Busou Shinki Lirbiete – Type Vic Viper

Hello guys! Another Shinki joins my group – Ms. Liberty. That is now her nickname with the way her name sounds. I obtained her from HLJ for about $85 CAD….pricey gal she is. She’s also in when I was writing this review. Need to sneak this in before 2012 because I did get this in 2011.

(Link – MySite & Flickr) – Liberty arrives early, with Tsugu on top.

(All images taken with a Lumix GF1 – Pancake lens.)

Ms. Liberty here (name I gave her) came on December 23rd and was supposed to arrive on the 28th. I guess Fed-Ex felt the need to gift me early as a nice Christmas present? Noticed many getting their loots on the weekend. Awesome! Delivery people deserve a quick raise for that.

Ms Liberty here appears to be representing another line with “Vic Vipers” in them. If not that, then maybe a semi-close resemblance to R-Type Tactics, which I doubt would fit. Though, it does give of that Macross vibe as well with how the unit transforms in a similar fashion. Her armor resembles that of a air/space craft similar to Strike Witches. She appears to have two “striker” units, a jet-pack accessory, a blade, and two missile pods

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I have to note that the Vic Viper gals are also a “special” type of figures working off the Beetle girls. They both have excessive amounts of armor and that both have transforming armor that allows them to fight in new “unfair” battles. Unfair? Unless your Shinki’s are well trained or high-ranking, they wouldn’t stand a chance against Boss-type opponents. That is if I consider Battle Rondo‘s regulations.

(Link – MySite) – Front view.

Hmm, nice side views. Nice concept art placed, but looks a tad simple.

(Link – MySite)                  (Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite)


(Link – MySite)

Three trays worth of goods, and goods that might end up getting lost. I would recommend what I did with Sharatang and get some parts container of some sort. Maybe one of those wooden chests from the Dollar Store, jewelery case from Wal-Mart, or something more expensive if you don’t want to use such for photo-shoots. Build your own? Just like Shara there are too many parts that could go missing. Unlike Shara, the size of these parts are quite big.

(Link – MySite)

Two-sided three pages worth of manual. Even with this I still feel stupid :|. I couldn’t get the mecha mode nor a “Strike Witch-esque” unit attachment. I tried and tried but couldn’t place the unit in those two modes. This feels like a model kit.

(Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite) – Activation of Ms. Liberty. Welcome!

(Link – MySite)

Hmm, probably a choatic placing of parts…if it looks like such then I apologize.

(Link – MySite) – Parts out of the box and for your viewing pleasure.

(Link – MySite) – Do not step.

(Link – MySite) – Awesome detailing. A bit too small, but still somewhat readable.

(Link – MySite) – Danger!

(Link – MySite) – Oo, a dancy Liberty.

(Link – MySite)                (Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite) – You can adjust the wings and tilt them however you like.

(Link – MySite) – Flying unit with left side tilted slightly. Probably can’t see it?

(Link – MySite) – Pointing out some easily forgettable emblems and markings.

(Link – MySite) – Missing a canopy, winglets, and cockpit. Makes me wonder what Shinki battles she would be in.

(Link – MySite) – No matter what the Shinki you get the full hand set, unlike Figma’s which depend on figure type.

(Link – MySite) – New head style…..This one is a bit more tricky.

(Link – MySite) – Oh! Ms. Liberty putting on her Ponytail.

(Link – MySite) – I’ll allow her to do some minor touches on her unit ^^.

(Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite) – Front bit which allows the unit to transform into mecha.

(Link – MySite) – Head of the mecha. The face is poorly placed.

(Link – MySite) – The shoes are like Santa shoes, nicely decorated. The bottom is similar to Kohiru‘s while the top has a lovely grayish marking on it.

No, I don’t have two cockpits, Photoshopped one in to show you how the part goes on Liberty’s chest. You basically place it on her and in mecha form.

(Link – MySite) – The cockpit portion goes on Liberty’s battle-chest. You bs

(Link – MySite) – Warning! Warning!

Eureka 7 and Strike Witches reference.

(Link – MySite)                                 (Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite)                                (Link – MySite) – That blade is quite heavy.

(Link – MySite)

Viper unit ready for testing!

(Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite) – GO!~

(Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite & Flickr) – Tsugu snatching a ride and Liberty wanting more Vipers ha!

(Link – MySite)                                (Link – MySite) – My attempt at mecha.

(Link – MySite) – Looks like one of those Zeon tanks tops or Zaku Sniper rifles ^^.

(Link – MySite) – Mecha also has feet. You have to pull it out and place it in proper slot.

(Link – MySite) – Oh? It even has plane lights if you want to track it in the night sky ^^.

(Link – MySite) – Is it a plane? A mecha? It’s a Shinki-mecha-plane Hybrid!



Worth the buy, but not worth the hate. Sure, it has its flaws but it also makes up for it with its design. Because I love planes Shinki found a sweet spot in my heart and shall be looked as the other Shinkis. If you want a flying Shinki then her, or her blue sister should be your choice. If you dislike parts or the complexity then I’ll say pass on her.

She also makes an appearance in Battlemasters MK. II for PSP which is nice. She is one of those DLC characters you’ll have to buy her and her story for a good $10, and another 1000 yen for her armor. Costly, I know.

In Short: Buy her if you can afford her. If not, or if too complex for you then look for a less-armored Shinki.


– Lovely girl with lots of attention to detailing. Her wings and accessories are marked with warning labels similar to those found on planes or other weaponry. If not, then those found on Macross aircraft.
– Can be trained and interacted with in the PSP game – Battlemasters MK II.
– Has various modes to switch from. May switch from Viper to Half-mecha, and to full mecha with both fighting different opponents. Her Viper is her wings and a combat partner allowing her to fight two opponents at once.
-The wings can be tilted and altered in ways plane enthusiasts may want to (i.e tilting the wing for banking and etc)
– Makes an intentional or unintentional reference to Strike Witches. It makes a reference to the Vic Viper game.


– Some parts are very loose and fragile causing the combining of parts to be a frustrating experience. Ms. Liberty’s arm is very loose causing simple poses to be given extra care than they normally should be given.  It must be the new plastic they started using over the one Kohiru and Renge has. Sharatang has similar issues.
– The two “nose” bits of the plane unit are very loose. When trying to align the unit properly the nose bits tend to move around when altering other things.
– Hard to combine Liberty into half-mecha or into mecha mode due to loose joints and parts getting in the way.
– Wasn’t added into Battle Rondo.
– Lacking bigger parts container for all the big parts.