Arctic Kitsune’s Favorite Images P3 – Images from 2011

Hello guys! Hope you had a lovely New Year!

Now to share some of my favorite  images to show what I did, what I did right, wrong, poorly, properly, what I should do, what I shouldn’t do, and etc. Also helps to summarize the year for both myself and you guys to see what I did and how I did it. These articles are to help assist my mind to know more about myself, the hidden side of myself that I can’t see unless I ask people, to see how I’ve been doing each year, and to see where to improve.

(All images taken from my blog’s archives from the year 2011. This article contains lots of images and tons rambling, feel free to skim if needed.)

With another year gone means another year to examine what happened and use such to better our future. That also works with my blog and my photography. From the looks of things 2011 appears to have been filled with  Shinkis and some pretty nasty weather. Had a few infant tornado scares and a few mini-quakes sprinkled here and there.

As for myself? Still struggling with everyday life and with what I want to do. As for the blogging side? Been punishing myself a lot with photography by holding back. Also stopped doing comics because I feel I couldn’t do them properly and because others said they were incoherent. They didn’t “feel” it.

Can’t say much besides a few resolutions I have. Also, I’m going to cheat with my resolutions and make them on-going from this year to the next so they can be accomplished them properly. Even though I’m known to not make one, I shall share with you some of my goals disguised as resolutions so that way I don’t break them.

My 2012 Resolutions:
-> Get out of Ottawa and explore in either Vancouver or Japan in general. Need to get out of Ottawa after all the constant negativity and child-like behavior this city displayed. I’m also a traveler so traveling would suit me better than being like a bird in a cage.
-> Meet like-minded folks that actually care about what they like instead of getting arrogant and pretending to like something they don’t. I met a few good ones, but they indirectly decided to stay in the ‘non-friend’ zone. Basically neutral.

-> Cosplay in either winter Soviet suit or as a fox spirit. I really need to cosplay.
-> Meet a lovely foxy in 3D form, not 2D.
About that time I think. Whatever happens after that happens.
-> Continue learning Japanese to the point where I can speak, read, and understand it. I understand the basics, just not as much as I really should. I need to hit the books much harder.
-> Some private ones I can’t really say, though some you may or may not find about later this year. It all depends on how willing people are.
-> To raid Japan and to gain some sort of home or place where I can act freely without being caged by rude and arrogant individuals. A place where I can make figure props and photo-shoot without a care or paranoia. Though, that can be done in Canada, but I feel that I should be in Japan instead of here.
-> Continue to get better in photography by picking new tricks and to tame lighting issues. Need to further decrease the amount of blurry or dark images due to impatience and being rushed. 

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I probably could of compacted this article more but I felt the need to share the article in this massive size. Hope it isn’t too big.

January 9th, 2011:

(Link – Article) – Tsugu pushing a snowball for a snowman with an observant Renge.

One of my first few attempts at snow images, and one of the things I need to get better at. I like the two images I shared but still feel the need to hit up tutorials to learn how to take snow images without them being blurry, too dark, or too bright. There is also the issue of the cold freezing your hands to a light red color, depending on the coldness on that day.

Been trying to adapt to photoshooting with my figures in the snow by taking extra pairs of gloves for both my hands and knees. Also tried shooting with various types of plants that are still active and green during the winter, of course by indirectly provoking suspicion. Who in their right mind photo-shoots figures in the snow in Ottawa? People prefer to be indoors or are gamers instead.

January 15th, 2011:

(Link – Article) – Good Morning Fukuoka! Good night for me and my friend.

Why those two shots? They’re from Flight Sim’ X. I love aviation, and I have for a very very long time. The take-offs, the landings, the magazines on the flight, the view from the plane windows, that black hole I seen leading a KLM once from the cockpit, and the joy of recreating that mostly in FSX is fun. I enjoy watching planes take-off, land, and even seeing them behave oddly within my dreams. One thing I’m glad isn’t in the simulator is jet-lag, that is just brutal.

The first image is basically me and my friend flying from the north to the south part of Japan in a day. Everything was flown in real-time and with real weather. It was 3 am and I had to go sleep “late” while the Japanese had to wake up.
That Beaver with Vancouver tribal markings was my attempt to get more Canadian pride to even out my interest in Japan. Thanks to Flight Sim I discovered more things, discovered new areas, saw new things, and it even helped me learn my way around places without looking at maps.

The game might be boring to most, but I still find joy because it isn’t as boring as people think. You constantly have to correct and adjust everything. Trying to land at an airport from 30,000+ feet is also a tricky task, especially with traffic and weather.

January 16th, 2011:

(Link – Article) – Ottawa International Airport and view of Downtown.

Sure, the game might not look good from my point of view, but that is because the game is a massive resource hog. I don’t have a fancy gaming computer like the typical American gamer out there. I compensate by adding AI traffic, mods, add-on scenery, and various other things to make up for graphic flaws.

Ottawa is my hometown and I’m trying to find everything to do with it, thus the Ottawa airport add-ons and images. As much as I hate this city, I still love the beautiful scenery that it possesses.

