Shinki Renge P2 – Battle Rondo Review

Welcome back to part two of Renge’s Review! Why? Because she was finally added into Konami’s Battle Rondo! My other review of her was too large to add to so I thought I’d split it up into her own second review article. It’s been a long time waiting for her to appear in Battle Rondo, even when planned to be the first Shinki in my collection back in August 2010.

(Link – MySite) – Setting up Renge

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Renge’s figure came out late of October and shipped to me by November 2nd. Her game appearance was later added on the night of Thursday, January 27th, 2011 (EST and Canada time).

Her lack of in-game appearance was taken as a great disappointment and I showed such on and it’s puchi. I doubt Konami read those complaints, but I’m glad that my wish, and Renge’s, were granted in appearing in that game. Whatever the case, all the Renge and Gab’ fans are now pleased! Thanks Konami!

Also, I’m giving horribly rough translations to the following images below. If you are Japanese, or know Japanese, then feel free to correctly translate whatever image you want to my semi-accurate translated jokes.

First Impressions:

Now that she is in-game I can now be highly amused and see her highly tsundere and arrogant princess-like behavior within the said game. Her wait was well worth it, even if I did half-assidely waited for her to appear in Battle Rondo. Her gear and personality suggests she’s a close-combat high-attack and mobile Shinki. Also, any long-ranged Shinki tend to flee like scared cowards while trying to out-range Renge.

Her voice is that of a spoiled 5 year old child mixed with a tone of an arrogant princess. I guess that fits her foxy personality well? I assume it does, and it even cracks me up with the way she taunts and mocks haha! I’m also assuming she has a tsundere personality because of the way she keeps bashing me, others, and yet wants my affection. Even her actual figure form does so!

(Link – MySite)

(Video tour of our proud 9 tailed fox – Renge.)

(Link – MySite) – She doesn’t like to be poked yet – “SHOO!~”

(Link – MySite) – She doesn’t like to be petted either.

And then a few images from various battles in comical and amusing poses heh.

(Link – MySite) – Renge preparing to attack in a losing battle against Gab’.

(Link – MySite) – Waltzing into combat in a high-and-mighty manner.

(Link – MySite) – Renge slicing and dicing; claws chance a stun effect.

Renge gets insanely high-and-mighty that she puffs her chest out. Well, lets see what kind of reaction that leads to….

(Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite) – <3 for a great victory

(Link – MySite) – New fight with another brag-filled pose – Boxing to pointing.

Translation to below image: “hmm…you’re better than I expected
I might think about making you my minion

(Link – MySite) – Boast all you want Renge.

Renge? She wants minions? Oh damn, evil minded Renge! But hey, it would work out well on online settings haha!

(Link – MySite) – “Of course I would win this battle!”

After a few overly arrogant conversations later I tried to command her to go recharge (sleep). But that was overly amusing as well because she got tsundere (I think) with wanting me to carry her to her cradle. You never cease to be cute haha!

(Link – MySite) – Renge asking to be carried.

Translation to below: “finally I can rest…..
If I couldn’t make it to the cradle, please make sure you carry me there…..

(Link – MySite) – “If I can’t make it to bed please do carry me there….”

(Link – MySite) – She rubs her eyes and lays back to recharge.

(Link – MySite) – zzzzZzzzzz


The next day:

Well, I basically woke her up to battle once again in offline mission.

She fought once offline and won. She then trained four times – 2 in attack and 2 in guard guard. She then fought online and lost, bah. To regain her trust she won in offline mission again. Rough day, and off to a rocky start. I accidentally either scolded her or said something negative when she asked something. Man, I wish I knew Japanese, or had a a translator on hand >.> But eh, I guess scolding her was somewhat worth it for her attitude haha.

(Link – MySite) – I’m assuming she wanted to sleep more?

(Link – MySite) – I purposely idled causing her to get all angry at me :P.

(Link – MySite) – Idling about some more with a funny.

(Link – MySite) – She lost against a level 24 Razz, poor gal.

Repeat the above scene where she tries to redeem herself and I accidentally scolded her. She got riled up and shouted back at me.

(Link – MySite) – be careful with what you say….

You’re probably asking what she comes with after all this rambling, right? Well, lets see….

Weapons & Equipment:

– Fox ears
– Helmet
– Tail hair-piece
– flame hair-clip
– Chest armor
– Arm armor (doubles as weapon)
– Long tail sword (in two sword forms)
– 8 swords (4 small and 4 large)
– Tail attachment piece
– Tail gauntlet (holds 8 swords and 9th tail sword in center)
– Two claws.


1)  Speed boost – Boots activate speed burst after certain LP (think mana) to catch-up with cowardly ranged opponents.
2) Tail gauntlet -  Man be used to spear opponents by extending gauntlet into claw.
3) Tail wag-dance with gauntlet – Sends projectiles towards enemies while tail-wagging their  Master to death from moe-overdose.

With all the “high-class” proud boasting she  does, shemust be a great fighter, right? Well…..yes, and no. She’s good, but I need to train her to be a better one. She’s low level and is open for losing streaks from higher level Masters. Also, many ranged shinki try to get outside her range in a cowardly-like manner by wasting precious numerous turn.
Well, here are a few more images of Renge in her “C” Class! Telling me to level her to to “B”?  Don’t have to tell me…..But,For now we got these images and videos to show off her fierce fox battle-spirit. Enjoy!

Went into simulation mode because she ran out of energy for missions and versus.

(Link – MySite) – Renge using most of Tsugaru’s armor similar to figure form.

(Link – MySite) – Slicing and dicing~

(Link – MySite) – Victory boasting rights.

(Link – MySite) – Now that’s using your tail!

(Link – MySite) – Losers are doomed in becoming her minion.

(Link – MySite) – From acceptance to loyalty.

A quick battle between mine and Persocom’s Renge.

(Link – MySite) – Battles in space? Anythings possible in 2036

(Link – MySite) – Battle between White fox spirits.

And a combat video to feast your eyes on!

Day 3+:
(Training and raising Renge with another possible article coming few months later.)

(Link – MySite) – And it went boom!

(Link – MySite) – Renge’s expression to ranging cowards.

(Link – MySite) – Victories make Renge a happy fox-spirit!

(Link – MySite) – One step closer to taming my wild fox spirit! Look at those hearts!

(Link – MySite) – Renge’s new stretching-before-sleep routine.

Well, time to spend many hours playing and waiting for Renge to gradually get to B Class. I used up all my batteries on Benio, bah.  She’s a great fighter but needs hordes of taming to do what she does best, that overly-proud tsundere. Here is to hoping I don’t get bored of Battle Rondo because I truly do want to see her in her powerful owning state as her personality shows.

I would also like to thank Haku for the swift-moment he took to translate what Renge was saying, Thanks! – – Please go visit his blog! You won’t be disappointed!

Now to get finger bitten by Renge, Peace!