Arctic Kitsune’s Favorite Images P4 – Images from 2012

Hello folks! A bit late on my end but still wanting to keep the tradition going, I shall continue with “my favorite images from 20xx”. I still want a nice lovely article to look back in and for others to skim. Going to add everything but game-highlights to keep this article shorter than last year’s.

– Discovering Renge and new ways.

(All images taken with a Lumix GF-1 – Pancake lens.)

With another year gone, and one month past I feel it is time to insert another summarized time-capsule. I consider it to be a “decent” year, just not as awesome as year’s past. I did go to certain events and did get some nice stuff, while also missing out on one – Naru2u – because I simply forgot about it.

From my 2012 Resolutions Completed:
-> Venture outside of Ottawa -> Failed.
-> Meet like-minded folks -> 50/50.
-> To cosplay -> Failed.
-> Meet a lovely 3D foxy -> Victory, only in the form of cosplay in Ganime 2013.
-> Learn Japanese -> 50/50 – Getting there.
-> Continue to get better in Photography -> Victory.
-> Airshow -> Total Victory (was a hidden wish).

Managed to accomplish a few of my goals which is reassuring, just not enough as I wanted. I’ll force them to give me victory for 2013 this time around! No excuses from me so moving on!


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January 13, 2012 – Shinki Snow Pile-Up:

Ottawa ended up getting dumped with 15-20 cm of snow allowing me and my Shinkis to play in the snow. It also gave me the opportunity to discover how people added effects onto their images, claiming it took them longer to touch up an image when it simply took a few clicks of a button. I enjoy it when people happily take pictures, just not when they start directly or indirectly claiming that their images are superior. Loosen up and have more fun!

Also tried making a snow bunny after seeing it many times in anime. I always saw it during the winter scenes and in fan-images on various anime image sites. I had to give it a try myself to see how it looks in person. Not bad and no regrets!

I allowed my Shinkis to have fun in the snow because well….this is Canada and we need to have fun one way or another during the winter. Sadly, this was one of the few times I took the red Vic Viper – Liberty – out-and-about. I just can’t seem to connect to her personality, yet I do enjoy her flyer unit.

January 19, 2012 – Azunyan’s Icy Slip:

As with any Ottawa winter, Ottawa always get freezing rain added into the mix every snowy year. No exceptions! I love freezing rain because 1) you can slide on it – 2) Makes for awesome photography. It makes nature look awesome.

I had my fun by continuing where I left off from last photoshoot by giving Azunyan her moment after being forgotten. You know how you have those moments when ideas form when playing with your images from the last photoshoot? Ya, I had them form, making them into reality the next weather-situation over. So many awkward moments however, but so worth the awkward moments. Even now I’m pleased with my image results.

January 29, 2012 – GAnime 2012:

Never can go wrong when it comes to Ganime. I just love that Anime con, even if it is a bit of a pain to get to because of public transit. Quite nice to see how Ottawa and Gatineau does cosplays, and nice to see people putting so much care into their costumes. I do need human subjects every now and again so glad I can do so at Anime conventions.

I did take Renge and Fubuki, being pleased with a quarter of the shots. The poses seem stiff and forced so not all that happy, yet happy with the images I’m sharing in this article.

The lady that cosplayed as “Lady Oscar” is still on my mind. Not as a stalker-type, but as one of those quality cosplayers I wanted to see in future Anime cons for me to snap more images of. She probably stands out the most because I feel I gave myself an awkward situation by guessing wrong and etc. When you see a nice cosplayer you want to see them again.

And on a more awkward side-note – I suck at talking with girls. I forget they’re girls and just talk about what I enjoy the most. I went on about Renge and how a video game character lectured me. I bet people have this “wtf?!” expression , understandable. Even I have it, facepalming on occasions. Tried conversing with two girls going to Toronto, I believe, and they seemed curious in my Renge and my comrade who had a Dollfie with him. Felt like noting that.

I should really let go of my past and look to the future, or the moment. I nearly mistook the Miku Gothic maids (or C.C twin maid) as one of those girls that kept picking on me in a not so tsundere way. As I was told once – I should loosen up.

February 14, 2012 – Happy Valentines Day:

– Not sure what she is saying but I love her expression.

Missing Battle Rondo I tried to go for one of those seasonal event type deal. I tried to keep her in character while also making it sound just as the way she spoke in Battle Rondo. I dislike Valentines Day, and always will, yet felt the need to give Renge her light on V-day because I had my own ideas for such. So painful.