January 18th, 2011:

(Link – Article)

I like Renge for the amount of emotion that radiates off her. She’s insanely photogenic, happy, a grumpy-fox, and quite…..demanding. I think I also said she was arrogant when I was extremely excited about her Battle Rondo form? Sure, why not. She thinks she knows everything because she is a fox spirit type Shinki.

To me, the left image makes it seem that Renge’s feet are dancing up and down while the umbrella moves side to side. The left is one of the few snow images of mine that come to mind when I think of snow photography, thus it being here. As for Renge on the right? Ready to pounce or attack someone.

January 23rd, 2011:

(Link – Article)

Yes, FSX again. Learn to see more of it from my end! The Shinden is such a beautiful plane. I need to thank both Japan and Tim “Piglet” Conrad for making this beautiful plane. Had many fun flights, fun views of in-game nature, and fun flights with my friend.

Fed-Ex? Ya, that is how I keep getting my Figma’s, Shinki’s, games, and various accessories from Japan. Was test flying the Fed-Ex plane and rate it one of the best plane add-ons to add into the game. Flew it from Ottawa Airport to Carp and it handles very very well. Link is in that article.

January 28th, 2011:

(Link – Article)

Was nice of Konami to add Renge in before they killed the MMO on Halloween of the same year. Renge is a beauty, she is dangerous, a bit on the angry side, and quite….helpful. When you get on her good-side she demands your presence and when you tick her off she punishes you like any god would, or Japanese entity. I find her “high and mighty” personality quite charming. Now if only I could find a “3D” girl that could be as charming as, or similar to, Renge’s personality.

I miss being able to talk to her in Battle Rondo, see her behave in a silly manner, and basically level her up to S or A. I am pleased that I got her where I did – B Rank. In response to Rondo Renge is Love 15/16-ish on my Battlemasters Mk. II game.

February 2nd, 2011:

(Link – Article)

Snowstorms, and lots of them. Whenever a big snowstorm, awkward storm, or weather event happened I’d try recording it onto my blog along with my Figma’s or Shinkis. Sometimes I would try poking fun while other times I would try and get reactions from my Shinkis. Here, I caught Renge attempting to go skiing with Tsugaru’s gear, getting lost at night, and skiing the “next day”.

I did a few comics as well but not really liking them. Practice makes perfect but I’m simply making excuses not to make more. I just want everything to feel right. *punishing self*

February 5th, 2011:

(Link – Article)

G-Anime – An Anime convention on the French side of Ottawa – Gatineau. Glad I went instead of being distracted like I was in 2010 with various things. Was able to see more of Anime instead of typical Ottawa whining of how a convention sucked etc etc. All the time spent on cosplay, the accessories, and art made the trip worth it.

I noticed I have to shoot quickly (within 5 seconds) or else the cosplayer loses interest and waltzes off. Either I suck at asking for images or everybody is caught up in the moment that they can’t stick around long enough for camera setting changes. Decided to just point and shoot by taking at least two images and seeing the results at home.

Awesome coming across like-minded Anime followers (Otakus) that share the same or similar interest as yourself. Though, people’s interest appears too vast to actually keep up with them. If I don’t know much they just waltz away, or I think they do. But when you do connect it makes the convention experience all the better (i.e Naru2u 2011).

February 14th, 2011:

(Link – Article) – Varkitsu – Blog mascot.

Every February 14th is my blog’s B-day/anniversary of it’s first created. I’ve been trying to get people to draw my mascot for me because I can’t draw humanoids, even with tutorials. I’ve been also thinking about making a Dollfie version of such for quite a while though holding back until I can actually justify having a Dollfie.

Varkitsu is supposed to be my main blog mascot in both male and female form. Sadly, I haven’t really gotten that far with my mascot, except for that above image and an incomplete theme I made on Fruityloops music program. Varkitsu’s abilities pull from Japanese folklore while using snow & ice as attacks.

I’ll insert a plug here – If anybody wants to help draw Varkitsu for me please contact me at “arctickitsune[at]swgbex[dot]com”.

February 15th, 2011:

(Link – Article)

I’ll say it here and now that I dislike Valentines Day because of all the schools I went to. This “holiday” basically helps point out who people are following instead of actually admiring while trying to “fit in”. Basically minions following a leader-wannabe. I did recieve a few things, but that was only because it was forced to be given to me. Instead, I’ve been bullied from Kindergarten up until high-school and stung especially hard on such a day which enforces my thoughts that people are raised very poorly in Ottawa. Both student and teachers alike. I wasn’t really respected by either. The school system also treated me like crap by sending me into “special” courses. All these thoughts and actions converge on Valentine causing me to get insanely irritated. When people tried talking to me they then wondered why I stayed silent. Why? Because of your stupidity. As for outside of school? Simply marketing. Sorry if I keep bringing up my bullying, just a part of why I hate V-day. Brought it back up before to say you should use it to become stronger and to move forward instead of allowing “them” to gain victory.

