Azunyan & Renge’s Spring

Kon! Now that it’s officially spring I thought I’d take both Azunyan and Renge on an outdoor photoshoot. I wanted to try some monochrome styled images with a bit of color in some of my images. Ah! Lovely March!

(Link – MySite) – Tim Hortons donuts nya~

(All images taken with a Lumix GF1 – Pancake lens. Post is actually from March 20th.)

Spring came earlier (Tuesday), but was recorded to have started as of Thursday or Friday. And because it’s now Spring, Canada Geese are returning in force to wreck havoc along the Ottawa River! Run for the nearest hills! You’re not safe! You can see them zipping about in the sky, hear their loud cries, while even noticing their “playful” nature along the river. They’re big, they’re loud, and they’re going to be everywhere stalking individuals with loaves of breed meant for them!  *messes around*

I like observing the Geese while photo-shooting various things, and figures. Of course.

(Link – MySite) – Spring melt causing little streams to appear.

(Link – MySite) – The melt freezing up various parts of the bike-path.

(Link – MySite) – Was actually brighter, just messing with settings.

And onto the figure side of the photoshoot! As always.

(Link – MySite)                           (Link – MySite)

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(Link – MySite) – Oh bugger…..Not again…..Renge still looks cute though :).

(Link – MySite) – Renge snickering away.

(Link – MySite) – Oh? Going for some balancing tricks?

(Link – MySite) – Azunyan doesn’t seem to mind *tease*

(Link – MySite) – Nya?~

(Link – MySite) – Peekaboo! Nyan~

(Link – MySite) – Original (Link – MySite) – Monochrome with bits of color

An injured lizard that was originally found on a patch of snow. I don’t know if it crawled up and got stepped on by an oblivious individual or if something attacked it before escaping. I moved it from the snow onto the bikepath while placing a rock and a stick next to it. It had noticeable blood spots on the back of it’s head and the tail. Rest is up to nature…

(Link – MySite) – R.I.P Lizard


Monochrome W/color:

One above and then the rest are here; Just something I picked up and thought I’d try. I know it’s a bit overused but eh, was worth a try figuring this thing out. I hope I don’t wear this monochrome w/color out, maybe I’ll do a few at a time.

(Link – Flickr)                          (Link – Flickr) – Pair of old images used as tests.

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Now I can do some nice monochromed ones later, especially during Canada Day! Awesome! Have yourself a nice spring! Don’t get pooped on by the Canadian Geese! Kon! Peace!