The next best thing was to play around with my girls in Battle Masters MK. II. I tried to “Love” or level up Tempesta, Arnval, and Renge higher. I can’t always play well, but I do enjoy the fun I do have on it. I play for fun, not to be the best.

Why Renge? I love her sense of humor and her personality. Her figure form is also one of the better designs, sometimes going to the 2D superiority. I enjoy how she speaks in the old-noble Japanese way of speaking, yet it makes it twice as hard to understand what she’s saying. Even if she is a fictional character I still do enjoy her character more than the others I came across.

I can’t really seem to enjoy other people’s Renge because there is this fine line of “9-tailed fox superiority” & “Renge behaving childish with no fox status” in other people’s images. She is highly photogenic, just easily “abused” when it comes to cuteness that it puts me off.

(Side-Note: This is exactly what I mean (going into detail about Renge) by talking to actual girls about Renge.  I feel a bit hopeless while only focused on what I “myself” enjoy.)

February 21, 2012 – Busou Shinki Cradles – Black & White:

I felt a bit…..”jealous”, or is it “envious” of people that obtained Cradles for their Shinkis. One of those “I need that!” product and also something that might show my love for Busou Shinkis. I had to really go out of my way to obtain this Shinki and to assist a fellow blogger  – Persocom – with getting his. Quite nice I got this, and makes for some nice images for travels and such. I simply wish Konami did more with this by adding a hard-drive gimmick or even by adding some silly mini-game to it. It lights up, but as a Busou Shinki fan I “want more”…Myself and others are never happy because we want to see things to their fullest potential.

Was nice confusing/light-pranking people by making them think that the Battle Rondo images were actually from the cradle.

February 29, 2012 – Busou Shinki – Mizuki Type II – Type Ninja:

Similar to when I wanted to obtain Fubuki I obtained Mizuki to go along with her wave-mate. I wanted to obtain Mizuki because she looked awesome and because of those fox ears. She comes with loads of stuff and was a bit of trouble to take images of. At the time of me reviewing her she had so many parts that it felt like a model kit. I tried to find suitable place for natural light as well so I also ended up having neighbors spot me taking images of her, awkward. She ended up being reviewed on the balcony instead with the parts shrinking – Shinki + snow + cold weather = Don’t mix.

I do love her Shinki body, which in itself is a tease because you’re not supposed to be attracted to their body proportions. She has these perfect curves, cowgirl type vibe, and even a sexy way of posing with armor on. Such a tease! Also enjoy seeing the references to both a fox and a bird. I still want to know what her over-all personality is like as a Shinki.

Outdoor images trump indoor ones any day! I love Mizuki and her photogenic nature.

March 28, 2012 – Awkwardly Awesome March:

Renge makes the perfect travel companion. The following image was taken by phone while celebrating my birthday. Regardless of being surrounded by people or being alone Renge makes the perfect partner. Not in that dirty way, but something to take images of while waiting or to etch a moment in time. I’m able to remember events because of my interest in Anime, Busou Shinki, and photography.

Gifted Renge a “Boo” key-chain for the fun of it.

March 31st, 2012 – Mizuki’s Spring Flight:

Mizuki is such an awesome Shinki. Her beautifully painted torso and her oni horns gives her that nice smooth body look. Her ears also adds to the whole foxy look, or a bunny depending. Renge and Mizuki also make a nice pair when hunting and stalking their prey, or just observing stuff. Canadian nature and Shinkis goes well in amazing ways.

The wings on her armor actually brings out a unique characteristic of her, making her look more like a bird. As for which? Do tell me. Found it appropriate to bring her to one of the places where birds hang out along the Ottawa River bike-path.

April 4th, 2012 – Figma Kamui Kobayashi:

This was a strange thing to be released by Good Smile Company. Being a Formula 1 fan, and a Ferrari fan at that, I just had to obtain Figma Kobayashi, even if just for display purposes. I love his racing style. I always cheer him on along-side of Ferrari because he brings a nice under-dog breath of fresh-air. With the limited mobility range I can’t really spawn ideas on a whim.

May take more images of him, all depends on situations and ideas at the time. I wanted to watch Formula 1, just wasn’t all that interested. I did watch the Canadian, Japanese and a few others…just not enough as I should. Hope 2013 will be different and more of a hook to watch.

