G-Anime 2012 – Ottawa/Gatineau Anime convention

Welcome! Feels great going to another convention inside Ottawa, or at least in the French side of town. Went to G-Anime both on Saturday and Sunday, was well worth the trip for both days. Took both Fubuki and Renge with me this time, instead of usually taking only Renge.

(Link – MySite) – Fubuki and Renge “fighting” once again….

(All images taken with a Lumix GF1 – Pancake lens; Varying quality due to lightning.)

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Accidentally left my camera on manual focus on the first three pictures because of the Busou Shinki Moon Angel reviews I was doing. Only the first three pictures are poorly focused; apologies to those three cosplayers and you guys.

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Not as many Gundam model kits this time around which is very disappointing. Quality over quantity? Was looking forward to seeing many more….These were nice though.

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(Link – MySite) – Nice and elegant; Lovin’ that outfit.

Met up with a fellow figure.fm’er and was told I came in a bit late, or missed the doll gang. Ah well, better luck next time I guess. Thought I would also try giving Renge Fubuki’s parts while Fubuki would try out the miko outfit Renge usually wears.

People were actually very interested in both the Dollfies and the Shinkis, awesome! Ya, if you really want a Shinki try Hobbylinkjapan, Mandarake, Amiami, Yahoo Auctions Japan, or even Ebay as a last resort.

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These two were having fun and having quite a show. Amusing.

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Looks like s/he wanted out at the very last minute. The cat alone gathered quite a crowd which required one of the convention staff to make way.

Liking the Lacus cosplayer and Stella :). Gundam Seed also trying to make its way back into my Anime life a bit. Japanese Lacus videos from Destiny keep finding their way into my YouTube recommended every now and again.

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Seeing someone cosplay in Last Exile costumes made my day. Glad you both decided to cosplay as such – As Dio and Alex. Goes without saying that I’m also watching the second season.

Long tail is long. The tail got caught up on nearly everything.

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Now what were you saying about Renge being Dollfie’s Minion? Renge’s paypack for the Naru2u meet-up ^^. Slippery wig is slippery.

(Link – MySite)                         (Link – MySite) – Awkward moment, hope he got a great shot.

(Link – MySite) – SABER!       (Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite)                        (Link – MySite) – Kick-ass heavy from TF2. He deserves a prize of some sort.

(Link – MySite) – Muahahahaha!

(Link – MySite) – Remember watching such back in the day during school lunch. Forgot mostly everything sadly.

(Link – MySite)                        (Link – MySite) – Lovely friendly Miku ^^.

(Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite) – Maybe?

(Link – MySite) – Date win.    (Link – MySite)

I waited to get a shot of her and glad I did. Though, I could of had numerous chances the next day…..*feels like a stalker*.

I guessed she was cosplaying as “D’Eon” from “Le Chevalier D’eon“. Apparently I was wrong; was someone else from an Anime I have yet to discover?

(Link – MySite) – A beautiful cosplay I must say.

Mmmm…Looks yummy! Singapore noodles and something else. Not the best tasting, but it was good enough. Was very hungry so also got myself some salmon sushi to munch on as well. Double spicy with some hot sauce and wasabi.

Oh Renge, always picking at my food……No stealing my food now :).

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(Link – MySite) – Mmmmmmm *makes self hungry*.

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Pair of awesome girls were checking out my Shinki’s, images, videos of an angry Renge on my phone, and Kodama’s dollfies on his cam. Moments like these make it worth going to conventions.

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Sleepy sleepy Renge~, always so sleepy at conventions. Strain on her batteries?

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– Sunday:

Yup, went back to check out things I missed and to snap more images of fellow cosplayers from the area. Not as many, probably due to the All-Stars Hockey game taking place on the same weekend.

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(Link – MySite) – Girls dancing around with Miku, Haruhi, and the tunes you usually see them dance with at other conventions.

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(Link – MySite) – Sword fight!

(Link – MySite) – Where is….Waldo?

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(Link – MySite) – The war continues.

(Link – MySite) – A Pokemon playing Pokemon?

(Link – MySite) – Lacus and Sakura – Lovely cute pair.

(Link – MySite)                         (Link – MySite) – Nice seeing Ranka around ^^.

(Link – MySite) – Ossu!~         (Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite) – Fubuki and Renge having a bit of a fight…..

(Link – MySite) – Jiiiiiii~

There was one of those claw grabbing machines just by the elevator at the food court area so I thought I would let Renge enjoy it while we were there. Why not? Take advantage of something while it is in your sight haha.

Few people waiting for the elevator actually found this scene amusing. I’m pleased with how these images turned out.

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(Link – MySite) – Bah! V-Day…the most hated festivities (the only one) out of them all.

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Did about three more circles and even tried to add a few pictures of my Shinkis with those lighted glass paintings before I left.

(Link – MySite) – Renge: Nani?!

(Link – MySite)                        (Link – MySite) – Fubuki and Renge finally getting along….Maybe?

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(Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite) – Just chillin’ eh?

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Saw a doll owner before I was about to leave and took a few pictures.

Saw a second saber (with glasses) and a zombie-like Roman general…maybe? Been actually wanting to take an image of him for quite awhile that Sunday. That Saber cosplayer was a nice bonus.

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My main only regret was not taking a picture of a “guest cosplayer” who cosplayed as Yuko from XxxHolic. She was busy chatting with a group of people who I didn’t want to disturb.

What a very lovely cosplay in person, wow. I hope an image pops up of her in her Yuko cosplay somewhere. Amazing.

(Link – Safebooru)


I noticed I missed quite a lot of cosplayers during my “patrols” around the convention center, though I guess that can’t be helped. Also even noticed cosplayers making their way back from past cons, including past G-Anime cons, to this one. Getting to see more and more very familiar faces with each passing con and year.

I had fun, was nice meeting up with a fellow figure.fm (Kodama), and was surprised to see some unexpected people cosplaying as unexpected characters. One thing that bothered me in this con was the bag check at the gaming room. Was more of a hassle for me and a fellow figure.fm’er because he has Dollfies while I have Shinkis. Glad they placed tables near the escalators. Not really holding that against them though, they probably got reasons.

Now then, where to go next? I really really need to cosplay at this point….A fox costume. Must force myself to research how to make a fox one without making it looking too noobish or too…un-natural. A nice fox mask, fox tail, male outfit, and a nice detailed sword…shouldn’t be that hard? We’ll see.

And with that – hope you like the images, and looking forward to another convention. Thanks for allowing me to take images of you, cosplayers. Peace!