A’K’s Anime Viewing – 2/12/13 – R3

I feel that it is time for Round 3 of what I’m watching. Now that I allowed a new season to settle with their new shows time to take a peak as to what we have airing and what I deem worthy of watching. So, what am I even watching?

– Great advice from Erza and the Fairy Tail Anime. So, live on and do things at your own pace! Show that world that pride of yours! Don’t pretend, be yourself!

(All images taken using Fraps on WMP or taken from other sites.)

2012 was a great year for Anime, with a handful carrying over or even airing this time around. 2013 is bringing some nice awesome Anime for us to watch, probably because producing Anime itself has turned almost into slavery? The fun that was once Anime is gradually being taken out of Anime by each passing year, if by fans or if by the industry itself.

Either way, the Anime we’ve been getting managed to surprise the hell out of me, those on my Twitter and elsewhere. Jormungand and Psycho-Pass are the two most-liked Anime on my side that managed to surprise me time and time again. Last week timed Anime to be highly eventful and epic, starting off with Psycho-Pass’s episode 16 with the highly tuned Anime. From then on Magi, Vividred (partly), Maoyuu, and others one-upped their episodes to match Psycho-Pass’s epicness, if intentional or not.

Regardless, this just goes to show why I enjoy Anime and why I keep following such ever since Gundam Wing and Fate/Stay Night. They know how to hit and surprise you, in ways that Hollywood constantly fail with.


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Fairy Tail:

Guess I can safely say that I took a very great liking to Fairy Tail that I almost feel as if I’m one of them. Almost. I couldn’t get into Naruto nor Bleach, yet Fairy Tail itself constantly kept on rewarding me that I haven’t really expected it to. It knows how to stay serious while keeping that nice balance on the comical tone. If you’re also in the mood as the show or episode you’re on you may also get that Clannad-tear moment. I was close to doing such on numerous occasions.

The music of this show is also why Fairy Tail ranks so highly in my favorites list. The tracks are just strong as the story, if not more so. The tracks can easily sway your mood to how they wish it to. There never is a dull moment, nor dull music tracks. There isn’t even a music track I dislike. Fairy Tail is simply a superbly written show with awesomely composed tracks.

I don’t really see any flaws with the show. I simply enjoy it for the fun of it because that is what it wants you to have. Fairy Tail wants you to do your utmost best while having fun at your very own pace. Do what you can while you can and have fun doing it. If you can’t be yourself then prepare yourself to be converted back into yourself, if you were ever yourself to begin with.

What I love most about this show is the whole “forcing you to live happily” bit. This show acts as your (non-existent) friend constantly nudging you forward in life to do your best. The show, unlike school teachers, knows how to push you forward without telling you what you can or cannot do, just to simply move forward while giving you motivational speeches every now and again, sometimes corny.

You are who you are, don’t be who you are not. Don’t force yourself to enter a social group you’re highly unwilling to join just to feel special. Let them join you and on your “adventure” of sorts.

Lastly, the whole filler arc was amusing. It did keep that seriousness w enjoyed with the comical silliness, partly. The whole jiggle butt/breast gang was a big “wtf” moment. Not disappointed, just wasn’t as amused as I was with the whole seriousness the show is known for. The filler for Fairy Tail was the best I seen in an Anime and shall note it for such. Now that we’re in these tournaments I’m happy to see a nice fresh spin on it. The only part I highly disliked was how victory was snatched away from Lucy the same night I watched NHL referees rig the Ottawa Senators game allowing the opposing team to gain a goal when they shouldn’t have – off the skate. Seeing Lucy with her obvious victory snatched from her irritated me in a similar manner to Yajima’s reaction. Story wise I guess it was “wise” to do such to make Fairy Tail look weaker during their 7 years to raise tensions with the crowd.

“…Show yourself to me with all your brilliance!……”

– Yajima and I both highly disapprove of rigging & cheating in games.

Reaction: Highly impressed; Watching it whenever I can. Was highly irritated with the whole Lucy-Raven Tail rigging when seeing similar in an NHL Ottawa hockey game. My face was similar to Yajima in the above image. The rest however I managed to enjoy nicely – the fillers to this festive event. Seeing Fairy Tail push themselves to victory is highly motivating.

Side-Note: Have you been bullied or being bullied? Feeling down? Watch Fairy Tail to cheer you right the back up! Fairy Tail has many motivational moments that you’ll get back on your feet! Just don’t go pretending you’re Natsu. Just use Fairy Tail as something as support. Know someone that is being bullied? Point them towards Fairy Tail.