April 8th, 2012 – Happy (Shinki Fun) Easter!:

Ah! Easter. All I can think about on Easter are about Kinder-eggs, Slovakian dust-beaters, and hitting girl’s asses with the dust-beaters heh. The palacinky – crepes – tastes so delicious and deemed highly enjoyable that I eat them on festive occassions – Christmas and Easter for example.  Being to Slovakia numerous times I picked up heir culture (in brief) that it makes for great ideas in Shinki photo-shoots.

I love Slovakia, but I love Japan more now. I will make note of Slovakia whenever I can, especially when they play Hockey, because Slovakia is actually quite awesome. Lots of fond memories that I simply can’t get rid of, and no way I will hide them for the sake of other people purposely being retarded and lemming-like (i.e Think purposely insulting French type stupidity).

Hockey-wise: It is always fun to see Slovakia play Canada, especially with Slovakia pulling out every kind of trick in the hat to beat team-Canada. When they do I enjoy seeing how “defeated” Canadians get. And on a sidenote – I do get annoyed when Ottawa pretends to know about Slovakia by trying to lecture people about Chara, Hossa, and similar. The Ottawa Sun even tried insulting Bratislava’s bus station by trying to make the one in Ottawa look better. A big “Fuck you!” to that Ottawa Sun journalist.

It’s awesome merging Canadian, Slovakian, and Japanese cultures as one in ways of celebrating. It brings about that awesome feeling that keeping things as their own just doesn’t accomplish.

April 15th, 2012 – Kohiru’s Kinder Surprise:

Kinder-eggs! Man! These things will never get old, nor go out of fashion, unless people desire these things to. Kinder-eggs are the Kind (or Queen) of all eggs! I’ve seen so many knock-offs, enjoying some while disliking others, and seen the egg evolve gradually over the years. The chocolate stayed the same while the toy capsule changed gradually from one half-generation to the next. It went from the split-top into an attached split-top in over a decade or so. I remember saving so many of them that I even filled up my Slovakian themed dump truck and even using them as projectiles…As kids we do silly things, ya.

Even now I still obtain them because they contain things Shinkis themselves can play with. Like that magnifying glass for example. They contained European cartoon characters (Vikings), to Yogi Bear, Flintstones, Ferrari, space-ships and etc. I’m even lucky I found a “Big Zam” and managed to save him to this day in one of them! The knock-offs on the other hand were a bit strange.

Another thing I want to note that photography is fun when you don’t go all “pro”. I’m finding people want to feel special by doing what they dislike or by literally forcing their cards into doing what they consider “easy”. I’m bringing this up in the Kinderegg section because of Kohiru and the flower that I had to re-find half-a-day later just for her. Great images happen by chance and by your own skill with the camera. The fun and the thrill comes from discoverying the unexpected. I may not be the best, nor pro, but I do love taking images and the overly positive feeling one gets from taking images.  I try and take the very best image I can at that very moment, or at least touch it up in Photoscape later. Things happen by chance and you have to be ready on your camera-trigger/shutter-butoon to try and get that awesome image, not force it. I’m not trying to word it that people going “pro” are bad or idiots, just that there seem to be so many that people are simply lying to themselves. You have to wonder why people are picking the camera – For fun? To be pro? Or just to look cool?

Why do you take pictures? I do it for the fun and to record my memories in image form. It is much easier to share than verbally talking about it; An image is worth a 1000 words. I love Busou Shinki so I try to make them interact with our world realistically, while also trying to get the best quality I can from that shot. Coming across those random thrilling moments makes me want to go back and experience more.

April 24, 2012 – Mizuki versus Squirrel:

The fun thing about photography is trying to take an image with living creatures. Some get close out of curiosity while others flee while also being cautious. I tried to get Mizuki to play with a Squirrel, yet failed. The Squirrel kept going around me and Mizuki, hiding every chance it got. Patience is key here, yet only so much when it didn’t want to play by your rules. People seem to be able to take images of them which annoyed me all so slightly.

Smelling defeat, I took Mizuki into Mud Lake to cover up any signs of defeat with victory of an idea check-list. Remember how I said photography is fun when you don’t force things? This is what I mean right here, and with Mizuki. I simply posed her in ways that didn’t seem forced, having fun with any random ideas that popped into my head. The poses didn’t look stiff, the image looks awesome as a result, and I get to look at something over time with great fondness, not regret. She looks as one with nature, as if she is actually a living creature. Sure, it isn’t perfect when you consider ISO, white-balanced and other settings but I am pleased with these images regardless.

