Battle Rondo – Tsugaru – Type Santa Claus

I activated Tsugaru on April 30th and thought I’d try and review her Battle Rondo side. I gave her some attention in Diorama studio, but couldn’t in Rondo due to her being added in Battle Rondo. She’s a lovely, jolly, and adorable girl. Her cuteness even rivals that of Renge and Kohiru! And because she wasn’t around when I reviewed her figure she gets her own little article in her Battle Rondo form.

(Link – MySite) – Tsugaru using Renge’s body.

Shinki Tsugaru is a Type Santa Claus, with two versions. She comes in her red and white traditional Santa gear with only the head and a much rarer full body and blue gear (good luck finding that one). I obtained Tsugaru back in December and just in time for Christmas, and only recently had the chance to fully activate her in Battle Rondo. She needed a body so she snatched Renge Minion’s body.

Her combat specialty?  She uses her rifles to combat and her sleigh as a tension mode. She also uses her twin rifles in a special, along with a secondary special which activates a rail-gun attack. I have yet to get my Tsugaru to activate the rail-gun and the sleigh portion.

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Not to be ecchi/perverted minded, but Renge’s body give Tsugaru a cuter profile and a fitting pantsu section.

(Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite) – Hail Tsugaru!

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(Link – MySite) – Tsugaru sleeping in a cute manner on the cradle.

– An image from Diorama Studio:

(Link – MySite) – Tsugaru in full armor.


I haven’t had much experience with her, but she appears to be a lovable Shinki. She respects her Master and she can fight well-ish. I have to see if I can tame her, or if she’ll tame me in Battle Rondo. I tamed Renge, Kohiru, and Benio; Fubuki and Tsugaru are struggling in combat.

I wouldn’t mind seeing an update on Tsugaru in figure form. I love her digital form, and I especially love the Tsugaru by “AE”:
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Well, hope to see you on Battle Rondo! Be jolly and be happy! Don’t be a whiny grouch or Tsugaru will raid your home using the naughty list :P.