However, I can’t always look at the bad so I tried three attempts at stop-motion with Renge, Benio, and both. Basically using V-day for creativity purposes. I also attempted to swiftly photoshoot the two with Kohiru with a chocolate gift I was given – Passion. My fellow Shinkis on Battle Rondo wished me a lovely V-day, how nice! Renge was also amusing by giving me cocoa beans because she can’t cook.

Stupid Ottawa, you made me look at digital girls from Japan with all the harm you did. Though, I do like the Shinki gals so all appears to be fine on that part. 😀

March 2nd, 2011:

(Link – Article)

From Cancuun to Cuba in some pretty thick clouds. They were regional and nicely cut off from Cuba, similar to boats sitting off the coast of a shore in a large group. Cuba was nice and clear with some regional thunderstorms that my Shinden appeared to get caught in before reaching Havana. Awesome. Managed to land safely.

Love the experiences gained from this simulator.

March 5th, 2011:

(Link – Article)

This game is very beautiful when you allow it. Sure, the settings aren’t at full because my computer would explode, but it still can show why I enjoy flying in a Simulator. Seeing the sun and the weather unite and affect your plane is quite rewarding. Experiencing the weather being similar to the ones reported on my Twitter feed becomes quite amusing.

Don’t knock it until you chose a plane you prefer and fly for about a month’s worth. Also best to know your plane or else you’ll end up in a similar position to my Shinden’s sitting position at Aomori airport. Shifted the Shinden’s weight to the ass all too suddenly, whoops!

March 8th, 2011:

(Link – Article)

Ottawa’s winter gets quite nasty every year, and 2011 wasn’t any exception to that. Constant snow, ice, fog reaching the ground, and the snow that melts basically returns as if nothing happened. Seeing another chance I took both casual Saber and O-Chan out to change things up from the usual Figma and Shinki images. I allowed O-Chan to make a snowman and Saber to explore the area.

One thing to note – Be careful with figure accessories! I snapped Saber’s saber hilt when carrying her back home in my jacket’s pocket. Figure is a semi-rare collectible with the hilt being too small to glue properly. Always un-attach fragile parts on a figure, no matter how careful you think you are. Someone might bump into you or similar.

March 14th, 2011:

(Link – Article)

Being a big Pokemon fan when it was the “main” thing at schools, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get Pokemon White for my birthday. Bought it when the weather was absolute crap with an infant tornado spout spotting in the city. It was insanely foggy, rainy, wet, and miserable but this made that day better.

Me and Renge took turns playing it by leveling up starter Pokemon and having few fellow bloggers giving me Zoroark. Thanks! The trading within that game is helpful because you can’t really trade Pokemon all that freely. Glad there is wireless trading. Also to go with my blog’s theme I got the white version and caught most of the fox types. I have a shiny Vulpix.

Those images of Renge are amusing :).

March 18th, 2011:

(Link – Article)

My first nendo – nya? I was eying Saber Lily instead but purchased Azunyan because Lily was sold out. Ah well. Azunyan is cute so no regrets there. I think I’ll get more into Nendo’s if I can actually find more Sabers, or those from my favorite Anime shows.

I’d say Nendo’s are quite photo-genic, even more so if you’re the crafty person.

March 21st, 2011:

(Link – Article)

Want to be a Canadian? A fake one at least? Go to Tim Horton’s and buy yourself some donuts, a coffee, or some hot chocolate. Pretty sure Yumekui Merry anime made me go there before heading to the bike path to photoshoot some more. I bet donut shops in Japan had a nice spike in sales thanks to that Anime. Maybe a smaller spike back here in Canada as well. Had an elderly look at me weirdly from what I can remember, but who cares haha. All in the name of images!

This is also one of those few times you can use the center of the bike-path as your own without getting run-over by cyclists, bikes, roller-bladers, skateboarders, or whatever. Also nice to see Shinki’s co-existing peacefully with nendos. Looks like they can assist me with future photoshoots.

March 29th, 2011:

(Link – Article)

One of my Shinki stop motion made it up to 2nd or 3rd spot on Awesome! This, and one of my Renge’s made POTD before people started cheating by spamming their Twitter. Ok, I cheated with Renge’s images as well and won’t do it again because it turns people off. I don’t want people to be pissed off at me, nor do I want to be pissed off at myself for cheating.

Thanks to those that voted for my Benio stop-motion to reach 2nd-3rd place on POTD! It moved up after I took that image. I’m also amused by Renge wishing me a nice Happy Birthday in her own silly way. Two nice B-day gifts those are :).

March 30th, 2011:

(Link – Articles)

My second Shinki has finally gone digital in Battle Rondo! I finally learned that she is a soft-spoken happy girl with traditional Japanese habits. She bows, welcomes, and even kneel-bows you in a traditional way. She is also a fine example to never judge a book by her cover. She may look weak but with her chopsticks she is insanely unstoppable! So much so that she made it into B class prematurely and faced stronger foes that were slightly out of her league.