To add to this – I borrowed someone’s design of Renge & Gabrine, having Renge make herself in chibi-form to play with over time. That chibi Renge still sits on my desk and I’m still waiting to see people use them. Seeing as how Renge and Gab Chibi’s aren’t mine I’d expect people to.

When I think 2012 this photoshoot comes to mind. 2012 = Mizuki being a Dragonfly.

May 5th, 2012 – Mizuki’s Adventurous Curiosity:

Canadian nature is awesome during the spring, summer, and fall period. Such beauty is unleashed onto the landscape that it becomes easier and much more awesome to photorgraph. The same could be said for winter, if you know where to look that is and how to take images during the winter. Spring brings such beauty that Mizuki had the chance to show me her love.

The thing about taking pictures outside is the occasional awkwardness. Just like with the previous photoshoot, this one also involved the same “being questioned” bit. People get curious, comment, and chuckle while you’re stuck standing or kneeling in confusion – at a loss as to what to say. Some people even went as far as to take images of me, ask for my e-mail while not doing such. I feel a bit insulted when asked that when people don’t care or doing it to most likely show how they came across a “crazy” individual. Sorry Ottawa, even if you didn’t mean to do that just don’t insult me that way……It makes me want to treat you guys like shit in return.

Regardless though, I have no regrets – AT ALL – taking these images in public while also looking like some “nerd” or “idiot”. What’s the point of living if you can’t do what you like? I love taking images, I love taking images of Renge, Fubuki, Mizuki, Kohiru, and all my other figures. Whatever they think, they can therefore they are human.

– June 13th, 2012 – Renge & Kohiru’s Fluffy Warm Summer:

As mentioned above – I love Canada during the warmer periods when nature blooms. During the summer period some tree along the Ottawa River (bike-path) released some fluffy white seeds that made the ground look as if it was snowed on. Having Renge’s miko broom I had her clean the stuff up using her broom. Kohiru of course joined up, with difficulties with a light breeze and cyclists.

Ottawa, you truly amuse me with your more awkward curious “bystander” behavior. I’m taking images, you stare, and give me these more awkward expressions that out-match the awkwardness of my photoshoot. Some of my images required shade so I leaned over to darken them up only for passerbys to oddly stare, even some on bikes doing multiple double-takes as if they’re being chased by a car or out-running fast-running lava.

The thing I learned while photo-shooting is to be the most awkward to get the best kind of shots, so I’m doing such to get the best kind of shots. Awkward I might be, but I regret nothing! Especially when my images are of agreeable quality and sharable! Let me see you do something in a Canadian way, yet similar to what I’m doing and you’ll see both the thrill and awkwardness I have to go through for my love of Anime and Busou Shinki heh.

Viewing the poll only 4 people voted. Two people take more awkward poses than me, and two others did all  of the above and others from what I mentioned. Go to the article to vote!

2012’s summer was also very interesting in the form of storms. Had some brutal ones that snapped with pure rage. These were very nasty storms that kept threatening the city over and over again, if I can remember it correctly that is. I still remember seeing that strong blue bolt of lightning being reflected from a car’s windshield and that instant loud raw deafening thunder. Brutal.

June 16, 2012 – Ottawa Ferrari Festival 2012:

Ferrari! No way I’m missing this and no way I’m taking this event for granted. Sure, it might be the same each year but this is Ferrari we’re talking about, not Ford nor Dodge. I would however visit a Skoda Festival, if there was one. Seeing a Ferrari Festival should be a blessing to folks, not taken for granted as riding a bus or eating food every day. If you’re one of those “ya, so?” people then to hell with you!

For something hosted in Ottawa these kinds of events are mandatory and need to stick around even if people won’t help keep them in the city. I love taking images of Ferrari’s, and I love the sound they make. It is something different’ from the figure photo-shoots and the cosplay images. Taking images of Ferrari, and the occasional videos is awesome.

To add onto this I also tried posing Renge with the Ferrari’s, obviously getting those stupid stares again. I am mostly…not fully yet mostly satisfied with the images I took. I had one or two more stares that threw me off all so slightly.

If I may recommend something – Hourly low flyby of he Piaggio “Ferrari of the Sky” plane along Preston. That would be something to top off Italian pride heh…Probably might not happen though hmm. Was worth a shot.

