Happy Valentines Day – With Renge

Greetings! Happy Valentines Day (or forever alone day)….even though I dislike this for bringing pain year after year. Might as well enjoy it because Renge went out of her way to give me a cupcake, Battle Rondo style. Yay!

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For those that played Battle Rondo would know that on every major holiday or celebration your Shinki’s dialogue would differ from the other kinds. They would give off hearts while trying to please your or embarassingly attempt to gift you things.

For example – On my birthday Renge gave me cocoa beans in-place of making cake. She also messed around with me asking if I was as old as her – 9000 years old or similar. On Halloween she wanted to give me a scare.

Ah, how I miss Battle Rondo for the festivities interaction. Wish Battlemasters and MK II would of had the same, that made Battle Rondo awesome.

As for Valentines Day? It can burn for all I care. If you love someone you would show it year round. What V-day is telling me is to love your loved one(s) for one day and abuse them for the other days of the year. Confess? Christmas and New Years for that.

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Thanks! But you look better with your tail sticking out.

And a poll for you folks. Don’t worry, I keep an eye on the polls in previous articles.

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Bonus (From G-Anime):

A UFO catcher at Gatineau’s Congress center filled with anti-V-day plushies. I allowed Renge to have her fun and people enjoyed seeing a 15 cm tall robot playing with the catcher ^^.

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I also didn’t give my Battlemasters Mk.II much love. Hope you don’t mind but I’ll insert some Battlemasters MK. II images that have yet to see light on them.

(Link – MySite) – My Tsugu vs Jill? I barely won yet it counted as a defeat :(.

(Link – MySite) – Blue-haired Eukrante to my rescue…even though I won >.>

(Link – MySite) – Beautiful Tsugu. Now if only she was this beautiful in figure, and more jolly.

(Link – MySite) – Tsugu & Hot coffee conversation, if I remember it correctly.

(Link – MySite) – My beautiful Fubuki with snowflake earrings.

(Link – MySite) – Gorgeous musical elegance on Sharatang’s part.

(Link – MySite) – Her surprised face is hilarious.

(Link – MySite) – Calm down you silly little fox…..Your circuits will fry….

(Link – MySite) – I believe Renge is embarrassed due to her fears of horror movies.

(Link – MySite) -  Angry Renge is angry…..scary….

(Link – MySite) – Don’t cry now Shara! (Must be a Love event, she’s quite understanding on loses. Only lost once or twice with her.)

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(Link – MySite) – I like Tempesta and how her hair looks in-game.

(Link – MySite) – Nice victory pose. 

Yes, I know…..I should give my Shinkis – specially Tempesta – More love. I usually try and get them to at least love 10 before helping out another…Distractions. (Edit: Got her to Love 7 few hours after publishing this article.)

For those wondering how to get Tempesta may want to download all 10 episodes of Busou Shinki Moon Angel from the Japanese PSN and watch it all in the game’s TV section. Do it now! That is if you want Tempesta and her armor for the game.

Now if only Konami would insert Battlemasters into the UMD passport list….

Lastly, got myself a Mewtwo for Pokemon White (click me).

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Well then, have fun! *Grumbles about V-day*