battle with the pirates at episode three is how I want to see battles. No freeze-frame scenes, no low-budget tricks (probably insulted those studio’s, sorry!), just a tense battle between one side versus another. Even the surprise submarine trap that released those mechas gave a nice tense moment that I came to like from Gundam Battle Record UC 0089 for PS3. Just awesome!
Episode three was fun and awesome at the same time thanks to the naval battle! That pirate Queen was nice, especially with those slave girls and that fan. Sadly, she was too mature and not all that like-able  She was an interesting foe to be reckoned with however, and shall have my respect with her Floating Lobster mech. Even so, whe was no match for Chamber and Ledo. I’m expecting round 3! This anime knows what it is doing, and doing it nicely, that I just love it!

The music itself is also worthy of mention. All I could hear was nicely placed music tracks. Listen to episode 2’s battle at the end, the negotiation during the middle of the episode, the incoming naval battle (I got Silent Hunter 3 memories resurfacing) when the pirates counter-attack on Ledo’s attack, when the Submarine releases the aquatic mechas, and when Ledo spun the Lobster and her slave girls around like a towel. Depending on how interested you are in the show you’ll know what scenes I’m talking about, hopefully noting how awesome those tracks are.

– From the sky he came, to the ocean he fell.

Reaction: Highly Impressed; One of my favorite shows of the spring season. I want to watch it as soon as possible. Loving the art style, the concept, and the music. Give me more Bellows and her tomboyish personality!

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru:

Your typical school anime show, yet with a hilarious cynical(?) romance-comedy show. Thanks to Hikigaya disapproving of how the school social standards, mentioning youth is simply an illusion. Anything attached to youth, such as challenges and “spices” being worthless.

What I love about this show is how hilarious certain negativity can be in a positive way. Negativity looked at and spun around into a nice positively hilarious manner. Everybody knows school life turns people into zombies, forces people to not be themselves, and to force themselves onto others. Hikigaya plays with such school life behavior turning it into a realistic yet comical “love comedy”. One that I can easily relate to with ease and can quote on a whim as more episodes air.

I find it amusing how Hiki keeps finding himself caught in social situations, one that irritates him greatly, as much as it did for me. Also seeing Hiki getting some social loving from Yui (who lost a bet) was quite entertaining. One that was worth poking at due to Hiki getting owned by trap – a girl who is actually a guy. That whole tennis thing was highly entertaining, just…unnecessary from the point of school bullying. Did get to see the characters looking awesome in the tennis wear, and looking awesome while playing tennis. A nice game spawned while sticking up for your friends. Though, Hiki needs to get hit with a tennis ball again for trying to admit defeat. Smack the negative useless pride out of him!

I mostly enjoy Yukino Yukinoshita’s personality, attitude, and her quotes. I can relate mostly (not fully) with Hikigaya at times. I wish I encountered her during my school years. Damn you Anime!

Reaction: Interested; Shall watch it in between other shows. Quite interesting with the humor.

Date A Live:

Wasn’t really all that interested in the show, and still not. I’m only watching this show because of the “Busou Shinki” armor designs and the spirit now named Tohka. It is quite interesting, when you let it, but it has elements I dislike in the show – overly comical, ecchi, comedy eroge, and just awkward at times.

I highly enjoy Tohka’s character and the events she brings with her. The rest I simply ignore in an attempt to see what it has hidden within. Poking around for possible “rewards” by seeing how the “humans” fight off the “Spirits” with weapons or love.

Seeing Tohka being overly happy about a date, not know what it really is or meant, brought about a nice cute atmosphere to it all. Awkward, yet cute. She ends up enjoying what normal humans couldn’t dream about living without or giving up. Simple things I might add. Like a child, she wants to know everything while also hanging out with the guy she now likes, and to enjoy her “date”.
There is also this awkward “love” triangle with Tohka, Origami, and Shidou, with Origami attempting to kill Tohka while Shidou is trying to protect Tohka. When Shidou finally tames Tohka, Origami is often added to rile Tohka back up in an attempt to kill her which only ends up making things far worse. Because of such, she accidentally Shidou killed, Tohka obviously not being pleased about such. When love triangles turn deadly……..