– June 31st, 2012 – Renge’s Sparkly Canada Day Pre-Celebration:

-> Gif:

Canada Day – Best time to show my Canadian pride! Well, if a day early yet still perfectly reasonable. I love Canada, and I love the bright red & white flag. I can look at it proudly and feel patriotic in both a brainwashed patriotic way and in general. Canada is just that awesome that I can allow myself to think like a lemming, just not so much. The national anthem also sparks pride in every Canadian and our beautiful nature in Canada is nothing to poke fun or mock :P.

Also wanted to try gif’ing Renge and Kohiru enjoying Sparklers that took ages to light up, killing my thumb in the process. Stupid sparklers and your constant refusal to light. I do accept the results gained from that day and share it here with some Canadian pride! Kon!

July – Happy Canada Day! Didn’t do anything worthy of sharing on a blog. Just reviewed 3DCG, K-On! Anime, while simply reviewing other anime. Nothing major. Most-likely roasting alive from hot and humid weather and focusing on other tasks at hand.

August 3rd, 2012 – 767-300 Plane-spotting @ Ottawa Airport:

After seeing planes constantly during my figure photo-shoots I figured it was about time I take the “fight” to the airport. I tracked and readied up my camera for this fellow – the 767-300 Air Canada plane, which I also took to Frankfurt and back because I wanted an actual close up image. I also got tired of viewing other people’s images of the same thing so I went out of my way to capture my own image that I can be proud of, and proud I was. I still am. I believe I also got overly-excited from the rushing sound the engine made as it was landing.

May seem trivial to you folks, but for someone who flew, plays Flight Sim X, and even is into aviation this is a noteworthy moment. Again, the “ya, so?” people can go to hell again :P.

That last plane was just a nicely timed shot and nicely cropped image. I love it.

One thing that irritates me the most were the many chances for the A380 – Emerates plane that landed and took off again in Ottawa as well as the many chances for the randomly arriving and departing Antonov planes. I want images of them! My own at that! Sure, I can track Flightaware for hours and days. I however need an actual heads up of planes arriving instead of just “guessing”. My goal is to get more images of more planes.

August 29, 2012 – The Witches of Andorra – Ken_Work’s Pilgrammage [Doujinshi & Manga]:

The only image with Renge tending to my postal needs. I need to thank Ken for sending me his Doujinshi and the manga that influenced him to travel. I enjoy Ken_Work’s images and follow his travels closely. I’m curious as to what his adventures hold while comparing it similarily to Danny Choo and any other J-Vlogger otu there. I enjoy seeing things other than from the Anime point of view, more so from the traveling and adventures – the little things in life that people over-look.

I also enjoyed Strike Witches so this “gift” doesn’t hurt in any way. I can freely go back and read up on both Ken’s adventure while also flip through the manga…at a loss as to what it says.

I need to do the same! I do however have images of Europe & Cuba. I think people are over-looking those in bias over Japan? *shrugs*

September 16, 2012 – Wings over Gatineau-Ottawa Airshow:

I’ve been wanting to go to another airshow for a long while now actually. I’m so glad I finally managed to go to this one, seeing as how Ottawa doesn’t want to host one anymore, for whatever reason that I can’t find. Planes! I just can’t get enough of them and I just love seeing them fly past, even on clear skies without clouds up 35+ feet in the air. Seeing them up close over there brought happiness to me, something that Flight Sim and images can’t. Seeing them all in person was just amazing.

That Lancaster was massive! It’s easy to underestimate and ignore things, but ignoring that Lancaster is foolish. I also fell in love with that CF-18 with that winter theme. It made me pirate a payware CF-18 (I can’t justify payware aircrafts that lack quality) and even the Gatineau airport add-on because of this airshow. As that CF-18 rushed overhead causing many sonic booms was amazing. Scared me the first time yet was awesome when he did such. I saw him coming towards me in that CF-18, quickly mentally saying to myself – “oh shit!” & BOOM!

Seeing the snowbirds fly overhead is also a nice awesome feeling.  Quite enjoy the sound of them flying over-head and getting a nice (almost) crisp shot of them.

September 20, 2012 – Renge’s Pumpkin Pie:

Pumpkin Pie! Craving it? Maybe not now, near autumn you will. I saw a couple holding onto some pumpkin pie so I went out and snatch some for myself. I ended up getting so much the following days I couldn’t keep up, one of which almost made me sick by rushing me to the washroom. Too much info? Maybe, but I did keep it generalized. What better way to show festivities than with Renge and decorations? A nice way to note the seasons I say.