– Morgiana dancing freely, yet happily as she finally tastes freedom!

Magi was a recommendation to me by Persocom – a fellow blogger- that took me by surprise. The whole slavery and slave abuse took me by surprise, especially with how seriously the show was taking itself. The first thing I noted was how “tense” the atmosphere felt, yet glad in a guilty-pleasure way that it went that kind of seriousness. This show drives itself with slavery and social status differences. It wants to use social statuses to prove numerous points while also having the main character interact with such in numerous ways. Would you still be friends with your friend if he or she lived in a slum or was a highly wealthy person?

I love the whole Arabic-Indian-Mongolian vibe from it all as Alibaba, Aladdin, and Morgiana travel from one region to the next. It somehow feels refreshing, even though we seen similar formulas in one form or another. Something about it that just makes it feel…..unique, special, and even highly enjoyable. Everything feels alive and it knows what kind of message it wants to send out, or that is what I’m getting from it from my perspective.

I enjoying Alibaba, Aladdin, and even Morgiana’s character. They feel unique and alive. They suffer, they laugh, and they contribute to their world in one manner or another without feeling like a dead-weight. Same may be said to the supporting characters. I fell in love with Morgiana’s character, yet saddened by the abuse she had to endure for years on end as a slave. More people need to take Morgiana’s situation into account. She was stuck as a slave, only recently learning true freedom. She learns from Alibaba and Aladdin the freedom of doing as one wishes causing her to happily dance her fears away (note this with Fairy Tail above) in Sinbad’s party within his Kingdom.

The music in Magi also caught me by surprise. Like with any other (mini-review) I always point out music because it helps drag you into the story and it tells you a story that the show itself doesn’t. You can learn more from the story just from the music itself. The music itself needs praise because it does have its many moments within Magi. At times it may sound simple while in others it sounds excellent. I want the OST!

The joys of seeing the ups and downs of each and every Kingdom around the world.

Reaction: Impressed; Watching whenever I can. I love Magi and glad it was recommended to me. I enjoy the serious atmosphere topped nicely with comedy whenever added. The story, characters (Morgiana), has most of my attention. Finally got to see Morgiana dance like a free bird!

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha:

– Demon King pranking time!

I’ve been following Maoyuu when I first saw the PV, being interested almost immediately. I’m glad I decided to pick it up because it is highly interesting and very entertaining. It also welcomed me back into economics from the Spice & Wolf anime days. Maoyuu and Spice & Wolf both share similar art-style and economic concepts that many would gladly welcome its return. Instead of Holo and Lawrence we got Maou and Yuusha in a nearly similar setting, just with demons and war waging.

The show welcomed us with Maou’s big breasts, not with the conflict plaguing the world. Many people were poking fun by slapping the world “plot” & “economics” onto it which I chuckled at. It does however go greatly into how the economy and war play well together which is both semi-educational and entertaining. What is a bit awkward however is the (re-)introduction of crops and inventions that we now take for granted – i.e corn, compass, arrows and etc.

I’m loving this show because it reminds me of Spice & Wolf. The tone and atmosphere also has me hooked, especially with the perfectly placed comical points. It knows when and how to poke fun at itself and its characters that it makes it all the more reason to watch. You know what I mean – Pervy old man trying to examine Maou’s breasts and his moment of teaching Yuusha about woman’s breasts. Moments like these makes the show very enjoyable. Lady Knight herself is also an amusing character, shining brightly in the latest episode. You get to see her more charming and lady-like moment; her gorgeous elegance at the party.

I laughed my ass off when our hero used his Fairy friends to prank the local human populace as part of Maou’s plans. Highly amusing and quite fox-related heh. The cow-girl moment however was a big “wtf” that shut-off my brain that night…Seriously…WTF?!

I need to note Maou’s plan to make an ice land-bridge to the demon side. When the music played as the troops worked tirelessly to mend them, that was a nice memorable moment in itself. It is something I find any live-action show lacking, and miss it greatly. Hearing and seeing such in Maou made it all the more special. Same with how Lady Knight, Yuusha, and Maou refused to bask in the glory of defeating the demon army. Victory was bitter-sweat and non-worthy of victory, especially with Maou harming her own kind.

Similar to Magi, there are hints and glimpses of how humans treat demons as slaves or as garbage. Demon humanoids living with humans are looked at as inferior beings.