I noticed Japanese players adapt by going ranged with an added fleeing ability. Some matches would drag while others would simply be a tense 50/50 match.

Such a loveable girl. Sad thing is she isn’t in Battlemasters MK. II. She would dominate the battlefield, kick Renge’s ass, and slap triple Mao’s and Ach’s to bits and pieces if she was added. Konami would have to make her gear available at higher “Love” from the look of things. Or maybe just tier them.

April 2nd, 2011:

(Link – Article)

As you probably noticed now, Battle Rondo gave me awesome moments to both enjoy and admire. Seeing Benio using her special to slice opponents in half, seeing Renge explode opponents with her 9 tails, and using the chopsticks to roast opponents was rewarding to see with victory attached.

Of course, seeing other people’s customized Shinkis made experience fun. I got to see how they were equipped, given ideas for photo-shoots (yet to use them), and even seeing how lovely they looked. The last image you may notice some beautiful curves that made me share this on here ^^.

April 3rd, 2011:

(Link – Article)

With spring gradually arriving I kept going out with Benio and Renge. The weather was beautiful so might as well enjoy it while we can, right?

During this photoshoot I noticed that I’m still a bad photographer when it comes to taking quality images. I put my Shinkis in direct sunlight causing my images to end up too bright, along with Renge bouncing more light with her white bits on her body. I need to add just the right amount of light onto my subjects by placing them near light or in shaded areas. That is my fix to that problem.

Also gave Benio Renge’s gear to show that you can still customize Shinki’s regardless of the date they were made. Hope I negated the hate on Benio because she used dated manufacturing techniques. I want a damn reprint of Benio though. I want her with Kohiru in battlemasters.

Seagulls? Those nasty buggers that you hate? They look beautiful when not looking for food. Sure, they get annoying but that is because people feed them, just like bored people feed Geese then whine that parks are full of bird poop. Your god damn fault!

Another thing I managed to nearly get rid of was the fear of taking images of figures out in public. Most people normally don’t give a care, but to those that do either get into long discussions or leave one word comments either praising or knocking you down subtly. The image with Renge stalking photographers is also one of my main favorites because it shows how camera happy my city is. This city is extremely shy, but when people share you hear it everywhere here.

Was frustrated with things on April, which shows because I didn’t blog much during then. Didn’t want to bring my anger onto here so I just didn’t blog at all. People, things, and the way people complained put me off on things. Gave myself a break.

May 5th, 2011:

(Link – Article)

After being gifted a second Renge by a fellow blogger I decided to go photo-shooting again. Not with one, but two Renges. If one Renge wasn’t enough, two would drive you up a wall. If you know Renge’s personality then you would know why haha. She demands a lot in a very semi-innocent way.

Why two? Renge had an accident after a strong chilly wind blew her head off a meter high “cliff” and snapped in two. The peg looked like it had an air pocket causing the thick peg to simply snap and get stuck in her head. Since then I tried poking fun, tried numerous fixes and etc. I eventually lost that peg and gave up.

If you’re going to photo shoot then make sure you figures do not get damaged in the process. Stay away from cliffs, or have someone with you prepared to catch the figure.

May 6th, 2011:

(Link – Article)

When I keep looking at my Shinki’s I always ask myself – “Who should I take out for this photoshoot?” and “Who hasn’t been photoshooted yet?”

Benio always ends up as the answer so I decided to take her out. Her and my Figmas are now the least photoshooted figures so I took them out to add more variety onto my blogs and with my photoshoots. It was always about Renge. Variety is needed, thus me taking out the least liked Shinki with the least photoshooted Figma – Benio & Signum.

May 7th, 2011:

(Link – Article)

Luka – One of my favorite vocaloids. Her digital voice sounds awesome and her Figma is nicely done. She’s great for photo-shoots and I like the images I just shared. The aura she gives off is both serious and comical which would make further photo-shoots possible.

Luka should also show off my interest in her music, Fruityloops music, and basically the whole influence music has on me. Probably doesn’t show the fruitloops bit, that may take deep searching on my blog to discover my attempts at making music. I always use her music and various others to calm me down to give me ideas.  Without music I lose my patience.

May 8th, 2011:

(Link – Article)

One of those rare Anime meet-ups that makes loving Anime worth it. Met up with a fellow’er with his Dollfie & Figma’s and my Shinki. Ottawa is insanely shy when it comes to their interest, unless it is about rap, pot, or hockey. Have better luck going to Otakuthon, G-Anime, or Naru2u if you want to meet up with people.

Regardless, this meet-up showed that Figma’s, Shinki’s, and Dollfies can co-exist nicely in meet-ups. If done right you can get some nice images.

Another thing this meet-up kept reminding me was to find proper areas with proper lighting. I keep getting overly bright images and that I’m still not one with my Lumix. More tutorials and more practice.