Had a little bit of a fight with my Renge, thing negative. Simply Renge wanting to claim the pie for herself. Sneaky fox. Also noticed too much of one color fades into other parts of the photo. The camera wants to choose it over anything else and it becomes a pain to clean it up in photoscape. Need to find other ways to take images most likely.

October 08th, 2012 – Happy Canadian Thanksgiving – 2012:

From a simple Turkey image to a single pose that lead to a quick photoshoot of Kohiru. Quite easy to be taken in by Shinki beauty that ideas will cause you to drift from one thought to the next. Got to love Kohiru and her cuteness.

I’ll agree the Turkey images don’t look all that photogenic. Treating it more like memory-image if anything. Also been sharing Canada’s Thanksgiving because North American games don’t want to celebrate it, only to be over-shadowed by anything America does. That’s fine, but it gets annoying brutally fast when you can’t celebrate your festivities, or when anything American overshadows anything else. As a Canadian I simply want to share my love for anything Canadian.

Shall try for more “Turkey” oriented images next time around.

October 13th, 2012 – Busou Shinki – Ach – Type High Speed Taike:

Finally obtained Ach! After seeing someone’s image of her near some large tower in either Japan or southern Asia I finally obtained her on a whim. Just like with Fubuki and Mizuki she was also on my wish-list from Mandarake. I also obtained her because of the Anime that was airing around the same time, wasn’t a major influence though.

She is an awesome figure and I glad I obtained her. I shall try to place her in more of my future photo-shoots. Who knows? Maybe at Ferrari Festival even? We’ll see.

I have yet to treat her properly in the Battle Masters PSP game and didn’t get the chance to play with her in Battle Rondo, which is a shame.

October 24, 2012 – Azunyan’s Bright Fall:

Like with Spring, fall is a beautiful season filled with beautiful colorful trees as far as the eye can see. Great for taking images and great for admiring. Was mostly Busou Shinkis so I wanted to even it out with Azunyan, and good thing I did! She looks awesome and fits perfectly with nature.

Nice to also come across a lone caterpillar crossing the bike-path. Azunyan too a liking to the little fellow.

October 31st, 2012 – Happy Foxy Halloween:

Noticed a nice blanket of leaves that hasn’t gone through the decomposing stage. Brought Renge a leaf and allowed her to venture through the leaves. Quite nice and scenic in numerous areas. Look carefully and you’ll notice nice looking maple leafs with nice red trims and such.

I’ve seen some very awesome halloween costumes yet lacked a camera to take images of them. One older lady was way over-dressed that it was amazing.

Didn’t really share Halloween stuff because it was mostly in games and Minecraft. Also wanted to share a pair of foxies images. Those fox spirits are always amazing.

November 7th, 2012 – Nendoroid – 255-  Kato Marika:

I actually enjoyed the Mouretsu Pirates anime to the point of wanting to purchase her Nendo form. She is simply awesome and glad the Anime had light-hearted moments mixed with nice serious toned ones. It was a very fun Anime to watch, similar to the level of Dog Day’s randomness. Marika Nendo actually invited me many times to take images of her, me gladly willing to accept her wish. I have to applaud GSC for the detailing they put into her and the Anime itself.

Do remember that Shinkis and nendos are not food! Kon!

– November 26th, 2012 – Sinterklaas Festivites 2012 (Blacklog version):

A bit on the backlog side by splitting an article into two for this article. It snowed overnight sticking to the next day allowing me to take images of Renge Marika the following day. Marika is insanely photogenic while Renge herself is the same, yet chilly. People kept commenting that she needed a sweater so I spent the last half of December seeking outfits for her, and Tama-chan as well. Nendo’s work well in the snow, more so than figures because of less parts.

December 5th, 2012 – Pureneemo – Azone – Caster Extra:

I need to ask myself – WHY?! Why did I go out of my way to purchase Caster?! WHY?! Well, If myself and you want to know why then here is my answer – Foxy, Tama-chan from the Fate/Extra PSP game, she has a lovable personality, cute, adorable, and Good Smile Company for some reason have a missed opportunity with her. Sonja from the Busou Shinki World forums gave me a few well-placed heads-up for me to snatch her – thanks! Much appreciated!

