Renge’s Revenge

Ah, another Renge post? Yup! This time with a few more comics, Valentines Day images, and stop motion images. I also hope you liked my blog’s 4th anniversary mascot in the previous article!

(Link – MySite) – Was going to be third attempt at stop motion. Got a bit complicated.

So ya, I hope you guys/gals will welcome my new blog mascot – Arctic Kitsune aka Varkitsu – to mine and your realm. As for Valentines, was a decent day. I got the second half of my desired photoshoot done with my tsundery Renge, spoiled Kohiru, and samurai Benio. Everything wasn’t fine. Why? Renge’s tail piece again which forced me to go into hiding until she recovers from her bad hair day/week. The wintery weather finally caught up to me emotionally as well which effected comic #3 & #4.

Happy V-day to those that celebrated it yesterday.

(Link – MySite) – I hate the word passion but it best describes my interest in photoshooting I guess.

(Link – MySite) – Sleepy Renge is sleepy.

(Link – MySite) – zzzzzzzZzzz.

Renge’s Antics – Comics:

Pardon if it’s a bit rough or confusing. Been told it was a bit incoherent. I’ve just started and still trying to get the feel of making comics.  Maybe it had something to do with the gloomy weather? Also wanted to add a much friendlier scene where Renge simply goes “tsun tsun” and “hungry” at the same time.

Continuation from:

(Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite)

Shall keep trying to improve and streamline the comics a bit better. And it appears Renge truly is a star, she keeps possessing people left, right and center :P. Also, I didn’t want Renge to be that violent yet. I wanted her to be her happy tsundere embarrassed like manner. What’s done is done I guess.

(Link – MySite) – My little gift to my Shinki gals for being such good girls.

(Link – MySite) – Kohiru repairing Renge’s arm.

(Link – MySite) – Going to dig in?

(Link – MySite) – Itadakimasu!~

Battle Rondo V-Day:

How was V-day in Rondo? Amusing to say the least. Fubuki said something I wasn’t able to decipher though. Benio appeared to be very happy and a tad shy with her response. Renge? She offered me cocoa beans of all things in a shy and embarrassed manner. I would like to say tsundere but I’ve been told she’s not as such. She appears such to me though :/

– Fubuki nicknamed Talia:

(Link – MySite) – I don’t know Japanese so I’ll blindly up this assuming it is V-day content.

– Benio nicknamed Benios:

(Link – MySite) – Benio a bit shy.

– Renge nicknamed Sneliska:

(Link – MySite) – Ken_works said she offered Cocoa beans instead of chocolate because she can’t cook. Cute.

Stop Motion:

Finally! After a half a year of pondering and wanting to I finally got around to it! Well, time to improve my stop motion skills as this is actually quite fun. I also need to find a program which would allow me to see previous frame on top of a live-feed and readjust accordingly. Anyways, here are my first few attempts! Benio is my second crack at such.

(Link – MySite) – A sleepy hello!

(Link – MySite) – Benio’s sword practice.

(Link – MySite) – Second sword practice.


And as mentioned, I’m going to go hide until I fix her tail before Renge slices me up for ruining her tail piece. Again? Yes. My fix lost it’s strength and fell apart. I guess she wouldn’t take losing to Kohiru lightly as well. *sighs*.  I guess I would be considered a bad “Master” in Busou Shinki terms, or world >.<

Until later, whenever that’s going to be! Peace!