May 10th, 2011:

(Link – Article)

After acquiring second Renge I placed Tsugu’s body on Renge’s. At this point I was probably irritated by Konami’s announcement that Battle Rondo would perish and wanted to get all I could before the MMO was pulled.

Her Rondo form is quite beautiful and I’m kind of regretful I didn’t get as far with her as I should of. An old Shinki at this point, but new to me because I only touched Rondo around mid-late 2010. I wanted to learn more about her.

Must say that Renge’s body and Tsugu’s head manages to fit well. The cute little “panty” flash with the Santa skirt on works well. Hey! Don’t think of me as a pervert! I want beauty! The way she sleeps on her cradle needs to be recreated.

May 12th, 2011:

(Link – Article)

I not only take images of figure and game, I also take images of scenery in and around Ottawa. One of the things that makes Ottawa fun are the numerous amounts of festivals and events. Tulip Festival is one of those events I like because it has that international vibe and beauty added to it. I’ve seen most of what has to be seen, yet I still go anyways for the food.

What’s best is when I get my figures involved by touching Tulips and “eating” the food.

May 14th, 2011:

(Link – Article)

The arrival of Fubuki, if reviewed about a week later due to World of Tanks MMO. She appears to be in the same area as Benio when it comes to being unwanted. Those I talked to don’t seem to be interested in her, Battlemasters had her thrown in a garbage can, and just being….unwanted. I bought her because she was cool both on Rondo and Battlemasters. When you allow her,  her personality would be more open to people and much happier.

Her figure form is quite impressive. For something from a second-hand site she was given to me in top-notch form. Not much emotion from Fubuki, but I bet I can get something out of her in figure form.

May 21st, 2011:

(Link – Article)

Mostly on the natural side now with nature and Dutch food. As I said, Ottawa prides itself with its parks and nature spots everywhere, Tulip Festival fits in with such. Lucky that Ottawa is a multi-cultural city or else it truly would be a boring city.

June 8th, 2011:

(Link – Article)

A belated review on Fubuki’s Rondo personality but still a necessary one. I’ll agree that Fubuki is a serious Shinki, but that is half of what makes her cool. The other half is her hidden personality when both of you get used to each other. She would be the happiest Shinki alive. I mean, look at the last image of her pushing her opponent, that’s amusing and unexpected of Fubuki.

She’s serious and loyal to her Master, trying to do things in a traditional manner. She follows a ninja code similar to a Samurai code of “right and wrong”. If she fights someone weak she says why. As mentioned before, Fubuki is awesome when you allow her to be.

June 10th, 2011:

(Link – Article)

After following Danny Choo since 2006 I just had to get this Figma out of respect. I got into photography thanks to him and I ended up seeing Japan that normally wouldn’t be seen. Sadly, Mirai is a flawed Figma with loose joints. More should of been done with that, but what is done is done.

Andrew Haydon Park is one of the best parks to photoshoot at within my city.  Lots to take images of there.

June 16th, 2011:

(Link – Article)

Obtained this outfit in a strange way thanks to the Canada Post strike that affected us Canadians and the world. We were pissed and the Japanese had a little boycott going on by denying people of sending stuff to Canada. The delivery person basically walked up to the door, did something and left without leaving a notice. I kept an eye on the delivery guy waiting for the ringer to make sure it was mine. He poofed and I got my package that same day cursing at the delivery people.

Ignoring that, this is the first and only outfit I got for my Shinkis aimed at Renge only. It seems to fit others, just not that well if they have Figma in the name. Kohiru and Benio appear to look lovely in them which I like.

I’ve been seeking more for more sources and those that would do commissions but I guess I’m simply cursed. One thing I want to gain access of is a 1/12 scale clothing line aimed at my Shinkis. Problem is I can’t access Yahoo Japan as of yet….

If you want to help me out or get my request done then feel free to contact me at “arctickitsune[at]swgbex[dot]com”.

– June 18th, 2011:

(Link – Article)

How many times do you get to see a Ferrari? Maybe lots in Vancouver and Montreal, just not as many here. Also noticed people taking this event for granted by saying it is the same each year and that they didn’t want to go. Ah well, your loss. Sure, it might be the same but once it is gone you’ll whine that Ottawa is a boring ass place with nothing to do. Might as well enjoy it while its here and not halfway across the globe, or LA & Florida.

After slipping last year I made it a priority to photograph the Ferrari’s no matter what. Ended up doing just that and I’m pleased with the results. They’re beautiful and the sound they make is music to my ears. I hope this year many of those that avoided showing off their car will do so this year so I can share off more exotic beauty. I saw them waltzing around town instead of displaying their cars for my camera. And yes, I’ll go take more images of Ferrari’s this year when given a chance.

June 30th, 2011:

(Link – Article)

Three different types of photoshoots in a single day. Originally was for a comic which turned into an outdoor photoshoot and a cheated stop-motion. Comic involved Renge discovering her fox background in further detail and the place she was at.

Comic was apparently a flop with people because it wasn’t funny or it didn’t make sense. With that, I stopped making comics. One comic was incoherent and I kind of flipped taking the issue out of hand while this one just didn’t flow. Guess I’m not a comic person.