Well, now you know why I have Caster in doll form you can now blame Good Smile Company for a missed opportunity. They had many chances to release a Nendo and/or Figma form that I went out of my way to purchase Caster on a whim. She hit my wallet brutally hard and is well worth it, minus her obvious flaws – loose  right-arm & tail. She also opened up a new door that I wanted to keep closed. Which door is that? The doll-door containing her, Dollfies, and etc. Now that she opened it I’m now admiring anything doll with a more…informed eye and mind.

I will need to look out for a place that sells foxy tails and even a nice new body for her. Also noticed people trying to send me some nice heads-up and tips only for those comments to be ignored by a certain someone – quite rude of you!

I will stick with Busou Shinkis.  They won’t phase out like the Figmas so no need to fret nor get all dramatic by saying “I changed” or anything stupid like that. People change constantly, whether they want to or not. There are situations in life that change people for better or worse. And holy shit, does Caster ever have big breasts…….Amazing.

Seeing as how I received/reviewed Caster on Europe’s Sinterklaas day makes for a nice transition point….

December 6th, 2012 – Sinterklaas Festivities – 2012:

More Slovakian-European festivities to celebrate with my beloved Shinkis! Without figures and Anime I doubt I would even be doing anything remotely close to putting known traditions and festivities into creative uses. Still celebrating all kinds of festivites has its blogging uses and I’m proud to sharing them. I’m excited to see people’s surprised expressions and reactions of me sharing December 5th festivities on various sites, Twitter, and to those I managed to befriend. I won’t be letting loose these traditions any time soon.

December 8th, 2012 – Quick Ice & Snow Caster Fun:

I’m still trying to decide if what I did was wise or not….I took her out on two separate occasions – One with snow and the other with snow mixed with freezing rain – both of which would ruin everything on her and what she is wearing. I am pleased with the images I took, as were other people, yet I’m still at a loss if it truly was worth going out when nobody else was or if I should of kept my Caster indoors. Ottawa’s weather can get quite brutal on objects. Either way what is done is done and I got images that I myself can be pleased with. Even have Caster being a bit ecchi after the photo-shoot.

Did take a few pictures of her indoors so I could take more images of her from such a quickly snapped photo-shoot. Will be awhile before I grow used to Caster’s presence to take images of her randomly around Ottawa and with nature.

December 22nd, 2012 – Renge goes Skiing:

Being able to make basic things for my Shinki is a plus. No matter if the quality is good or not, if  I can make it seem as if my Shinkis made them while able to use them it is all worth it in the end, especially when you can take good pictures of them with such. I simply used bamboo toothpicks, some thread, and duct tape and done. Now Renge can join me or whoever else goes skiing.

Renge was highly pleased with the skis.

December 24, 2012 – Merry Shinki Christmas – 2012:

Can’t celebrate Christmas without images! All my Shinkis gathered to have fun while playing around with the Christmas tree or taking their rare turn to snooze on the Cradle. If Shinkis didn’t get their turn throughout the year they did then.

Been a nice Christmas, especially when gifted with a Santa outfit for Renge and some food for myself. So glad I was introduced into Busou Shinkis! So much fun! Tama-chan of course joined in the fun, especially for the price I paid for her. Went a bit ecchi with her only because she constantly seeks love from her Master in the game and because she is a playful happy fox willing to serve her Master.

Nice to see more festivities in games.

December 31st, 2012 – Fubuki’s snowfun & Happy New Year 2013!

A nice way to wrap up the year with more snow piling up in a snow-storm fashion. I love Ottawa for all the wacky ways and combinations it finds to fill winter with. People hate it, I like it for images and I enjoy it when it stays beautiful, not slushy. Anything besides being slushy!

Fubuki’s leggings seemed perfect for the snow, especially with the feet being that of a bird’s – spread out. Well, it mostly worked…to a point. It allowed her to stay above the snow at the very least. Even trapped her in a snow hole for the fun of it. She didn’t like that one bit, not wanting to go out into the snow again for some fort-building fun heh.


Comments to Officially Wrap up 2012:

Yes, I’m aware this article is officially a month late now to wrap things up, yet close enough to my blog’s anniversary (Feb 14th) that I can find excuses to do so. I want to say that 2012 was awesome from the point of view from the Shinkis & planes, just boring from the point of knowing all my friends decided to jet out of Ottawa leaving me to struggle with Ottawa’s problems. All so frustrating. Ottawa is indeed a beautiful city when it comes to taking images of Shinkis, festivals, and meeting a handful of awesome people. Sadly, people seem to be one-sided in wanting to be arrogant (thinking they know everything) that I just get put-off by them.