The only flaw I see with this show is the naming of the characters – “Hero”, “Lady Knight” and so on. I don’t really mind, but the author could of taken the time to name them better.  The “viewers” commenting that this show is boring or lacking aren’t using their brains either. There is so much going on, so much to process that it takes a bit to process, just as with Spice and Wolf. With Episode 06 brought in more things for myself and others to examine. If you don’t like it then that is fine. I find this show quite enjoyable.

Reaction: Impressed; Watching whenever I can. Seriously! This show is awesome in the way Spice & Wolf is while adding in things that S&W hasn’t. We get to see how war and the economy play out with one another in a nice Spice and Wolf-ish setting. Kids can learn nicely from both anime. Loving Maou & Lady Knight along with the Fairy prank. Has nice touching moments, even when “things aren’t happening”. For those engrossed fully get to see and feel the whole atmosphere. Those that don’t get easily bored, insulting what they can’t grasp?

Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu yo?:

Mondaiji is a strange anime indeed. It has a similar concept to Dog Days, yet more of a casino type game with conditions. You challenge other clubs in “Gift” games by setting conditions or play in them by achieving those conditions. This anime interests me from the Dog Day’s point of view, which is all find and dandy until it takes another route. This Anime seen alone and not compared is actually quite neat with an interesting concept, just rushed at times (or so I think) or simply not poking at things as fully as it should. It wants to take itself seriously, which you can note through the OP & the mood within, which is all fine.

The characters themselves are quite enjoyable, if said to be poking fun of tropes character types they’re supposed to be of. The characters don’t really bother me, quite enjoyable with how interact in the world. The only one that seems to bother me a bit is the male main character who takes the whole “over-powered” role. Nice that he is the leader type, just needs the “on-the-ropes” situation for viewers to enjoy.

Quite enjoy the character designs – Lily or Riri, Shiroyasha, and even Kurousagi – A nice character style that makes them fun to look at. I really do want to see all three kicking rear-ends in the end or at some point, especially Kurousagi after seeing her snap.

The music side is quite enjoyable, especially the OP and the serious battle music. The ED is also as enjoyable, in a more comical way with characters break-dancing.

I’m actually enjoying the show when it gets going, I just get halted at points when it rushes combat or when people say how underwhelmed they are. I shouldn’t really listen to people (read up on SAO) but it does make an impact even when you don’t want it to.

Reaction: Entertained: Watching whenever it pops up. I like it, and I look forward to the next airing episodes. Just not as high as other anime. I love the concept and I can agree with some people, just not fully about how boring it may get. It is however promising while waiting for the reward at the end. Also watching because it reminds me of Dog Days.


Psycho-Pass has to be the anime of the season. If not, then there is something wrong with people, and probably explains how society ended up as it did in Psycho-Pass. Within the realm of Psycho-Pass everybody is told what to do and how to live by the Sibyl system based on their stress level. If you are marked as dangerous you’re good as dead – never to see the light of day again. You’re basically treated as a slave, as a dog who never gets to enjoy true or real freedom that people take for granted or don’t really give a second thought to in the western world.

Akane has to be the most interesting character in the show. Well, not because she is the main character, but because she was made out to be stronger than we would have thought. Numerous times I was expecting her to close herself off from society, to hide, to cry, or to even just shut herself off from society. Instead, we see her being both strong willed and focused . She won’t allow anything to stop her. Seeing her friend should of traumatized her horribly, yet she use that as fuel to hunt down Shougo in a not so sadistic manner.

How does society function and what is the proper way to let society do as they wish? By letting them behave like spoiled children (our time-line) or told what to do by a computer (Psycho-Pass)? Which would you prefer? This show asks these serious questions while breaking it down gradually from one episode to the next by hinting and showing problems from then and now. Our antagonist – Makashima Shougo – doesn’t hesitate to see people’s true desire while also flipping society upside down to prove his point.

Besides that, Psycho-Pass also lets loose many references to authors and famous authors. Everything Shougo does is to question society, to do so in an mostly elegant manner while letting loose philosphical points – I’ll admit which went wooshing over my head. I do however want to say that I did understand them at that moment, simply forgetting as more surprising events occurred.

The music matches this show perfectly! A nice perfect dark yet saddened balance that provokes you to think. Hopefully it “provoked” people to ponder about the shows and their situation along with constantly asking questions.

I truly hope our society doesn’t brainlessly enter the  realm of Sibyl or the “big-brother”. I truly wish the human species is more intelligent than I give credit because I can see our world taking this kind of sheep-borg-lemming like route.