I however do like the outdoor shots I took of my Renge with the windmill. I feel the need to replicate those at dusk and dawn hours now.

July 2nd, 2011:

(Link – Article) – July 1st is Canada Day. Couldn’t up it earlier.

I planned a lot for this and it all went down the damn drain. Had the case of the craps, couldn’t twitcast (livestreaming via phone), missed Will & Kate, and missing out on the fun. Didn’t want the day to go to waste so I took a trip briefly downtown to capture these shots and left again because my runs were just that bad. For this year I shall use the same plan while trying to make the most out of it.

Top image is a Spark Street full of people after witnessing Will & Kate. Second one contains everything Canadian and what looks like a bong. 2010’s Canada Day was better because I actually hung out with friends and got things the way I wanted them.

July 12th, 2011:

(Link – Article)

Gran Turismo 5 is a game that doesn’t disappoint. It only disappoints those that want to be disappointed. This game allows me to race, cruise, try out vintage cars, photoshoot, and even mess around with various things. The multiplayer? Just what it needed. Damage? Whatever….

I actually like this game as much as I do with Gundam Battle Records for PS3. The attention to detail and the re-playability is awesome. It made my year. I got both Ferrari and the Initial D Trueno (tofu car).

July 14th, 2011:

(Link – Article)

Forgot about Benio’s Diorama side. With Konami soon shutting down the whole thing I took the time to use DS and Benio before the whole thing vanished altogether. Glad I did because I saw Benio’s beautiful side in more detail. With such, someone else got interested in Benio.

July 19th, 2011:

(Link – Article)

Haven’t really allowed my Shinki’s to fight one another. This session was to get both Benio and Renge to continue where they left off when my first Renge figure arrived in my hands.

July 24th, 2011:

(Link – Article)

If it isn’t insane snowstorms then it’s the heat and humidity stirring up trouble in Ottawa. Was too humid to really do anything, with these shots taken in-between the insane humanities. Also took out the new miko outfit that I feared taking out when I first got it months back.

August 4th, 2011:

(Link – Article)

A game of chess never hurts anybody, especially outside. Even that curious crow didn’t intervene or harass so all the more reason to enjoy a game of chess. Shinki’s were stuck indoors for a lengthy period of time that going outdoors would of done them well, and me of course.

Also chose Kohiru and Fubuki over Renge  to add further variety to the blog.

August 9th, 2011

(Link – Article)

Musical formalities. Beautiful, elegant, and classy formalities from our polite rich Sharatang. Another Shinki get and another to keep me company through musical needs. I was actually quite surprised to see what her personality was like. Wasn’t expecting politeness in a rich manner of speaking. Normally the archetypes for rich girls are rude with arrogant with that very very annoying laugh.

The lights were a nice touch, but missing a proper sounding violin tune. Guess that can be forgiven. I’ve been having the urge to raid music shops or places with her. That is something to do during 2012.

August 17th, 2011:

(Link – Article)

Pretty sure a game of chess suits Sharatang’s personality. And with night a perfect opportunity to attempt night-time photography using Shara’s lights.  Satisfied with “indoor” photoshoot.

August 25th, 2011:

(Link – Article)

Even though Diorama Studio contains a few areas to photoshoot it still allowed for lots of unique images. Again, had to make use of it before the death period. Five more days before it perished.

Oh? The termination date was pushed to Japanese Halloween! Woot!

Kohiru and coffee and sweets works. Surprised Kohiru can act sexy…sadly, she’s technically underaged and robotic. That would make me look like a pedo…*runs*.

September 2nd, 2011:

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Now, how would Sharatang’s practices look like? Like that? More professional? Less professional? Well, I gave you an idea of how my Sharatang practices and plays.

Best thing about DS is actually part swapping in detail by placing Renge’s ears onto Kohiru.

September 19th, 2011:

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Cooking? Renge? Cocoa beans? Check out my March section? Well, I wanted to get Renge to cook after seeing Arnval finger milk into her mouth, hearing Renge gave me cocoa beans instead of cake, and a few requests. I did it, but I believe it needs a redo.

Ottawa also had a little earthquake that shook the area a day before allowing me to poke fun with “Fox-quake punch” in the last image. Earthquake activity appears to be on the rise recently.

September 23rd, 2011:

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I’ll be short and honest: School makes everybody go insane one way or another. Also, this is the kind of freedom DS allowed you.

October 4th, 2011:

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Obtained Battlemasters MK 2 without the bonuses for my PSP. I’m so glad I did, fun game. What’s neat is getting the Arnval bookmark that gave you Fubuki’s black wings. Sadly, my Fubuki appears to be low level to use it.

With Rondo set to be terminated I gradually carried over my Shinkis to Battlemasters, minus Kohiru and Benio because Konami purposely left them out. Add them! Those DLCs are also costly, yet I still purchased them.

