Renge Goes Skiing!

Hello fellow Busou Shinki fans and others! With Ottawa getting around 44 cm of snow two days & nights Renge wanted to go skiing in it. I mean, why not? Need to have some fun with the snow in one way or another.

– I quickly made Renge two snow skiis for her to use to explore the deep snow outdoors. Sadly, she is still missing her winter-wear.

(All images taken with a Lumix GF-1 – Pancake lens.)

If you haven’t heard yet, Ottawa and the surrounding area was hit by a big winter snowstorm. Ottawa was dumped 44 cm of snow which caused a double-decker bus to flip, many slinky (articulated) buses to jack-knife, and a few (or many) cars to basically get into an accident. Even for Ottawa that was a rough snow storm. Not bashing OC Transpo (not my style) but no other double-decker flipped, only one.

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Even though I’m used to this kind of weather I couldn’t help myself in going – “Holy shit that is a lot of snow!” – every few hours. I mean seriously, that is a lot of snow to dump onto Ottawa all at once, and not the first time in doing so heh.

Getting to the main topic of this article though – I hastily made Renge some crude skiis for her to stay ontop of the snow so she wouldn’t sink into the snow. It does the job and she managed to stay on-top of the snow, even in the brutally cold and unforgiving winter wind. Basically used a pair of bamboo toothpicks + String + duct tape.

What about her clothing? She looks cold? Well, Fubuki “stole it”. Please assist me in getting some appropriate winter wear for her. I’m looking for 1/12 scale Santa Suit and anything that would proudly show off my Canadian pride on her. Sure, she is a Japanese fox but she now lives in Canada.

I’m so glad that ATV made tracks were made so I could remember and show you an estimated depth of the snow that was dumped on Ottawa. Renge is roughly 15 cm, maybe 13 cm even? Regardless, 44 cm of snow was recorded.

The lovely thing about Shinkis is that you can customize them however you want and you could equip them with any “house-hold” item. They are shown using cu-tips and etc as weapons or to interact with the environment.

– Renge skiing in some ATV created pathway using some generic items.
– Renge struggling to say balanced in the wind. Thankfully the pathway kept her mostly sheltered 🙂
– The wind was so strong at times that it kept blowing away her “props”, hand included.

Yup! I also saw Renge sliding down some snow hills (mountains for Renge) a few times. She enjoyed as much as she could up until the strong gusts of wind would knock her off balance.

I quickly took Renge indoors because I nearly froze up. Also did so to recollect my thoughts that was blown away by the brutally chilly wind…..Renge took the time to warm up in some stockings heh.

– Renge continuing to get blown around; Her skii pathway kept getting covered by the wind and loose snow.
– Tried to capture a background for my Twitter. Shall be playing around with this image some more.
– I always did enjoy turning my images into “negatives”.

The hastily made skiis are still holding together nicely, even after all that snow & wind abuse. 🙂


A bit on the unrelated side – I had some palacinky made, as with every other Christmas festivity from years past. They are basically called crepes using the Slovak recipe rolled up using any jam of your choice. This is how I love my crepes 🙂

– Renge trying to poke around with my crepes 🙂

So damn tasty those were!

On another lovely side-note Busou Shinki TV finished airing 1-12 episodes, with me reviewing each and every episode in a timely fashion. I’m not fully sad because we still have one OVA left. I am however sad that it will end without Renge taking part in any combat. Second season please with Renge in a proper combat?

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!