Found it hilarious when Shidou and Tohka were being forced to date and to have sex at “Dream Land”. On the flip side, seeing Tohka filled with anger over Shidou’s death was actually quite scary. If you don’t think such then you need to look at Tohka’s angry face some more (look in the below image batch).

The music and art are both interesting. It is mostly interesting when Tohka gets angered, or goes into some form of battle mode. Even the nice touching track that plays at the very end of episode 3.

Reaction: Simply watching; Only watching to see more of Tohnka and her desire to date.


Quite a fun and happy this anime is! Set in Feudal Japan with a group of “warriors” tasked to fight giant roaming insects that feed on humans. Nice mixture of seriousness and comedy to give a nice fun atmosphere to this setting.

I find Mushibugyo quite fun and similar to Katanagatari in both style and humor. Nice serious yet artistic look and feel to everything within the feudal Japan era when Samurai’s reigned supreme. This adding a nice touch of various other types of warriors.

The action it has is quite fun, and nicely animated. Typical for the “pro” anime viewers, yet enjoyable still. Every scene seeming to be of high quality. Something to be gained from each battle from the appearance. Looking forward to the reward later on!

The music is also note-able and enjoyable. Not a fan of the OP, yet still enjoyable. The soundtrack itself seeming to be quite fun and well composed. Enjoyable.

The characters themselves, similar to Katanagatari, have that nice like-able and fun to them. Just looking at them brings about fun.

– Light lovely fan-service; A nice dip after a good day’s work 🙂

Reaction: Hooked; Quite fun and enjoyable to watch. Loving the quality and the flow!


– The first step to beauty!

Quite a lovely anime for those that wield a camera, or planning to. A nice mostly simple Anime showing how one camera changed his social life for the better, one that I’m envious of. A guy picks up a camera, gradually getting one girl’s attention after another to use them as models.

It also has a nice simple yet beautiful music track that brings me towards Gran Turismo 4 & 5’s photoshooting session and the jazz. That vibe and style seem similar. Even the camera with the sensor grids on the screen.

This anime basically shows how other people take advantage of using a camera for ecchi or privacy-breaching ways while our main character uses it for his own innocent and artistic use to break the monotonousness of life. Thanks to the “main” photo club simple yet important points are brought up along the way which intersect and conflict with Maeda’s interest. The female Photoclub simply wanting him to join in on the more “normal” scenic side without bending or breaking rules.

For those that simply want to take images simply get shunned or shafted by due to the photography club taking inappropriate images, ruining it for those that simply want to take images. Brings about a nice point of how photo-etiquette is highly important and how one should take images and where to do so. The Photography Club obviously not helping in any way, shape, or form. They’re only looking for things the internet would – erotic shots of girls – basically ruining it for those around them.  They go out of their way to basically “corrupt” Maeda to do what they cannot due to the privileges he gained due to the ones they lost by giving into their desires.

A nice point was also brought up with Aki Muroto  and Maeda at the end of episode 2 with how powerful you feel by possessing “compromising” images of others. That feeling of owning something to make others do your bidding, or at least tease them a little. This is actually an important issue in this generation that I haven’t had to deal with in mine during the school year, one with Sexting and similar. Girls end up getting too careless and end up giving others ammo to ruin their whole lives, leading to suicide and others.

If I had to say anything bad about this show would be the “lightness” in the story. A bit too slow, a bit hollow, and it doesn’t really go into detail. When it does, it takes its time doing so. Depending on the school, maybe College, I would assume it would have a chance of appearing there. The other problem I have with Photokano is the lack of…personality in the main character. He needs to also gain a sense of self and thought. He doesn’t really think, allowing others to take advantage of him without saying what is on his mind, nor vent when angry. The only time he does was when he teased Aki Muroto when being tempted with the power of his camera. And again in episode three at the swimming pool.

As innocent as photography is made to look in this Anime, it can get quite dangerous with various kinds of temptations. Even though I should expect Maeda being openly punished for giving into his desire, I’m not all that welcoming of it. I would much rather he would grow a sense-of-self and force the photography club to do is bidding, appropriately.