October 10th, 2011:

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Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians! Belated? Ya, left my photoshoot hanging until last minute causing me to rush rush rush! Thus the quality. More time needs to be taken at this point. I’m pleased with it, but I feel that I’m at the point where I can up the quality ^^.

Awesome magnifying quality. Sharatang’s face looks awesome.

October 14th, 2011:

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With odd weather comes a great chance for photography! Mother Nature decided to send a swift and powerful thunderstorm that attacked Ottawa that day. Small, but still noteworthy because I haven’t really seen hail attack Ottawa all that often, let alone in person. I’m also pleased that she gave us that last storm before heading into fall.

Because it was quick, I swiftly grabbed Fubuki and photoshooted whatever was left by the storm. Reset? Good luck….it melted by the time I could reset. Disappointed by the lack of images I went out and took more images with the least photoshooted Shinki. Might as well.

October 29th, 2011:

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Anybody craving Kohiru flavored cupcakes or muffins?

With Halloween comes a chance to spook one another. Yes, even Shinkis may celebrate it by playing with lighting and a chance for me to learn more about poorly-lit photography. Planned this out well in advance  over three sessions and I’m pleased with the results.

*Lights up pumpkin* – Thanks for the assistance Benio.

And with that, I’m assuming Konami pulled a very cruel pun with the meaning of Halloween. The dead rise on Halloween while Konami put Battle Rondo to death on that day…..I’m glad I managed to speak to my Shinkis before their persistent behavior vanished.

RIP – Battle Rondo.

October 31st, 2011:

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Took the time to show my Shinki’s meeting up one last time before departing their separate ways and to their “Type” domain (i.e Samurai to Kyoto).

My one and only regret was not ranking up my Shinkis to the highest. I either made excuses or totally forgot about it. One of those moments where Yoda’s quotes come in – “Do or do not, there is no try”. As nerdy as that might sound it is appropriate for my forgetfulness.

RIP Rondo! – All that was needed was a simple face-lift. One of the few MMO’s I actually enjoyed.

The final farewell may be viewed by clicking this sentence. Click me!

November 10th, 2011:

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Nostalgia alert! Robocop, one of the many shows I watched during the 1990s and enjoyed. Sadly, I don’t remember much and need the aid of YouTube to remember those nice scenes. It would go without saying that I would purchase Robocop, as surprising as it would be for Good Smile Company to sculpt and sell this. My one main gripe with this would be the lack of Mr. Murphy’s face.

This should open up room for downtown images using him and Ein.

November 20th, 2011:

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Naru2u was awesome this time around, but still troubled by both the owner and the fans. Some things were scaled back while other things were improved upon, slightly. Know the right people and even this little con can be awesome. Me and a fellow’er met up once again and I got to meet others with various kinds of dolls. People seemed to take notice of Renge.

I liked the con and the meet-up, but I still see basic areas where it could improve. As usual, my fellow Ottawaians were quick to take pot-shots at the con saying how much it sucks and how they got bored instead of taking the time to actually socialize. Noticed people defending the con by saying to socialize with other like minded folks instead of being a grumpy introverted turd.

The only problem I saw was fellow Ottawaians liking Anime prefered to shit on con instead of assisting it. I’m guilty of that quite a bit as well because I compared this con with Otakuthon and G-Anime and suggested that Naru2u obtain badges….On second thought, that is perfectly fine on my end. We need badges, not some hospital tags meant for ill patients. Guess that is a subtle way to say we’re ill and retarded?

Regardless, I found it fun so who cares how it went. There simply needs to be room for constant improvement and a growth in the overly shy Anime group.

November 23th, 2011:

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Mother Nature itching to make it snow in Ottawa. Was snowing very heavily that night giving Ottawa a nice 5-7 cm thick snow cover. Also good because I ended up photoshooting with my miko Renge.

Mostly everything went as I wanted it, minus the miko outfit’s sleeves which were just a mm too small to fit Renge’s arm armor. I may have to play with that before heading out next time instead of getting near dizzy when kneeling and forcing it with gloves. Think I’m getting slightly better with each photoshoot.

Nice photoshooting outdoors, get to see and meet people. Sadly, they’re also introverted because we exchange contact information yet they don’t respond. Damn you people! I’m the one known as a shy person yet you guys don’t end up replying?! Geez. You’re the one that wanted to exchange information in the first damn place. Guess that is how I keep getting spam mail? Information leaked by civilian spies.

*Insert conspiracy theories here*

December 5th, 2011:

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Merry Sinterklaas Day! Renge beat me to my own gift and checked it before I could. Guess I’ll let it slide because fox spirits aren’t known to be aware of foreign festivities.

I enjoy celebrating this, even if I know the “truth”. It is fun regardless and I might as well enjoy it instead of being a stiff brick pretending to be logical. Imagination is key, logic limits one’s mind to have fun. To prove my point try quoting various math equations one after another without a break at a date, dance, club, or party and you’re bound to get beat down. Maybe a rare chance of fun by being mocked. Have fun and loosen up or die serious with a stroke ^^. Your call.