I love Psycho-Pass! It does what I want it to while also provoking people’s thoughts….hopefully. If not, I don’t want to interact with those people. This, and Jormungand are two of the best shows to come out that I can openly hype without fear.

Reaction: Impressed! I want to watch it ASAP. Episode 16 was a big surprise while also being the most entertaining. Akane, you surprised the hell out of me! This show is one of the best Anime and I will crown it as such later. Impressive and need more of this! Jormungand and this make a great pair.

Vividred Operation:

Not really sure why I picked this up. This show however does remind me of Strike Witches in modern times while mixed with Power Rangers-type color scheme. Strike Witches meets Power Rangers while fighting things known as the “Alone” instead of the Neuroi. I guess this show can simply be considered a “guilty pleasure”…Just watching for the sake of watching.

The music is interesting, I suppose. It did take my interest and I wouldn’t mind listening to it in the manner that I did for Strike Witches – on YouTube.

I’ve taken a liking to the “Docking” final-form where the  two girls end up looking as if they are in their late teens or early 20’s with that added beauty.

Reaction: Watchable: I watch it whenever I see it updated. Interested in the Docking final forms, the little combat it has, and just watching for the sake of watching it. Might be because I watched Strike Witches.

Zetsuen no Tempest:

As I said before, Zetsuen no Tempest is a strange anime to grasp. It does what it wants to without following anybody’s rules while adding in Tempest and Hamlet. I’m probably too ignorant because I haven’t read either so that is the reason I’m calling this strange. It constantly quotes the two giving the characters a reason to live in the form of quotes, or quoting their purpose as using the two books.

Over the new year this anime went from action-awesome to something more lovey-dovey, possibly for the Valentines Day festivities. Hakaze composure and judgment are both constantly clouded by her love for Yoshino which turns moments into awkward or sometimes comical. Hakaze kick anyone? From the point of trying to stop the Tree of Genesis from reviving now onto finding out who the Mage of Exodus truly is brings out awkward change. Because people like change they might be put off from it going from serious to something more light-hearted. Me? I enjoy Zetsuen no Tempest because it still seems entertaining and interesting enough that if I dropped it I would regret doing so. It is up there along with Psycho-Pass and Fairy Tail in how awesome it is, just not equally.

I do enjoy the music whenever I do notice it. The music is kept at a down-low causing me to not hear it as much. The OP is interesting, more so in full form.

Reaction: Highly Interested: Watching it along-side of Psycho-Pass. I enjoy the deep thoughts placed within the show, and how cute hour dere-Hakaze gets. Sometimes it is over-the-top, yet still watchable. Simply watching the show as it carries me, the viewer, somewhere it wants us to arrive at. Aika is one crazy girl, if evilly sly.


On Hold:

Little Busters! – (Waiting for Psycho-Pass and Zetsuen no Tempest to finish before jumping on this)
Space Brothers – (Other Anime taking priority; Finding it to be amusing while subtly sly with how it pokes fun at punks and those interested into Japanese culture. The last episode I watched told of Kenji’s backstory on how he wanted to be elsewhere and not a drone of society. Also how he met his lovely wife, exploring the world. Do what you need to do to make yourself happy! Don’t let people force you into a corner!)
Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru: – (Similar to Vividred, shall be watching when I see it updated on the list. I quite like Masuzu’s evil personality. I took a liking to sly girls for some reason, maybe because of foxes? Would be nice to see her in her 20’s as she pranks people then.)
Robotics;Note: – (Same as above. I did enjoy how serious it got and with how they kept pushing even through failure. All those conspiracy theories are a bit…..not weird, just something I need to see further.)


I haven’t really been a manga person, but did try picking up a few.

Girlfriend: http://myanimelist.net/manga/3102/Girl_Friends – Saw a fellow figure.fm comrade mention it so I picked it up in curiosity. Only read the first chapter yet took a liking to it.

Gachirin ni Kiri Saku: http://myanimelist.net/manga/46780/Gachirin_ni_Kiri_Saku

I always did like a good folklore-ish tale. Enjoying the dark and gritty stories of how the girl struggles to cope and overcome her inner demon as she fights other similar folks with the very same symptoms. I’d expect this to be an Anime, and I hope a capable studio picks it up to be anime-fied. If not, that is fine and I shall savor it in manga form.


I can’t really choose a favorite because they’re all so awesome. I can’t single one anime out with another, they’re all just that interesting.

Thanks for reading and hoping you’re enjoying the Winter 2013 airing of Anime. Kon!