Tulip Festival ’11 – Renge

Spring sure is slow this year around. I mean, last year we had the hottest spring while this year we had the most delayed one. Global warming? Global climate change? If anything, nothing stays the same for long so patterns tend to change. Same could actually be said to the format of the Tulip Festival. I’ll go with a bit of a prologue and a recap while showing my lovely Renge twins as they curiously climb up tulips on a very nice cloudless windy day.

(Link – MySite) – Red tulips, courtesy from our Dutch friends!

(All images taken on a Lumix GF-1 – Pancake lens.)

I shall be upping one more article a bit later. I already have numerous parts of the Tulip Fest’, I came here numerous times, and I don’t necessarily want to bore your guys/gals with already snapped images. I only come here for the international pavilion section to taste foods and to see what they have to offer. I shall re-cap everything and treat this article as a “prologue”.

And as I noted in the intro paragraph – The tent positioning keeps changing throughout the years. It basically stays the same, but the minor changes are very noticeable causing a ripple throughout the navigation of the pavilion. The main course/event hasn’t even started and you can already notice it. Oh, and do not read this as a complain because I’m only stating my observations.

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(Link – MySite) – Lego! A Lego Tulip section aimed for kids.

(Link – MySite) – *ponders about Renge and her future new partner playing with Lego’s*

(Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite) – Swirly carpet of Tulips. (Link – MySite) – The Royal Wedding.

(Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite) – More Tulips, the Art gallery, and the Basilica.

(Link – MySite) – This kaleidoscope looks quite interesting.

Hmm…..Random moment – I think I’ll aim the next three images for mocking and taunting the local newspaper prints for splattering Tulip Festival images in Ottawa papers. I mean, they constantly use these kinds of image style in their papers so I just felt like randomly poking fun at you guys. Kon! Kon!

(Link – MySite) – Second page type image.

(Link – MySite) – Third page type image.

(Link – MySite) – First page with bold lettering.

I can snap your style of images as well, kon! No harm done, right? I was just messing around :).

(Link – MySite) – North American styled “cosplay” of older of Ottawaian female fashion.

(Link – MySite) – Tulips in front of  an over-sized American Embassy.

I tried to find some nice locations for both my Twin Renge’s to let loose, but only managed one cramp little location.  Don’t worry, no damages to any of the Tulips! It’s as if my twin foxes spirits never touched them! I try to leave things as I found them.

(Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite) – They’re so tiny! Was a bit hard to take images amongst the Tulips.
(Link – MySite) – Ah! They look so comfortable sitting on the tulip leaves! Bud young Tulip!

(Link – MySite) – “Is this Tulip?”

(Link – MySite) – Racoons raiding the Hill.

(Link – MySite) – Oyasumi Nasai, Neko-chan!

(Link – MySite) – Good night little cat!

(Link – MySite) – Even with the Racoons around they’re still sleeping like a log.


Yup, just one more article as I flooded my blog with images from last year. Might as well make those interested view those! But yes, thanks for viewing and hope you’re enjoying you’re lovely weather!