Minecraft – Arctic Kitsune’s realm.

Ah, never thought I’d show Minecraft on my blog. However, this game is brutally addicting and it deserves some form of respect from me so I shall give it a swift spotlight before switching back to Anime related material. Survive with a cube-e-cube world.

(Link – MySite) – My mini-village on my private server.

(Note: Pardon the already known information, simply “reviewing” Minecraft while inserting my images and video embeds. This article also wanted to be seen because it didn’t want to wait till the 19th of May, the time I told it to get posted.)


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My Minecraft Adventures Blog – World of Arcticu & Kitsua:


What is Minecraft? Think of Legos, and how you may or may not have built various creations using Lego blocks. If you’re one of the unfortunate individuals who hasn’t toyed with Lego then go check them out right now! Minecraft is basically a free-roam creativity mining game with you deciding how to play the game. However, Day 1-10 forces you to survive in a creature filled world full of pigs, sheep, cows, and squids during the day while creepers, zombies, and skeletons hog the night. Creepers carry over from the night without burning in the sun like a vampire.

The main purpose of this game is to mine(craft) with resources you gather from your resource filled land. What you do with those resources is up to you. You may build a little hut, a mansion, castle, underground base-of-operations, a floating city, or something to roast the whole land of your Minecraft world. If mining ever gets boring, you can always craft away materials and objects to decorate your “base”. Maybe set up traps for mobs or other players. It’s all up to you.

(Link – MySite) – The all too familiar sky-bridge because of mountains. (World 1)

If you dislike how the game looks or want stuff added to it then you may check out the mods section at various communities on the web. You can insert a likable texture pack, add in plane mods, or even some NPC’s that progressively build villages at random.

This could be classified as a game, but it’s more of a sandbox that fills most of the gaps players been looking for. People want to have fun, create things, destroy things, gather resources, steal them, use this as a medium to speak out to others, or to simply enjoy the gorgeous minecraft world. The freedom is here to do as you desire! Other games simply think they’re fun when they’re actually shoving you with a toothpick at your throat making you think you’re having fun when you truly aren’t. It’s all hostile lies!

The terrain within this game also sparks the creative mind to design various things within the world. See a mountain? Make a luxurious hide out. See those trees? Turn it into a tree house. See that massive lake? Build an oil-rig or an underwater base. The choice is yours!

(Link – MySite) – Sky bridge at night. (World 1)

During a 1.8 update hunger has been added to replace instant food heals. Notch wanted you to survive over building things carelessly by adding hunger in survival and no-health in creative mode. I actually approve because it makes you try and survive by hunting or growing your own food. If you don’t eat you shall loose half-health and take half a heart’s worth of damage every few seconds. You shall be weaker to mobs and won’t heal unless you restore your food bar back to full.

Lacking the food? EXPLORE! GROW! Don’t just sit on your lovely fat asses!

People sadly dislike this change and whine at every chance they gain. Ah, how spoiled us first-world nationers are, eh? There are people starving for real food and we’re concerned about in-game hunger, lovely. How are those priorities going? 😛

(Link – MySite) – Future base of operations – The before. (World 1)

(Link – MySite) – The present base of operations – The current. (World 1)

(Link – MySite) – From a lost traveler to the “King of the hill”. (World 1)

(Link – MySite) – Waging a war against the suicide-bombing Creepers. (World 1)

(Link – MySite) – Creeper hole within a mine. (World 1)

Want to survive? Do everything top-side during the day and underground stuff during the night. Why? Evil creatures are hungry and they want your living flesh. They spawn when the moon comes up and burn away during the day. Though, they also spawn in the darkness so do light up those caves! Have a mod installed? Mo’ Creatures mod? Then you’re screwed during the night. Just do whatever you can to survive!

The Good mobs:

– Sheep: They give you 1-3 blocks of white, gray, or black wool which you can later dye using flower dyes. You need to sheer these buggers for their wool! They’ll also regrow depending on the game version you have running.
– Pigs: For raw pork which you later roast into cooked pork to heal health.
– Cows: For hide which you craft into armor. With a recent update they also drop raw beef.
– Squid: Harmless, and they can be found in large bodied water while dropping ink sacs. They can also be found in waterfalls due to a bug.
– Spiders: They’re harmless during the day, and only during the day.
– Wolves: They come either as one, or in packs. They attack other animals and can be trained to become your companion by feeding them skeleton bones. If attacked by a player, the wolf will kill them. They may also turn demonic with big red eyes.
– Zombie Pig Man: They’re come in packs and they’re generally good. They are humanoid pigs in zombie form in the Nether world.
– Enderman: They don’t care if you indirectly look at them, they would rather waltz around picking up one random block at a time. If you wear a mask they won’t attack you.

The Bad mobs:

– Creepers: The most annoying creature to spawn in the dark. Due to the lack of human life they got very lonely causing any signs of human life to set them off. They run towards a player in a long-awaited greetings causing them to short circuit and explode. They’re the cause of loss of life and property damage.
– Skeletons: The undead archers that enjoy shooting at any living humanoid.
– Zombies: They simply want your brains, that is all.
– Spiders: They’re evil buggers that jump assault you because the moon stirs their more aggressive side.
– Wolves: Read above – and only if you attack them.
– Ghasts: They’re the big white ghost things in the Nether that shoot flaming balls at you. They keep crying “Help me!”
– Zombie Pig Man: Only if attacked by the player. They will attack you in packs, like the wolves.
– Enderman: They become quite hostile when you look directly at them. They’ll teleport to you and try to hit you with a block if you disrupt their introverted personality by even a tiny fraction.