Ottawa is kick-ass when it comes to events, nature, the foods you can eat, GAnime, planes, and the new New Year’s celebration. Ottawa is trying to be the capital city that it always was. It’s constantly struggling with new technology and the way of life that it’s like looking at elderly people playing with the latest high-tech gadgets – They don’t know what they’re doing or how to play with them. Ottawa wants to play with the LRT, the Presto, while leaving the O-Train hanging. I for one welcome the LRT & Presto, sadly it isn’t in the correct hands to make the most out of it. Having the LRT & Presto will make Ottawa feel more like the capital city it should be yet the people pulling the strings aren’t informed well enough to play with the new toys – like the fandom I have to deal with calling Busou Shinkis figmas and degrading Anime into a lesser-media. They aren’t doing enough research to know what the hell is going on while doing stupid things on a whim. It sadly echos into my life and others in the city.

On my side I’m glad I’m still going to G-Anime and that we still have it. Also glad I finally managed to also attend another air-show after so many years, this time with Vintage Wings over Gatineau-Ottawa. I partially regret forgetting Naru2u, but they don’t give a shit anyways and I simply forgot so that can be easily overlooked.

Anime-wise – everything has been awesome! I went from Jormungand, Mouretsu Pirates, Busou Shinki TV Anime, and even introduced to Psycho-Pass & Zetsuen no Tempest.  Even watching Fairy Tail in a semi-rushed manner. I loved Oda Nobuna & pleased that Busou Shinki recieved an Anime, if a “decent” one. 2013 brought me some nice new Animes to watch as well such as – Maoyuu Mao Yuusha – similar to Spice & Wolf and Magi. I even have the Busou Shinki OST that people are refusing to upload, and I’m not sure where to do so. Anime wise everything is perfect! Real-life however is a mess.

I am glad that I’m still in contact with my fellow comrades I made on, and I want to keep it that way! I want to keep following their various adventures, creative thoughts, and to see what they’re up to across the world. I want to meet people who truly enjoy what they enjoy without behaving stupidly.

-> My Goals:

Keeping the list short and easy enough to do for me to do such. These goals are for me to accomplish now and years to come.

-> Make it to Japan, or the West-Coast of North America alternative.
-> Cosplaying as a fox of some sort for Naru2u or even GAnime (No idling this time! Even if Closet cosplay).
-> Taking pictures of the Antonov flying in and out of Ottawa! This is of highest priority!
-> Making myself Varakitsu in Dollfie Form. There! I spilled the beans and my secret. If I can, I want to show her in her true colors at GAnime 2014. Also want to keep this a secret for a bit longer, and I believe I shall seeing as how people aren’t keeping up :P.

Special Thanks:

-> Sonja: For some reason or another you went out of your way to share Pureneemo Caster with me while also informing me about DD’s. Much appreciated and thanks! So kind and very helpful!
-> Ken_Works: From one year to the next you’re showing yourself to be an awesome Japanese person! I’m so glad I got to know you on and to see your travel articles! Do you still like Renge and Busou Shinki? Did you see my Gatineau-Ottawa airshow images? 😛
-> Naito: Thanks for putting up with me while also giving me ideas! All those ecchiness and nice foxy shares, all so perfect! Go take more images of your Benio and Shinkis!
-> Nas’ -> A fellow Busou Shink fan on Busou Shinki World forums and a fellow fox minion on Minecraft. Thanks for putting up with me and apologies for using you as a slave worker on there. Thanks for sharing all them goodies as well!
-> Bex -> My site & Minecraft host! Thanks for giving me this site to ramble on and to play Minecraft whenever I’m feeling down. Without you and your offer I would of probably struggled with Tumblr & only to end up cursing. He won’t see this but worth mentioning his name to you folks!

-> Persocom -> Sad to hear things ended up being rough for you, hope things straighten out enough for you enjoy what you love the most – Anime! For those that enjoy follow Persocom please do show your support for him during his rough time? Just that nasty struggle in life is all I will say. Thanks for trying to chime in whenever you could, even on Minecraft! GAAO!~

Also thanks to those that decided to comment on my Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, and elsewhere! Much appreciated! Have a good year!

If you managed to read this far then thanks for taking your precious time to read what I wrote. You deserve a prize of some sort – Like this sexy Tama-chan. Thanks for viewing and hope your 2013 will be a good one!