Merry Shinki Christmas! – 2012

Merry Christmas to one and all! Enjoying the festivities? My Shinki were, or trying to at the very least. Tama-chan joined in on the fun. I was also gifted something nice for Renge and my Shinkis which you might find nice heh.

– Minion Renge, Liberty, Mizuki MK. II, Fubuki, Sharatang, Kohiru, Ach, and Tsugaru all enjoying a lovely Christmas 🙂

(All images taken with a Lumix GF-1 – Pancake lens.)

Hope you are having a Merry Christmas! I am, with my Shinkis and on certain games heh. I noticed Gran Turismo 5 having the jazzy Merry Christmas song playing on the main menu. Minecraft also changed chests into Christmas presents.

I wanted to get a simple group shot of my Shinkis to see how many I have and to come back to see how many I adopted each and every year. The cradles had to be in the shot as well heh. Left Ach in her vehicle because she is a racing type Shinki after all ^_^. Tama-chan? She is there, just not in the group shot.


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I tried to give each and every Shinki their moment in the spotlight in one way or another.  If I haven’t photographed them before outside of reviews then they shall have their moment in this batch heh.

– Sharatang took a bit of a slip with Kohiru and Tsugu attempting to help.

– Renge hanging onto her light color (red – fox fire) while Sharatang embraces her light color (blue – moon’s aura) below.

– Mizuki MK. II carefully guarding a sleeping Fubuki. That sleepyhead XD
– Gifts for one and all! (Image looks a bit forced :()

Teasing Tama-Fox!

Can’t leave out Tama-chan now! Our jolly Tsugaru gifting Tama-chan just like to her Shinki kind. The size of Tama-chan however took Tsugu a bit off guard heh.

Also having a tiny bit of trouble keeping Tama-chan perfectly “groomed” so do ignore any issues. Please? I’ll tend to them when I can. I took her out into some freezing rain and I’m to blame for any “mess” on her. She did however get a bit on the “teasing” side heh – (Some poses might seem forced only because her posing is limited with her current body).

– Tsugu gifting time! Kon!~
– Jiiiiii~

HA! Tama placed a Christmas stocking over the camera lens to further tease you; Kon!~ She wanted me to see more for my eyes only 😉

Just some light ecchi teasing to lighten up the mood for Christmas festivities ^^. Again, I apologize if some images and poses look forced, a bit hard to pose with her default body.

– Tama-chan saying that she herself is the Christmas present, and she was an early one. 95% worth it, but not that restrictive body & tail.

Santa Renge!

I was gifted a nice Santa Suit to give Renge. I’ve been searching everywhere locally and online only to come across many sold out or wrong scale (1/6 but not 1/12 for her). Finally found one, if a bit…’rough’ in quality. It works and gets the festive job done heh. It even comes with a lovely mini hat and boots! Renge’s head sadly keeps popping off and it is a bit tough getting her hands through the sleeves. When you do get it on it works. I may have to do some basic changes on it.

Was also gifted some nice Udon & Thai noodles for me to snack on. I already devoured the Udon, having the Thai noodles after. Sushi is also waiting for me; I love the festivities!

– “Ho!~ Ho!~ Ho!~ Merry Christmas!~” – Renge in a high-pitched happy voice – I’m Santa Claus!“  (Busou Shinki TV reference).

– Kohiru joining Renge on the festivities heh – Merry Christmas!~

– Time to dig into the shrimpy udon! I’m starving! XD

Thanks for viewing and hop you’re having a jolly Merry Christmas!

Gran Turismo 5 – Jazzy Christmas Music:

(Not my video; Was nice seeing my white F430 Scuderia in a Japanese background listening to the music above.)

Minecraft Christmas –

(Place-holder! Feel free to look back if curious.)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!~