(Link – MySite) – Reed/sugar cane farm at one of my outposts in 1.7 world . (World 1)

(Link – MySite) – Fortress with railway sky-bridge leading to a third outpost. (World 1)

(Link – MySite) – Spiders raiding my underground bunker. (World 1)

(Link – MySite) – Ending of railway network at third outpost. (World 1)


World 2:

Minecraft allows players to create and delete as many world as they want. I’ve decided to create my second as my main after gathering necessary Minecraft common-sense knowledge. Wanted to put all the stuff learned to good use. Anyways, started new world when Beta was first released with a bit of a hiccup.

(Link – MySite) – Spy Chickens raiding my mines.

The power supply failed on me causing my main world to disappear from power failure. Ah well, onto a new world!

(Link – MySite) – Creeper raid! This is what you tend to see every morning.

(Link – MySite) – Creeper hole.

(Link – MySite) – Construction of my new home.

(Link – MySite) – After a certain update spiders could climb walls. Bugger…

(Link – MySite) – Ventured to the nether and attempted to build a home. I failed.

(Link – MySite) – Died in Nether causing me to spawn near my main home with a sheep in it. Baaaaah!~

(Link – MySite) – A lioness from Mo’ Creatures wanting my cake during sunrise.

(Link – MySite) – So did the birdies….

(Link – MySite) – Fox party – Foxes eating birdies below.

(Link – MySite) – Mo’ Creatures – An Orc destroyed my home :(.

(Link – MySite) – Destruction from Orc.

(Link – MySite) – How appropriate! A fox shrine for the fox spirit!



You already saw Mo’ Creatures mod so I decided to share Millenaire mod. This mod basically scatters NPC’s around the map and has them use nearby resources to build structures. I also recommend this mod if you ever get lonely offline! You can trade with them to help both sides out.

(Link – MySite) – Good Morning! Also using Japan texture pack.

(Link – MySite) – I provided a bit of wood and Cobble, that’s it!

(Link – MySite) – They decided to make a mine.


Multiplayer Images:

Here are two images from a server I played on with me building a giant tree fort within a lake. It took me about three days to complete and a few more for all the trees to grow on it.

(Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite) – Lights up like an oil right 🙂

Arcticu World! – My private server.

And then some images from my private server again! Not all that glorious, yet, but this time I shall keep this one around without deleting it. I also use texture packs, just not after updates due to purple or invisible object bugs.

(Link – MySite) – Ontop spawn tower, next to someone’s watchtower, subway tunnel, my home, farm, bread store, and then the nether portal.

– Spent ages trying to explore my world after 1.6.4 patch was released. The survival Multi-player was buggy (still is) so I couldn’t explore my world all that properly. Small chunks would load at a time, or not at all!

(Link – MySite) – I’m at my Canadian snow tower with cursor on mini-spawn village.

Canadian-Snow Tower – Trying to turn this into the archive of the land. It has an indoor farm, a crafting area, a Canadian flag, and a fountain. Trying to add a library and such into it.

(Link – MySite) – Entrance has been assaulted by a legion of creepers on daily Minecraft basis.

(Link – MySite) – Fountain and Canadian flag.

(Link – MySite) – Snow biome! You can also notice a bit of chunk error from 1.6.4 in this.

(Link – MySite) – My Fox shrine under construction. The fox is pointing towards spawn point – North. Also added fog for effect.

(Link – MySite) – Hard to make a fox statue….

If I know you and you want into my this fox realm then do give me a shout and I shall let you on! Sadly, still need Hamachi to connect. Hoping to correct this later in the future, and to have the server running longer. Also planning to add a lovely updating Google Minecraft map at a later date!


My Minecraft Adventures:

Hello guys! If you managed to skim or read down here then congrats! I wanted to update a few outdated links that I wanted pointing to my newer blog instead of dead unused forum types. If you want to know what adventures me and my fellow bloggers or fox minions are on then head over to my other blog!

– World of Arcticu & Kitsua

My 1.7 world disappeared and my new 1.8 world is gradually being expended to the same scale of construction as before. Interested in joining? Get to know me first and show me that you aren’t a careless or damaging troll! I must know you if you want to join!


This game also has Terraria as a lovely competition! But Terraria is far from Minecraft! But each have their own pros and cons.

As of recent updates:

– Weather has been added: Rain, thunderstorm, & snow. Snow also reforms in snow biomes! Creepers gain a charge when hit by lightning. Notch said he wanted things to flood, but never did such a thing.
– Wild wolves were added, which you could later tame with bones.
– Charger carts could push your carts around your track network.
– Hatches and nether portals were made usable! Mushrooms and shrubs now grow in various biomes in Minecraft!
– Craftable Maps were added allowing players to explore and then share their maps with others. Now we just need a way to display them on the wall or something to make them much more useful!

And more from 1.8 and 1.9 updates!


Now that I finally made an article my mind can now stop bothering me about upping this.

Happy Minecrafting!

(Edit: Monday, May 30th, 2011: Just touching up, inserting images, and clarifying!)
(Edit: Monday, October 10th, 2011: Added link s to my Minecraft blog.)