Busou Shinki – Moon Angel – Episode 7

Hello! Busou Shinki episode 7 is available on the Japanese PSN for 400 yen, yet only viewable in the game via your room TV option. You’ll have to wait for the Blu-Ray.

Spoiler warning! Be patient to watch next episode, or scroll down cautiously!

(Link – MySite) – Crescent moon of doom.

(All images taken with a Lumix GF1 – Pancake lens of Busou Shinki Moon Angel on the PSP.)

Back at the “high-tech research facility”, Straf and Arnval get ready for some examinations. Straf attempts to calm Arnval’s unsure digital mind by putting her at easy, with little effect. Does she want to be here or with her new Master? Constant staring through the facility windows causes some slight unrest…

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To be continued….

– Episode Break-Down:

– Crescent moon? I thought moon phases took longer? Somehow a few weeks passed within the Anime when moon phases takes much much longer. I’m going to assume at least a week passed?

– The research facility is visually obnoxious, like a casino. Hey! Look at me! Look at me! I’m a high-tech research facility with bright lights with wind generators! 😛 Other than that, the structure itself could probably fit nicely within our world.

– Within one of the main research rooms there is a somewhat large “egg” shaped dome with two mini-Shinki “beds” in them. Hmm….guess you could pass it off as a generator to read what the beds are? The two “beds” is were both Straf and Arnval would go to “nap”. Why? For science!

– Straf appears to be a good little girl by obeying what her “masters” tell her. Kind of naive from my point of view, but that might be because of my lack of Japanese understanding. There are 3-4 screens all showing Straf on them.

– Arnval appears to still be a bit unsure if she wants to be with Tsubasa or not. Constantly pondering away at chemical speeds with her digital mind. For those that watch History Channel or Discovery would of seen a show of ways humans would be doomed, thus my wording of “chemical speed” vs “digital speed”.  My point being that Arnval is taking the time to ponder away when instead her being a computer would allow her to outsmart her Master. Possible program delay in her AI to think more like a human in a delayed manner. Don’t want Shinki’s overtaking their masters now, but probably in combat with the instinct and muscle memory.

– Stars! Arnval keeps looking up at the stars in an attempt to ease her digital mind. Straf also attempting to have Arnval possibly assimilated into the system.

– Ken and Tsubasa are seen racing to the top, minus the Initial D racing. When I see the white “Ken” markings on the van instantly makes me think of Initial D with the drifting. They weren’t, they were simply speeding.

– Straf can be seen getting a bit “intimate” with Arnval by constantly easing her and touching her hand. Kind of like a sister….wave sisters. Straf and Arnval were the first to be released so they would technically be sisters making the slight intimate behavior more acceptable.

– Ken points out the HQ to Tsubasa along with an unguarded sewer – *Insert 90’s ninja turtle reference here*. Let’s go with the flow; Assuming the HQ didn’t have the budget for fences, and was an open for public facility, this would make sense for the security to be lax. Besides, they have weaponized Shinki’s that could be as their guards against thieves? We’ll see?

– Straf and Arnval are both asleep, slightly. Arnval still has her thoughts on Tsubasa (probably) and gets zapped by a……unknown entity with blond hair? Someone’s daughter playing with the computer screen? A scientist girl? An unknown Shinki?

– Probably annoyed with Arnval’s constant chemical speed thought processing this “girl” probably zapped Arnval to knock her out, similar to episode 1. Too much Shinki abuse – on the level of Kuro on Kurokami.


I’m up to episode 9 when I upped this article. I’m actually pleased with where this is going, hope you guys are as well. Trying to catch up to the recent releases the best I can without forgetting about what I want to review.