I will however say I wish I had girls act as my models back during when I was still in school. Maeda, you lucky bastard! I did similar yet lucked out! Teasing anime…….

Reaction: Hooked; The photographer in me curious to see what else is out in the world and within the anime. As simple as it is, it does bring out some nice points that hinders those with cameras.



Gundam. The first two episodes of this show reminds me of Gundam mixed with some supernatural element and a school life. Supernatural Gundam School! Ignoring Gundam allows me to enjoy the show nicely, yet I constantly keep getting distracted because I’m seeing hints, references, and similarities to Gundam, mostly to Turn-A or Victory Gundam era mixed in with some generic school life. Note the space colonies being hexagons in a sphere instead of cylinder in shape Not sure what to really think about this really. For now I’ll simply be on the fence seeing where this show will end up.

The characters are mostly like-able, nicely designed, and even interesting at times. At other times the characters look generic, and even feel generic. I was tempted in comparing them to Code Geass, the main character to Kira from Gundam Seed. I’m assuming the audience range for this are those picking up anime or looking to view this in between other anime. Basically a “starter” anime, I’m assuming.

Adding the whole vampire body swapping bit was an interesting touch. Using it as instinct to survive, to swap bodies, and to use it to venture into an area without a disguise – Insert foxy pranking. I’m curious as to how it’ll all play out.

As of episode 2 I’m pretty sure it is trying to base itself loosely on Gundam. This show doesn’t have a sense of self yet. It might later, just not yet. I can’t help but think of the main character as Kira (as mentioned as above) with his pacifist ways. He wanted to defeat the invading army for Shoko’s death only to end up back in a non-war stance. He even without thought answered his cell during combat with a gun pointed to his head, a girl also held hostage, only to respond to Shoko’s call. I don’t want to hate this for the sake of hating this show, it just…..feels like Gundam without a real sense of what it wants to be. I shall however watch this to see if this show will gain a personality or not because it does have potential.

The music itself is quite enjoyable actually. Not bad. During the combat scenes the music caught my attention positively and even got me curious at times.

Going to wait to see if it will use the Gundam plot template or try to split into a different more original route.

– Mysterious Goddess of Valvrave(?); Beauty which can’t be denied.

Reaction: Interested, yet disappointed; Was expecting something more unique with less of a Gundam vibe to it. Code Geass style characters can stay, that’s a style. Shall see how everything will unfold. Has a nice idea behind it which I can’t deny.


A Certain Scientific Railgun S:

One of the more over-hyped shows returns, which I shall gladly welcome it back happily! Enjoying the first Railgun, and the Index shows, I can happily say I quite enjoy this anime greatly. Probably not as much as others, though still do. It’s the whole atmosphere, the comedy, the action, and the characters mixed into a nice enjoyable show. To add to such, the main and supporting characters are always finding themselves in highly enjoyable, most often in comical, situations.

One thing you should of learned by now is to not piss off Misaka, let alone “Judgement” if you want to stay alive. Pick a fight with Misaka or Judgement and you’re bound to get zapped or defeated in a very embarrassing and often brutal way. That’s something people realized or find out a bit too late – Kaboom!~

The enemies still staying as interesting as before with their funky way of dressing. All with their interesting abilities and playful ways. Episode 2 showed how interesting they’re still staying with a purple-haired lady allowing herself to get caught, using her situation to play mind-games with thugs seeking easy money. Each and everyone hilariously getting owned.

Music and art are both the strong point for a show like this. Both are of high quality and enjoyable and is why I love Index with Railgun. Night scenes show off bright beautiful scenery while the music adds to both the comical and darkly serious moments within this show.

I’m glad Touma and his dialogue are both kept to a minimum in this show, so far at the very least. Less talking, more fighting! More laughing like an evil maniac! More zapping and more of a pain high of having your arm cut off!

Oh, and stop trying to rape the gals within the show, and every other. It’s getting old. Add something more clever or artistically teaseful while keeping away with the whole (implying) rape thing. Oh Saten, being yuri-like while attracting the wrong kind of attention heh. Silly girl she be. 😛

Reaction: Hooked; Enjoyed past shows of such and shall will this. Amusing and quite enjoyable with interesting villains and characters. Music is loveable.