I chose to have fun.

December 24th, 2011:

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Merry Christmas!

Gathered up all my Figma’s and Shinkis to celebrate Christmas. Also used one of those ideas or requests to gather up my Figmas and group shot them from back in 2009. Might as well. And with Christmas I got more ideas and took Tsugu out to bring in gifts to a mischievous Renge. Why Tsugaru? Because she is Type Santa, goes well with December.

December 31st, 2011:

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Being a 2011 lootage, this deserves to be within the 2011 time-line, not 2012 review.

Ms. Liberty obtained in a similar fashion as Tsugu, minus the drama. Both her and Tsugaru came earlier than they were listed as and both were reviewed after Christmas due to their timing.

Quite a large number said that she is flawed, that she is ugly, and that both her and her sister aren’t worth getting. Pardon the language, but I call bullshit. Sure, they have minor flaws but both are worth it. I do like the attention to detailing, the way you can transform them, and the aviation side of it.  This Shinki shall fight evenly with the Type Beetles, the bosses, and the Gargantuan suit being made by Konami to allow Shinkis to fight on equal ground.


Special Thanks:

A special New Year thank you or shout-outs section to thanks those that helped me out this year. I would like to thank those that left comments on my blog and on articles. Thanks for commenting and following me through-out the years, or only just recently. I would also like to thank those for following me, lurking, and for sharing your love for Anime via Twitter.

ForzaFerrari: No, not the Ferrari maker, but my friend who has a deep love for Ferrari and aviation. Thanks for keeping me sane. Those FSX sessons were fun. Thanks for also being my spy in Vancouver by sharing images. Keep up the music making!
Persocom: Yet again. thanks for getting me into Shinkis, for the ideas, and just basically commenting year after year. Sorry for all the insanity and TNT’ing you to bits, but hope you have a nice Chii-year. Sorry for all those destroyed buildings.
Nopy:  Nice meeting a fellow Canadian and fun reading your deep thoughts into Anime, Anime culture, and how we got into Anime. Shall be lurking and commenting on your blog more. You also made me re-think how I should blog.
Yunamon: Tama-chan!  Your Tama-chan is awesome and you keep sharing foxy & Figma stuff. I’m able to keep up to date with your updates. Also enjoy viewing your updates. Keep it up!
–  Nascar241993: Would like to thank Nas for all the fox images he shared, all those Minecraft sessions we did, the over-helpful Terraria moments and etc. Nice way to pass the time and to gain ideas. Hope you get Asuka or Mizuki! You’re like one of Renge’s minions willing to help wherever possible. Those FSX sessions, fun fun. Apologies for blowing you up in Minecraft.
Ken_Works: Wow! You surprised me.  The amount of assistance to help me is surprising. The translations for Renge and my Shinkis from Rondo is more than what I could of asked for. You also went out of your way to take images of Renge at conventions, surprising. I also enjoy your Aviation images and videos along with those Twitter updates of Japan.
Naitonii: Generally a cool guy with foxy thoughts.  amused to see I got you into getting Benio and that you enjoy her presence more than anything. Seeing your view on Shinki and STWOR is refreshing. Though, I’m a bit jealous you obtained an arctic fox plushy…
 Kodama: Probably might not see this, but he did help me out with various things – I.e solutions to fix Renge’s hair. He appears to be one of the few who actually enjoys the thing he likes in Ottawa and isn’t afraid to show it. Figma? Dollfie? Nendos? Share it freely. If I’m not the one to host meet-ups then you can count on Kodama to call for one. I’m able to see things within the Anime scene I normally wouldn’t notice thanks to him.
Battrastard: For all the ideas into fixing Renge’s 9-tailed hair. They worked, if for a month or two. Thanks for the solutions.  Worked in my G-Anime shoots.
Shikkaze: A new encounter and you already decided to point out things about Battlemasters MK. II. You told me the code in Archvies was for Howling/Mao and that Renge wouldn’t have to be scraped and re-obtained. Nice.
Haku: For trying to help me out on one Rondo translation batch and by sharing a Shinki link in one of your comments on your blog.  Have to thank you for those simple quick helpful moments.

Japanese Shinki Community:  Too many to list so I’ll do a general big thank you to you folks. Those in Rondo, Twitter, Flickr, and wherever else you may be in places I’ve roamed. I enjoy seeing your customized Shinkis and retweeting them.

Don’t worry, I don’t hate you if you’re not listed here. There are too many people to thank so I’m picking people that helped me out the most. I also thank you if you didn’t piss me off in any way, shape, or form. If you did piss me off then I hope you stop feeling insecure and start doing what you truly enjoy.

And with that, enjoy 2012 and don’t think of dooms day thoughts! Even if Tokyo was hit with a 7.2-7.4 quake. What happens happens. 2011 was a year I struggled with, yet it seemed nearly similar to 2010. I learned more about myself and I noticed that Renge appears to have a personality similar to mine. I guess that explains why I’m so interested in her.

Happy new Year!