The Witches of Andorra – Ken_Works’s Pilgrimage [Doujinshi & Manga]

Hello Foxy folks, fellow Anime lovers, and Strike Witches folks! Obtained a nice lovely package all thanks to Ken_Works from the community & Twitter containing a look at Andorra’s Strike Witch within the Strike Witch universe in real life.

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(All images taken with a Lumix GF-1 – Pancake lens.)

I actually quite like Strike Witches, especially when there is more combat and less ecchi. Anything World War 2, flight, and a bit of magic here and there works perfectly fine, even more so with well placed comedy. The impressive serious Strike Witches art on Pixiv, Safebooru, Gelbooru and etc made me like Strike Witches all that more.

What I received was of Ken’s doujinshi about his pilgrimage, the actual Strike Witches Andorra manga made by Takeshi Nogami, and a paper scroll of some (random) anime character I never seen before. This is all from C82 which I couldn’t participate nor purchase locally from within Japan which Ken sent to me and other fellow comrades. Also curious about what Ken shared and experienced in Andorra.

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This little paper scroll was actually quite a nice surprise and addition to the whole thing. It is both random and adds to the C82 vibe. Also quite troublesome to take an image of because it enjoys folding up whenever it has a chance to.

Parent – Did you get a diploma?
Me – Yes I did, in Anime.

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– Ken_Works – The Pilgramage of “The Strike Witches of Andorra”.

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This doujinshi contains Ken’s trip to western Europe – France. This small book documents Ken’s trip from Japan to Paris as he quickly makes his way to Andorra. Like with anything you like, you would do your best to compare fiction with reality and vice versa to get a better grasp on what you truly love and enjoy. You get to see brief quick comparisons of Ken trying to match the Andorra within Strike Witches with the one in reality of Gallia & Hispania. Quite a nice quick glimpse.

I would love to share more images but I don’t want to spoil the fun within.

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The Witches of Andorra – Manga:

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This manga is the one that inspired Ken to travel to and from Andorra. It also inspired him to write a nice little book about his adventures as well which I find entertaining from a traveler’s point of view along with my Anime side.

The manga is all in Japanese though, meaning that I can use it to study my Japanese when I get back to being serious about such.

Want an English version? Online? Try here!

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A questionnaire if you want to fill it out? I’ll do so right here for the fun of it.

Q1: Where did you learn of “The Witches of Andorra?

From Ken Works who sent me this lovely gift.

Q2: What do you think of the story? Feel free to write a bit.

From what I skimmed through it seems amusing, serious, comical, and dramatic. I can’t say 100% though since I can’t read Japanese yet. A nice lovely manga from the looks of it.

Q3: Who is your favorite character in the publication?

Eila the Fox from the Anime. As for the Manga…I need to learn more about each character within this manga. Can’t say right now.

Q4: Please tell us what you would like to see in the “Strike Witches” stories. Any suggestions on specific events to take place in the story and/or specific topics you’d like to see the characters to address would be welcome.

If it hasn’t been done already I want to see some sort of event taking place in Ottawa, Canada (1800’s-1945 version) for the fun of it. Can be Neuroi conflict or just out-right tourist comedy or something. Something for fun.

If not that then I would like to see Modra, Pezinok, and Bratislava get Manga-Strike-Witchi-fied with a fox-attributed Strike Witch being all sly and calculating. Would be nice seeing Modra and Bratislava appear in the Manga + Anime. Would be trippy to see Ottawa in Anime form though, but nice.

Just cameos of those two places (Ottawa & Bratislava area) I mentioned with flight and possibly combat in mind.

Q5: Are there any opinions or requests you would like to share with us?

Not really. I’m not really that knowledgable about the Strike Witches universe when I haven’t read a single manga of it. I only seen the Anime.


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(Link – MySite) – Strike Witches for PSP? Interested! Gameplay looked typical but interesting.

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Thanks for the gift Ken_works! Much appreciated! Shall keep these safe along with the other Japanese books I have collected.

This just makes me want to pick up the whole Strike Witches manga now so I know what the hell is going on. Highly tempted.

See you next time and hope you enjoyed this review of Ken’s book and the manga that inspired his doujinshi. Until next time!