Hataraku Maou-sama!:

– Demon Lord of Ente Isla

For something I considered to be crap this sure ended up being better than I thought. How many times is that now? Three? Five? I assumed that the first portion would be all serious then turn into a corny comedy-fest until our demon lord here turned fully human. First appearances can be deceiving…..

Viewing the intro I immediately thought – “Why go through all this effort to explain the land and the situation if this is just a comedy-fest anime to show how the demon-lord got sealed off in another realm?

Indeed. Why waste your time to explain the basics and the little details as to why and how the Demon Lord ended up being banished from Ente Isla, and why he now happily lives on Earth in a very poor state. I immediately discovered there were two plot-points following one another – one of Ente Isla and one of them on Earth, both of which tend to intersect quite a bit in various portions of the story. Both is as important as the other, and one of the many reasons as to why I enjoy Maou as much as I do now. That, and the comedy surrounding the trio from Ente Isla.

Holy shit! Our female hero – Yusa Emi, as she is called on Earth – has quite a furious personality. She’s constantly irritated, annoyed, pissed off, and hostile towards Maou and his loyal general, Ashiya. For obvious reasons as well. Ironically enough, the three team up to return to Ente Isla, as well as to protect one another from a new threat.

I do find it nice that they went to great lengths to properly attach a foreign language to those from Ente Isla. Their own native tongue that carries over to Earth which spawns comical moments of its own.

And for what was supposed to be comical show, the soundtrack sure has a serious tone to it. A dark fantasy demonic tone that plays both during serious and comical moments. Or more noticable at the very least with more appropriate light-hearted tracks played on more “normal” scenes. Quite enjoyable when heard.

The art style takes some getting used to on characters, mostly on the facial expressions. Mostly when Yusa Emi gets overly pissed off. Her facial expressions are unique to me and quite strange at times, mostly when she ends up venting towards Maou. Must be the flat-chest of hers causing her to constantly vent. She is a girl after all allowing her to have her sweater, more heart-warming moments when she had to stay at Maou’s place thanks to a lost wallet. And then that moment when Maou gets jealous of Chiho’s big breasts, letting loose she was flat-chested.

I’m probably enjoying this anime a lot because of White Fox Studios helping out with this anime. Kon! I’m actually quite enjoying a story that would normally be a concluded ending in a fantasy setting. This continues on adding its highly enjoyable uniqueness.

Reaction: Impressed; Watching it whenever I can. Highly entertained by both the comedy side and the more magical serious side of it. Emi is too much of a hot-head :P. More! More!



– Space Brothers, Folktales From Japan, GJ-Bu, Queen’s Blade S2, To-Love Ru (Darkness & OVA), Gundam Unicorn, Hyper Police, Da Capo S2 & 3, and Blade of the immortal.

A lot of anime I should be watching to get off my list, yet haven’t. Simply too much Anime, both past and present. Also end up getting burnt out at times only watching half of what I usually do or other things just get in the way. Either that, or I can’t find sources to kick them off my list. I never drop stuff, I put them on hold.


Final Thoughts:

From the looks of it I find Shingeki no Kyojin, Gargantia, and Maou my top three favorite anime of this Spring season. All three has what I’m looking for. They either have great story, music, art, quality, location, fun factor, or even likeable characters. Maybe all of them in one. Quite awesome! The rest obviously interesting in their own way.

For those that skimmed should note that I may have noticed the animation quality improving, or even simply catching up with the times. I’m finding less noticeable scenes with low-budget drawn backgrounds, or the art somehow manages to mask itself with higher quality, shinier art scenes. Probably an illusion caused by the brighter-shiner scenes, or it probably is true.

The music on most of them wants me to listen to them in full to appreciate the greatness within. I want to listen to their soundtracks to enjoy the musical side of the story, as with past anime anime. I’m finding this to be quite an enjoyable season.

Also edited this article over the weekend numerous times so there are bound to be grammar issues and such. Not sure what to fix and how, but I do hope you get to enjoy my thoughts on said anime!

Happy Anime viewing!